Saint Vaisampaayana continued to say the story of Mahabharata to Janamejaya.
After rescuing the cows and drove them away towards the City of Virata, Arjuna stood between the cattle and the Kuru army.

Beholding Suyodhana from a distance, Arjuna said: "Bhoomimjaya! Look. Suyodhana is there. Drive our chariot towards his chariot."asked Arjuna.
In the meanwhile Bhishma, Karna proceeded towards Suyodhana. They both stood between Suyodhana and Arjuna. Suyodhana was very unhappy as the captured cattle was rescued by Arjuna. In the meanwhile, rest of the army also came near Suyodhana in defence.

Now Arjuna, on his chariot driven by Bhoomimjaya, is standing in front of Kuru Army.
"Prince Uttara kumara! Look and listen. I will show you all the prominent warriors in Kuru Army. The warrior with the flag of golden platform is our guru Dronacarya. Standing next to him is his son Asvathaama, with a the flag of lion. The warrior with the flag of golden cow is Krupacarya. That is Suyodhana, the king of Kuru Dynasty, with a serpant symbol on his flag. There is our grand father, Bhishma, with a flag of palm tree. Try to identify them with their flags.

Uttara Kumara! now drive our car towards our Guru Drona from the rightside as Pradakshina. In archery skills, his power and prowess is marvelous. We should not insult him by fighting with him at the first instance. We will first attack Suyodhana and fight with him. To save Suyodhana, Guru Drona may come to his rescue and fight with me. Then it is proper to fight with my Guru Drona.

The warrior standing beside him is his son, Asvathaama. He was born with the blessings of Lord Siva. He is a fiercest warrior. Standing next to Asvathaama is Krupaacharya, our guru from our childhood. He is equivalent to Guru Drona in archery skills. These two are most reverend. We should not fight with them in the first instance. Even if they come before us, drive our car to otherside.

Look at that side . Standing there is Karna, the beloved friend of Suyodhana. Karna learnt archery from Parasurama. He never cares for anybody while fighting with others. He is an equivalent warrior to me. I got this oopportunity to fight with Karna. Observe our fight carefully. If Karna beholds me, he will never keep quiet. He will jump upon me I will also attack him with equal force. Dont hesitate to drive our car against Karna.
Then standing is Suyodhana, son of Dhrutharashtra. He is though arrogant but of kind heart. He is a warrior of great prowess but highly aggressive. He developed hatredness and jealousy against us. A very bad character. If he himself attacks me , I will be in festive mood. Search for him and drive our car against him. At any cost we have to attack him like a thunder.

Look at that side. He is Bheeshma. A man of great prowess. An intelligent and wise man. He knows many skills in archery. He fought with Parasurama and vanquished him in war. Even by mistake dont approach him or go nearer to his car. If he gets anger, he will never allow me to approach Suyodhana. Be careful."

So saying, Arjuna introduced allthe great warriors in the Kuru army. At that time Asvathaama told karna:

'Karna! just now you have boasted yourself that you will fight with Arjuna with one hand. Look at that side. Arjuna is standing there on his car, with Gandeeva in his hand, ready to fight. Come on. Get ready. Fight with Arjuna. If you are incapable of fighting with Arjuna, discuss with Sakuni. King Suyodhana kept the entire burden of this operation upon hour shoulders. You cannot escape. Go ahead" told Asvathaama smilingly.

"I am not a coward like you Asvathaama, to escape from the war. I do not care if Arjuna comes or his father Indra comes. Stay there and behold my prowess" said Karna with uncontrollable anger.

In the meanwhile, Bheeshma, Drona, Krupaacarya and Asvathaana took positions to save the King Suyodhana. Along with them, Dussasana, Baahlika, Somadatta and other forces charged against Arjuna.

Arjuna set Gandeevam and shot arrows with great speed in hundreds and thousands. The arrows coming out of Gaandeevam were killing the Kuru army. Arjuna was fighting and killing the Army surrounding him and charging ahead. The entire Kuru army surrounded Arjuna and began to fight. Uttara Kumara was praising Arjuna about his vigour and valour. Gandeevam was like a circle in his hand. Within split of a moment, Arrows were showering from Gaandeevam. Arjuna was shooting arrows with both hands from both sides.

With the force of the arrows of Arjuna, the warriors were falling from the horses and horses tied to the cars are fleeing away. While fighting fiercely with enemies, Arjuna is taking care of Bhoominjaya, his charioteer and his horses, who remained unhurt. None in the Kuru army have courage to attack Arjuna. Arjuna has practically become unapproachable.

Then Arjuna attacked Karna. Arjuna first killed the charioteer of Karna and broke his car and bow. Arjuna blew Devadatta. Having seen the fate of Karna, the Kuru army took shelter behind Bheeshma. Bheeshma encouraged them.
Drona Krupa, Vikarna and others surrounded Suyodhana to safeguard him. Then Arjuna said: "Prince Uttaraa! Stop for a while. Suyodhana is now inaccessible. Karna is there. Let us attack him first. Unless he is defeated, Suyodhana will not come out." said Arjuna.

Uttara Kumara drove the car against Karna with great speed. One seeing that Arjuna was rushing against Karna, Chitrangada, Chitraradha, Sangraama Chitta, Dushpraha, Chitrasena, Vivimsati, Durmukha, Durjaya Vikarna, Shatruntapa, Dussasana and other kouravas attacked Arjuna from all sides. Arjuna first broke the bow of Vikarna. Vikarna fled away. Then Arjuna killed Shatruntapa. With the killing of Shatruntapa, other Kouravas fled away.

Then Sangramajit, the brother of Karna, attacked Arjuna. Arjuna took out a spear and stabbed him on his chest and killed him. Beholding the death of his brother, Karna grew angry. Karna shot volley of arrows against Arjuna. In this manner, Karna encountered Arjuna in battle for the first time. The rest of the army stopped fighting and beholding the war between Arjuna and Karna.

Arjuna came near Karna and said: "O Karna! Listen. In the open court you spoke that none can beat you. Now we are in war. Show your prowess now. Let us decide who is great. This is war field. It is not possible here to boast yourself. You have seen the death of your own brother. Dont try to flee away. You have laughed in the open assembly when Dussasana was pulling the saree of Droupadi. For that you have to suffer . On that day, I was bound by the word of my elder brother, Dharmaja and controlled my anger. Hence you escaped my wrath. You cannot escape now. I will see where will you go" said Arjuna

"What! Dont take shelter behind your brother. Are you such a great warrior? Come on. Fight with me. I will see your prowess! Arjunaa! You are a coward. You wandered in the forests with the false hope that you will get back your kingdom. People are saying that you have done that thing, you have done this thing. But I doubt whether you have in fact done all those acts." said Karna.

On hearing these words, Arjuna grew angry and broke the bow of Karna. Karna took out another bow and showered arrows on Arjuna. Arnuja hurled spears on Karna like a shower. Karna fled away. Uttara Kumara cried with joy. Arjuna blew Devadatta a s a mark of victory.

"Prince Uttara! Karna fled away. I think, next stands my Guru Drona." said Arjuna. Uttara Kumara stared at Arjuna and said: "O Partha! I am so much surprised, afraid and fearful about you. My body is shivering. My limbs are shaking. I am unable to drive the chariot. I have never seensuch a war so far since my birth." said Uttara Kumara.
Arjuna smiled at him. "Kumara UTtara! Dont fear. Drive the chariot without fear. Look that side. A warrior on the car with red horses is Drona. He is my Guru. He knows many Astras and Sastras and how to launch them and retract them. He showered affection on me more than his son, Asvathaama and taught me many archery skills. Unfortunately, today, I have to attack him in war. We cannot help it. Drive our car against his chariot" said Arjuna.

Uttara Kumara accordingly drove the chariot and stood in front of Guru Drona. Arjuna bowed before his Guru Drona "Guru Drona please bless me. Having suffered for 12 years in forests and one year in exile, I am before you. Kindly don't get angry upon me. Shower your affectionate blessings upon me. I will not strike you first unless you strike me with your arrows." prayed Arjuna.

Guru Drona was very much pleased with the humble words of Arjuna and shot twenty shafts on Arjuna. Arjuna cut them in between and fought with his Guru Drona. Both are mighty car warriors, experts in launching Astras and Sastras. Both are of great prowess. Again the entire army stopped the war and witnessing their battle .

Arjuna was attacking all the celestial arrows shot by Drona in the middle and again reversing them against Drona. Beholding Partha's infallibility, training, fleetness of hand, and the range also of Arjuna's arrows, Drona became amazed. Drona thought that it is difficult to vanquish Arjuna. All at once hundreds and thousands of straight arrows fell upon Drona's car. Arjuna shot the charioteer, and the flag of Drona with his arrows.

Beholding the fate of his father Asvathaama came to his rescue and resisted Arjuna. Arjuna gave some time for Drona to leave the battle field and then attacked Asvathaama. Arjuna shot the horses and the chariot of Asvathaama and also the charioteer. Asvathaama cut the string of the bow of Arjuna. While Arjuna was fixing the string, Asvathaama shot Arnuja with eight arrows at a time. Arjuna cut those arrows in between and shot Astras on Asvathaama. Arjuna was having Akshaya Tooneera from which any amount of arrows will be coming whereas Asvathaama was not having such one. Asvathaamaa's arrows were exhausted.

Observing this, Krupaachaarya came to the rescue of Asvathaama. Arjuna attacked Krupaachaarya. Krupaachaarya shot arrows hitting the flag of Arjuna, Kapidhvaja. Arjuna grew angry and broke the car of Krupacharya and killed the horses and also the charioteer. Now Krupaachaarya was without chariot. Krupaachaarya launched Sakti upon Arjuna but Arjuna broke it into pieces. Krupaachaarya took out his knife and shield and attacked Arjuna. Arjuna broke the sword of Krupaachaarya. Immediately, Krupaachaarya boarded the chariot of Asvathaama.

In the meanwhile Vrushasena attacked Arjuna. Arjuna broke his bow and hurled a spear towards him. Vrushasena ran away. Then Dussaasana, Durmukha and Vivimsati, Vikarna and Sakuni surrounded Arjuna. Arjuna turned into a circular form and broke the chariots of all of them and broke their bows. All of them ran away unable to attack Arjuna again.

Now Arjuna stopped for a while. "Uttara Kumaraa! Look at that side. With a flag of golden palm tree, shining like a celestial, Bheeshmaa, my grand father only remains. Drive our chariot towards him." said Arjuna.

Beholding Arjuna, Bheeshma blew his conch. Arjuna also blew Devadatta. They were looking like mighty bulls ready for fight with each other. First Bheeshma broke the flag of Arjuna. Then he shot arrows towards the charioteer, Bhoomimjaya and the horses. Arjuna broke them in between and made arrowy shower on Bheeshma. Now Bheeshmaa was covered with arrows. In no time, Bheeshma came out of those arrowy shower. Again Arjuna shot Bheeshma with his arrows.

It appears as if Arjuna was exhibiting all his Astras and Sastras before his Grandfather, like a child and Bheeshma was enjoying the show by cutting each and every arrow shot by Arjuna.

As his grandfather was breaking all his arrows in between, Arjuna grew angry and broke the bow of Bheeshmaa. Bheeshma took out another bow and showered arrows on Arjuna incessantly. Arjuna broke all those arrows and shot the charioteer of Bheeshma and the horses. Arjuna again broke the bow of Bheeshma. While Bheeshma was taking another bow, Arjung shot him on his chest. Bheeshma fell down on the chariot. The charioteer diverted the chariot to the other side.

As Bheeshma had gone out of field, Arjuna stopped for a while. Arjuna looked around and observed that Drona, Karna and Krupaachaarya were stading at a distance. "Uttara Kumaara! drive our car towards them" said Arjuna. Uttara Kumara speedily rushed towards that side.

On seeing that Arjuna was rushing towards them Asvathaama told Karna: "Karna! Arjuna is coming towards us. What can we do? You are only capable of attacking him. You have to fight with him" said Asvathaama.

"Yes Asvathaama! I will fight with Arjuna. Just look at me......How I fight!" said Karna. But by that time all the warriors in Kuru army were verymuch tired and were standing aloof without fighting.

Here the position of Uttara Kumara is same. "Arjuna! you are fighting with your enemies untiringly. What about me! I donot find time even to take some water. I am unable to drive the car. Please leave me" requested Uttara Kumara.

Arjuna smiled at him and said: "O Prince UttaraKumaara! Be patient. Only Suyodhana remains. If you want, I will help you in driving the chariot. You take some rest. Dont be afraid" said Arjuna.

Arjuna was searching for Suyodhana in the entire Kuru army. At last he could see the flag of Arjuna. "O Bhoominjaya! Suyodhana is there. Drive our chariot towards Suyodhana. Come on quick" hurried Arjuna. Bhoominjana drove the chariot towards Suyodhana.

Arjuna was charging against Suyodhana like a hungry tiger. Arjuna shot two arrows and hit the chest of Suyodhana. Suyodhana hit Arjuna on his forehead. Arjuna broke those arrows and showered arrows on Suyodhana. Vikarna came in between on an elephant to save the King . Arjune hit the elephant with his fist on its head. That elephant fell down. Vikarna alighted the elephant and boarded the chariot of Vivimsati.
Again Arjuna aimed at Suyodhana and Suyodhana was injured. Arjuna also hit others who have come to help Suyodhana. Suyodhana fled away from the war field. Arjuna was chasing Suyodhana.

Then Karna told Bheeshma "Look at that side! Arjuna is chasing Suyodhana. We have to save our King" said Karna. Bheeshma and Drona did not pay heed to the words of Karna.

Suyodhana requested Bheeshma and Drona "What is this! Why you are turning that side. I am your king Is it not proper on your part to save me as your king. Please save me" prayed Suyodhana.

Bheeshma turned back and came to the rescue of Suyodhana and consoled him. In the meanwhile Arjuna came very near to Suyodhana.

Arjuna stopped his chariotand told to Suyodhana: "O King Suyodhana! King of Kuru Dynasty! What is this? Why you are fleeing away from the war field? As a Kshatriya, is it proper on your part? I am younger among the sons of Kunti. I am alone. But you are the eldest of all the sons of Gaandhaari. You are aided by a mighty army and your friends and relatives. If you run away from the war field like this, will any body appreciate your act.

O King of Kuru Dynasty! If you flee like this, how can you ride on a royal elephant followed by many elephants in the streets of Hastinapura with all royal honors. How can you sit on your royal throne in Hastinapura in the presence of all your ministers, Samanthas and citizens of Hastinapura. How can you enjoy royal pleasures from tomorrow onwards? How can you enjoy sensual plealsures with your ladies.
Suyodhana! Heed my words. If you die in the war, you will attain divine pleasures. If you win in the war, you can enjoy royal plealsures. But fleeing away from the war field is heinous . But one thing. Suyodhana! dont think that you can win the war by playing dicegame here. This is war field. Here only arrows will play but not dice. Hence dont flee. Fight with me. Come on." Arjuna provoked Suyodhana.

With these words, Suyodhana grew angry. He sought the help of Bheeshma, Drona, Krupa, Asvathaama and Karna. Bheeshma, Drona, Kripaacaharya, Asvathaama turned back and rushed forward with great speed with drawn bows and arrows fixed on the bow strings. Beholding these advances Arjuna also rushed at them. All of them surrounded Partha and rained on him from all sides perfect shower of arrows like a heavy downpour. Warding off those arrows coming from the bows of Kuru Warriors, Arjuna was also protecting his charioteer and his chariot and horses.

Arjuna thought for a while. Killing of Suyodhana is the vow of Bheemasena. Besides, they have to collect the turbans of Kuru Warriors for toys of Uttara. Removal of turbans from their heads, tantamounts to vanquishng them personally. Therefore it is better to retreat from the war at this stage. Arjuna evolved another irresistable weapon obtained from Kubera, called Sammohana Astra. That Astra completely covered the entire Kuru Army from all the directions and stupefied their senses. The enire Kuru army engulfed under the influence of Sammohaanaastra.

Sammohanaastra will squeeze all the strength of each and every warrior in the Kuru Army and make them senseless. For this Astra, Indira was the chief deity. It is an irresistable Astra. With the influence of this Astra, all the warriors in the Kuru Army dropped all their weapons, bows, arrows etc and fell down unconscious as if they were in deep sleep.

Arjuna told Prince Uttara Kumara "O Prince! the entire kuru army is lying in an unconcious state. You go and fetch the turbans of Suyodhana, Karna, Asvathaama, Drona and Krupaachaarya. Never approach Bheeshma. He will never be influnced by this Astra. He is in conscious state." said Arjuna.

Uttara Kumaara, with full of joy, alighted the car, went near them and collected their turbans and again boarded the chariot.

"Let us go out of the battle field" said Arjuna. Uttara Kumara drove the chariot far away from the battle field. Arjuna stood there and observed the further developments in Kuru Army.

All the Kuru Army regained consciousness. They saw Arjuna far away from the battle field. Suyodhana was making arrangements to resume war with Arjuna. Then Bheeshma cautioned Suyodhana.

"Suyodhana! You do not know what had happened. I observed everything. Except me, all of you lost consciousness. Arjuna collected only your head turbans but not your heads. Had he cut your heads, what will happen? Inspite of all your mis deeds, he did not cause any harm even to you. It shows his compassion and magnanimity and nothingelse. Inspite of all these things, if you are inclined to continue the war, the entire Kuru army will vanish like a final offering in Yajna. (Poornaahuti). Dont be particular about false prestige. The cattle had already reached Virata city. Why for this war? Why for the loss of army? Let us go back to Hartinapura with the remaining army." said Bheeshma.

Though Suyodhana was inclined to continue the war, unable to overcome the words of his grand father, Bheeshma, Suyodhana decided to go back to Hastinapuram.
Beholding all these developments, Arjuna blew Devadatta as a mark of victory. Then he shot each two shafts to Bheeshma, Drona, Krupaachaarya as saluting shafts and bid farewell to them.

Then he told Uttara Kumara: "O Prince Uttara Kuamara! as promised, we rescued our cattle and vanquished the enemy and brought their turbans. Let us go back to city." said Arjuna.

Uttara Kumara drove back the chariot towards Virata City. "Uttara Kumaar! please dont forget to tell others that you yourself have vanquished the Kuru army and rescued the cattle." told Arjuna.

Uttara Kumara laughed "Arjuna! everybody knows who I am and they know pretty well that I am incapable of conquering the Kuru army. How can I hide the truth. Any how I cannot say "No" to you. I will reveal the truth whenever you wish" said Bhoominja.
Then they reached the Samee tree. Uttara Kumara kept Gaandeevam and other arms on the Sami tree as usual. Arjuna got back his original attire of Bruhannala and sat on the chariot as charioteer. Bhoominjaya boarded the car as hero.

"Kumaaraa! send all these cowherds to Virata City to proclaim your victory." Accordingly Uttara Kumara sent the cowherds to city to proclaim their victory and also rescuing cattle.

By that time, King Virata reached Virata city and enquired about his son He was informed that Suyodhana accompanied by Bheeshma, Drona,Krupa, karna and other warriors captured the cattle on the northern side and Prince Uttara Kumara proceeded towards northern side to rescue the cattle and Brihannala was his charioteer.
He was very much annoyed. "Uttara Kumara is a child in warfare. Not knowing fully well about the prowess of Kuru Warriors he went against them. Where is the mighty Kuru army? Where is this child Uttara Kumara? Immediately dispatch sufficient army to the war field." ordered Virata.

Kanku Bhattu told Viarata "O King Virata! we have conquered Susarma in the battle. Here also we will win. Dont worry. Anyhow, Uttara Kumara has not gone to the war field alone. He was accompanied by Brihannala. Brihannala is not an ordinary warrior He can vanquish even divine army. You need not dispatch army immediately. Let us wait for the word of victory of Uttara Kumara" said Kanku.
In the meanwhile, the cattlekeepers arrived there. "O King Virata. Victory is yours. Our Prince, Uttara Kumara, conquered the Kuru army and rescued the cattle on the northern side. We are here to proclim his victory" said the cattle keepers.

King Virata was very happy. "Is it true! My son, Uttara Kumara conquered the Kuru army and the mighty warriors in Kuru army. O my god. I am very happy. O ministers! Proclaim this victory of my son throughout the city. Let the folks celebrate it. Dispatch Brahmins, Ladies to welcome Uttara Kumara" ordered King Virata.
"Kanka! I very happy. My joy knows to bounds. Come on. Let lus play a game. Sent for the dice" said Virata.

"O King Virata! you are in a fully joyous mood. Can I play with you today" said Kanka. Virata laughed loudly and ordered Sairandhri (Malini) to bring dice. Sairandhri (Malini) brought dice and kept before them. They both started playing dice game.
"Kankaa! My son is a great warrior, otherwise how can he conquer the entire Kuru army and rescue the cattle. He raised our prestige to a highest pedestal. Is it not?" asked Virata with great joy.

"OKing Virata! What else will be the happiest occasion than hearing the victorious deeds of Uttara Kumara in the battle with great warriors like Bheeshma, Drona, Krupa, Asvathaama and Karna. He will be acclaimed by all in the world" said Kankubhattu.
Virata grew angry. "What do you mean.....are you doubting the victory of my son Uttara Kumara. O Kanku! I have tolerated so far what you have spoken. Stop talking like that" said Virata.

But Kanku continued. "O King Virata! When Brihannala is on the chariot, shining like a midday sun, Uttara Kumara will always be victorious." said Kanku Bhattu.
"Stop! Kanku! Stop! I have so far heard what all you said about several wonders in the world. But, a charioteer, a Brihannala, a third gender person, who is not even capable of standing erect, is able to conquer the mighty Kuru army. It is quite unheard of. Why you are not accepting the victory of my son. No. I cannot tolerate your foolish talk any more. Please keept quiet." said Virata.

Kanku Bhattu wantonly continued his talking. "Yes King Virata! It is true. On beholding the mighty Kuru army, Brihannala might have thought of fighting with them. Hence he might have fought with Kuru army while your son, Bhoomijaya, was driving the chariot as charioteer and rescued our cows. It is quite possible and correct also. You better proclaim in the city that Brihannala is arriving victoriously after defeating Kouravas in the battle." said Kanku Bhattu.

King Virata was shivering with anger. He could not control himself. "How dare you praise afterall a third gender person, Brihanna" So saying he threw the dice in his hand against Kanku Bhattu with great force which hit the forehead of Kanku bhattu. Blood was oozing from the wound.

Kanku Bhattu looked at Sairandhri and bowed his head. Immediately Sairandhri came near Kanku Bhattu and dressed the wound with his saree end and stopped the ------blood. Virata looked at this.

"What Sairandhri! Why you are dressing the wound of Kanku Bhattu and stopping the blood shedding on the floor.

"O King Virata! Kanku Bhattu is a virtuous personality born in an highest race. If his blood sheds on the floor, there will be drought in that area for number of years equivalent to the number of drops. If the blood of a virtuous brahmins sheds on our land, it will cause much hardship to us. Hence I did like that" replied Sairandhri.
In the meanwhile, Princess Uttara waited at the outskirts of Virata City and welcomed his brother Uttara Kumara and her Guru Brihannala by offering sandal and flowers and othe sacred things. Other Ministers and Samanthas also hugged Uttara Kumara and praised him for his victory.

Uttara Kumara politely said "It is not my own victory. Only with the help of Brihannala, my charioteer, I could win the mighty kuru army" said Uttara Kumara.
King Virata received information through a servant in waiting, that his son Uttara Kumara was seeking permission to come inside and have audience. King Virata immediately said "yes".

Kanku Bhattu secretely told that servant "I received an injury on my forehead. Brihannala may be annoyed about it . Hence you first bring Uttara Kumara inside and then allow Brihannala after some time" said Kanku Bhattu.

As Virata was eagerly waiting to meet his victorious son, he did not hear these words. As per the wish of Kanku Bhattu, Uttara Kumara first entered the palace and bowed before his father, Virata and took his blessings. Virata hugged his son affectionately and overjoyously.

Then Uttara Kumara bowed before Kanku Bhattu and sought his blessings. Prince Uttara Kumara saw the wound on the forehead of Kanku. "Oh! what is this? How is it caused?" enquired Uttara Kumara. "Nothing. When I am praising your Victorious deeds, Kanku Bhattu countered that because of Brihannala, you got this victory. Unable to control my anger, I hit him with dice. Thus the injury was caused" said Virata casually.
"O Father! You committed a blunder. It is not proper. We have to respect him whatever he says because he speaks always truth. Beg his pardon first. If virtuous people like Kanku curses us, how can we get wealth and victory." said Uttara Kumara.

Accepting the words of his son, Virata prayed for pardon. "I am not at all angry King Virata. There is no question of pardoning you. You are a virtuous king. But you have done it in a bad time. Forget it" said Kanku Bhattu. Virata satisfied with his reply.
Now Brihannala entered the hall and bowed before King Virata. Virata blessed him and praised him for the victory.

Then Virata asked his son Uttara Kumara "O Bhoominjaya! How can you defeat and drive away the Mighty Kuru army consisting of Bheeshma, Drona, Krupa, Asvathaama, Karna and other mighty warriors, that too when you are alone. If you attack one, hundred will fall upon you. How is it possible! One has defeated Parasurama and the another is a great teacher in archery while another was born with the blessings of Lord Siva (Asvathaama). The others are capable of winning even the heavenly bodies. The sons of Dhrutarashtra are capable of conquering the entire earth. How have you faced them and drove them away and rescued our cattle, that too without receiving a single injury on your body. It is nothing but a miracle. How Suyodhana flee from the battle field? I am very much astonished even to hear these things. Kindly tell me in detail what had happened? " asked King Virata.

" O my father! This is not my victory. I never attacked the mighty Kuru Army. I am not even capable of doing it. One heavenly body came to my rescue. He won the Kouravas and rescued the cows. I acted only as a charioteer and remained as a a spectator to this victory.

I will tell you in detail. On receiving the information that Kouravas captured our cattle on the northern side, I proceeded in that direction, with Brihannala as my charioteer, as none were available at that time in the city. Beholding the Mighty Kuru Army and the mighty warriors like Bheeshma, Drona etc., I got down from the chariot and ran back with fear. At that time, a divine personality appeared before me, patted on by back and brought me back to the chariot. While I was driving the chariot, he fought with the Kuru army and rescued the cattle and drove the cattle towards the city. He attacked Suyodhana. There was a fierce battle between them. That divine personality conquered the entire Kuru army and all the mighty warriors and drove away Kouravas along with their army." said Uttara Kumara.

"Is it so! Who is that divine personality? Where is that mighty personality? I want to hug him and pay my respects and regards." asked Virata.
"He will appear before us either today or tomorrow" said Uttara Kumara. While this conversation was going on, Kanku Bhattu was covering his face with an upper cloth and hid the wound on his forehead. Kanku Bhattu felt happy that that Divine personality was none else than Arjuna. Brihannala appreciated Uttara Kumara for handling the situation tactfully.

Then Uttara Kumara went to his mother Sudheshna and sought her blessings. Then he presented the turbans of the Kuru warriors collected by him to his sister, Princess Uttara. She was very happy and praised the vigour and valour of her brother, Uttara Kumara.

On that night, all the Pandavas and Droupadi assembled in the apartment of Youdhistira and discussed about their future plans. Arjuna explained in detail what had happened yesterday. Arjuna asked Bhima as to why Dharmaja was hiding his face.
Unable to hide the truth, Dharmaja told thus: "Arnuja! while King Virata was praising his sons's victory, I told him that when Brihannala was there, it is not a great thing that Uttara Kumara vanquished the enemy. King Virata grew angry and hit me with the dice on my forehead. Hence I sustained this injury" said Yudhishtira.

Bheema grew wild. "Now itself I will kill that Virata and sent him to the abode of yama" said Bheema. "Brother Yudhishtira! Let us kill this king Virata and grab this kingdom" said Arjuna.

Dharmaja pacified them. "Bhima! Arjuna! we should not speak like that Virata gave us shelter while we were in troubles. He does not know about us. We must be thankful to him. Tomorrow, we will reveal ourselves. Still if he does not care for us, we will think about him later." said Dharmaja.

Then, on the third day, attired in white robes after holy bath, and decked in ornaments of all kinds, the five Pandava brothers, having accomplished their vow, and with Yudhishthira at their head, looked resplendent as they, entered the palace-gate . And having entered the council-hall of Virata, they took their seats on the thrones reserved for kings, and shone brilliantly like fires on the sacrificial altar.

And after Pandavas had taken their seats, Virata,came there for holding his council and discharging other royal offices. And beholding the Pandavas blazing like fires, the king reflected for a moment.

And then, filled with wrath, the Matsya king spoke to Kanka seated there like a celestial and looking like the lord of celestials said, "A player at dice! you were employed by me as a courtier! How could you occupy the royal seat thus attired in handsome robes and ornaments?" asked Virata.

Hearing these words of Virata, Arjuna smilingly said in reply, "This person, O king, deserves to occupy the same seat with Indra himself. Devoted to the Brahmanas, acquainted with the Vedas, indifferent to luxury and carnal enjoyments, habitually performing sacrifices, steady in vows, this one, indeed, is the very embodiment of virtue. He is foremost of all Persons endued with energy and superior to every body on earth in intelligence, devoted to asceticism. He is no other than the son of King Pandu, Yudhishtira. Does he not deserve to occupy the small throne of Virata Kingdom" said Arjuna.

Virata said, "If this one, indeed, be the Kuru king Yudhisthira the son of Kunti, which amongst these is his brother Arjuna, and which, the mighty Bhima. Which of these is Nakula, and which Sahadeva and where is the celebrated Draupadi? After their defeat at dice, the sons of Pritha have not been heard of by any one."

Arjuna said, "Even this one, O king, who is called Valala and is your cook, is that Bhima of mighty arms and terrible prowess and furious impetus. It was he who killed Bakasura,Kimmeera and Hidimbaasura . Even he is that Gandharva, who killed Kichaka and it was he who killed tigers and bears in the inner apartment of your palace. He who had been the keeper of your horses is called Nakula, and this one is Sahadeva, the keeper of your cattle. Both these sons of Madri are great car-warriors, possessed of great fame and beauty of person. And even this sairandhri, called Malini, is Drupada's daughter, your wife's Sairindhri, for whose sake, O king, the Kichakas were killed by Bheemasena.

Now Bhimasena said "O king, Brihannala, who has so far taught about music and dacne to your daughter, is no other than Arjuna. It was he who conquered Indra and allowed Agni to fulfil Khandavavana burning. It was he who killed Nivata and Kavaca and the demons called Kalakeyas." said Bheema.

Virata was in a perplexed mood. He is unable to reconcile the events what had happened. Now Uttara Kumara standing by the side of Arjuna said "O Father! yesterday I told about a divine personality who helped me in fighting with Kouravas. He is no other than Arjuna. At his request only I did not real his name on that day." said Uttara Kumara

On hearing the words of his own son Uttara Kumara, King Virata hugged Arjuna with affection. He bowed before the feet of Dharmaja. He also embraced Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva. King Virata introduced Pandavas to all his courtiers and ministers. He sent word to his wife Sudheshna to honour Droupadi in a befitting manner.
Then Arjuna said: We have, O king Virata! happily passed in your abode the period of non-discovery, like infants in the womb! for which we are very much thankful to you" said Arjuna.

"O Arjuna! kindly dont speak like that. I am not different from you. You have so far suffered for twelve years in forests and took shelter in my kingdom. It is my fortune to have you as my guests during this one year. I am honoured. Now this Matsya kingdom is yours. Me, my sons, my brothers, my ministers, all will serve you. In case of war with Kouravas, I will be behind you and render all kind of help and assistance.

Then said Uttara Kumara "O Father! Are we now the kings of Matsya Kingdom? Did they not save me and you in the war and saved our kingdom? Therefore, Matsya Kingdom belongs to them. How can we give their kingdom to theselves? They have so far been living in our kingdom as fire covered with ashes. We also spoke many untolerable words against them. Now it is proper on our part to pray excuse. As I already told you, our kingdom, our wealth, and everything is their property. Therefore, we have to give them a different gift. Kindly order to bring my sister Princess Uttara Kumari here" said Uttara Kumara.

Then King Virata ordered his ministers to bring Uttara Kumari. The minsters, after obtaining permission from Queen Sudheshna, brought Uttara Kumari to KingVirata.

Then King Virata prayed Yudhishtira thus: "King Yudhishtira! Out of ignorance, I committed many blunders against you. Kindly excuse me. I make over my entire kingdom to you, and what else I have. Let the sons of Pandu accept these without the slightest hesitation. And let Dhananjaya, accept the hand of Uttara . I am offering my daughter, Princess Uttara Kumari in marriage to your brother, Arjuna. Kindly accept it. And alliance of this kind between the Matsya and the Bharatas is, indeed, desirable". said King virata.

Arjuna looked at his brother, Yudhishtira. With the permission of Dharmaja, Arjuna said: "King Virata! I taught music and dance to her. I am her Guru. Guru is equivalent to father. Hence, she is equivalent to my daughter. I cannot marry her. But I will make her as my daughter-in-law by marrying her to my son Abhimanyu, son of Subhadra, and nephew of Lord Sri Krishna. He is a celestial youth in beauty and he surpassed all in the knowledge of weapons. He is fit to be your son in law and husband for your daughter, Uttara.

Yudhishtira gladly accepted this proposal. King Virata was very happy. King Virata introduced his daughter Uttara to Dharmaja, Bheema, Nakula and Sahadeva. Immediately, King Virata sent for the priests and fixed Muhurat for the marriage. Then both Yudhishtira and King Virata sent invitations to all their relatives, friends, kings etc. inviting them for the marriage.

{Here we should remember one thing. Generally the youth of this generation, believe that these epics, Maha Bharat, Bhagavatam, Bhagavadgita are meant to be read only after retirement or after passing 60 years. It may not be correct. They are useful for the people of all ages. For examble take the above incident in Maha Bharat. When King Virata offered his daughter Uttara to Arjuna, he might have gladly accepted it. Because, whereever Arjuna goes, he will marry one girl and bring her along with him.

But, here, Arjuna did not accept this proposal. Instead he propounded a principle here. The relationship between Arjuna and Uttara was Teacher and Student. For a student, Teacher is equivalent to father. (Matru Devo Bhava, Pitru dEvobhava, Aacharya devo bhava). Therefore, it is just and proper to marry my student.

But what is going on now a days. Students are falling in love with teachers, lecturers and Principals and vice versa. Teachers, lecturers and Principals are even forcing the students to love them, marry them, and using force against them, and outraging their modesty. But Arjuna in Maha Bharata says it is not correct.

As the present day youth do not now about Maha Bharata, they are ignorant of this principle. Hence reading Mahabharata is a must not only for old but also young and youth).

While marriage preparations were going in the Virata City, Suyodhana, along with Bheeshma, Drona and others was proceeding towards Hastinapura. On the way, they made a halt at one place.

Suyodhana entertained a doubt about the words of Bhishma with regard to completion of 13 years period. He consulted Karna and Sakuni. At their instance, he sent one emissary to Yudhishtira. That emissary spoke to Yudhishtira: "Dharmaja! Arjuna revealed himself before Kouravas even before completion of one year period of exile. It is our opinion. You better calculate the period of 12 years and one year exile and decide whatever is just and proper" said emissary.

Those words of the emissary sounded that "you have deliberately violated our agreement of 13years. Hence you have to go back to forest for 12 years."

Yudhishtira smiled and said: "We have completed 12years of living in forest and one year in exile successfully. Kindly tell these words to Suyodhana in the presence of Bhishma and Drona" said Yudhishtira. The emisaary returnedback to Suyodhana and told the same words.

Without disclosing the fact of sending emissary to Yudhishtira, Suyodhana told Bhishma: "We unnecessarily fought with Arjuna. We have not examiend the fact in detail whether Pandavas completed their 13 years as agreed and whether Arjuna revealed himself even before comletion of one year of exile. Let us decide about it" said Suyodhana.

"Suyodhana! please stop that discussion. Others will laught at us. Beholding Arjuna, I told you that they have completed the 13 years period, calculating the additional days occurring for every two years. Nofurther discussion is necessary. Let us go back to Hastinapura." said Bheeshma. Accordingly Suyodhana proceeded to Hastinapuram.
Here in Virata City, Pandavas wen to to the Sami Tree and worshipped it and brought back their arms, bows, arrows, etc. kept by them before entering into Virata City in exile.

They stayed at a place called Upaplaavyam nearer to Virata City. King Virata made all arrangements for their comfortable stay at Upaplaavyam. Sri Krishna accompanied by his wives Rukmini, Satyabhama etc, sister Subhadra and Abhimanyu and his brother Balarama, Satyaki etc. Krutavarma, Pradyumna, Samba, Yuyudhaana, Akroora, Indra Sena, and other warriors arrived at Upaplaavyam. Dharmaja welcomed them with due honours.

King of Drupada, King of Kasi, accompanied by their army arrived at Upaplaavyam. Other Kings who were invited for the marriage also arrived at Upaplaavyam. King Virata made all arrangements for all the invitees.

Arrangements for the marriage are going on with great speed. Marriage hall was beautifully decorated. Uttara was decorated as Bride. Virata sent word through Priests inviting Pandavas and Srikrishna for marriage. Marriage rituals started.

Yudhishtira accompanied by his four brothers, Droupadi, and other wives, Sri Krishna, his wives, Balarama, arrived at the marriage hall. Both bride and bride groom were standing in front of the bridal curtain. The auspicious time arrived. Bridal curtain was removed. Bride and Bridegroom were looking at each other with shyness. Both the Bride and Bride groom poured rice, pearls etc on each of their heads as a marriage ritual. Abhimanyu caught the hand of Uttara. The marriage ritual was comleted. Sri Krishna gave several presentations to both bride and bridegroom.

Thus Vaisampaayana told Janamejaya the story of Mahabharata, Virata parva.