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                        Sri  Gurubhyonamaha

India is a country  having  spiritual knowledge in the form of Vedas from the time immemorial.  Many Rishis who are the Vedic age scientists dedicated their total lives in the pursuit of enriching the human thought processes, improvising the social orders and helping the individual to attain the purpose of life.  Total happiness of the human life  does not lie in the enjoyments attained by the Indriyas (Physical senses), but it is subject of the intellect of an individual.  Realizing this fact our sages have given greater importance to the spiritual practices and good conduct  than to the attainment of material possessions.

To keep the flow of spiritual practices from generation to generation and to pass on the tradition so many intellectuals came into this noble land in the form of acharyas, Gurus.   Many of them are not  seen prominently  but lead their lives in normal way , having a specific target  for which the work will be done without much exhibition of their powers or  self projection.  The knowledge of truth realization though  wide at initial stages, narrows down into a  concentric stream of gnana or knowledge or bliss  in advanced stage .  Those who could come to this  realization stage from different disciplines are adepts in other areas also by realization of totality.  This is well seen in Yogis, Avadhootas of India who will exhibit a great deal of knowledge at times of need but in normal times they appear to be most ignorant apparently.

Such great souls  descend to this noble soil of India to uplift the aspirants to the higher levels of consciousness,  which is their true abode.  But the identification of these souls  could be done by true aspirants after reasonable perfection of their lives with self  imposed discipline .  This is the reason why in Asthanga yoga also the first stages of Yama, Niyama are the ones which are to be practiced by individual without a need of guru.   Puranas , Itihasas (texts of culture and history) , lives of noble people are guidelines to establish the need of purity in action  of an  individual.  Until one purifies his life and elevates himself  to the stage of honesty, discipline and self regulation he does not require a guru, as nothing better could be done by a Guru without an infrastructure prepared for higher order of learning.  At initial stages the substitutes for guru are the parents,  teachers, noble  persons in the surrounding environment who are helpful in mending the mental attitudes of an individual, besides the Puranas, and other cultural texts.

After Yama, niyama stage of learning  need  is felt by the spiritual aspirant, which orient him into a deep quest in the form of titeeksha after rigorous practice of yama and niyama.  At this stage depending upon the ripening of the sadhana and perfection attainted by the aspirant  he will have association  of Gurus who are realized souls  with the practical experience of the ultimate truth and are out of the dogma.    At this stage one cannot see a true seer talking about anything other than silence and whatever is going to emerge out of him will be truth.  These people generally do not exhibit their  spiritual identity but for the aspirant disciples.

One such Noble Gurus of India who  confined himself to  a  small town in Amalapuram in Andhra Pradesh of South India is Sri B Ramajogeswara Rao, who reached the heights of the spirituality starting from the open end of  Vedanga ie., Jyotisha.

Instead of confining himself  to the predictions of material success analysis through  this mighty Sastra , he realized the purpose of  Astrology as identifying the Strengths and Weaknesses of Individual for orienting him to the realization of ultimate purpose of life ie., Bliss.   In this process always he tried to influence the individuals who came to him  orienting them to the spiritual progress.   Depending on the Karma or previous birth accumulations many  started realizing the purpose of life after constant exposure to him eliminating the deficiencies in their personality and improving the natural strengths in them .  A natural enthusiasm will emanate in individual to know about his deficiencies for rectification , so that his onward movement over spiritual path is smooth.   Thus he has been instrumental in establishing his divine knowledge of  Jyotirveda in making the people to realize the ultimate purpose of life.

We feel  proud to present such an adept in Astrology and yoga with knowledge of modern sciences in our site.

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