When you seek the darshan of God, you will first have the darshan of his staunch disciple. You can interpret the reason for this in as many ways as possible. He is sending his ambassador to you before He comes down to you. He wants you to analyse yourself. ‘Am I as devoted to God as he is? If not how else should I be ?

The devotee is like a guru or a teacher to us to unfold the mysterious powers of God. Any blessed saint’s life you take - the underlying current of thought is the same. The undoubting faith in God, the incessant prayer to God and the blessings of God will show His manifold miracles. But to reach such a stage is not an ordinary task. Even God is born as a human being again and again to prove that if you should rise to the level of God, you should be gold - the most precious metal. That precious metal too undergoes a lot of suffering to be moulded into a proper shape. Devoteed like Bhakta Ramdas, Meerabai, Potana etc. had Bhakta added to their names after lots of trials and tribulations.

This is a sloka from Bhagavad Geeta.
ManushyANAm sahasrEshu kaschidyathi siddhayE
yathathAmapi siddhAnAm kaschinmAm vEtthi ttatvaha 7-3

There are crores of people but only a few enter the spiritual path. Out of these, fewer still pray for liberation of soul.From these handful of people, only one turns out to be a blessed soul.There are many flowers but only a few are entitled for God’s prayer. Out of those few ranges, only a few are plucked and offered to God and only one flower reaches his bossom. Even if one steps into spiritual path, it is difficult to pursue till the end. Self realization requires dedication, & will power, sacrifice, control over the senses and eqanimity.