Jaya Malla Raju

Bhakti is faith in God, but there are various ways and means of expressing it. Satvika Bhakti is one such faith which takes us close to God and helps us talk to him.

Once upon a time Jaya Malla Raju was the king of a town called ‘Medam’. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. Early in the morning he prayed to God wholeheartedly. When he was lost in his prayer, nobody had entry to that place. His younger brother took undue advantage of that situation. He settled himself in the neighbouring kingdom. He secretly pooled up an army greater than that of his brother’s and attacked his kingdom, when he was thus lost in his prayer.

The minister took strings in to his hands and went with the army to attack the traitor without disturbing the king. But the poor minister realized before it was too late that he would not stand a fair chance before the unfair brother. He hastened to the king’s mother to and requested her to alert her elder son. Accordingly she dared to enter the room. She heard no response from her son, but she heard the voice. I’ll go attack him. Don’t you worry.’ The mother felt relieved and left the place.

The next minute God came out of the palace gates as a great warrior with arms, seated on a horse. He pushed his way into the midst of the army, killed many of the soldiers and the rest fled for their lives. The city dwellers who were watching the valour of the soldier appreciated him. He brought the king’s brother as a captive to the minister and then disappeared.

The minister imprisoned him and narrated the whole story to the king as he came out of his ‘Pooja Griha’. The king at once could guess the brave warrior was the God Himself. He was delighted at the way God came down personally to help him but was also moved to tears that he was not lucky enough like his brother to have his beloved God’s darsan. God was touched by his sincere prayer and appeared before him. He praised God in various ways. He said that the chanting of God’s name is powerful. The chanting would help a king get victory over his enemy, would help a human being come out of the materialistic bonds, would drive out ajnana, would give wealth, would drive out bad habits etc. Your ‘padodakam’ would drive out all the sins.’ God said to him ‘You continue to chant My name thus. You treat everyone as equals. You see God in everyone. You shine like a polished diamond with the qualities of Jnana, Bhakti and Vairagya. Follow the advice of your gurus. If you lead such a pure life, I’ll help you whenever you seek my assistance.’

The king then sent word to his brother. The minister personally narrated the whole story to the younger brother. The brother realized his mistake against such a great man and fell to the feet of his elder brother. The elder brother said, ‘Don’t you worry. Whoever accepts both good and bad as the gifts of God, will not suffer. Such a person will be blessed by God. In fact you are greater than me. You are lucky enough to have the Darshan of the Lord. Ever since then, he looked after his brother and sister-in-law as Rama and Sita.

In due course, the king sent for special sculptors, got a special Devalayam constructed. He invoked God there. The entry to the temple was restricted to himself. He entered it through a rope ladder and prayed God there to appear before him. God accepted his prayer.

The king with tears of joy made the God sit on a throne, served him in various ways and pleaded him to relax for some time. God went into yoga nidra and the king, sat at his feet, pressing them fondly. He praised himself as the luckiest soul. He praised God in various possible ways.

This practice continued for quite sometime. One day he forgot to pull the rope ladder inside. The queen who was spying her husband for a long time, climbed up the rope ladder and saw her husband fondly pressing the feet of the Lord. She went round God excitedly and said, ‘O God! I am lucky enough to get your Darsan today. When the whole world is disturbed in kaliyuga, you entrusted your close associates, the devathas to be born as devotees in holy places like Pandaripur to spread ‘Ramanama’ Those devotees followed your orders sincerely, and spread Bhakti Jnana vairagya to the people around. You are so great. How can an ordinary woman like me praise you?’ God was pleased with her ecstatic joy and said ‘I like your Jnana, bhakti, vairagya. You both continue to serve me thus. You also continue your prayers and serve my devotees.’

From that day onwards, both the king and the queen served God together, served humanity and were blessed by the Lord ! Thus the king took care of his people and the ultimate king took care of his devotee.