Srimadramayanam by Sri Pullela Sri Ramachandrudu Garu

Sri madramayanam 10 Volumes



1. Vol  
Ayodyakandam 2. Vols
Aranyakandam 1. Vol
Kishkindakandam 1. Vol
Sundarakandam 1. Vol
Yuddakandam 2. Vols
Uttarakandam 2. Vols

Valmiki Ramayanam with word to word meaning by Acharya Sri Pullela Sri Ramachandrudu Garu. 10 volumes with Balanandini Vyakhya.

Ramayanam in its original form is presented by Acharya Sri Pullela Sri Ramachandrudu Garu. If we read this we get to know how other versions of Ramayana give distorted and painted pictures of Ramyanam. Mostly in movies we see that main story is totally distorted.

Some of the distortions are - Ahalya gets Saapa Vimochnam by the touch of Rama’s feet, Ravana takes away Seeta along with small piece of land so that he doesn’t touch Mother Seetha, Hanuman sits on a spiral chair arranged by himself with his own tail in Lanka.

The great classical epic Ramayana is presented in very easy to understand manner. These volumes are must in every house. These volumes are very useful for general readers, scholars and researchers. A comparative study is made between three books of Ramayana.

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