Marga Dharsakulu – Maharushulu
by Sri Sivananda Murty


Book Review -
Marga Dharsakulu – Maharushulu
by Sri Sivananda Murty

Sages of India go back to those Vedic periods. The sages of India have been almost innumerable, the lives of a few of the most brilliant ones, the epoch-makers are presented in a most captivating style by Sri Sivananda Murty Garu.

Vedas, the sacred scriptures are heard by these Rishis and were documented in form of Vedic literature. The births of some these Rishis are very special. The capacities of these Rishis are amazing, astonishing and mind-boggling.

In Marga Dharsakulu – Maharushulu, the stories of Rishis were dealt in detail with cross reference from Puranas. Sivanandamurty Garu’s analysis these life sketches are very useful in our day to day life. The book has covered life sketches of major number of Great Rishis.

This book covered life sketches of -
1. Agsthya Maharishi
2. Atri Maharishi
3. Asta Vakra Maharishi
4. Kardama Maharishi
5. Kapila Maharishi
6. Kasyapa Prajapathi
7. Brigu Maharishi
8. Angirasa Maharishi
9. Pulasthya Maharishi
10. Gauthama Maharishi
11. Chyavana Maharishi
12. Dhurvaso Maharishi
13. Jamadagni. Maharishi
14. Dadeechi Maharishi
15. Vasista Maharishi
16. Viswamitra Maharishi
17. Markandeya Maharishi
18. Bharadwaja Maharishi
19. Kanva Maharishi
20. Jabali Maharishi

This book is worth reading. Do not miss to read this book. The reader draws great spiritual inspiration form this book.

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