Commentary by Sri Apparusu Vijaya Rama Rao

Mahabharat is a quintessence of all Srutis and spiritual literature. Mahabharat is known as Panchama Veda. There is nothing that is not mentioned in Mahabharat and nothing happened which is not mentioned in Mahabharat. “YADI HASTI TADANYATRA YANNE HASTI NATAT QUACHIT.”

Sanatsujateeyam is an extract from the great epic Mahabharat. Sanatsujateeyam comprises of the Chapters 41 to 46 in Udyoga Parvam of Mahabharat. It is the Brahma Vidya taught by Brahma Putra – Sanatsujata. Dhrutarastra was given the knowledge about the importance and the greatness of Brahmacharya and on the details of the Parabhrahma and the ways and means of self realization. Dhrutarastra was enquiring for information. He was fond of knowledge but never practiced even an iota of it. The knowledge of Sanatsujateeyam is profound. It is an eye opener to Mokshagaamis. Adi Sankara wrote Bhashayam on Sanatsujateeyam.
Vishnu Sahsra Nama was taught to the Satvik Dharmaja. Bhagavad-Gita was taught to Rajasik Arjuna. Sanatsujateeyam was taught to Tamsik Dhrutarastra.

Sri Apparusu Vijaya Rama Rao is well known to readers of Sivananda Bharathi for his excellent commentaries on Principal Upanishads. In Sanatsujateeyam Vijaya Rama Rao garu presented the subject in a very easy to understand way. He has given good explanation on Mounam and Brhamacharyam. His cross references from Katopanishad, Bhagavad-Gita, Srutis, Patanjali Yoga Sutras etc., covers full gamut on this topic. The book is indeed a treasure for the Sadakas. One must read this to have clear understanding on this subject.

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