Krishna Yajur Vedic - Sandhyavandanam

Commentary by Sri Apparusu Vijaya Rama Rao

Sandhyavandanam is a religious ritual performed by Certain Hindu men who were initiated into the rite by the ceremony of Upanayanam, and instructed in its execution by a Guru (a qualified spiritual teacher usually father). Sandhyavandanam is performed thrice daily and is accordingly known by a different name at each hour - in the morning (pratah sandhya), at noon (madhyanika), and in the evening (sayankala sandhya). Gayatri mantra is intiated as an integral part of Sandhyavandanam.

Sandhyavandana procedure and its purpose-
1. Achamana- It purifies the body (done in wet hands),also protects the performer.
2. Pranayama- Procedure of controlling Prana.
3. Sankalpa (religious declaration)- It gives the details of the day and purpose behind the Puja.
4. Marjana- This is said to purify the performer.
5. Argyapradanam- This is the important part of sandyavandanam.
This is done as an offering to Sandhyadevi, to show gratitude towards god.
6. Jalatarpana- To destroy all the enemies.
7. Bhutotchatanam- To destroy all the ghosts and devils and to make the world free of them.
8. Asanashuddi- Appealing to mother earth to purify the performer
9. Chanting chandass, Vedas before Gayatri-Japa.
10. Karanyasa and Anganyasa- aimed at filling of hand,limbs,head and heart with divine powers of god.
By clapping,all the bad images,thinking vanishes.
11. Dhyana- Meditation of diety by chanting Gaytri Mantra.
12. Gayatri Japa- Repeting the gayatri mantra 28 or 54 or 108 (recommended),1008(for best results).
13. Suryopastana- repeating the prayer to god in standing position as a farewell.

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