Book Review of Dr.B.V.Pattabhi Ram’s Soothra Dharulu.

‘You want to be one in a million or just one of the million? It lies in your hands. Don’t remain as an actor in the drama of life, be a director of your life’ is the caption of the front cover.

Developing one’s soft skills is the crying need of the day in the field of management and many English writers have written many books on them. ‘Had they studied our religious books, they would have given even better skills to the reader’ says the writer.

Our religious scriptures, written thousands of years ago, teach us many personality development techniques. For instance Krishna teaches us leadership, Bhishma management, Hanuman crisis management, Buddha motivation, Pandavas team work. This book also glorifies the special qualities of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Sastri, Tanguturi Prakasam, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan etc.

To quote just one instance, Lal Bahadur Sastri’s mother, visited him in a rikshaw, when he was the Prime Minister of India. Sastri came down personally to pay one rupee coin to the rikshawwalla. He could have made his security guard pay it or he could have kept 20 rupees with the guard, but he never liked them to do his personal things. He did not ask her to stay with him or to come in his office car. He said, ‘I am not a fool to crave for government’s money.’

There are many such episodes from many great people’s lives.
This book is written in Telugu by the famous magician and counsellor Dr.B.V.Pattabhiram. It is inspiring and motivating for one and all, written in easy, clear and lucid style. It is an eye opener to those who laugh at our scriptures.

Review by Mrs.Madduri Rajyasri

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