Oh My God ! by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy
Book Review by Mrs. M. Rajya Sri

Did you ever think in these terms?
- A fifty note looks small in bakery but looks big in a temple.
- We plan a picnic on a Sunday but never a visit to a temple on a Saturday.
- We watch the boring TV programme the seventh time but don’t chant the name of God even for the first time.

Questions such as these were raised in the book Oh My God! in Telugu written by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy popularly known as Malladi. It made me analyze myself. Every time I watch a TV programme for the second time I feel embarrassed. Earlier I went to the bank quite often but never to the temple beside it. Now I make it a point to visit the temple without fail.
We can treat it as a beginner’s guide to spiritual path! Those who are lost in the mundane world and its pleasures must definitely study this book. This brings an awakening into them. In fact this book is an awakening to the writer himself. He is a popular Telugu writer who has written many stories and novels. He has a force in his writings. This book also enlightens us about various gurus available to us who can guide us. If there is force in depicting a family drama, love stories, scientific fiction and informative ideas, there is a greater force in leading us to the path of Spirituality. Himalayam, Mahimanvitam is yet another book of his in the same path.

I will quote a letter from his book. This is conveyed in English, in my own way for your interest.
‘Oh Dear! When you woke up, you wished good morning to everybody in the house except me. You had your bath and you dressed up in my presence, but you ignored me. You had your breakfast hurriedly and rushed out. I thought you would think of me in the bus at least but you closed your eyes and slept. During lunch everybody thought of me but you didn’t. In the evening you sat before TV but didn’t give even a glance at me. I hoped you would wish me Good night fondly, but you were tired and dozed off to sleep immediately! Oh My god! I have to wait yet another day for your concern for me!

Guess who has written this letter! Is it his wife? No! It appears so, but it is God Himself! Look at the law of life! When we have to wait patiently for God’s concern for us, we are making God wait patiently for our concern for Him! Oh My God!

Name of the book - Oh My God!
Writer - Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy
(Popularly known as Malladi)
Language - Telugu
Price - Rs. 100/-
For copies - Navodaya Publishers
Eluru Road, Vijayawada
Navodaya Publishers
Kachiguda, Hyderabad.