Bhagavan Sri Ramanamaharushula Divya Jeevitha Makarnadam
By Sri Nimisha Kavi Perraju

India is deemed Punya bhoomi, Veda bhoomi for its religious scriptures, Sanathana dharma and its saints. Holy places like Srungeri and Tiruvannamalai retain the powers of the sanctity attributed to those places by the penances of great saints.

A boy called Venkataraman felt a divine jerk in his body once, when he heard the name of 'Arunachalam'. When he asked, ‘where is it?’ The relative surprisingly asked, 'Haven't you heard the name of

Tiruvannamalai? That is Arunachalam'. This Venkataraman reached this place later and many years later as Sri Ramana Maharshi, he explained to his devotees 'The sanctity of this place is beyond measure. Ever since my childhood, I felt it as the Lord Almighty Himself. I was disappointed when I heard it was a hill. But when I came here personally, my belief in it became doubly confirmed.

These lines are found in the book called 'Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshula Divya Jeevitha Makarandam' written by Nimisha Kavi Perraju. This is all about Ramana Maharshi-it covers his messages, his miraculous powers, his discourses, his different feelings etc.

To quote an episode - once a couple from Peru in South America came to visit the Swamiji. It was beyond their capacity for them, but they made it ultimately. Swami told them 'why take such trouble. You could have thought of me there itself.' He gave a pictorial description of Peru. 'There are marble benches on the sea shore in your city. Some benches face the sea. You sit on the fifth row of benches with your wife frequently.

Don't you?' They were spell bound.
Swami explained 'Soul is not limited by time, place and boundaries.’
This book gives a graphic description of Ramana's life. It is a very inspiring book for spiritual seekers.

Reviewed by: Smt. Madduri Rajyasri

Bhagavan Sri Ramanamaharushula Divya Jeevitha Makarnadam
By Sri Nimisha Kavi Perraju
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