Geethopanyasamulu – Sri Vidya Prakasanandagiri Swami
Our shadow looks long in the morning sunlight around 8 a.m. We can't reduce the length of the shadow by scolding it, hitting it or by cutting it. The only solution is the rising of the sun. The greater the height, the smaller the shadow. When he is soaring high above our heads, there is no shadow at all. Accordingly we should raise the sun of knowledge to drive out the shadow of desire. This is the only way.'
What a beautiful comparison!

Kaama esha Kroda esha rajoguna samudheva Mahasane mahapapma vidyenamiha vairisam ||
To explain these lines and the destructive powers of ‘Kama’, in his book 'Geethopanyasamulu'. Sri Vidyananda Prakasananda Giri Swami has given the above example. This is just a small example for you. He has explained Bhagavad Geetha, Chapter wise, quoting key slokas from it and from Upanishads wherever necessary.

The sixth chapter is the highlight. It explains how the mind is like a monkey, which drank wine, which stepped over fire, which is infected by ghost and which is stung by a scorpion. He also shows phase wise, in a detailed manner how such a mind can be converted into a diamond. Sadhakas should not miss reading this book. This sadhana can be followed to achieve any goal in life.

To sum up Geethopanyasamulu is an excellent book with lively episodes by Swamiji. Swamiji explained Gita in an easy to understand way by his extraordinary and lucid examples. If we begin to read it, we will not put it aside till we reach the last page. We can also feel rest assured we have got the essence of Gita.

Reviewed by: Smt. Madduri Rajyasri

Geethopanyasamulu – Sri Vidya Prakasanandagiri Swami
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