Aasthulu Tyajinchi Aatmasodhana kosam Oka Yogi Prasthanam is a Telugu translation of 'Monk who sold his Ferrari' by Mrinalini. Original book in English "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" is written by Robin .S. Sharma.

This is a thought provoking novel. It unfolds the real meaning of living a god-gifted life. This is a real life story of super star busy lawyer who turned mystical monk.

The book strongly advocates seven virtues for an enlightened spiritual living.

They are -

1. Mastering your mind – Mind is like a garden. Cultivate it properly through meditation. Persistently and meticulously replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.

2. Follow your Dharma – Clearly define your personal, professional and spiritual goals, and have the audacity to act on them.

3. Improve your body, mind and soul constantly through Kaizen – Follow the 10 rituals of radiant living.

4. Live with discipline – Will power is the essence of fully actualized life.

5. Respect your time by all means.

6. Selflessly serve others – Practice daily acts of kindness.Cultivate richer relationships.

7. Embrace the present – Don't be a captive of past. Don't be carried away with dreams. Live your children's childhood.

This is a good book.It is worth reading.

Book is available at

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