Book Review of Chandrabhaga Tarangalu by Mrs. M. Rajya Sri

Brahmasri Samaveda shanmuga sarma garu explained the difference between Bhakti yoga nd Jnana yoga in one of his speeches. Both the paths lead us to God but the means is different. He compared them to the act of a lady love trying to reach her lover. Suppose the lover is on the other side of the river and if the lady calls him 'oh my dear, I want to see you.' In Jnana yoga, the lover say 'yes dear, come to me' She takes all the trouble of going to him, peddling the boat all by herself, facing the troubles alone. On the contrary, in bhakti yoga, the lover says, 'wait, I'll come and take you.' He comes to her, does the peddling for her. She has the double benefit of travelling with him and an assurance that he will take care of all the problems enroute. She can sit and relax.

If we read 'Chandrabhaga Tarangalu' written by Swami Sundarachaitanyaji we feel that this comparision is very apt. It deals with various bhakta stories, bhaktas who prayed to Lord Vittala beside Chandrabhaganadi in Pandaripur.

In most of the stories, God personally comes down to help his devotees. For example, he personally repairs the roof of Namadev . It is witnessed by Janabai. She wishes to eat with the lord and God fulfils her desire. Jnanadev and Namadev are his special devotees God speaks to them, moves with them. We have the stories of Jayadev, Tulsidas, Kabir das, Rohidas Tukaram etc. Many times he dons himself as his devotees to save them from trouble.

All these stories prove again and again the truth in the Bhagavadgeetha sloka.

'Ananya chintayantoman ye janah paryupasathe
tesham nityabhi yuktanaam yogakshemam vahaam yaham !'

Another speciality of the book is the style in which it is narrated is very good. It gives an analysis of the story, a commentary, a pictorical description and a befitting conclusion. We are moved to tears at many places.

At this juncture, it may not be out of place to say that this book is one of my sources for my bhakta stories. I was so inspired by the miraculous powers of these bhaktas and the way God speaks, answers, helps, consoles, inspires, hides in the hearts of his devotees, I longed to visit Pandaripur and luckily we were blessed by Him. We had the darshan of Pandarinath and Goddess Rukmini on 8th December, 2007.

Hope all of you read Chandrabhaga Tarangalu and be blessed by Rukmini nadha in the new year.

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