In Naimisaranya, on the occasion of Sarpa Yaga, Sooti told Saint Sounaka and other sages and saints, the story of Maha Bharata, as told by Saint Vaisampayana to King Janamejaya at the end of Sarpa Yaga.

After teaching Arjuna about innerself, Krishna told Arjuna thus:

“O Arjuna! My mind is very eager to see my parents Vasudeva and Devaki and also my brother Balarama. Hence I have to proceed immediately to Dwaraka. I am seeking the permission of Dharmaja.” said Krishna.

“If that is so, we immediately proceed to Hastinapura. I will convince Dharmaja about your travel to Dwaraka and take his permission. He himself will give warm send off to you.” said Arjuna.

Both Krishna and Arjuna proceeded to Hastinapuram. While they were proceeding to Hastinapura, Arjuna told Krishna thus:

“O Krishna! with your kind blelssings only I could cross the ocean of Kourava Army and conquer them. I could conquer great warriors like Bhishma, Drona, Karna etc. This victory is yours. Under your guidance and leadership only, we could acquire this victory. O Krishna! you are all pervasive. You are the creator and destroyer of the entire universe. You are the embodiment of Kala (time). Yours inhalation and exhalation itself is Vayu, one of the Pancha Bhootha. Yours blessings are equal to blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. You are the root cause for all pleasures and sorrows, births and deaths occurring in this Universe. The animate and inanimate world is created by you and destroyed by you. You are beyond imagination and you are the master of this Universe.

O Krishna! I am aware that you are the embodiment of all Dharmas, after hearing the preachings of Bhishma, Saints Narada, Devala, Kousika and Vyasa. Out of your love and affection towards me, you again taught me about Adhyatma Vidya. I attained eternal happiness with your preachings.” said Arjuna with great devotion.

Then both Krishna and Arjuna arrived at Hastinapura. They both went to Dhritarashtra and Gandhari and received their blessings. Then they went to Kunti and enquired about her welfare. Then they visited Vidura, Dhoumya, Yuyutsa and Sanjaya. Then they went to Dharmaja. Dharmaja hugged Krishna with affection.

“O brother Yudhishtira! Krishna stayed at Hastinapura for long time. He is incliend to go back to Dwaraka to see his parents and brother as they are eagerly waiting for Krishna’s arrival. O brother! after spending some time with parents and brothers, Krishna will come back to Hastinapura. Hence you may take an appropriate decision with regard to arrangements for sending off Krishna.” said Arjuna.

Dharmaja was very happy. “O Arjuna! let us do like that. Krishna! You can proceed to Dwaraka and convey my salutations to Vasudeva and Devaki and your brother Balarama. After spending some time with them, you, along with your parents, brothers, wives, relatives and friends, come back to Hastina to grace Asvamedha Yaga to be performed by me. This is my heartfelt invitation for Asvamedha Yaga.” said Dharmaja.
Then Krishna met Kunti and obtained her permission. He also took permission from Kunti and Arjuna to take Subhadra along with him to Dwaraka. Then Krishna departed for Dwaraka.

On the way, Krishna stayed for a while in the Ashram of Saint Udanka.Udanka received Krishna with due honours. Udanka asked Krishna thus:

“Krishna! Are Pandavas and Kouravas safe at Hastinapura. Have brothers amicably settled their disputes. Have you effected mediation between the brothers. Are they ruling their respective kingdoms happily.” asked Udanka.

Krishna said Udanka thus: “I tried my level best to effect mediation between Kouravas and Pandavas and I spoke few words softly. I also even threatened Kouravas with harsh words. I spared no effort to effect amicable settlement between Pandavas and Kouravas. But Suyodhana paid no heed to my advices. Along with me, Bhishma, Drona and others also advised Suyodhana to agree for mediation. Even the sages and saints present there also tried to advise Suyodhana but in vain. War became imminent. Except five pandavas, all were killed in the war. None can avoid the fate.” said Krishna.

On hearing these words, Udanka enraged with great wrath.

“Krishna! you are entirely responsible for the war and the mass massacre. You deceived Kouravas with your crooked ideas. Inspite of possessing the capacity and talent to mediate amicably between both Pandavas and Kouravas, you never tried to do so. You lead both to war. Hence I intend to curse you.” said Udanka.

Having heard those words, Krishna said: “O Saint Udanka! Kindly hear me patiently and then do whatever you like. Saints do not get anger. Subside your anger. Dont curse me and waste your power of Tapas. Give me a patient hearing.” said Krishna.

“Yes. I will hear whatever you say. Come on. Tell.” said Udanka.

“O Saint Udanka! I will tell you who am I. I am possessed with the qualities of Satva, Rajas and Tamas and they act according to my command. Maruts, Vasuvus etc. divine bodies came out of me. I am omnipresent and all pervasive. I am the embodiment of the entire creation. I am Para and Apara tathva. Omkara, three vedas, four castes, four ashrams, and their Karmas, Svarga, Moksha are nothing but mine. They are all my reflections. Sages and saints praise me in Yagas and Yajnas and attain the fruits of Yajnas and Yagas. Even sinners also praise and annihilate their sins. Whenever Adharma grows and Dharma decays, I myself appear in some form or other and eradicate Adharma and protect Dharma. I, as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara discharge different kinds of duties. I look after creation, sustenance and destruction in three forms.

O Udanka! though I am capable of doing anything and everything, still I tried my level best to mediate between Pandavas and Kouravas. All my trials were appreciated by Vyasa and other sages and saints. But Kouravas did not pay heed to my words. Hence war became inevitable. Kouravas were defeated. This was what had happened. Now you can do whatever you like.” said Krishna.

“O Krishna! I know what you are and your miracles. But I was badly influenced by instant wrath. Hence I blamed you. Now all the dirt in my mind is wahsed away with your nectar like words. I got a desire to behold your visvaroopa. Why cannot you show it to me.” prayed Udanka.
Sri Krishna acceded to his request. Udanka beheld the Visvaroopa. Beholding Visvaroopa, Udanka was subjected to fear, joy, amazement, and inexplicable state of mind. With folded hands, Udanka prayed:

“O Pundareekaasha! the entire earth is filled with your feet and the entire sky is filled with your head. Your arms and hands occupied four sides of this Universe. You are allpervasive with innumerable heads, hands and legs. I beheld your Visvaroopa as an eye feast. Kindly withdraw your Visvaroopa and appear before me in your original beautifil form.” prayed Udanka.

Sri Krishna appeared before Udanka in his mortal form. “Udanka! I would like you to have a boon from me, choose whatever you like.” asked Krishna.

“I beheld your visvaroopa which is impossible for others. I do not require anything. As you are asking me, I express my desire. This is draught stricken area. There is no groundwater available. Hence kindly bless me with plenty of water whenever I need.” prayed Udanka.

“It will be done. Whenever you are in need of water, you think about me in your mind. Water will be available to you.” said Krishna.

Then Krishna left for Dwaraka. Some days later, on one day, Udanka was thirsty. No drop of water was available. Udanka saw a low caste man, without clothes, with dogs around him. His body was dirty but pure water was oozing out of his body as sweat. He called Udanka and said:

“Udanka! I suppose you are suffering with thirst. Why cannot you drink the pure water coming out of my body.” said that low caste man.

Udanka grew angry and scolded him and asked him to get out of that place. He went away along with his dogs. Meanwhile Krishna appeared there.

Udanka asked Krishna: “O Krishna! you said when ever I think about you, pure water will be available. Today, instead of pure water, sweat of a low caste man is available. Is this the boon given by you.” asked Udanka.

“Udanka! you lost a great chance. When you thought about me, I requested Devendra to offer you Amrutha. But Devendra declined to give Amrutha to human beings. But unable to reject my request, he appeared before you as a low caste man with Amrutha as his sweat. But you scolded him and drove him away. What can I do? Anyhow, I will give you another boon. Whenever you are in need of water, clouds will be formed instantaneously and rain before you. Those clouds are called Udanka Clouds which rain untimely.” said Krishna.

Then Krishna disappeared. Since then, in that area, Udanka clouds are raining throughout the year.” said Saint Vaisampayana to Janamejaya, the story of Udanka.

“O Saint Vaisampayana! who is this Udanka? How Udanka got the power even to curse Sri Krishna? Kindly tell me.” asked Janamejaya. Saint Vaisampayana continued to say:

“O Janamejaya! Out of devotion towards his Guru and his service to his Guru, he got such a power. Udanka was the student of Saint Goutama. On completion of education, Saint Goutama sent away all his students except Udanka. Udanka continued to serve Goutama as before.

One day, Udanka was carrying heavy load of fuel. While dropping the fuel load on ground, part of his tuft caught in the fuel and cut. All the hair in that tuft were white, pointing out his old age. Udanka thought that he was becoming old. Udanka began to weep loudly. Beholding this, Goutama asked his daughter to catch the tears of Udanka in her hand.

“Udanka! why you are weeping like this? What is the reason?” asked Goutama.

“O my guru! you sent out all your students. They got married and leading Grihastha life. Though I am becoming old, I remain unmarried. That is the reason for my misery.” said Udanka.

Goutama smiled and said: “Dont worry Udanka. I will give my daughter in marriage to you. You can lead a happy married life.” said Goutama.

Goutama performed the marriage of his daughter with Udanka. Udanka requested his Guru Goutama to choose anything as Guru Dakshina. Goutama declined to receive anything from Udanka and went away. Udanka asked Ahalya, wife of Goutama.

Ahalya said thus: “ O Udanka! if you really intend to offer Guru Dakshina, you go to Mitra Sakha and bring the ear rings from his wife. I will be happy.” said Ahalya.

Udanka immediately left that place in search of Mitra Sakha. Meanwhile Goutama returned back and Ahalya informed him about her desire and sending Udanka to Mitra Sakha.
“Ahalya! you did a mistake. That Mitra Sakha, also called, Soudasa, became a man-eater on account of curse of a Brahmin. Udanka does not know about this. Anything may happen.” said Goutama.

“I am sorry. I did a mistake. Kindly see that nothing happens to Udanka” prayed Ahalya.

Goutama smiled and said: “Dont worry. Nothing happens to Udanka.” said Goutama, consoling his wife.

There Udanka was going in search of Mitra sakha. Udanka met Soudasa in the middle of the forest. His body was drenched with blood. His eyes were read. He was frightful. Udanka was not afraid of Soudasa and his appearance.

“ My name is Soudasa. Who are you? Where are you going? I am in search of my food. Today, you are my prey. I never leave you. I will kill you and consume you” said Soudasa.

“O Soudasa! My name is Udanka. I am going on a mission of my Guru. It is sinful to kill a person, going on the mission of his Guru. I do not think you resort to this kind of Adharma.” said Udanka.

“O Udanka! Divine bodies ordered me to consume human flesh during the third spell of the day. Now we are in third spell of this day. I am hungry. I have to kill you and consume your flesh.” said Soudasa.

“O Soudasa! you can do as you like. Kindly permit me to accomplish the desire of my Guru’s wife. I will come back to you. You can kill me and subside your hunger. Trust me. I heard you give away whatever brahmins ask. But I am not asking anything for my sake. I am asking for the sake of my Guru. I hope and trust that you spare my life for the present.” said Udanka.

Convinced with the words of Udanka, Soudasa asked him about his desire.

“O Soudasa! Ahalya, wife of my Guru, sent me to bring the ear rings from Mitra Sakha.” said Udanka.

“O Brahmin! I am Mitra Sakha. You go to my wife and request her. She will give the ear rings.” said Soudasa.

Udanka went to the wife of Soudasa and said: “O mother! my salutations to you. Your husband sent me to take the ear rings from you.” said Udanka.

“Have you got any identification from my husband to believe that you have come from my husband” asked Madayanti, wife of Soudasa.

Udanka returned back to Soudasa and asked him to give anything to identify him.

“Udanka! I tell you some words. Repeat those words before her. She will identify you.” said Soudasa. Soudasa said thus: “It cannot be said that this is safe. But except this, there is no other way out.”

Udanka again went to Madayanti and repeated those words. Madayanti satisfied with those words and gave away ear rings to Udanka. “O Udanka! Take care. Divine bodies, Gandharvas, Nagas are planning to grab these ear rings. Hence be careful. There is every possibility of the earrings being stolen whenever you eat others’ food, during sleep and when the rings touch earth. If you worship these earrings with devotion, you wont feel thirst and hunger. You need not be afraid of demons, devils, poison or fire. These ear rings are suited even to children, middle aged or old. These ear rings shower huge amount of gold daily. Hence safeguard the earrings till they are handed over to Ahalya.” said Madayandi.

Udanka received those ear rings from Madayanti and worshipped those earring with greatest devotion. He tied the ear rings in a cloth bundle and tucked it to his elbow.

He returnedback to Soudasa and said: “With your blessings, I got the ear rings. But I could not understand the meaning of the words you said as identification. If you donot mind, kindly tell me the meaning of those words.” asked Udanka.

Soudasa said thus: “O brahmin Udanka! In this world, Kshatriyas worship brahmins. I also worship brahmins. But on account of a small mistake committed by me towards a Brahmin, I was cursed to consume human flesh. The only remedy for my sin is worshipping Brahmins. But it is highly difficult to worship brahmins. Eventhough I worship brahmins, I cannot say I can get rid of this sin. But there is no otherway except worshipping brahmins. This is the meaning of my key words. Because you are a brahmin. I thought I can get rid of my sins by giving way the earrings to you.” said Soudasa.

Udanka blessed Soudasa. Soudasa got rid of all his sins and he attained his previous intelligence and humbleness and also the tendency to worship brahmins.

Beholding Soudasa, Udanka said: “O Soudasa! with your grace, I could get the ear rings. I have to go back to my Ashram and hand over the ear rings to the wife of my Guru. According to my word, I will come back again. Then you can consume my flesh and subside your hunger.” said Udanka.

“O Udanka! knowing fully well that I will kill you, you say that you come back to me. I am very much satisfied with your truthfulness. Kindly eradicate my evils with the power of your Tapas.” prayed Soudasa.

“O Soudasa! If your mind is pure and clean, even if you commit wrong, it will be eradicated in no time. Your virtue itself eradicates your sins.” said Udanka.

After taking leave from Soudasa, Udanka proceeded towards his Ashram. On the way, Udanka saw a fruit bearing tree. He hanged the bag containing ear rings to a branch of the tree, and climbed the tree. While he was eating the fruits, there was a gale and the bag fell down on the ground. Meanwhile, a cobra which was waiting there to grab the ear rings, immediately caught the bag with its mouth and ran away speedily.

Beholding this, Udanka alighted the tree and chased the cobra. The cobra entered a snake hole and disappeared. Udanka took a small stick and began to dig the snake hole. At that time, Devendra, in the attire of a Brahin came there.

“O Brahmin! is it possible to make a tunnel to reach Patala Loka with this small stick. Patala Loka is about one thousand yojanas from here. Do you know who stole your ear rings. He is the son of Serpant King Iravata.” said Indra.

“O Brahmin! I wont leave him. I recover my ear rings even if they are taken to Paataala.Loka.” promised Udanka.

Indra was very much satisfied with the strong desire of Udanka. Hence Devendra attributed the power of Vajrayudha to that small stick. When Udanka dug the earth with that stick equivalent to Vajrayudha, earth gave way to Paataala Loka. Udanka went to Naga Loka.

On the way, he saw a horse, with red,black and white colours. The horse said: “O Udanka! I know who you are. I am the Agni worshipped by you daily. I will tell you where your ear rings are. You blow from my back.” said the horse. Accordingly, Udanka blew air from horse back.

With that blowing, fire, smoke, flames emanated from the body of the horse and surrounded the entire Naga Loka. All Nagas, whose prime food is fresh air, suffered with suffocation. Son of Iravata who stole the earrings, ran back to Udanka and handedover the ear rings to Udanka and prayed for mercy. Udanka pardoned them and went back to his Ashram and handedover the ear rings to Ahalya, wife of Goutama.

Beholding Udanka, Goutama said: “O Udanka! You brought ear rings from Soudasa and also recovered the stolen ear rings from Naga Loka. Except you, none can accomplish this task.” said Goutama.

O Janamejaya! this is the story of Udanka.” said Vaisampayana to King Janamejaya.

Vaisampayana continued to say thus: “O Janamejaya! after leaving Udanka, Sri Krishna arrived at Dwaraka. At that time, arrangements were being made for the Raivataka festivals. All the people in Dwaraka were engaged in making those arrangements.

On hearing about the arrival of Sri Krishna, everybody stopped from going to Raivataka Hill. They extended warm welcome to Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna first met his parents, Devaki and Vasudeva and elder brother, Balarama and saluted them. Then Sri Krishna conveyed the salutations of Dharmaja to his parents and Balarama. Then Sri Krishna went to his inner apartments and met his wives and children.

In the evening, Vasudeva sat by the side of Sri Krishna and enquired about the Bharata Yudha and its highlights. Sri Krishna said thus: “O my dear father, Vasudeva! Bharata Yudha continued for 18 days. 18 akshouhinis army--- 11 akhsouhinis on Kouravas side and 7 akshouhinis on Pandavas side, took part in the battle. Chief of Army for Kouravas was Bhishma. To kill Bhishma, Arjuna kept Sikhandi in front of him, and pierced arrows throughout his body. Bishma fell down on arrow bed. But Bhishma, with the power of Svachanda Marana, was alive till the advent of Uttara Ayana, and left his mortal body. Till then he spent his time on arrow bed.

After the fall of Bhishma, Drona became the Chief of Army. He fought for five days and was killed by Dhrushtadyumna, with the help of Dharmaja. Then Karna, King of Anga, became the Chief of Army. Karna fought the battle for two days and was killed by Arjuna. Next day Salya was made the Chief of Army who fought for half day and died at the hands of Dharmaja. It was the turn of Sakuni to be crowned as Chief of Army. Soon after Sakuni entered the Battle field, Sahadeva killed him in no time. Having lost all his brothers, friends and relatives, Suyodhana remained alone in the battle field.

Suyodhana fled away and hid underneath a tank, in deep waters. Having found about the whereabouts if Suyodhana, Dharmaja along with his brothers and friends and relatives went to that pond and provoked Suyodhana, with spearlike words, for dual fight. Suyodhana and Bhimasena fought with each other with maces. Bhima broke the thighs of Suyodhana and killed him. With the fall of Suyodhana, Bharata War was completed. Pandavas got complete victory.

On that night there was a great mishap. Enraged with the killing of Suyodhana, in an unusual manner, Asvadhamedha, accompniaed by Kripacharya and Kritavarma, went to the tents of Pandavas and massacred all the sons of Pandavas and their army. As myself and five pandavas were away from our respective tents, we survived.

Therefore, in the 18 days long battle, myself and five Pandavas, Satyaki survived on pandavas side and Asvathama, Kritavarma and Kripacharya survived on Kouravas side. As Yuyutsu, brother of Suyodhana, changed towards Pandavas side even at the beginning of war, he survived. This is the story of Bharata battle in nutshell.” said Sri Krishna.

Purposefully, Sri Krishna did not reveal about the death of Abhimanyu, as it may cause great grief to Vasudeva. But Subhadra could not control her grief. Subhadra cried aloud.

“Obrother Krishna! tell. tell to your father Vasudeva that my son Abhimanyu was killed by many in Padmavyooha. Explain him the details about my son’s death.” crying aloud, Subhadra fell on the ground and lost consciousness.

Having heard about the death of Abhimanyu, all lamented for his death.
Then Sri Krishna told his parents about the death of Abhimanyu. Sri Krishna told about the Pandavas and Dhtarashtra performing the funerals and obsequies ceremonies for those who are dead in war. Slowly, in course of time, all of them recovered from their grief.” said Vaisampayana to Janamejaya.

“O Saint Vaisampayana! You told me that Vyasa advised Dharmaja to perform Asvamedha Yaga. How Dharmaja performed Asvamedha Yaga? Kindly tell me.” asked Janamejaya.

Saint Vaisampayana told thus: “O Janamejaya! On the advice of Saint Vayasa, Dharmaja told his brothers thus: “O Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva! you have heard the advice of Saint Vyasa. You are all aware that we have no suifficient funds to perform the Yaga. We have to bring the gold hidden by brahmins, as told by Vyasa. Tell me the arrangements to be made for bringing that wealth to Hastina.” asked Dharmaja.

Bhima told thus: “Obrother Dharmaja! first we have to worship Prameswara with great devotion and seek his blessings. Then we have to worship Pramadha Ganas and offer Bhoota Bali at that spot. Then only we can unearth that wealth. Therefore, we need not worry about funds. We can acquire that wealth as it is open for all and so far nobody claimed that wealth, as told by Saint Vyasa. Therefore we have to start from Hastina with sufficient army, carts and workmen to bring that gold.” said Bhima.

Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadevca concurred with Bhima. Dharmaja decided to go to Himalayas. After taking permission from his paternal uncle, Dhritarashtra and Gandhari and also mother Kunti, Dharmaja convened a meeting to make alternative arrangements for administration. He deputed Yuyutsa to look after the protection of Hastinapura assisted by Vidura.
Dharmaja ordered his army generals to make arrangements for journey to Himalayas. Then Dharmaja worshipped all divine bodies and Pitaras and performed charities. He worshipped Agni and saluted his Purohit, Dhoumya. While virtuous ladies were offering their blessings, Dharmaja along with his brothers, in their respective chariots, started to Himalayas.

They reached Himalayas few days later. Vyasa also joined them at Himalayas. Vyasa told them thus: “For this night you have to sleep on mats. Tomorrow, early morning, before sunrise, you have to worship Lord Siva.” said Vyasa.

Accordingly, Dharmaja and his brothers woke up early in the morning and installed Maha Siva worshipped Lord Sive and offered dhoopa, deepa and naivedya. Then they invoked Pramadha Ganas and worshipped them. They invoked Kubera, Manibhadra and other Yakshas with great devotion and worshipped them.

While Dhoumya was proceeding ahead of them, Pandavas went to the place where the treasure was hidden. First, they worshipped the demons, protecting that treasure with red flowers, meat, etc. and satisfied those demons. Then Dharmaja saluted Vyasa and sought his blessings. Then Dharmaja offered sacrifices to the treasure. Then they unearthed the treasure.

The golden treasure was loaded into thousands of carts. The golden treasure contained golden household articles like vessels, glasses, grinders, gold bars, gold coins etc made up of pure Gold. Thousands of carts, loaded with gold, were proceeding towards Hastinapuram. Pandavas also started to Hastinapuram.

In Dwaraka, Sri Krishna extended the Asvamedha yaga invitation of Dharmaja to his parents, brother and other Yadavas.
Sri Krishna, along with his parents, wives, sons, his brother Balarama, Satyaki, Kritavarma, Pradyumna, Samba etc. arrived at Hastinapura. On hearing about the arrival of Sri Krishna and Yadavas, Dhritarashtra, Gandhari were very happy. They deputed Yuyutsa and Vidura to receive them with due honours. Accordingly, Yuyutsa and Vidura extended warm welcome to Sri Krishna and others.

Sri Krishna, Balarama and Yadavas first visited the inner apartment of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari and saluted them. Then they met Mother Kunti. Subhadra sought the blessings of Kunti. Vidura and Yuyutsa made arrangements for the comfortable stay of Sri Krishna and Balarama and other Yadavas.

Meanwhile, Uttara, wife of Abhimanyu, who was pregnant even at the time of killing of Abhimanyu in Padmavyooha, delivered a stillborn child (child dead in womb). Entire Dwaraka plunged into grief and sorrow. Krishna came to know about this. He immediately proceeded to Kunti, along with his brothers. Kunti, Droupadi and Subhadra were lamenting loudly for the death of the child. Kunti, with choked voice, told Krishna thus:

“O Krishna! Except you, none else are there to save us. Look at that child. He is son of Abhimanyu, your sister’s son. But he is born dead. It is only due to the Brahma Sironamaka Astra (hereinafter called Brahma Astra) launched by Asvadhama. With the influence of Brahma Astra, the child is dead even in womb of Uttara. You have to save that child. Have you forgotten the promise made while Asvadhama launched Brahma Astra. You promised you will protect the child in the womb of Uttara.

Krishna! our lives are in your hands. If the child is alive, we will survive. Otherwise, we have to die. If this child is not alive, none will remain in Pandava clan to offer Pindas and water to Pitaras. Hence you have to give life to this child and eradicate the grief of Uttara.

O Krishna! you have been always protecting the Pandavas all the while. This child is the only survivor of Pandava clan. Hence give him life and protect Pandava Clan.” prayed Kunti.

Now Subhadra prayed his brother Krishna thus: “O Krishna! my beloved brother! To please Syodhana, Asvathama launched Brahma Astra. Now sufferers are myself and my husband, Arjuna. We lost the only survivor of Pandava clan. Arjuna is still lamenting in his inner self, remembering his son, Abhimanyu. Now Abimanyu’s son also is dead. Imagine the fate of Arjuna and his brothers, Dharmaja, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva.

O brother Krishna! have you forgotten your promise that you will nullify the Brahma Astra launched by Asvadhama and we were consoled with your words. But your promise is not fructified. Now it is time to save the child. I do not think that Pandavas will be defeated while you are alive. But, in your very presence, Asvadhama destroyed the only survivor of Pandava clan.

O Protector of your Devotees! I know that you alone are capable of restoring life to those who are dead. Now the grand son of your brother in law, your friend, your heart, is lying dead in front of you. Will you keep quiet. Kindly restore life to this child.” prayed Subhadra.

Krishna’s mind melted with the words of Kunti and Subhadra. “Dont worry. I will try my level best to restore life to the child” promised Krishna. Along with Kunti, Subhadra Krishna went to the labour room. Subhadra went near Uttara and woke her up and said:

“O Uttara! wake up. see who has come. Srikrishna has come to see you.” said Subhadra. Uttara opened her eyes. Beholding Sri Krishna, Uttara saluted Krishna and said:

“O God Krishna!All are aware that you always protect your devotees. Why cannot you shower your kindness and blessings towards me and bring back the life of this child. I lost my husband in war. Now I lost my child also. How can I survive without husband and child. O Krishna! has Asvadhama got the capacity to kill the son of your own nephew? I would have followed my husband by burning myself on his pyre. As I was pregnant then, I could not follow my husband. Now I cannot live without my son. If I go to heaven, my husband may ask about my child. What would be my reply? Had I known on that day that I would be deprived of my child today, I would have followed my husband. I thought of showing my child to Sri Krishna with great joy. That cruel Asvadhama made my joy futile.” lamented Uttara keeping the dead body of the child on his lap.

She is waking up the child... “O my love! get up. your grand father Sri Krishna has come. Get up and salute him. Is it proper to sleep while elders visit you.” so lamenting Uttara fell on the ground.

Beholding the grief of Uttara, everybody present there were weeping, showering tears from their eyes. Sri Krishna tried to console Uttara.

“O Uttara! dont worry. I will bring back the life of your son.” promised Krishna. Krishna washed his feet and performed Achamanam. He sat down on a plank. Closed his eyes. Opened his inner eye. With his strong will, he nullified the Brahma Siromaka Astra launched by Asvadhama. He asked Uttara to keep the dead body on a bed. Krishna promised “I will see that the child is alive.”.

Then Krishna, with concentrated will and mind made the following promises.

If I do not lie even with my enemy, if I do not turn my foot even in a dreadful war, this child will be alive.

If I do not feel any grudge in my mind towards Arjuna at any point of time, this child will be alive.

If it is true that I killed Kamsa and others only to instal dharma, and if those killings of demons are acceptable to wise and learned, this child will be alive.

If I follow truth, Dharma and Brahmacharya always, this child will be alive.” promised Sri Krishna with highly concentrated mind.

With those promises, there was a movement in the child. He was moving his legs and hands. The child slowly opened his eyes and smiled.

Beholding this Kunti, Droupadi, Subhadra’s joy knew no bounds. Their eyes were filled with joyful tears. Their bodies trembled. The hair on their body erected. Everybody there acclaimed with great joy.

O King Janamejaya! in that manner, your father got back his life.” said Vaisampayana to King Janamejaya.

Saint Vaisampayana continued to say: “On hearing the joyful utterances, Uttara regained consciousness and saw the child playing by moving his hands and legs vigorously and smiling with joy. She could not control her joy. She took the child into her arms and rushed before Sri Krishna. She fell on the feet of Sri Krishna. Krishna lifted her and wiped her tears.

Yadavas brought many presents to the child. Sri Krishna proclaimed, to the hearing of one and all, loudly

“At the moment when everybody thought that the entire Pandava clan came to end, this child is reborn. Hence he is named as Parikshit.”

O Janamejaya! from that day on wards, your father was called as Parikshit. In that manner, on account of Sri Krishna, your clan was revived.

One month elapsed. Parikshit is one month old. By that time, Dharmaja along with his brothers entered Hastinapura along with numerous cart loads of gold. Krishna advised Vidura and Yuyutsa to make arrangements for welcoming Pandavas.

The entire city of Hastinapura was decorated with plaintain stems, mango leaves and garlands of pearls. Sri Krishna, Balarama, Vidura, Yuyutsa, yadava chiefs welcomed Pandavas. Along with golden treasure, Pandavas entered the city of Hastinapura.

Dharmaja along with his brothers went to the inner apartments of Dhritarashtra and Gandhari and saluted them. Then they saluted their mother Kunti. When all were taking rest in a court yard, Pandavas were informed in detail about the delivery of stillborn child by Uttara and about the miraculous rebirth of Parikshit.

Pandavas were astonished on hearing the miracles of Sri Krishna. Pandavas praised Sri Krishna in several ways.

Few days later, Vyasa arrived at Hastinapura. Pandavas received Vyasa and offered him Arghyam and Padyam. Dharmaja told Vyasa thus:

“O Saint Vyasa! with your advise and blessings, we could acquire enormous and suffient funds for performing Asvamedha Yaga. With your kind permission, I will commence Asvamedha Yaga.” said Dharmaja.

Vyasa blessed him with all good wishes. Beholding Krishna, Dharmaja said thus: “OKrishna! With your kindness, we acquired victory in great war. We earnestly request you to see that Asvamedha Yaga also is performed with the same kindness. You are our father, mother, teacher, guide and philosopher. You direct us. We follow your directions.” prayed Dharmaja.

“O Dharmanandana! Bhagavan Vyasa is eldest of all. He ordered all of us to perform Asvamedha Yaga. Let us follow his directions. In fact I myself told you at the beginning to perform Asvamedha Yaga. Hence it is my endeavour to get it done successfully. There is no necessity for you to obtain again my permission. You are the Kartha of this Yaga. You have to direct us. We have to follow your instructions. All your mental agony will vanish with the performance of Asvamedha yaga.” said Sri Krishna.

Dharmaja was very happy. Beholding Vyasa, Dharmaja said: “O Vyasa! kindly fix an auspicious day to commence Yaga and perform necessary rituals.” prayed Dharmaja.

“O Dharmaja! myself, Yajnavalkya and Paila will conduct this Yaga. In the coming Chaitra month, Pournami day (full moon day) is most auspicious day. We require one Horse with good features and qualities. Send for it. That horse, left by us according to Vedic hymns, goes round the entire earth and spreads your name and fame through out the earth.” said Vyasa.

Then Dharmaja made arrangements to acquire a horse with good qualities and ordered to manufacture all utensils required for Yajna with gold only.

Within a few days, a white horse, utensils made up of gold and all other necessary materials and articles were made ready for the performance of Asvamedha Yaga. Dharmaja reported to Vyasa that all arrangements are made successfully. Vyasa was very much satisfied with the horse.

“O Saint Vyasa! we will leave the horse freely to move around the earth. But who will guard that horse. Name a warrior for that purpose.” asked Dharmaja.

“O Dharmanandana! who else is there except Arjuna who is virtuous, intelligent, wise with excellent vigour and valour. Arjuna is the only warrior fit for this task.” said Vyasa.

Vyasa again said: “O Dharmaja! you will be performing Yaga. Bhima and Nakula are kept in charge of administration and protecting the kingdom. Sahadeva will be in charge of inner apartments and womenfolk.” said Vyasa.

Dharmaja called Arjuna and said: “O Arjuna! this horse is meant for Asvamedha yaga. You have to guard it always. You alone are capable to discharge this task. Whereever this horse moves and wanders, you have to inform them that this is the Asvamedha Yaga Horse. You have to see that this horse moves around the earth freely without any obstruction or obstacle.” said Dharmaja.

Arjuna gladly accepted the offer. After obtaining the permission from Dhritarashtra, Gandhari and Kunti, Dharmaja along with Droupadi sat in dedication to perform Asvamedha Yaga.” said Saint Vaisampayana to King Janamejaya the story of Maha Bharata, which was retold by Soota to Saint Sounaka and other sages and saints gathered at Satra Yaga in Naimisaranya.

Maha Bharata
Asvamedha Parva
Third chapter completed.
Om Tatsat Om Tatsat Om Tatsat.