In Naimisaaranya, Ugrasravasa, the sooti ( story teller) continued to narrate the great story Mahabharata to Saint Sounaka and other sages and saints assembled there.

Maya, the divine sculptor and a great architect, told Arjuna:

"Arjunaa, with your generosity and kindness, I escaped from fire. I want to do something to you. Kindly tell me what do you want.You know, I am a great sculptor and architect. I can construct magnificent, marvellous and memorable buildings" said Maya.

Arjuna looked at Sri Krishna for his advise. Sri Krishna told Maya "Dharma Raja is the king and emperor of Kuru Dynasty. You have to construct a building which will match to his status and prestige." said Krishna.

"Krishna, you are correct. There is no other emperor on this earth who can match Dharmaja. Hence, I will construct a magnifi- cent building which will be acclaimed by one and all. Previously, I collected building material for constructing a marvelous building to one Vrushaparva, a Danava King. But I could not construct the same for some reason or other. I preserved the collected material in a pond called "Bindu sarovaram". With that material, I will construct a marvellous building for the sake of Dharmaraja. Besides that, one Rajarshi Bhomaaditya kept one Samkha(conche) called Devadatta and one Gadha (mace like weapon) with me. I will give that Gadha to Bheema and Conche(Devadatta) to Arjuna." so saying, he gave Samkha and Gadha to Arjuna and Bheema, took leave from Dharmaja and proceeded to Bindu Sarovara. Sri Krishna also left for Dwaraka.

Mayaa, the great builder, by using the building material hidden in Bindu Sarovara, constructed a huge, magnificnet and marvellous building called Maya Sabha. He used blue diamonds to resemble water; rubies for resembling red lotus flowers, and other red flowers; silver for resembling white lotus, white swans and other white flowers; he used diamonds for resembling fish in water; he used pearls for creating whitish foam, he used emaralds and other green diamonds for creating green leaves and green water plants. Any body who looks at them shall feel that they are real lotus flowers in blue waters, and green plants etc. He used water fountains for sprinkling water and artificial trees, nests for birds, and artificial animals etc. He spent fourteen months for constructing such a magnificent building. He constructed that building on the banks of Bindu Sarovara. Then he carried that building from Bindu Sarovara to Indraprastha by air through eight thousand raakshasas (demons). He presented the same to Dharmaja.

On one auspicious day, Dharma Raja, along with wife, brothers entered Maya Sabha, with the blessings of his Purohit Dhoumya. All the Saamanta kings (the kings who were under his rule and control) visited Dharma Raja and offered him valuable gifts.
One day, Narada, the divine saint, visited Dharma Raja. Dharmaja welcomed Narada. He offered Arghyam and paadyam to Narada and offered him a convenient seat.

Narada began to ask Dharma Raja about the political administration of Dharmaja and how he was ruling his people.

(Here, we have to observe one thing. We usually see Narada in our mythological films and stories as a saint who was wandering from one Loka to other Loka, carrying tales from one person to other, creating quarrels between wife and husband and brothers etc. In some films, Narada was shown as a humourous character. But if you go through the following questions asked by him, you will find how wise and intelligent he was, how stalwart he was in political administration and political science. Several things which have to be followed by Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers and other Cabinet Ministers were told by Narada in those days. Kindly read and think about them).

Dharmaja, are you ruling your country by following Dharma, morals and virtues.

Are you discharing your duties by following Dharma and morals and using your own wisdom.

Are you applying your mind alone to important matters at mid night in a serene atmosphere and taking correct decisions?

Are you employing persons with stable mind and with good morale, in important posts?

Have you employed efficient Brahmins and those who know about our customs and ancient scriptures.

The victory of a king depends on his secret thinking. Are you preserving your administrative secrets carefully, without any leakage?

Is your Chief Priest discharing his duties efficiently by performing important sacrifices time to time?

Have you employed fit, faithful and efficient persons as your Army Generals? Is any of your ministers, who got more popularity than you, betraying you, by joining hands with your enemies? Becuse, money and power always corrupt a man. He will become greedy always.

(Nowadays, This act of betrayal and backstabbing and chair pulling is prevalent anywhere and everywhere in the world).

Are The scientists in your country engaged in predicting the future events with regard to earth and space and taking preventive measures by taking suitable actions to avert them.

Are the Doctors in your country discharing their duties efficiently with an intention to serve the common man and with love and affection towards common people.

(For some silly reason or other, Sudden strikes and abstaining from duties is the daily routine of today's doctors).

Have you employed experts in financial matters, and people with great morale, and people with good administrative skills, for discharing duties in the financial wing in your country?

Have you employed persons by assessing their talent and ability, in higher, middle and lower categories.
Are you disbursing salaries to your employees promptly and in time. Because, if you do not disburse salaries in time, you have to see sadness in their faces which is not good for the King.

Are you recognising the services of the persons who have been working with you hereditarily. Because they sacrificed their lives for your sake.

Dharmajaa, have you provided food and shelter to those families, who have sacrified their lives for your sake in the battles. Are they feeling happy?

I hope you are not sending persons with evil mind, thieves, greedy people, and pesons who are joining hands with your enemies, cowards, bad characters, for discharing administrative duties?

Is your country is free from thefts? Are your security personnel who are greedy for money, taking bribes from criminals and leaving them free and protecting them?

(How Narada predicted in those days, the day to day activity of the present day Police Personnel?).

Dharmajaa! whether all the tanks in your country are filled with water? I think there is no scarcity of water both for drinking and agricultural purposes?

(Nowadays, all the tanks are transgressed, converted into house plots, buildings are constructed and whenever there are heavy rains and floods, all the buildings are inundated and people are in neck deep water for days together).

Dharmajaa! are you liberally supplying seeds to all the poor farmers for raising crops?

Are you extending loans to citizens and farmers at the rate of one percent ?

Dharmajaa! are you extending help to handicapped like blind, deaf and dumb and also orphans and maintaining them carefully?

Are you extending omnesty to your enemy soldiers who are captued in war?

Are you recognizing persons who extended their help to you?

Dharmaja! do you know that only one-fourth, or one-third or atleast only half of the revenues should be spent and the remaining half shall be kept as reserve?

(Nowadays, deficit budget, worldbank loans are quite common for our country).

Dharmajaa! have you employed persons with good virtues and trustworthiness in Treasuries, Banks and Defence sectors and armoury..

(The recent tehelka scandal in defence sector, story of Bangaru Lakshman, the greediness of Natwarsingh and his son are India's current affairs).

Dharmajaa! are you taking care of senior citizens, retired teachers, sculptors, great businessmen and extending help to them for their livelihood in their old age?

Are you conducting assembly daily with your ministers, army generals and discussing about important problems?

(In the live telecast of parliament and assembly proceedings, we generally find three-fourth of the house vacant and the remaining one fourth will be drousing, while only few were discussing important issues)

Dharmaja! are you protecting yourself, from the internal disturbances and outside aggresion, and are you keenly observing the movements of your enemies through your spies.

Are you administering justice to one and all without illwill or favour, without any partiality or partisan attitude.

Dharmajaa! are you collecting uptodate news regularly and running the administration efficiently?

Dhamaja! whether all the regions, countries and forts under your control are filled with food grains, arms and ammunition, army, other groceries, drinking water, and fuel in abundance.

Whether all the forts under your control are fortified and could not be attacked by your enemies?

Whether you have conquered your inner enemies like kaama(lust) krOdha(anger), lObha(greediness), mOha(delusion), mada(pride and arrogance), maatsarya (envy and jealousy), and keeping yourself under control?

Whether you conquered your enemies who are more jealous, filled with pride, and inimically disposed towards you always?

Dharmajaa! before waging a war, are you trying all the possible methods for maintaining peace?

{Here Narada told Dharmaja about 14 don'ts (things not to be done) in detail.}

1.King should not be a non-believer in God.

2.King should not be a lier.

3.King should not be lethargic (noticing dangers at late hour).

4.King should not allow flatterers and useless fellows around him for important discussions.

5.King should not get anger unnecessarily.

(Our political leaders are scolding IAS officers and other officials in public in filthy language)

6.King should not allow Execution of works with abnormal delay and incurring additional expenditure.

7.King should not spend time unnecessarily repenting for the past events and deeds.

8.King should not ignore talented persons and giving them due recognition.

(Though reservations were meant only for ten years at the inception, it was being exended from time time for the last 50 years and still extending them even to private sectors; destroying the talent by appointing and promoting worthless persons under the guise of reservations.)

9.King should not think illogicaly while planning important productive works.

10. King should not allow delay in completing the public works within the stipulated period.

11.King should not leak Official Secrets and important decisions taken before they are officially announced.

12.King should not ignore implementation of social welfare projects.

13.King should not always engage himself in sensual pleasures.

(Nowadays, Involvement in Sex scandals has become a routine for political leaders, bureaucrats and highly reputed personnel).

14.King should not be lazy, lethargitic, evasive and reluctant.

(The above are the prime qualities of the present time political leaders)

(So far you have read what Saint Narada asked Dharmaja. In Maha Bharata story, there are characters like Sri Krishna who was well versed in political matters, and Vidura, an embodiment of morality and virtues. But Veda Vyasa selected Saint Narada only to put Dharmaja the above questions on politics. Therefore, Narada is not a humourous character as shown in in our films, a vagabond roaming from one loka to another loka, creating quarrels. Narada was a great saint and genious. If atleast half of the above principles enunciated by Narada are followed by our rulers, every state and country will flourish in no time )

King Dharmaja patiently and with great devotion heard what all that was told by Narada.

He obediently replied

"Saint Narada! I am running the administration following the existing Dharma. I never did injustice to anybody knowingly or unknowingly. Have you seen Maya Sabha. How is it?

"Dharmajaa! I have seen many Sabhas viz., Devendra sabha, Yama Sabha, Varuna sabha, Kubera sabha, Brahma sabha. But Maya Sabha is no match to any other Sabha. Maya Sabha is marvellous.

Once I visited Brahma Sabha. There I found Manuvu, Atri, Mareechi, Soorya, Chandra, Deva Ganas, Vasuvu, Rudras, Siddhas, Saadhyas, Maharishis, Aswins, Viswa Devatas, Viswa Karma, Pitru Devatas, Dharma, Ardha, Kaama, Mokhsha, Sabdha, Sparsha, Roopa, Gandha, etc., all the time factors in Kala cakra, four vedas. They were all serving Brahma.

In Yama Sabha I found your fore fathers Kruta Veerya, Janamejaya, Janaka, your father, King Pandu. But I found King Hariscardra in Indra Sabha." said Narada.

Now Dharmaja got a doubt "Saint Narada, How my father King Pandu was in Yama Sabha whereas King Harischandra was in Indra Sabha. Kindly explain" asked Dharmaja.

"Dharmajaa! Harischandra, son of Trisanku, conquered all the kings. He performed Raajasooya Yaagaa. That was the reason why King Harischandra was in Indra sabha.

When I visited Yama Sabha, your father, King Pandu, told me "Narada! all the kings who performed Rajasooya Yaga is in Indra Sabha. Hence I request you to kindly convey to my son, Dharmaja, my desire to perform Rajasooya Yaga and direct him to immediately perform Raajasooya Yaaga".

Therfore, Dharmaja, as per the wish of your father, King Pandu, you have to perform Rajasooya Yaaga and see that your father, King Pandu, finds a place in Indra Sabha." Then Narada left Indraprastha.

Dharmaja discussed this matter with his Purohit Dhoumya and other ministers.

"Dharmaja! as a son, it is your bounden duty to accomplish the wish of your father, King Pandu. If you perform Rajasooya Yaaga, all the kings will be under your control. Besides conquering other kingdoms, you can acquire more wealth also. Therefore, this is the proper time to perform Raajasooya Yaaga." said Dhoumya.

Dharmaja also discussed this matter with his four brothers and took a decision to perform Rajasooya yaga. He thought that Sri Krishna was the only person tobe consulted.

Dharmaja immediately sent his ministers to Sri Krishna to invite and bring him to Indraprastha. On arrival of Krishna, Dharmaja received him with due honours.

"Krishna, Saint Narada informed me about the wish of my father, King Pandu, and directed me to perform Raajasooya Yaga. I discussed this matter with my purohit Dhoumya, other ministers and my brothers and all are agreed for the same. I am awaiting for your approval." said Dharmaja.

"Dharmaja! I am very happy that you have taken such a timely and important decision.

In the ancient past, Parasurama, son of saint Jamadagni destroyed all the Kshatriya dynasties. After that, only two dynasties survived. Those are Ila and Ikshvaaku. Those are the prime and real Kshatriya Dynasties. The other dynasties are all subsequent creations. Those two dynasties developed into 101 dynasties. Another 14 dynasties were created from out of Yayati and Bhoja dynasties.

King Jarasandha conquered all these dynasties. King Sisupala, the king of Chedi, was the Army General of King Jarasandha. There were two mighty personalities called Hamsa and Dimbhaka. They were close associates of King Jarasandha. Their original names were Kousika and Chitrasena. They were the right hand and left hand for Jarasandha.

Chedi King, Purushothama, Anga, Vanga, Pundra, Kiraatha kings, and Poundraka Vaasudeva were serving King Jarasandha. The Eastern and Southern kings viz., Purujit, Karoosa, Kalabha, Nakula, Samkarshana, Soopakita, Manodatta, Chakra, Saalveya, Yavanas were also serving Jaraasandha.

The 18 dynasties on the northern side also were serving Jarasandha out of fear. The sister of Kamsa, whom I killed, was the daughter of Jarasandha. Hence, Jarasandha bore grudge on me. With the help of Hamsa and Dimbhaka, King Jarasandha could conquer all the three Lokas.

Once King Jarasandha, along with Hamsa and Dimbhaka, declared war on Madhura, my erstwhile capital. I killed Hamsa and Dimbhaka. Now King Jarasandha became helpless. Out of enmity with King Jarasandha, me and my brother Balarama moved to Raivatakaadri and constructed a fort there. Therefore, our primary aim is to kill King Jarasandha. Then only you will become an Emperor. You can perform Rajasooya Yaaga also. However strong he may be, because of his misdeeds, he should be killed." said Sri Krishna.

"Brother Dharmaja, we will get victory only after making proper trials. With the blessings of Sri Krishna, with the help of Arjuna and with your best wishes, I will kill Jarasandha" said Bheemasena.

"Brother Dharmaja! we will conquer all the kingdoms and dynasties and will perform Rajasooya Yaaga. Otherwise, our vigour, valour, strength, Gandeevam and Mayasabha are of no use." said Arjuna.

On hearing the heroic words of his two brothers, Darmaja and Krishna felt very happy.

"Krishna! how Jarasandha became so powerful, autocrat and unconquerable. Please tell me" asked Dharmaja.

Sri Krishna continued to say:

"King Brahadhradha was the king of Magadha kingdom. He married the daughters of King of Kasi. But he had no issues for a long time. Along with his two wives, he went to forest and visited the Ashram of Saint Chanda Kousika. They served him with utmost devotion. Saint was satisfied with their devotion and services and asked them what they want. Bruhadhradha requested the Saint to bless him with a son. By God's grace, a fruit fell on his thigh from the tree under which he was sitting. The saint chanted some mantras and gave that fruit to the King and his wives and blessed them with a son.

King Bruhadhradha along with his wives returned to capital. The king cut the fruit into two equal halves and gave them to his wives. Both the wives ate the equal halves of the fruit. They became pregnant. Each of them delivered half baby, i.e., if we cut the baby in to equal halves verticially, how it appears, like that; one eye, half nose, half mouth, one side cheek, half breast, half trunk, one hand, one leg, one thigh.

On seeing these half babies, both the wives were afraid and also felt ashamed. Both the wives wrapped the half children in a cloth and gave them to their servantmaids and asked them to dispose them off at the outskirts of the town.

Accordingly, in the mid night, the servant maids threw both the half children on a cross road, at the outskirts of the town. At that time, one demon called Jara, was wandering there in search of food. She found the wrapped bundles. She opened the bundles and found the strange children. Casually she held both the halves with her hands and just put them together. Strangely, both the halves joined together into one and transformed into a beautiful male child.

As a new born child, he began to weep. On hearing the weeping sound, Jara left that child there and went away. On hearing the weeping sound of a child, the people in the vicinity gathered there. On hearing the news, the king along with his two wives arrived there. He found the male child. He felt very happy on seeing the child.

Now, the demon, Jara also came there and told the truth.

"O king. I am a demon by name Jara. I am wandering here for food. I found two halves of a human body. Casually I held them together. Both the halves transformed into a child. As I held him while he was born, his body became strong like a diamond. Please receive the child. He is your son." said Jara.

King Bruhadhradha was very happy. He told Jara "This child was born with the blessings of Saint Chanda Kousika. With your blessings he transformed into a beautiful child. As the child is attached by you, he will be called with your name as "Jarasandha". Then Demon Jara went away. King Bruhadhradha along his wives and newly born baby returned to capital.

Jarasandha was growing day by day and became a mighty personality with great physique and valour. One day Saint Chanda Kousika visited King Bruhadhradha and blessed the child Jarasandha.

" Bruhadhradha, your son will become a great king and emperor with good valour and heroism. None can kill him with any weapon. He will conquer all the kingdoms and grab their wealth and kingdoms.." said Saint Chanda Kousika.

Then the saint went away. Later, King Bruhadhradha enthroned Jarasandha as King of Maghadha.

Therefore, Dharmajaa, only Bheema can kill him with his hands as weapons. You please send Bheema and Arjuna along with me. We will conquer Jarasandha" said Sri Krishna.

Dharmaja was very happy. "Oh Krishna, if you are by their side, whatelse I want. Jarasandha will be killed. I can perform Rajasooya without any hurdles." said Dharmaja. Bheema and Arjuna received the blessings of Dharmaja and followed Sri Krishna to Girivrajapura, capital of Magadha.

Girivrajapura was surrounded by five mountains like a fort. By the side of that town, there was a small hillock called Chaityaka. On top of that hillock, there were three large size trumpets. Sri Krishna showed them to Bheema and Arjuna.

"Look at them. If any stranger enters the city without permission, these three trumpets blow violently of their own accord and give signal to the guards about the stranger". said Sri Krishna.

Bheema undersood the situation. He broke the three tumpets with his hands and averted that trouble. Then they entered the city in the attire of Brahmins as Snaatakaas, not through the main gate, but through GOshaala .

( Snaataka means a well-educated brahmin seeking financial help from the king).

Jarasandha had greatest respect and devotion towards Brahmins. A Brahmin can enter the city and the king's palace without any restrictions at any time.

Jarasandha received the three Brahmins and offered them Arghyam and Paadyam. But they refused to receive them. Jarasandha entertained a doubt. "Are you really snaathakas? Though you are looking like Brahmins, I think you are not Brahmins, your physique look like Kshatriyas. Who are you? What made you to come over here?" asked Jarasandha.

Sri Krishna smiled and said "We are Kshatriya Snatakas. Friends will enter through main gate. Enemy will enter through back door. That is Kshatriya Dharma. We are your enemies. We desire to have a dual fight with you" said Sri Krishna.

"Oh is it. I never committed any harm to any body. I worship Brahmins, divine bodies, Sages and Saints. I am following the best Kshatriya Dharma. Why you have become enemies to me. Please tell me" asked Jarasandha.

"O Jarasandha, As per the directions of King and Emperor Dharmaja, we have come here to kill the enemies. Besides that, you just said that you are following the best Kshatriya Dharma. You are conquering all the kshatriya kings, imprison them, and offering them to Lord Sive as human sacrifice. Is it best kshatriya dharma? Is it not a sin to kill innocent Kshatriyas under the guise of offerings to Lord Siva?. Will Lord Sive satisfy with your offerings? Will those sinful offerings give any good results to you? If we leave a sinner like you, we will become sinners. Now we reveal ourselves. I am Krishna. He is Bheema. He is Arjuna. We have come here to punish you. At least, by now, mend your ways and attitude. Release all the kings who are in your prison. Otherwise, we ourselves will kill you and release those kings." said Sri Krishna.

"What? What you are telling? Is it a wrong to conquer the other kings and imprison them? Is it not kshatriya dharma? I brought them to make offerings to Lord Siva. How can I leave them? O Krishna. You know much about me. I am ready for war. If you have come with your army, my army will fight with you. If you have come alone, I will fight with all of you or any one of you who is equivalent to me. Come on. Tell. who will fight with me?" challenged Jarasandha.

"Jarasandha, it is not just and proper for three of us to fight with you. One for one is just. You choose one of us who can fight with you. He will have a dual fight with you". said Krishna.

Jarasandha chose Bheema for a dual fight. Jarasandha immediately made arrangements for the enthronement of his son on the throne. He got the blessings of his Purohits and other Brahmins. He was ready for dual fight with Bheema.

The fight began. Both were fighting fiercely with an intention to get upper hand on the other. The fight went on from Kaarteeka Sudha Paadyami upto TrayOdasi (i.e., 13 days). Jarasandha was very much tired.

Krishna observed this and told Bheemaa. "Bheemaa! Jarasandha is very much tired. It is a good opportunity to kill him. Use your full vigour and strength and kill him" suggested Krishna.

Bheema thought about his father, Vayudeva, in mind, got his blessings, held Jarasandha in his two hands, lifted him into air, threw him on the ground hundred times, broke his bones and killed him fiercely.

Bheema brought the dead body of Jarasandha to his palace and threw it near the main gate. Sri Krishna released all the kings who were imprisoned by Jarasandha. Sri Krishna consoled the son of Jarasandha and installed him on the throne of Magadha.

After conquering Magadha, Sri Krishna, Arjuna and Bheema returned back to Indraprastha and informed Dharmaja what had happened. All the kings who were released by Srikrishna bowed before Dharmaja and became his Samanthas. (Kings under his rule). Sri Krishna also returned back to Dwaraka.

Then Dharmaja sent his four brothers to four sides of the country to conquer all the kings on all four sides.

Arjuna, with mighty army, proceeded to northern side. Arjuna conquered King of Pulinda, Prativindhya, Akhila Dveepa Mandalaadheesaas and brought them under the rule of Dharmaja.

He surrounded Praagjyothishapura and declared war with King Bhagadatta and fought with him eight days. Bhagadatta lost his courage. He made friendship with Arjuna and paid royalty to Arjuna and became Samantha to Dharmaja.

Then Arjuna conquered Antargiri, Bahirgiri,Upagiri kings and received Royalty from them. He also conquered the King of Ulooka by name Bruhanta, northern Ulooka king, Senabindu, king of Devaprastha, Vishvagashva, King of northern mountains, Barbara, Sabara, Turushka King, Kings of Maalava, Poundra, king of Kashmeer and brought them under the Rule of Dharmaka and received royalty from them.

He then proceeded towards north and conquered Chitraayudha, king of Simhapura, all kings of hill areas, kings of Kaambhoja and Kataka.

He reached Mountain Meru in Himalayas. He proceeded further and conquered the northern Kuru Kingdoms and received diamonds, gold and other precious things.

Thus Arjuna conquered the entire northern India upto Meru Mountain.

Bheemasena, went towards eastern part of Bharat. He conquered the kingdoms of Panchala, Videha, and Dasaarna and entered Chedi Kingdom. Sisupaala, the King of Chedi surrendered to Bheemasena and offered Kappam (royalty) and other gifts to Bheemasena.

Bheemasena proceeded further towards east and conquered all the eastern kingdoms and collected innumerable diamonds, gold and money towards royalty.

Sahadeva proceeded towards south. He conquered Sumitra, Soorasena, Dantavaktra, Yavanas and collected royalties from them.

He crossed River Narmada and conquered all the Avanti Kingdoms. Then he fought with King Neela of Maahishmatipura. But King Neela instigated Agni and Flames of fire surrounded the army of Sahadeva.

The Saints who were hearing the Maha Bhaarata story asked Sooti "Why Agni surrounded the army of Sahadeva. Please explain". Ugrasravasu (Sooti) continued to say:

Once, King Nishadha, the ancestor of Neela, was ruling Maahishmatipura. At that time Agni, in the guise of a Brahmin Youth, was learning Vedas in Maahishmatipura. Accidentally, he had to have sexual intercourse with the neighbouring house- wife. On coming to know of this, the Rakshaks of Mahishmatipura caught him and produced him before King Nishadha.

Agni grew angry. He showed his original form of fire before King Nishadha. King was afraid of him and prayed mercy. Agni cooled down and asked the King "What do you want?".

King replied that whenever any enemy surrounded Mahishmatipura, his army should be surrounded by flames of fire and destory that army. Agni agreed for the same.

In return, Agni asked the King "O King Nishadha! the ladies in this city appear to be more passionate and are having lustful desires. Hence you have to bear with them. Even if they have extra marital relations with anybody and involve in debauchery, they should not be punished." asked Agni. King Nishadha accepted the same. From then onwards, debauchery in that city was not a wrong. As per the word given to King Nishadha, now Agni surrounded the army of Sahadeva" replied Sooti.

Sahadeva understood the situation. He prayed Agni with utmost devotion. Agni appeared before him. Sahadeva explained to Agni about Rajasooya Yaaga and the desire of King Dharmaja. Agni retracted all the flames and saved the army of Sahadeva. Nishadha made friendshp with Sahadeva and paid Royalty to Sahadeva in the shape of diamonds, gold, money and other innumerable gifts.

From there, Sahadeva proceeded to the Kingdoms of Rukmi, Bheeshmaka, Soorpaaraka, Dandaka and defeated them and collected Royalty from them. He also conquered all the Kings on southern coast. He defeated the Kings of Taalavana, Paandya, Kerala, Kaalinga, Dravida, Yavana, KarahaaTaka and collected Royalty from them.

At last, he reached the end of the earth. He sent message to Vibheeshana, the King of Lanka through his emissaries about Dharamaraja performing Raajasooya Yaga and about his conquering the entire southern part upto Lanka and requested Vibheeshana to surrender and paid royalty. King Vibheeshana accepted the request of Sahadeva and paid Royalty.

Thus Sahadeva completed his mission.

Nakula went towards West. He conquered the kingdoms of Mahitaka, Maru, Maalava, Barbara, Karbara, Saireeshaka, Dasaarna and collected royalties.

Nakula reached Dwaraka and sent word to Sri Krishna about his arrival.

Nakula reached Kingdom of Madhra and met King Salya who was no other than his maternal uncle. Nakula collected Royalty from King Salya in a respectable manner.

Thus Nakula conquered all the kingdoms on the western side and collected enormous wealth and returned to Indraprastha.

Thus all the four brothers viz., Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva conquered all the four sides of Bharata Khanda and collected innumerable wealth by means of money, gold, diamonds, vehicles and oher valuable items.

Sri Krishna came from Dwaraka to Indraprastha with plenty of presentations and gold and diamons and gave them to Dharmaja. Dharamaja was very happy.

He intended to commence Raajasooya Yaaga.

Dharamaja requested Krishna "Krishna, you are embodiment of Dharma. With your blessings I have become an emperor. I got huge, innumerable and enormous wealth. Kindly permit me to perform Rajasooya Yaga."

"Dharmajaa! Now you are fit to perform Rajasooya Yaga. Start the Yaga immediately. You can depute me and others for any works as you like." said Krishna.

After obtaining permission from Sri Krishna, Dharmaja started Rajasooya Yaga.

For making all preprations for Rajasooya Yaga, he deputed Sahadeva. A magnificent Yaga Saala was built in Indraprastha. Invitations were sent to all the Kings throughout the country. They secured all kinds of food items in abundance.

Accepting the invitation of Dharmaja, Bheeshma, Dhruta-raashtra, Vidura, Drona, Krupaacaarya, Asvathaama, Soamdatta, Karna, Bhoorisrava, Salya, Sakuni, Saindhava, Duryodhana, Dussaasana, Vikarna and others attended Rajasooya Yaga. Dharmaja received all the dignatories with due respect and made arrangements for their comfortable stay.

Dharmaja deputed Krupaacaarya for making charities to Brahmins and ritviks.

Bheeshama and Drona were deputed as s Chief Executives.

For organising and controlling the expenditure, Vidura was deputed.

Duryodhana was deputed as Reception Committee Chief for receiving all the presentations and gifts brought by all the kings.

On one auspicious day, Dharma Raja took "Yajna Deeksha" and entered the Yajna Saala.

Saint Paila and Dhoumya were fixed as Rigveda ritviks.

Yaajnavalkya was fixed as Yajurveda Ritvik.

Susaama was fixed as Saamaveda Ritvik.

Veda Vyaasa was fixed as Cheif Ritvik for all the Vedas.

Saint Narada and other Saints were Chief Patrons.

Bheeshma was acting as a Helper.

With the above arrangements, Raajasooya Yaaga started.

(Mahabharat, Sabhaa Parva,
Pradhamaasvaasa (first chapter)
Om tatsat.