The story teller (UgraSravasu) continued to say to Sounaka and other sages and saints gathered there. The sarpayaaga was stopped abruptly. King JanamEjaya honoured all the rutviks, priests and Brahmins who attended the Sarpa yaaga and rewarded them with many presentations and gifts. He specially worshipped Veda Vyaasa and his Sishyas, who attended the Yaga, with great devotion. After that, he stood before Veda Vyasa with folded hands and humbly said: “Mahatmaa, great people like you and the grand parents like Bhishma, personally partitioned the Kuru Kingdom between Kouravas and Pandavas. But instead of enjoying the Kingdom happily, why they fought with each other. What was the reason for the ill feelings between the brothers and how did they arise? I want to know about my forefathers. Kindly tell me”.

Bhavagaan Veda Vyasa looked at VaiSampaayana who is standing by his side and said “VaiSampaayanaa, you tell the entire story of Mahabharata to King Janamejaya.”. Then, King Janamejaya worshipped Saint VaiSampaayana and sat before him with all his relatives, friends and purohits to hear Mahabharata. VaiSampaayana, after taking the blessings of Bhagavan Veda Vyaasaa, started to tell the story of Mahabhaarata to King Janamejaya. “O King Janamejaya, this story of Mahaabharata was written by Bhagavaan Veda Vyasa. Therefore, we will first know about the birth of that great personality, Veda Vyasa.

In those days, one King Vasu was ruling ChEdhi kingdom. One day he went to a forest for hunting. There, he saw some saints doing Tapassu (penance) in a peaceful atmosphere. He also sat by their side and began to do Tapassu.

Indra came to know about it. He immediately came down to King Vasu. “Oking Vasu, you have to rule the kingdom. Why you are living in forest and doing Tapassu? I want to make friendship with you. I am giving you divine powers. You keep coming to Deevaloka now and then.” So saying, he presented him with one “Deva Vimaanamu” (aeroplane) and one “Indra maala” containing ever-fresh flowers, which cannot be attacked by any weapon, and also a VenuyashTi (bamboo stick) which will punish the wrongdoers. King Vasu accepted them with pleasure. Since then, he was going and coming to Indra lOka. He was also called as”Uparicara Vasu”(flying vasu). Every year, Vasu was celebrating Indra Festival in his kingdom. A big river called Suktimati was flowing by the side of his capital town. By the side of the river, the was a hill called Kolahalam. The hill, kOlahalam fell in love with the river

Suktimati. He fell across the river Suktimati. One day, King Vasu was going by the side of the river and saw the hill which fell across the river. He lifted that hill with his little finger. They were blessed with two children, one son and one daughter with divine blessing. The son was called Vasupada and the daughter was called Girika. River Suktimati gave her son and daughter to King Vasu. King Vasu married Girika and made Vasupada as the Head of his Army. Girika wasa very beautiful woman.

One day, King Vasu went to forest for hunting. While he was wandering in the forest, he thought in his mind about his wife and her extraordinary beauty. He became horny and the semen came out. He collected the semen in a small bowel made of green leaves. He tied the bowel to the neck of an eagle and directed the eagle to deliver the bowel containing semen to his wife Girika. While the eagle was flying in the sky, another eagle saw the bowel hanging to the neck of the eagle. The second eagle thought that it was an eatable and wanted to have it.

Both the eagles fought with each other. In that scuffle, the bowel with semen fell into river Yamuna. One Apsara called Adrika, who, as a result of Saapa of Brahma, transformed into a fish, was swimming in the river Yamuna. The semen of Vasu fell from the green leaves bowel into the mouth of that fish, Adrika. Adrika became pregnant. One day, the fish, Adrika, was caught in the net of a fisherman. The fisherman cut the fish and found one male child and one female child. Immediately, Adrika was transformed to her original form Apsarasa and went to DevalOka.

The fisherman gave the two children to their king “Daasaraaju”. The male child, called “matsyaraaju”, later became the King of the fishermen kingdom. The female child, matsyagandhi, was growing as the daughter of the King “Daasaraaja”. She was helping his father, Daasaraaja in rowing the boat across the river Yamuna. One day, while, Matsyagandhi was waiting at the River.

Yamuna, with her boat, saint Paraasara, son of Saint Sakti and grandson of VasishTa, came there to cross the river Yamuna. Paraasara saw Matsyagandhi. He fell in love with her. He wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. Matsyagandhi was frightened. She was in dilemmaa. If she does not agree, the Saint may curse her. “O saint, I am the daughter of a fisherman. My body is emanating the smell of fish. You may not like it. I am an unmarried girl. If I lose my chastity,how can I see the face of my father.” said Matsyagandhi. Saint Paraasara smiled and said “O my beloved, you are not the daughter of a fisherman. You were born from the semen of a great King Vasu. Besides that, I will have intercourse with you without spoiling your chastity. Will you agree?” so saying, the saint made her as Yojana Gandhi (a woman with good fragrance from her body to a distance of
10 miles.). She was also called Satyavati. Again she objected “O saint, now it is day time. How can we have intercourse in this broad day light?” Saint Paraasara with his power made the sky cloudy with dark snowy clouds. Darkness plunged suddently. In that atmosphere, they had sexual intercourse. As a result, Yojanagandhi
became pregnant and gave birth to a child. He was called Vyasa. Vyaasa bowed before his mother Satyavati and said “O mother, I am going to Tapassu. Whenever you call me I will appear before you and serve you. Please bless me”. After taking the blessings of his mother, Satyavati, Vyaasa went to forest for Tapassu.

Later Vyaasa divided the Vedaas into four and was renowned as Vedavyasa. He also wrote this Mahabharata.
Later, with the Amsaas (genesis) of Devatas, Bheeshmaa and other kings in Kuru Vamsa were born. Here, King Janamejaya entertained a doubt. “O Saint Vaisampaayana, though the Kuru Kings were born with the Amsas of Devatas, why they fought with eachother for kingdom.”

Saint VaiSampaayana continued tosay: “O King Janamejaya, Parasuraamaa, a Brahmin warrior, waged war against the Kshatriya community for 21 times and killed all Kshatriyas. The wives of all Kshatriyas remained as widows and issueless. As per the existing Dharma at that time, with the hope of begetting children, the wives
approached virtuous Brahmins and with their blessings and help, they begot male children. Again, the Kshatriya community began to flourish. All those kings were ruling the people without violating Dharma. There were timely rains, as a result, production of foodgrains was in abundance. Standard of living increased. Birth rate increased. Mortality reduced. Thus, burden of the earth increased as there was no equilibrium between births
and deaths.

The Goddess earth went to Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara and requested them to decrease the burden of earth. Then, with the Amsas (genesis) of Devatas, Pandavas and other kingswere born. With the Amsas of Asuras, Sisupaala, DuryOdhana and others were born. They fought with each other for the sake of kingdom. About 15 Akshouhinis of army perished. The burden of earth was decreased. Then King JanamEjaya asked Saint VaiSampaayanaa, “O Saint, kindly tell us in detail how the Devatas and Daanavas were born on earth: Saint VaiSampaayana continued tosay: “O King Janamejaya, the root cause for all this creation is Lord Brahma. He got six Maanasaputras. They are (1)Mareechi, (2) Angeerasa, (3)Atri, (4) PulastyuDu, (5)PulahuDu (6)Kratuvu. (Kindly note that I am giving particulars only to the extent necessary and leaving the rest.).

(1) The first Brahma Maanasa Putra was Mareechi. The son of Mareechi was Kashyapa Prajapathi. From the right thumb of Brahma, a man called Daksha was born, and from the left thumb, a lady called DharaNi was born. For both of them, one thousand Great Saints were born.

Daksha got fifty daughters. Out of them, thirteen daughters were given to Kashyapa Prajapathi. Out of those thirteen, one Diti gave birth to HiraNya Kasipa. His son was Prahlada. Prahlada got three sons.They are Virocana, Kumbha and Nikumbha. Of them,Virocana gave birth to King Bali. Bali’s son was BaaNaasuraa. To a Lady called Danu, forty daanavas ere born. Thus, the daanava community was created. To a Daanava Lady called Simhika, Raahuvu was born. To Vinata, Anoora and Garuda were born. Anoora gave birth to Sampaati and Jataayuvu . Kadruva gave birth to SeshuDu, Vaasuki and other serpants.

(2) The next Brahma Maanasa putra was Angeerasa. He gave birth to Utadhya, Bruhaspati and Samvarta. Bruhaspati became the Deva Guru (Chief Priest of Devatas).
(3) The third Brahma Maanasa Putra was Atri. Several Great Sages and Saints were born to Atri
(4). The fourth Brahma Maanasa Putra was Poulastya. He gave birth to the entire Raakshasa Community.
(5) The fifth Brahma Maanasa Putra was Pulaha. All the Kinnaras and Kimpurushas were born to him.
(6) The entire community of birds was born to the last Brahma Maanasa Putra, called Kratuvu. The son of Danuvu is called Prajapathi. AshTa Vasuvus were born to Prajapathi. Of them, Prabhasa gave birth to Visva Karma. From the heart of Lord Brahma,

Saint Bhrugu was born. The son of Bhrugu was Kavi. Kavi’s son was Sukra. Sukra was the Guru of All Raakshasas. The son of Bhruguvu was Chyavana. Chyavana’s son was Ourva. Ourva’s son was Jamadagni. Jamadagni’s son was Prasuraama who killed the entire Kshatriya community 21 times. With the Amsas (genesis) of the above Devatas and Raakshasas, many kings were born in this universe. With the Amsa of Sri Maha Vishnu, Sri Krishna was born. With the Amsa of Aadi Seshu, Balarama, the brother of Sri Krishna, was born. With the Amsa of Goddess Lakshmi, Sri Krishna’s wife, Rukmini was born. With the Amsas of Apasarasas, all the 16,000 yaadava ladies were born. With the Amsa of a Vasu, called Prabhasa, Bhishma was
born. With the Amsa of Bruhaspati, DroNa (the famous teacher of archery of both Pandavas and Kouravas) was born. With the Amsas of Kaama and Krodha (two of the Arishadvargams viz., Kaama, Krodha, lObha, mOha, Mada, Maatsarya), Asvadhaama, was born to Drona. With Amsas of Maruttus, King ViraaTa, Saatyaki and King Drupada were born.

With the Amsas of Siddhi and Buddhi, Kunti and Maadri (wives of King Pandu) were born. With the Saapa of Saint Maandavya, Yama Dharma Raaja was born as Vidura, the brother of Dhrutaraashtra. With the Amasas of Ekaadasa Rudraas, (Eleven Rudras), Krupaacaarya was born. With the Amsa of Soorya (Sun God), KarNa was born. A gandharva called Hamsa was born as Dhrutaraashtra. A Devata called Mati was born as Gaandhaari.

With the Amsaa of Kali, DuryOdhana was born. All the brothers of Poulastya were born as DussaSana and other brothers. HiraNya Kasipa was born as SiSupaala. Samhlaada, brother of Prahlaada, was born as King Salya. One daanava called Vipracitti, was born as Jaaraasandha. One Asvapathi was born as Krutavarma.
KalanEmi was born as King Kamsa (the maternal uncle of Sri Krishna).

Guhyaka was born as SikhanDi (with the help of SikhanDi, Arjuna killed Bhishma) With the Amsa of MarutGanas, King Pandu was born. With the Amsa of Yama, Dhaarma raaja, with the amsa of Vaayu, Bhima (second brother), with the Amsa of Indra, Arjuna (third brother), with the Amsas of Asvinis, the remaining brothers, Nakula and Sahadeva were born.

With the Amsa of Sree, Droupadi was born. With the Amsa of Agni (fire god) DhrushTadhyumna was born.
O king Janamejaya, now I will continue to tell the history of the Emperors of Bharata empire. Aditi was the daughter of Daksha. Aditi’s husband was Kashyapa. Their son was Vivasvantha. Vivasvanta’s son was Vaivasvata Manuvu. He created the man kind with four castes, Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Soodra.The son of Chandra was Budhaa. The son of Budha was King Puroorava. King Puroorava was a greedy king. He
snatched away the moneys of Brahmins. Lord Brahma came to know about this. He deputed Saint Sanatkumaara and other saints to go to Puroorava and find out the truth. Instead of honouring Saint Sanatkumaara and other saints, King Puroorava heckled them. Saint Sanatkumaara grew angry.

He cursed him and gave Saapa that he will become mad. The wife of Puroorava was Urvasi. They have six sons. One of the six sons was Aayusshu. Emperor Nahusha was the son of Aasshu. Nahusha’s wife was Priyamvada. Their son was Yayaati. Yayaati married one Devayani, the daughter of Sukraacaarya. Through Devayani, he got two sons. Yayaati also begot three sons through SarmishTa, daughter of Raakshasa King, Vrushaparva. In view of the Saapa of Sukraacaarya, untimely old age was thrusted on Yayaati. Yayaati called his five sons and asked them whether any of them was ready to take his old age and give his youth. One Poora expressed his willingness and gave his youth to his father, Yayaati and took his old age.

Here, King JanamEjaya got a doubt. “O Saint VaiSampaayanaa, Yayaati was a Kshatriya and also an Emperor. How he married Devayani, a Brahmin girl. What made Sukraacaarya to give Saapa to his son-in-law Yayaati. Saint Vaisampaayana continued to say: “O king Janamejaya, there was a Raakshasa king called Vrushaparva. Sukraachaarrya was his Guru. Devayaani was the daughter of Sukracaarya. SarmishTa was the daughter of Raakshasa King Vrushaparva. Devatas Guru was Bruhaspati. Kachaa was the son of Bruhaspati. Sukraacaarya was an expert in the Art of Mrutasanjeevani (An art by which the dead will be revived to life). With that Art of Mrutasanjeevani, Sukraacaarya was giving life to all the raakshasas who are dead in the war between Devatas and Asuraas. With this, the strength of Raakshasaas was not decreasing even though there were heavy casualities.

All the devataas went to Kachaa, son of Guru Brahaspati. “O my derar boy Kachaa, you know that Sukraacaarya, the Raakshasa Guru, with the help of the Art Mrutasanjeevani, was reviving life to all Raakshasaas, who are dead in the war. With this, the strength of Raakshasas was not decreasing. If it goes on like this, we cannot win the war against Raakshasas. Therefore, you have to go to Sukraacaarya and learn the Art of Mrutasanjeevani from him. But there is only one way to achieve this. Sukraacaarya has more affection to his daughter, Devayaani. You first win her heart and then achieve your object.”.

Kachaa agreed for this. He then went to Sukraacaarya and introduced himself as the son of Bruhaspati and wanted to be his Sishya. (student). Sukraacaarya gladly accepted him as his Sishya. But the other Raakshasaa Sishyas could not tolerate this. They were so jealous against Kachaa. They were waiting for an opportunity to put an end to Kachaa. But Kachaa did not notice it. He was serving his guru Sukraacaarya and was doing each and every work entrusted to him in no time. He was specially attending to the works of Devayaani and won her heart with his sincerety and devotion.

One day, Kachaa went to forest with the other Sishyaas (Raakshasas) for collecting fuel. There, all the raakshasas killed Kachaa and tied him to a tree. Then they returned to Aashramam. Though it was late in night, Kacaa did not return to Aashramam. Devayaani was restless and disturbed. She went to his father Sukra. “Oh my father, Kachaa went to forest along with other Sishyaas. They all returned. Kachaa did not return. I am afraid that some thing might have happened to him. Let us go and search for him”. Devayani wept. Sukraa smiled and closed his eyes. He opened his supernatural vision (divya dhrushti). He saw the dead body of Kacaa tied to a tree. Then both Sukra and Devayaani went to that place. With the Art of Mrutasanjeevani, he revived life to Kachaa. Devayaani felt happy. They three returned to Aashramam.

After some days, one day, as usual, kacha along with other sishyas went to forest for bringing flowers. Again, the raakshasas killed Kacaa and burnt his body and reduced it into ashes. They mixed the ashes in a pot of liquor. They gave that liquor to Sukraacaarya. Sukraacaarya consumed that liquor and was in an intoxicated mood. Though it was late in night, Kacha did not return to aashramam. Devayaani was very much perturbed. She suspected that again Kacha might have been killed. She went to her father and began to weep. Sukraa was in an intoxicated mood. He consoled his daughter, Devayaani. “you see, my daughter, if Kacha is alive he will return. If he is dead, he will attain “punya lOkas” why are you worrying about him”. Devayaani grew angry. “Oh father, what are you talking? Kacha is not an ordinary man. He is the grand son of Angeerasaa and son of Bruhaspati. When he is killed by Raakshasaas, how can I keep quiet without weeping. I wont take food or water unless Kacha return to Ashramam alive.” She began to weep loudly.

Sukraacaarya could not see his daughter without food or water. He was also having some doubt that Raakshasaas might have killed Kacaa. With the DivyadhrushTi, he looked all over the world. He could not find the body of Kachaa. At last, he looked for himself. He found Kachaa in his stomache in the shape of ashes and liquor. He found that raakshasas killed Kachaa, burnt him and mixed the ashes and made him to consume the same.. He was mentally upset. He realized himself. “Oh what a fool I am. I could not realize how the liquor spoils a man and destroy him, both physically and mentally. He decreed that “from today on wards, if any human being consumes liquor, it is a great sin. He will become a great sinner. He will go to Narakaa (hell)”.

(In the present days also, many families are ruined by consumption of liquor. Many crimes are organized and commissioned under the influence of liquor. Still, the Governments are encouraging consumption of liquor for the sake of excise duty they get on liquor. They are earning money at the cost of the lives of poor and middle class people. The Governments are not having that much of wisdom and realization which Sukraachaarya had thousands of years back. It is our fate. ). Sukraacaarya, immediately, with the art of
Mrutasanjeevani, gave life to Kacaa. Kachaa was alive. He spoke from the stomache of Sukraachaarya. “O mahaatmaa, by the grace of God and with your kindness, I am revived and alive. But I am in your stomach. How can I come out? Please tell me” he asked.

Sukraacaarya was in dilemmaa. If Kachaa comes out tearing his stomach, he will die. Without tearing the stomach kachaa cannot come out. Hence his death is certain. Unless Kachaa knows mrutasanjeevani, Kachaa cannot revive his life. He told to Kachaa, “O kachaa, I am teaching you the art of Mrutasanjeevani. After you come out of my stomach, with this Art of Mrutasanjeevani, you revive me to life.”. So saying, Sukraacaarya taught Kachaa the art of Mrutasanjeevani. Then Kachaa came out by breaking the stomach of his Guru Sukraacaarya. Sukraacaarya fell dead.

Then Kachaa with the help of Mrutasanjeevani, revived him to life. Thus, Kachaa got the Art of Mrutasanjeevani. His mission is accomplished. After some days, Kachaa decided to go back to DevalOkaa. He sought the permission of Sukraacaarya. Sukraacaarya agreed for it. Then he went to Devayaani and also sought her permission. Devayaani looked at Kachaa with great passion and love. She wept. She did not agree for his departure. “O my dear friend, Kachaa, I am unmarried. You are unmarried. I fell in love with you. I want you. I cannot live without you. As you received Mrutasanjeevani from my father, you also receive his daughter also . Let us marry together”. Said Devayaani.

Kachaa did not agree for this proposal. “Devayaanee, your father is my Guru (teacher). He is equal to my father. When your father is my father, you are like my sister. This is the Dharma. I cannot marry you. It is not proper on your part to think like that”. replied Kachaa. Devayaani grew angry. “If that is so, the Art of Mrutasanjeevani will not work out to you. This is my Saapaa (curse)”. Kachaa smiled at her. “Oh Devayani, if it does not work out for me, I will teach it to some others. It will work out for them. But, I also give a Saapaa to you. As you fell in love with me against the traditions and dharma, you will marry a non-brahmin.” Then Kachaa went to DevalOkaa.

(Here we have to realize one thing. Now a days, school going and college going students are falling in love with their teachers and lecturers. It has become a fashion. Some pictures are also produced on these subjects. We know the saying “Maatru dEvObhava. Pitru dEvObhava. Aacaarya dEvObhava” means, after father, teacher is equal to father. Can any boy or girl fell in love with their teachers who are equivalent to their parents? Is it not a sin or wrong? The present youth does not know about this. There are none to tell them that it is wrong. But it was there in Mahaabhaarata thousands of years back. It is high time for the teachers and students to know about this Dharma. Students are going to schools or colleges only for learning not for falling in love”).

One day, Sarmishta, daughter of the Raakshasa King Vrushparva, accompanied by Devayaani, daughter of Sukraacaarya and her one thousand maid servants of her age, went to a nearby forest for excursion. There, they found a small lake. They all removed their clothes, kept them at the foot of a tree near the lake and all of them entered the lake. After swimming and playing with each other for sometime, they came out of the lake. By that time, due the whirl wind, the clothes kept outside the lake were mixed up.

They did not notice this. By mistake, the clothes of Devayaani were taken by Sarmishta and she wore them. But Devayaani refused to wear the used clothes of Sharmishta. Sharmishta said “Being the daughter of a King, when I wore your clothes, why you are not wearing my clothes?” Devayaani replied with arrogance “My father is Sukraacaarya, your father’s guru. I am a Brahmin girl, greater than you. How can I wear your soiled clothes?” SharmishTa grew angry. “After all, your father is a priest, daily coming to my father and taking alms from him. You are the daughter of that petty purohit. Why are you so arrogant? I will see.” So saying, SharmishTa, with the help of othe rmaids, threw Devayani in a well. Then SharmishTa along with her
maids went back to her home.

At that time, it so happened, King Yayaati who came to that forest for hunting, came near that well for water. He saw Devayaani, weeping, inside the well. He gave his hand to her . Devayaani took his hand. Yayaati pulled her out. Yayaati asked her “O young lady, why are you weeping inside the well?”. She replied “My name is Devayaani. I am the daughter of Raakshasa Guru Sukraacaarya. By mistake I fell into the well. I am very thankful to you for pulling me out of the well.” Then King Yayaati went back to his capital.

One Ghoornika, the servant maid of Devayaani, while searching for her, came there. Devayaani told Ghoornika “You go to my father and tell him that SharmishTa insulted me pushed me into the well. I cannot tolerate it. I wont step into the capital of Vrushaparva. I will remain here.” Ghoornika went to Sukraacaarya and told him what had happened. Sukraacaarya immediately came to his daughter. “Oh Devayaani, my lovely daughter, don’t be angry my child. Anger is not good for us. When compared to persons who made Great Yagnas and Yagaas, a person without anger is much better. Even if others insulted us, and were angry with us, we should not mind it. We have to forgive them and continue friendship with them. Forgiveness is the great dharma. Therefore, anger is not fit for wise people. After all, Sharmishta is younger than you. Don’t be angry with her.
Forgive her. Come on. Let us go to our home”. Sukraacarya consoled her.

(Here, Sukraacaarya said that anger does not fit for good people. The person without anger is greatest of all. Saint Sameeka also told to his son Srungi that anger is the root cause for all the evils. Similarly, in Bhagavadgita also Lord Krishna said “KrOdaadbhavati sammOhaha sammOhaat smruti vibhramaha smrutibhramsaat buddhi naaSO, buddhi naaSaat praNasyathi.” From anger arises infactuaation, from infactuation confusion of memory; from confusion of memory, loss of reason; and from loss of reason one goes to complete ruin. Even in yesteryears, Saint Thyagaraja also said “without peace there is no happiness.” [saantamu lEka soukhyamu
lEdu(telugu)]. Therefore, we should not develop anger and live in peace and be happy. Let all of us teach the same to our children and youth.)

Devayaani foolishly did not pay heed to the words of her father. She did not agree to go back to her home. “Oh father, I cannot live where I am insulted. I will go somewhere else” she replied. “Oh daughter, you are my life. Without you, I cannot live in the capital. Let us go anywhere you like.” Said Sukraacarya. In the meanwhile, Vrushaparva came to know of all these things through his secret agents. Immediately he rushed to the spot where Sukraacaarya and Devayaani were staying. He prostrated before Sukraacaarya. “Oh Guru Devaa, Sukraacaarya, please forgive me for the insult. Without you and your kindness, the Raakshasa community cannot prosper. Without you, We would have been perished long back. Thereore, my kingdom, my riches, my army, are yours. Everything is yours. Please order me what I have to do”. So saying Vrushaparva stood before Sukraacaarya with folded hands.

Sukraacaarya looked at his daughter, DEvayaani. “Oking Vrushaparva, your daugher Sharmishta and her one thousand servant maids shall be my servants from today onwards.” Said DEvayaani .
Vrushaparva gladly agreed for that. From that moment onwards, Sharmishta and her one thousand servant maids became the servant maids of Devayaani and they were serving Devayaani with devotion. One day, Devayaani,along with her servant maids, SharmishTa and other one thousand, went to the same forest for playing. King Yayaati also came to the same forest at the same time. He has seen Devayaani and other ladies.
“I have seen you earlier. Who are all these girls?” said Yayaati. “Oh king Yayaati, you know who am I. I am Devayaani, daughter of Sukraacaarya. She is Sharmishta, daughter of Raakshasa King Vrushaparva. She along with other 1000 girls are myservant maids. They are all serving me always.” Said Devayaani.

Devayaani continued to say: “King Yayaati, while I fell in the well last time, you have extended your hand to me and I caught your hand and came up. The main ritual for marriage is Paanigrahanam (catching hand). It is over. As I have already caught your hand, I cannot marry others. Therefore, you have to marry me. If you marry me, myself, Sharmishta and other 1000 maids will serve you with great devotion.”

But Yayaati did not agree for this proposal. “Devayaani, I am a Kshatriya. You are a Brahmin girl. Kshatriyas cannot marry Brahmin girls. It is against Dharma. Being a king, if I do adharma, what about the others. They
also violate dharma. Thefore, I cannot marry you.” Yayaati replied. Devayaani has got a ready reply with her. “O king Yayaati, my father, Sukraacaarya, is an enlightened saint. He is the Raakshasa guru. He is person who decides what is dharma and what is adharma. If he says that our marriage is according to Dharma, will you agree?” She put a straight question. Yayaati has no reply. He said “If Sukraacaarya says it is dharma, I will agree”. Immediately, Devayaani sent word to his father. Sukraacaarya came to that spot.

“Oh My father, I fell in love with this King Yayaati. He also caught my hand. When Paanigrahanam was over, Is it proper for me to marry another person? Therefore, King Yayaati is my husband. Now, he is saying that kshatriya marrying Brahmin girl is adharma. You have to bless us by deciding that our marriage is not against any dharma”.said Devayaani with strong tone. He understood the situation. His affection towards his daughter made him to say “Your marriage with King Yayaati is according to Dharma.” Then King Yayaati gladly agreed to marry Devayaani. The marriage was performed between them. King Yayaati was about to go to his capital.
Whie giving farewell, Sukraacaarya told King Yayaati “She is Sharmishta, the servant maid of Devayaani. .
These are other one thousand maids. You can treat all these maids including Sharmishta equally by giving food, clothes and other luxuries. But don’t share bed with Sharmishta only.”

King Yayaati agreed for it. King Yayaati, along with his wife Devayaani, her servant maids, Sharmishta and 1000 maids, went to his capital. Devayaani was kept in his palace. Sharmishta, and other maids were kept in a separate palace. He is enjoying all sensual pleasures with Devayaani. As a result, Devayaani begot two sons, called Yadu and Turvasa. With the amicable husband and two lovely sons, Devayaani was leading a happy
marital life.

One day, Sharmishta was sitting alone and thinking about her life.: “I was born as a Princess. I must enjoy all pleasures fit for princess. But I am leading the life of servant maid. My youth is being wasted. Why should I not enjoy heavenly pleasures with my husband like Devayaani? How fortunate devayaani is? She is enjoying all pleasures with her husband and begot children also. In the life of a woman, the most fortunate event is getting a good husband and lovely children. It is the ultimate goal. But that fortune is far away from me. My mind also is attached to King Yayaati. Yayaati is also looking after me affectionately and treating me with great love and passion. How Devayaani got King Yayaati, I also try and get Yayaati into my fold. I will make Yayaati as my husband and I will beget children through him.”

Her waves of thoughts have taken a shape. She decided to beget children through King Yayaati. She was waiting for an opportunity. One day King Yayaati came near the place where Sharmishta was staying. Sharmishta saw Yayaati. She approached him and bowed before him. “O King yayaati can I pray you one thing” she requested. Yayaati smiled and nodded his head. “O King Yayaati, you are the husband of my mistress, Devayaani. As per the prevailing dharma, being the servant maid of Devayaani, I am also equivalent to your wife. Hence you are my husband. Wife, servant maid and children are unbreakable attachments in this world. Devayaani is your wife. Being her servant maid, I am also your wife. Kindly share bed with me and bless me with children”. Said SharmishTa.

Yayaati thinking for a while replied “Sharmishta, what you say is correct and it is the Dharma prevailing now. You are equivalent to my wife. There is no doubt about it. But Sukraacaarya, refrained me from sharing bed with you. What can I do? I cannot violate his words.” Sharmishta smiled “O king Yayaati, whenever great harm is caused to the life of anyone, whenever anybody’s moneys are being snatched, at the time of saving a Brahmin from death, in case of sharing bed and enjoying with ladies, at the time of marriages, speaking falsehood is not prohibited. It is not wrong. Therefore, even if you share bed with me and bless me with children, in violation of the words of Sukraacaarya, it is not opposed to any principles of prevailing dharma. Ofcourse, being a Wise King you also know about this.” replied Sharmishta.

Yayaati was very much pleased with the enlightened and wise words spoken to by Sharmishta. He shared bed with SharmishTa. Sharmishta became pregnant and gave birth to a son. Devayaani came to know that Sharmishta gave birth to a son. She immediately came to Sharmishta. “Sharmishtaa, you are a virtuous lady. You are unmarried. Then how you begot a son without husband?” said Devayani. Sharmishta decided to tell another falsehood “Devayaani, a great saint blessed me with a son”. Devayaani believed her words and went away.

Later, Sharmishta continued to share bed with King Yayaati and gave birth to two more children, in all three sons. . They are Dhruhvu, anu, Pooru. One day, these three sons of SharmishTa throughYayaati were playing in the garden. Devayaani along with her husband, Yayaati came there. She saw the three children playing there. Devayaani asked the children “Whoare you? Who are your parents?” The children showed Yayaati and SharmishTa as their parents. Devayaani realized what had happened. She was in deep sorrow. She could understand that her husband, Yayaati, cheated her and her father. Immediately, she went to her father,Sukraacaarya and told him what had happened. Yayati also followed her and bowed before him with folded hands. On seeing Yayaati, Sukraacaarya’s anger broke all barriers.

“O Yayaati, on account of your youth, pride and arrogance, you deceived me and my daughter. You have violated the word given to me at the time of marriage. You will , therefore, suffer with untimely oldage” Sukraacaarya gave Saapa toYayaati. Yayaati with folded hands and with great humility told to Sukraacaarya “O great Guru, Sukraacaarya, I am the husband of your daughter, Devayaani. Equally,I am also the husband of the servant maid of Devayaani. When any matured lady prays for sharing bed to beget children, if I refused to do so, does it not amount to violation of Dharma? Therefore, I shared bed with Sharmishta and blessed her with children. For no fault of mine, you are showering curses on me with anger. I am still in youth. My desire to enjoy the wordly pleasures is not yet extinguished. I want to enjoy the sensual pleasures with my wife Devayaani for some more time. I cannot bear this untimely oldage. Please show me the wayout”Yayaati prayed Sukraacaarya.

Sukraacaarya thought for a while. “If any one of your sons gives his youth to you and take your old age, you can enjoy the sensual pleasures as you like and you can give back your youth to your son and take back your oldage. But the son who gives you his youth, will be the future Emperor of your Kingdom. With him only your Vamsa (geneology) will be continued.” So saying, Sukraacaarya went away. Then Yayaati called his five sons. “Oh my dear sons, as per the word of Sukraacaarya, if any one of you takes my old age and give his youth, I will enjoy the sensual pleasures for some more time and I will give back your youth again. He alone will succeed to all my wealth, and kingdom.”said Yayaati. Yadu, Druhvu and Turvasu, and Anu did not agree for this proposal. “Oh father, old age will occur due to efflux of time. No body can avoid it or avert it. Every human being shall have to pass that stage. In life. Wantonly nobody invites untimely old age from others. Besides that, if a man is suffering with old age, no woman will care to see his face, even if he is rich and wealthy. One cannot enjoy the sexual pleasures if he suffers with old age. Therefore, we cannot receive your old age in lieu of our youth.” Replied Yadu and others.

Yayaati grew angry. He could not tolerate this arrogance and indifference of his sons. Her cursed them: “Yadu, you will be unfit to rule the kingdom. Turva, you will become the king for savage tribes who do not know the difference between dharma and adharma. Druhvu, you will become the king of a kingdom surrounded by water. Anu, you and your people will die while in youth.”. The fifth son Pooru came before his father. “O father,

I am here don’t worry. I will take your old age and give my youth to you.”said Puru. Yayaati was very happy. Pooru gave his youth to his father, Yayaati and received his old age. Yayaati became a youthful man with new vigour and passion. He enjoyed sensual pleasures with his wife for a period of one thousand years. He was very much satisfied. He gave back his youth to his son Pooru and received back his oldage. As per the word of Sukraacarya, Yayaati installed his son Pooru on his throne as his successor. Puru became the emperor of his kingdom. But the citizens of the kingdom could not relish this.

All of them approached King Yayaati and said “O KingYayaati, Is it just and proper to make the last son as the Emperor of this kingdom? How a son of a servant maid (Sharmishta) will become the successor of this throne.” Yayaati gave a fitting reply to all those who objected for the caronation of his last son Puru. “Oh citizens of my country, you are right. Yadu is my eldest son. But he did not heed my words. He acted with Pride and hypocricy. A son who will not pay heed to the words of his father, how can he succeed to the properties and wealth of his father. Puru, though last and young, he was obedient. He obeyed my words. He got utmost faith and respect on me. He discharged his duty as a dutiful son. Therefore, I decided that Puru alone should succeed to my throne.”

(Now a days, old age homes are coming up rapidly. Neglected parents’ number is increasing day by day. The children who are growing up and getting education with the hard-earned money of parents, who are flying away to foreign countries with the efforts of their parents, who are snatching away the entire properties of parents and throwing them away into streets, must read the words of Yayaati and realize themselves. How can a son, who does not obey the words of parents and who does not have respect to their parents, will inherit to the properties of their parents? This is the straight question put by Yayaati. If the sons of the present day neglected- parents put the same question to themselves, and if they care for their parents, we can see some light glow in the eyes of the neglected—parents. ”

Then, Yayaati went to forests for penance. He did Tapassu for one thousand years. An aeroplane came from DevalOka. In that Yayaati went to Brahmaloka and stayed there for some Kalpaas.Then Yayaati went to IndralOka. Indra welcomed him with pleasure and honoured him. Indra asked Yayaati “Oh Yayaati, when your son received your Old age and assumed the throne, what morals you taught to your son?”
“O Mahendra, I told my son to make friendship only with good people and keep friendly relations with virtuous people only. One should not receive any thing from others free of cost. King has to satisfy all the subjects and make them happy always. One should not forget to tell the truth. Always be kind towards others. Anger, pride and greediness should not be allowed to come near him.”said Yayaati. With these words Indra felt very happy. But he wanted to test Yayaati.

“O kingYayaati, you have done great penance for thousand years which is not equivalent to any penance done by any great soul or Great saint sofar.” Said Indra. With these words, Yayaati became bit proud. “Yes. Indra you are right. When compared to all the penance done by great sages and saints, or great men, mine is greatest. They are no match to me and the penance done by me.” said Yayaati with great pride.

Then Indra smiled at Yayaati “O Yayaati, still you are so proud. Your entire Punya is completed. You are not fit to remain in IndrlOka any longer. You have to go to MaanavalOka.” Mahendera ordered. “O Mhendra. I cannot agin go back to MaanavalOka. If possible, I will go to Nakshatra lOka. Please send me to Nakshatra lOka” requested Yayaati. Indra accepted his request and sent him to Nakshatra Loka. Yayaati went to NakshtralOka. There, Yayaati’s grand children (daughters’sons) called AshTaka and others were staying. They met Yayaati. Ashtaka and others asked Yayaati “Who are you? Why have you come over here?”. “My name is Yayaati. I am the son of Nahusha. As a result of penance done by me, I visited Brahma lOka and Deva lOka. Now I have come to Nakshatra lOka.” Said Yayaati.

Then Ashtaka identified him as their grand father (mother’s father). They wanted to know about the secrets of birth of human beings from Yayaati. Yayaati told them about the birth: “You should always be kind enough to the followmen. Always tell the truth. Hurting others and others feelings is Adharmaa.” Yayaati continued to say: “At the time of menstrual cycle, Rajassu comes out of Female organ. It mixes with the Retassu(semen) which comes out of male organ. It will become “Pinda” That “Pinda” with the help of Tanmaatras (viz., sabdha, sparsha, roopa, rasa, gandha) takes a shape. After nine months, the child comes out of the womb. After birth, it sees with eyes, hears with ears, talks with mouth and smells with nose and takes food with mouth, and will do good and bad deeds.

If it does good deeds, it will get Punya and attain Moksha. If it does bad deeds, it acquires Paapa(sin)it will be taking birth by birth till the Paapa is completed. If the Punya is more, he will get rebirth in a holy place. If the Paapa is more, it will get rebirth like animals or birds. If any one worships elders and gurus, gives to others what he has without taking anything from others, does good deeds like Yaagaas and Yajnaas, they acquire Punya.

One should not do anything with Pride, Passion or with a view to get praise from others.” Yayaati told them. Then Ashtakaa and others asked King Yayaati “O king, we are staying here since a long time. Whether we have to stay here or we will get Punya lOkas (upper lOkas). Yayaati replied “You will certainly get PunyalOkaas” As Ashtakaa and others did much Punya, they attained Punya lOkaas. As Yayaati got intimacy with Ashtaka

Aaadi Parva,
(Third Chapter)