Arjuna was one of the brothers of Pandavas. Arjuna's son was Abhimanyu. Pareekshit was the son of Abhimanyu. Janamejaya was the son of Pareekshit.

Janamejaya performed Sarpa Yaagaa. At that time, Vaisampaayana, the Sishya of Veda Vyaasaa told Maha Bharata Story to Janamejaya. One Ugrasravasu son of Romaharsha was also present at that time and heard the entire story of Mahabharata.

While Saint Sounaka performed Satra yaga in Naimisaaranya, the said Ugrasravasu (Sooti, the Story Teller) narrated the entire Mahabharata story to all the sages and saints gathered there.

Dharmaja asked Saint Romasa to tell him the story of Saint Agastya. Romasa continued to say:

"In Krutayuga, there was a demon called Vrutraasura. The said Vrutraasura, along with his associates by name Kalakeyas, was teasing the Devatas and made them to suffer a lot.

Hence, all the Devatas went to Lord Brahma and requested him to tell them the ways and means to kill that demon Vrutraasura.

"You all go to Saint Dadheechi who is doing Tapassu on the banks of River Sarasvati. He will donate his bones to you. You make several weapons with his bones and kill Vrutrasura." said Lord Brahma.

Accordingly, all the Devatas went to Saint Dadheechi and requested him to donate his bones to them. Dadheechi accepted their request, left the body voluntarily and donated his bones to Devatas.

After his death, all the Devatas collected his bones. One Prajapati by name TvashTa, made Vajrayudha with the spinal bone of Dadheechi and gave it to Indra.

With the help of Vajrayudha, Indra killed Vrutraasura. Kalakeyas, the associates of Vrutrasura, fled away and hid themselves in the sea. They remain in the sea during day time and come out during nights and as usual they were teasing the saints and sages and Devatas and other citizens.

This time all the Devatas along with Indra approached Lord Vishnu and requested him to help them. Lord Vishnu said:

"Kalakeyas are more powerful and stronger than all of you. Besides that, they are in the sea. It is very difficult to kill them. If all the water in the sea is drained out, we can kill them. Therefore, you be approach Saint Agastya and seek his help" said Lord Vishnu.

Then all the Devatas approahced Agastya

"O Saint Agastya! You are a great sait. Even on a previous occasion, when Vidhya Mountain was increasing to heights of sky, day of day, it was you who saved us from that diaster. In the same manner, now also kindly help us and save us from this catastrophe." requested Devatas.

Now Dharmaja asked Romasa "Why Mountain Vidhya was increasing to sky? Kindly tell me about it" asked Dharmaja. Romasa continued to say:

"Daily, the sun god was making rounds around Mount Meru. It was the practice. Mountain Vidhya grew angry.

"O Sun God, I am the king of Mountains. Instead of going around my mountains, why you are making rounds to Mountain Meru?" asked Vidhya with more pride and anger.

"As per the orders of Lord Brahma, I am doing like this." replied Sun God.

Vindhya Mountain grew angry. He was raising to sky day by day thus obstructing the Sun and Moon from making regular rounds. The entire earth became dark. There was a chaos in all the Lokas. All the Devatas approached Agastya and sought his help. Then Saint Agastya along with his wife Lopa Mudra went to Mountain Vidhya. Mountain Vindhya worshipped Saint Agastya and his wife.

"O Mountain Vindhya! Myself and my wife are going towards south. Kindly give us the way" asked saint Agastya.

Accordingly, Mountain Vidhya came down to the level of earth. Then Saint Agastya along with his wife, crossed Vidhya mountain and asked Mountain Vidhya to remain like that till he returns back. Agastya along with his wife Lopamudra, proceeded towards South. Saint Agastya never returned back. Mountain Vidhya was waiting for the return of Saint Agastya. He stopped increasing himself towards sky. Still Vidhya is waiting for the arrival of Agastya. Thus, Agastya averted Vindhya from increasing. Normalcy was restored and Sun and Moon were discharing their duties normally." said Romasa.

Then Romasa continued the main story.

Saint Agastya asked Devatas "What is the trouble you are facing? What I have to do for you?"

"O Saint Agastya! you have to drink the entire water in the sea" requested Devatas.

Agastya drank the entire water in the sea. The sea became dry. All the Kalakeyas who are hiding in the sea came out. Devatas fought with them and killed them. Those who escaped fled away to underground.

All the Devatas requested Saint Agastya "O Saint Agastya! with your help, we got rid of the atrocities of Kalakeyas and other demons. Please again fill the sea with the water".

"It is not possible now. Because, the entire water was already absorbed in my stomache." said Agastya.

All the devatas again went to Lord Brahma and sought his help.

"It is not possible to fill the sea with water in a near future. After a long time, One great saint Bhageeratha will fill the sea with water. You have to wait till then" said Brahma.

"Dharmajaa! In the ancient past, in Ikshvaaku Dynasty, there was a king called Sagara. He got two wives. They are Vidarbhi and Saibya. He was issueless. He did Tapassu and got the blessings of Lod Siva. Siva blessed him with children.

Both the wives of Sagara became pregnant. Vaidarbhi delivered a big fruit. Saibya delivered a male child called Asamanjasa.

According to the words of Aakaasavaani, Vaidarbhi removed all the seeds from the fruit and preserved them in a ghee pot. Some time later, 60,000 sons were born from out of the seeds. All of them grown up and became incorrigible. They were teasing saints and sages and devatas.

As usual, the sages, saints and Devatas went to Brahma and sought his help.

Lord Brahma said "They are short lived. They will die soon"

King Sagara intended to perform Asvamedha yaaga. The Yaagaasvsa was left. The sons of Sagara followed the Yaagaasva.

One day the Yaagaasva jumped into the waterless sea and disappeared. The sons of Sagara digged the sea and found one Ashramam of Saint Kapila.

They thought that Saint Kapila stole their horse. They insulted Saint Kapila. But, all of them were reduced to ashes with the power of Saint Kapila.

By that time, Asamanjasa son of Saibya got a son. His name was Amsumanta.

"My grand son, I am not feeling for the death of my sons. But Asvamedha Yaga remained incomplete. Kindly complete it" requested King Sagara.

Accordingly, Amsumanta went to the sea coast. Amsumanta visited the Ashramam of Saint Kapila and requested him to return the horse. Saint Kapila handedover the horse to Amsumanta and said "Amsumanta! your grand father, Sagara, will complete Asvamedha with this horse. But your grand son, Bhageeratha, will bring Ganga to earth and fill the sea".

King Sagara completed Asvamedha Yaga. He adopted the sea as his son. From then onwards, the sea was also called as "Saagara".

The son of Amsumanta was King Dileepa. King Bhageeratha was the son of King Dileepa.

Bhageeratha came to know about the story of King Sagara. He wanted to fill Saagara with waters. He went to Himalayas and worshipped Ganga.

Ganga appeared before him. "Maata Gangaa! You have to leave the divine path and come down to earth and fill the sea with your holy waters. The sons of Sagara should attain Moksha" requested Bhageeratha.

"Surely I will come. But Lord Siva is the only deity who can bear my force while coming down to earth. You fgo and get the blessings of Lord Siva" said Ganga.

Then Bhageeratha went to Kailaasa and prayed Lord Siva that he should bear the force of Ganga while coming down to earth.. Lord Siva accepted the request of Bhageeratha.

"You bring Ganga to earth. I will bear it on my head" said Lord Siva.

Again Bhagiratha prayed Ganga to follow him to earth. Ganga followed Bhagiratha to earth. Lord Siva caught the magnificent fall of ganga from heaven to earth, on his head in his long hair.

Then from the head of Lord Siva, Ganga flowed down to plains and reached the sea. Thus the sea was filled with full of water. From then onwards, River Ganges was also called as Bhaageerathi, in the name of Saint Bhagirath. " Thus Romasa told Dharmaja in detail about the flow of Ganges from heaven to earth.

Then Dharmana had a holy dip in River Ganga, Nanda, Apara nanda. Then they reached Mount Hemakoota. There, from the stones, fire was coming out and the clouds were being attracted by that fire.

Then they reached the Ashram of Visvamitra. Near that Ashram, there was a lake called Rushya Srunga lake.

Romasa continued to say the story of Rushya Srunga to Dharmaja.

"Dharmaja! Vibhandaka was the son of Kashyapa. One day he was taking bath in a tank. At that time he saw a beautiful divine lady by name Urvasi. He was sexually excited. His sperm was released and mixed in the water. One deer drank that water mixed with the sperm of Vibhandaka. Deer became pregnant and delivered a male child. His name was Rushya Srunga. Vibhandaka brought that child to his Ashram. Rushya Srunga does not know any other world except his father, forest and Ashram.

At that time, one Roma pada was ruling the kingdom of Anga. He insulted his Purohits. Hence all the purohits left his kingdom. As a result, there were no rains in that country. There was an acute drought.

The King realised his mistake. He requested the Brahmins to come back to his kingdom. He also requested them to show the way for getting rains.

"O King! Rushya Srunga is a great saint. Wherever he sets his foot, the drought will vanish and rains will come. You have to bring him to our land by any means" said Purohits.

Then, the king called some call girls and directed them to go to Rushyasrunga Ashramam. lure him and bring him to his country by any means.

One day, Vibhandaka went to forest for fetching some fruits and firewood. Rushya Srunga remained in the Ashram. At that time, one young beautiful call girl, sent by the King, approached Rushya Srunga.

So far Rushya Srunga did not see any female. He thought that she is also a male like him. He offered that lady some fruits and other eatables. That call girl invited Rushya Srunga to his house. She also requested Rushya Srunga to make frienship with her.Then only she will receive the fruits.

The innocent Rushya Srunga accepted her request. She danced before him and entertained him with her beauty and lovely skills. Then she left. Rushya Srunga could not forget her. He forgot to take food and water. He always remained in her dreams.

Vibhandaka asked Rushya Srunga the reason for his behaviour. Rushya Srunga told his father about the call girl.

"My dear son! Some demons are trying to spoil our Tapassu. They will be roaming under the guise of beautiful ladies. Be careful" said Vibhandaka.

Next day also, when Vibhandaka went out of Ashram, the same call girl again came to Ashram. Rushya Srunga fell in her trap and followed her to Anga Rajya. Soon after Rushya Srunga sets his foot on that land, the severe drought vanished and there was a heavy rain fall.

King Roma pada was very happy. He gave his daughter, Santa, in marriage to Rushya Srunga.

Vibhandaka was searching for his son Rushya Srunga. While searching, he entered Anga Rajya. There he saw his son and daughter in law. He brought them to his Ashram. Rushya Srunga, along with his wife, Santa, lived here for pretty long time" said Romasa to Dharmaja.
Then Dharmaja proceeded to Kalinga and he had a holy dip in river Vaitarini. From there, they went to Mahendragiri hill.

Dharmaja enquired the saints living on Mahendragiri "O Saints! I heard that Parasurama is living here. Have you ever seen Prasurama?"

"Dharmaja! My name is Akrutavarna.I am the Sishya of Parasurama. We can see him on next Chaturdasi." said Akrutavarna.

Dharmaja was very happy. Dharmaja requested saint Akrutavarna to tell him the story of Parasurama. Akrutavarna said the story of Parasurama to Dharmaja.

"King Gadhi was ruling Kanyakubja City. His daughter was Satyavati. Ruceeka, son of Saint Bhrugu wanted to marry her and came down to King Gadhi and requested him to give his daughter in marriage to him.

"O Saint Ruceeka! If you are able to bring one thousand white horses, with black ears, i will give my daughter in marriage to you" said King Gadhi.

Saint Ruceeka prayed Varuna. With the blessings of Varuna, thousand white horses with black ears came out of River Ganga. From then onwards, River Ganga also was called Asva Teertha.

Ruceeka gave those thousand horses to King Gadhi and married his daughter, Satyavati.

One day, Saint Bhrugu came to their Ashram. He was very happy on seeing his son and daughter in law. He asked Satyavati to choose anything she likes.

"Bless me and my mother, each one son" asked Satyavati.

"You both take a holy bath. You embrace one "Medi Tree" and let your mother embrace "Asvatha Tree". Your desires will be fulfilled.

Satyavati and her mother were happy. They both took holy bath. But in hurry they changed the trees. Satyavati embraced Asvatha tree whereas her mother embraced Medi Tree. Saint Bhrugu realised this mistake.

"Satyavati! you will give birth to a Brahmin boy who adopts severe Kshatra Dharma. Your mother will give birth to a Kshatriya boy but he adopts Saintly Life and will become "Brahma Jnani."

Satyavi again requested Saint Bhrugu: "Let there be a little change. Instead of my son, my grand son may adopt severe Kshatra Dharma." asked Satyavati. Saint Bhrugu accepted the same.

Satyavati became pregnant and gave birth to a male child called Jamadagni. Jamadagni married one Renuka daughter of King Prasenajit and begot five sons through Renuka. They are (1).Rumanvanta, (2).Sushena, (3)Vasu (4)Visvaavasu and (5) Rama.

One day, Renuka went to a nearby pond to fetch water. At that time King Chitraradha was taking bath in that pond along with his wives. Renuka saw the handsome King, Citra Radha. She became sexually excited and committed mental adultery.

Saint Jamadagni came to know about this. He directed his four sons, one by one, to kill his wife, Renuka. All the four sons did not agree to kill their mother as it is a great sin. Jamadagni grew angry and cursed them to roam in the forerests like animals.

Then Jamadagni directed his fifth son, Rama to kill his mother, Renuka. Without hesitation, Rama killed his mother with his axe.

Saint Jamadagni felt very happy and asked Rama to choose whatever he likes because he obeyed his word without hesitation.

"Let my mother be alive. Let my brothers be relieved of your curse. Bestow me with great vigour, strength and valour. Nobody should stand against me in any war. Bless me with long life" asked Rama. Jamadagni was very happy. He granted all his wishes.
At that time, there was a king called Kaartaveeryaarjuna, with one thousand hands. One day, Karta Veerya, while hunting, became tired and visited the Ashram of Jamadagni. Jamadagni welcomed the king and offered him all hospitalities. But Karta veerya did not care for his hospitality and insulted Jamadagni and other saints. He forcibly took away the cow and calf of Jamadagni, along with him.

At that time, Rama was not in the Ashram. On his return, he came to know through his father, Jamadagni, about the atrocities of Karta veerya. Rama grew angry. He chased Karta veerya, fought with him and killed him and his entire army. The sons of Karta Veerya bore grudge on Rama and Jamadagni.

One day, when Rama was out of Ashram, they killed Jamadagni and destroyed the Ashram. When Rama returned to Ashram, he found his mother, Renuka, weeping before the dead body of his father, Jamadagni. He enquired the other saints and got the information.

"My father, a great saint, a passionless personality, a kind-hearted man, is spending peaceful life in this Ashram. He has not done any wrong either to Karta Veerya or to his sons. But he was killed voluntarily and mercilessly.All the Kshatriyas are Bad Characters. I will kill all the Kshatriyas on this earth." Rama took a vow.

Accordingly, Rama with his Parasuvu, (axe), fought with all the Kshatriyas on the earth, defeated them and killed them and donated the entire earth to Saint Kasyapa. Then he was spending his life in Tapassu on this Mahendra Hill." Akrutavrana told Dharmaja the story of Parasu Rama.

Later, on Chaturdasi Day, Dharmaja had Darsan of Parasurama and then proceeded towards south. Then he visited Thryambakam where River Godavari was born. Then they proceeded to Prabhasa Teertha.

On hearing the arrival of Pandavas at Prabhasa Teertha, Sri Krishna, Balaraama and others came down to Prabhasa Teertha to see Pandavas.

Dharamaja told Krishna about their woes and about Arjuna visiting Indra loka.

"That blind king is a follish fellow. Unnecessarly he drove you to forests. We all should stand by the side of Dharmaja and should see that he should get back his kingdom soon" said Balarama to all the Kings followed him.

"Yes it is right. While mighty personalities like yourself, Sri Krishna, Samba, Saarana are on the side of Pandavas, why should they remain in forests any longer. Will the army of Suyodhana stand before our mighty Yadava Army for a moment. With the permission of Sri Krishna, we ourselves, Kekaya kings, Srunjaya kings, Paanchaala kings, Vrushni, Bhoja, Andhaka kings should join together and wage a war against Suyodhana, defeat him, kill him and install Dharmaja as Emperior on the throne of Hastinapura. Till then we will keep Abhimanyu as Care Taker. What do you say?" spoke Satyaki vehemently.

Dharmaja cooled down Satyaki. "Please listen to me. We are living in forests as per word given to the elders. Please be calm and quiet. Let the time come. We will wage war against Kouravas." pacified Dharmaja.
Then Balarama and Sri Krishna along with other kings, left for Dwaraka.

Then Dharmaja proceeded to Payoshni River and had a holy dip. Then they proceeded to River Narmada and saw Vaidoorya Mountain.

Romasa continued to say about that place.

"Dharmaja! Chyavana, son of Bhrugu, did Tapassu at this place for a long time. In course of time, around him, trees were grown, mud heaps were formed and he was inside those bushes and heaps. His eyes were sparkling like lightning insects.

One day, King Saryati along with his wives and daughter came there for a jolly trip. His daughter, Sukanya, was playing there. She came to the place where Chyavana was doing Tapassu. She saw the sparkling eyes of Chyavana. She thought that they are sparkling insects. She ordered the servants to uproot the trees and bushes. Chyavana came out of the bushes. He grew angry. He cursed all of them that their urine and toilet will be stopped for ever.

King Saryati came to know about this. He came there running and beg the pardon of Saint Chyavana and requested him to excuse his daughter for her childish act.

Saint Chyavana accepted his request on condition that Sukanya should marry him. King Saryati performed the marriage of his daughter Sukanya with Saint Chyavana. Sukanya remained in the Ashram of Chyavana and was serving him.

One day, Asvins came to the Ashram of Chyavana.

"Who are you?" Asvins asked Sukanya.

"I am the daughter of King Saryati and wife of Saint Chyavana" replied Sukanya.

"You are a loverly beautiful lady. But your husband is an ugly old man. It cannot be. Even now, you can choose any handsome personality who is fit to marry you. We will bring him" said Asvins.

"I love my husband. It is not proper on your part to speak like that" said Sukanya.

Then Sukanya told her husband what had happened. ]

"You would have accepted their offer" said Chyavana.

"If you permit, I will accept" said Sukanya.

Then she requested Asvins to bless him with a handsome personality as her husband.Then Asvins dipped in a nearby tank. Along with them, Chyavana also drowned in the tank.

Three young, energetic, handsome personalities came out.
"You choose one amongst usas your husband" said those personalities.

Sukanya chose her own husband as her new husband. Chyavana thanked Asvins.

"With your blessings, I have become young. I cannot forget your help. King Saryati will perform a Yaaga. In that yaaga, I will offer you Soma at par with Indra". said Chyavana.

Asvins were very happy and went away. King Saryati came to know that his son in law became young. Immediately, he visited the Ashram of Chyavana to see his daughter and son-in-law.

"King Saryati! You must perform one Yajna and I will be the Chief Priest." said Chyavana. King Saryati gladly accepted it.

In that Yajna, as per the word given to Asvins, Chyavana offered Soma Rasa to Asvins along with Indra. Indra objected it.

"Asvins are only Doctors for Divine Bodies. They are not Divine personalities. They are not entitled for Soma Rasa along with Devatas" said Indra.

Chyavana did not heed to the words of Indra. He offered Soma Rasa to Asvins. Indra grew angry. He aimed his Vajrayudha on Chyavana. Chyavana averted that blow with his power of Tapassu. He created one demon from out of the Sacred fire and directed him to kill Indra. That demon was coming upon Indra to kill him. Indra was afraid of that demon. He prayed mercy.

"Chyavana! Not knowing your power, I objected your acts. I have no objection to give Soma Rasa to Asvins. From today onwards, Asvins are also entitled for Soma Rasa in all sacrifices. " said Indra.

Chyavana felt happy. Indra went back to Devaloka. The demon created by Chyavana invisibly settled in horny ladies, wine, dices and cruel animals. Asvins drank Soma Rasa and went back to Deva loka." said Romasa.

Then Dharmaja entered Saindhavaaranya.

"Dharmaja! this is RiverYamuna. It is equivalent to River Ganga. On the banks of Yamuna, King Mandhatha performed many yaagaas. I will tell his story. Please listen.

In Ikshvaaku Dynasty, there was a virtuous King by name Yavanaasva. He was a strong, famous, and virtuous king. But he had no children. He went to Saint Bhrugu and requested him for children. Saint Bhrugu performed Putrakaameshti Yaga.

There was a vessel with full of divine water. Bhrugu asked Ritviks to preserve it carefully. One midnight, while everybody was sleeping, Yavanaasva was thirsty. Unknowingly, he drank the water preserved by Ritviks. Saint Bhrugu came to know about it.

"O King Yavanaasva! That holy water is intended for your wife. But you consumed it. You will become pregnant. You will deliver a son" said Bhrugu.

Accordingly, King Yavanaasva became pregnant and delivered a male child from his left side. His name was Maandhaatha. Indra came down to see that boy. Indra put his pointing finger in the mouth of the child.

"This is Amrutha. swallow it" said Indra. Thus that child was called as Mandhatha. King Mandhata ruled the country for many years. He conquered many countries and performed many Yagnas and Yagas.This is the place where Mandhatha performed Yaagas." said Romasa.

Romasa also said "Dharmaja! This is a place where King Somaka performed Yaagaas. This is the place where King Ambareesha performed Yaaga. This is the place where King Nahusha performed Yaagaas. This is river Sarasvati. This river disappeared in Nishadha country. At Chamasodbhedham it again appeared. Dharmaja! this is Vishnuprada Teertham. This is Kashmir Mandal. This is also called Maanasa Dvaara. Parasurama constructed this.

This is Bhrugutunga Hill. Here Emperor Sibi performed Yaaga.I will tell you the story of Emperor Sibi" said Romasa.

"One day, Indra in the form of Eagle and Agni in the form of pigeon came down to Emperor Sibi. First pigeon approached Sibi and requested him to save her as one Eagle was chasing it to kill.

Sibi said "Dont worry. I will save you". The Eagle also came there.

"O king. This is my prey. I have to eat it. Without food, I cannot survive" said Eagle.

"I have given word to save this pigeon. I cannot leave it. You search for other animal" said Sibi.

"God has fixed pigeon as my prey. If you want it, you can give me flesh equivalent to this pigeon and save the pigeon."said Eagle.

Sibi took out a knife and cut some flesh from out of his body and put it in the scales. Pegeon was weighing more. He was cutting his organs one by one. Still pigeon was weighing more weight. At last he himself sat in the scales and asked Eagle to eat him.

Indra and Agni were astonished for his charitable mind. "O Emperor Sibi! Your charity is great. Your name and fame will remain till the sun and moon exist." Indra and Agni went away.

This is the story of Emperor Sibi" said Romasa to Dharmaja.

Then Romasa continued to say the story of Ashtavakra to Dharmaja.

"Once there was a saint called Ekapaada. His wife was Sujaata. She was pregnant. Ekapaada was a strict teacher. He was making his students always read and learn without giving any rest. The child in the womb of Sujaata was hearing the chanting of Vedas by the students without giving any rest to students.

One day the child in the womb spoke to Eka paada "You are making your students chanting Vedas and learning other sciences restlessly even without sleeping. It is not good. If they learn like this without sleep and rest they will become dullards and ultimately become mad. Please change your attitude" suggested the child in the womb.

Ekapada grew angry. "After all, you are not born even. How can you find fault with my teachings. You will born as Astavakra." cursed Ekapada.

(Ekapaada is the representative of the present corporate college managements. They are, nowadays, making children to read and learn right from 3 am upto 10 pm without giving rest and participating in any other activity. They are not allowing students to enjoy weekly holidays or summer vacation. As a result, Some students are committing suicide and some have become mad. Therefore, there is no change in the attitude of teachers in imparting education to students, even after 5,000 years, I suppose.)

Ekapaada was a poor man. To earn money for the delivery expenses, he went to King Janaka. There he was defeated by a scholar by name Vandi and he was imprisoned.

Here Sujaata delivered a male child, Ashtaavakra. Ashtavakra became a great scholar. He went in search of his father.

At that time King Janaka was performing a Yajna. The attendants at the main door did not permit him to go inside.

"You are boys. This is a place where very learned people, elders, Ritviks should enter and discuss Vedas. You have no entry" said those attendants.

"How do you judge wisdom. Is it by age or by learning? A young man, if he wise and learned, should be respected. I have come to defeat the scholars in your court" said Ashtavakra.

King Janaka came to know of this. Immediately, he ordered the attendants to bring him inside. Ashta Vakra defeated all the scholars in the court of King Janaka and got released his father and other brahmins who were defeated earlier at the hands of Vandi. King Janaka honoured Ashta Vakra. Ashta Vakra along with his father returned to his village. This is the story of Ashta Vakra" said Romasa to Dharmaja.

Then they proceeded to river Samanga. Romasa showed Dharmaja RaibhtyaaSram and Bharadwaja Ashram. Romasa told Dharmaja the story of Yavakreeta.

"Dharmaja! There were two Saints. They are Raibhya and Bharadwaja. They were good friends. Raibhya got two sons. They are Ardhaavasu and Paraavasu. They both are well educated and learned. Bharadwaja got a son by name Yavakreeta. Yavakreeta was jealous on Ardhavasa and Paraavasa as they are learned.

Yavakreeta wanted to learn all the Vedas and Sastras without serving a Guru, but only by doing Tapassu. He did Tapassu about Indra. Indra came to him and asked him

"Why you are doing this Tapassu? What do you want?" asked Indra.

"I should learn the entire Vedas and Sastras without learning from Guru" said Yavakreeta.

"It is impossible. You should learn Vedas and Sastras only through Guru face to face. You cannot attain education only by Tapassu. It is not good" said Indra. Yavakreeta did not agree and continued his Tapassu. Indra went away.

(The present generation students may be the heirs of Yavakreeta. They are paying fees to schools and colleges but never attend classes but spending Time in cinema houses and love affairs. At the time of exams, they study through guides. Is it proper? Do you call it as learning? Distant Education, Postal tuition, also are of the same type. The best learning is only through Teachings from Teachers, face to face, by hearing lectures of the lecturers, and clearing doubts with lecturers face to face).

Again Indra came down to Yavakreeta as an old brahmin. There was a river with heavy flow of water. The old brahmin (Indra) was taking sand with his hands and putting in the stream.

Yavakreeta saw this. "O Old man. what is this?" he asked.

"I am constructing a dam to stop the flow of water"said old brahmin (Indra).

Yavakreeta laughed at him. "Oh. Is it possible? How many years you have put the sand with your hands? Are you mad?" said Yavakreeta.

"I am doing the same thing as you are doing. If I am mad you are also mad. You are praying Indra for an impossible task. Me too doing the same thing. If my task is useless your task also is useless. Give up your task" said Indra in his original form.

"No. You have to bless me with all education without learning" said Yavakreeta firmly.

Unable todo anything, Indra blessed him as a learned man without learning. Yavakreeta became pride. He returned to his father. With his learning and wisdom, he defeated many sages and saints.

One day he went to the Ashram of Raibhya. There he saw one beautiful lady, Krishna. She is the wife of Paravasu, the elder son of Raibhya. Yavakreeta forced her to fulfil his lust. She was afraid of him. For the present, she said something and returned to Ashram. She narrated what had happened to Raibhya, his father-in-law and wept.

Raibhya grew angry. He plucked a bunch of hair from his head and put it in the sacred fire. A beautiful lady, resembling his daughter-in-law, Krishna, came out of the fire.
He again plucked some hair and put it in the sacred fire. This time one fierceful demon came out.

"You both go and kill Yavakreeta" ordered Raibhya.

First the beautiful lady went to Yavakreeta and lured him and stole away his Kamandalam. Yavakreeta became powerless. Then the demon chased him to kill. Yavakreeta was running and running and entered his Ashram. But the sishya of Bharadwaja did not allow him inside. In the meanwhile the demon fell upon him and killed Yavakreeta in front of Ashram.

Then both the demon and beautiful woman came back to Raibhya and reported the death of Yavakreeta. Raibhya felt satisfied. He gave that woman to that demon in marriage. They went away.

Later, Bharadwaja returned to Ashram and found his son, Yavakreeta, dead in front of his Ashram. Unable to bear that grief, Bharadwaja jumped into fire and died.

After some time, one King Bruhadyumna was performing Satra yaaga. For that Yaaga, Paraavasu and Ardhaavasu, the sons of Raibhya, were the Chief Priests. The Yaaga was going on.

One day, Paravasu was coming back to his house from Yaga Saala. It was dark night. His father was coming opposite to him. Paravasu thought that it was a cruel animal and killed his father. He came near and found that it was his father but not an animal. He performed funeral rites and rituals to his father and went back to Yaga Saala. He told everything to Ardhaa vasu.

"Brother Ardhaavasu! You alone cannot perform the Yaaga. But I can do it. On my behalf, kindly do praayascitta rituals for my Brahma Hatya Sin." said Paraavasu.

Ardhaavasu agreed for it and went away. Ardhaavasu performed all the Prayasitta rituals on behalf of his brother Paravasu and got rid of him from Brahma Hatya sin and returned back to Yaaga Saala.
At that time, Paraavasu told the King "O King! While we are performing a sacred holy yaaga, my brother Ardhaavasu performed unholy rituals like praayasittam for Brahma Hatya sin. He cannot enter the Yaaga saala" said Paraavasu.

"No. It is not correct. Paravasu killed my father and committed Brahma Hatya. On his behalf, I performed praayasittam for the said Brahma Hatya sin. I am innocent" said Ardhaavasu.

Devatas from Devaloka praised Ardhaavasu for his truthfulness and asked him to choose whatever he wants. Ardhaavasu requested Devatas to give rebirth for his father Raibhya, his father's friend Bharadwaja, and Yavakreeta. Devatas accepted his request. All are alive.

Now Yavakreeta asked the Devatas "O divine personalities! I got all the education and learning from Indra as a result of my tapassu. But how Raibhya can kill me? Kindly tell" asked Yavakreeta.

"Yavakreetaa! the Mantras and Sastras learnt through Guru only will give fruitful results. You have not learnt anything through Guru. Hence all your learning has become waste. As Raibhya learnt all Sastras through Guru, he is more powerful than you" so saying Devatas went away. This is the story of Yavakreeta" said Romasa to Dharmaja.

Then Dharmaja along with his brothers and wife Droupadi reached Gandhamaadhana hill. But as the way to reach that hill is full of thorns and bushes, he thought in his mind Ghatotkacha son of Bheema. Ghatotkaca appeared before him. At the request of Dharmaja, Ghatotkacha carried Dhamaja, and his three brothers and Droupadi on his back and dropped them at Badarikaa vanam. Romasa with his Mantra Siddhi reached Badarika vanam through sky route.

They saw the place where Nara and Naarayana performed Tapassu. One day, Bheema and Droupadi went out for a stroll on the hill side. At that time, one lotus flower with thousand petals fell by the side of Droupadi. Droupadi surprised on seeing that flower. She requested Bheema to fetch similar flowers. Bheema went to bring such Sougandhika flowers.
While going, Bheema blown his Sankham (conch) and was making roaring sounds. Near that place, Hanuman was living in a cave. He heard the sounds made by Bheema. He recognised him as his brother Bheema. (both were the sons of Vayu).

Hanuman came out of the cave. He fell some trees across the way. He also lie down across the path way. He was waving his tail. Bheema came there. He roared again. Hanuman opened his eyes.

"Who are you? I am old and tired. While I am sleeping why you are making such huge noise. If you want, you can pluck some fruits and eat. Dont make sounds" said Hanuman.

"I am the son of King Pandu and brother of Dharmaja. My name is Bheema. I am going on some mission. Leave me the way" said Bheema.

"Oh. I am old. I cannotmove. Kindly keep my tail aside and go" said Hanuman.

Bheema tried to lift the tail with his little finger. There is no use. He again tried with one hand then with both hands. He used his entire strength. But he could not move the tail even for an inch.

"I do not know who are you. But you are not an ordinary monkey. Please pardon me. Kindly tell me who are you" asked Bheema.

"Bheema! I am Hanuman. We both are brothers. I also was born with the blessings of Vayu. In Tretayuga I served Rama. When Ravana took away Sita, the wife of Rama, I found her in Asoka Vana. Then with the help of Sugreeva, Rama fought with Ravana, killed and brought back Sita. Having satisfied with my services, Rama blessed me "You will live on this earth for long time." Hence I am living on this Gandhamaadhana hill." said Hanuman.

"O Anjaneya! I am very happy to see you here. I want to see your magnificent body while you crossed the ocean to reach Lanka. Kindly show it to me" requested Bheema.
"Bheema! it is not possible now.All the times are not alike. That time is different. The four Yugas viz, Kruta Yuga, Tretaa Yuga, Dwaapara Yuga and Kali Yuga are different. All the living beings will be acting in different ways according to those times." said Hanuman.

"Hanumaan! Kindly tell me the customs and practices in those four Yugas" asked Bheema.

Hanuman continued to say like this:

"Bheema! In Kruta Yuga, all the things are done and there was nothing to be done. Everything was taken for granted. Hence Dharma was prevailing with its four feet. Lord Vishnu protected the human beings in White form. At that time Sanathana Dharma was flourishing. All the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vysyas and Sudras were performing their duties as per Vedas. They got everything without asking for anything. Hence they attained Punya Lokas. They did not know about jealousy, anger, pride, lust, greediness, arrogance, delusion, fear, sorrow, diseases, killing of human beings, deterioration of body and loss of energy.

Then followed Tretayuga. At that time Dharma was prevailing with three feet only. In those days, people were always telling truth and nothing but truth. They performed Yajnas, Yagas, Tapassu and charities. Lord Vishnu protected people with Blood colour (Red).

Then followed Dwaapara Yuga. In those days, Dharma was prevailing with Two feet only. Vedas were followed in four ways. Dharma and Kaama were followed as told in Vedas. In Dwaapara people were not sticking up to one word. They have no regard to tell the truth. People performed Yagas and Yajnas aspiring some results. In those days, Lord Vishnu protected people with Krishna Varna (Black Colour).

Then followed Kali yuga. In Kali yuga Dharma will prevail with one foot. Lord Vishnu will protect people in Yellow colour. All the people will be influenced mostly by Tamo Guna. They will always be acting with Lust, passion and anger. They always do wrongs. People in Kaliyuga will perform Tapassu, charities very rarely. But if they do it they will attain more results." said Hanuman about the four yugas.
Again Bheema requested Hanuman to show him his magnificent figure at the time of crossing the ocean to reach Lanka. Anjaneya showed him his huge magnificent fierceful form at the time of crossing the ocean. Bheema was very much afraid and requested Anjaneya to appear in his normal form. Anjaneya appeared before him in his normal form.

"Bheema! You are going in search of Sougandhika flowers. That place is being guarded by Yakshas and demons. Your vigour and valour will not workout there. Those flowers are for the use of Devatas. Devatas will bless you if you worship them, but not with your power. Therefore, act according to Dharma. I will tell you about Dharma.

Dharma will come out of Sada Achara (good customs). Dharma will be instilled by Vedas. Yajnas will be performed according to Vedas. By performing Yajnas, Devatas will be satisfied. All the tasks wll be fulfilled with good intentions and proper thinking. Always consult elders and learned before taking important decisions. Dont consult with youngsters, proud and jealous and mean people.

Bheemaa! I am happy to see you here. Ask me what do you want. Shall I kill Dhrutarashtra and Kouravas who caused harm and hardship to you and destroy Hastinapura? Shall I do it?" asked Anjaneya.

"O my brother Hanuman! It is a small thing for a mighty personality like you. Anyhow, we will do that job." said Bheema politely.

"If so, Bheemaa, during the course of war, I will be on the flag of Arjuna and obseve your vigour and valour in that mighty war" said Hanuman. Then Hanuman showed the way to Sougandhika Sarovara and went away.

Bheemaa followed that path and reached Sougandhika Sarovaram (pond). It was being guarded by demons. They obstructed Bheema.

"This garden belongs to Kubera. None are allowed inside as he is now in this garden. It is dangerous to be here" said Guards.

"I am the son of King Pandu. My name is Bheema. My wife Droupadi requested me to fetch Sougandhika flowers. I have come here to take them. I will take them" said Bheemaa.

"Bheemaa! You are the brother of Dharmaja. Act according to dharma. First you obtain the permission of Kubera and take the flowers" requested the guards.

"What? Why should I take the permission of Kubera? Has he created this pond? Nature belongs to all. It is nobody's property. I am a Kshatriya. I never beg anybody for anything. I will take everything using force. Why should I pray Kubera. It is impossible" said Bheemaa.

He entered the pond and plucked the flowers. The guards fought with Bheema. But Bheema defeated them in no time. They all ran to Kubera and reported him what had happened. Having known about Bheema, Kubera did not interfere.

In the meanwhile, Dharmaja learnt through Droupadi that Bheema went to fetch Sougandhika flowers. Dharmaja, along with his brothers and Droupadi arrived at the pond in search of Bheema. Bheema gave Sougandhika flowers to Droupadi.

Some Yakshas came there. "You appear to be human beings. This is a place where Yakshas and Demons are wandering. You go to some other place" requested those Yakshas.

Dharmaja accepted their request and fixed their abode at some other place. At that time, one demon by name Jatasura, under the guise of a Brahmin, came to them.

"I am the Sishya of Parasurama. I learnt Vedas and Sastras. I will stay along with you" said Jatasura.

Dharmaja agreed. Jatasura was staying and dining with them. One day when Bheema went out on some work, Jatasura, in his original form as a demon, carried Dharmaja, Drouadi, Nakula and Sahadeva and was flying inthe sky.

Nakula told Jatasura "What is this? Till now you stayed with us and dined with us. Is it proper for you to do harm to us?" said Nakula. Jatasura did not give any reply.

"If so, fight with me" said Nakula. Nakula and Jatasura were about to fight.

In the mean while, Bheema returned to his ashram. The Brahmins there told him what had happened. Bheema grew angry. He reached the place where Nakula and Jatasura was fighting.

Bheema cautioned Jatasura "Leave our people. Otherwise, you will be killed by me as Bakasura and Hidimbaasura".

"Bheema! you have rightly come into my hands. I will kill you and offer blood tarpan to Bakasura and Hidimbaasura" said Jatasura.

Both Bheema and Jatasura fought with each. Jatasura was very much tired. Bheema used that opportunity. Bheema lifted him with his hands and hit him on the ground forcefully and killed him.

Then Dharmaja, Nakula and Sahadeva and Romasa and Dhoumya praised Bheemaa for his vigour and valour.

Om Tatsat.