Aranya parva
(Fifth Chapter –second part)

"O markandeya Maharshi, with your grace, I could hear many things from you. But I heard that Agni performed a penance. Why he performed that penance? How Angeerasa was transformed into Agni? Kindly tell me about the kinds of Agni." requested Dharmaja. Saint Markandeya continued to say:

"Dharmaja listen carefully. Agni is havya vaahana, because he carries all the Havis' offered to divine bodies in Yajnas and Yaagaas and deliver the Havis to the divine bodies. He was perfoming this duty since times immemorial. He was fed up with this duty.He did not like this job. He went to forest and was doing Tapassu. His body was deteriorated.

One day he repented for his acts. "What is this? Why I came over to forest neglecting my duties. Without Agni what will happen to this world. Will it become inanimate without Agni? Suppose if it happens like that, will Lord Brahma appoint another Agni to perform my duties. No. I should not remain here. I should immedately resume my duties".

Immediately he returned to his original place. By that time, Lord Brahma appointed Angeerasa as Agni to perform the duties of original Agni and Angeerasa was performing the duties of Agni effectively.

Agni was afraid of Angeerasa. He returned back. Angeerasa saw him.

"O Sacred Agni! You are divine. You have to drive the darkness of the entire world. First you were appointed by Brahma to perform the duties of Agni. Please take back your post. I am wholeheartedly requesting you to resume your duties. I cannot remain in this post" requested Angeerasa.

" For the present, all the people in three lokas are worshipping you as Agni. The post of Agni is yours and I am not fit to hold that post. As you are requesting, you act as First Agni. I will act as second agni as Praajaapaatya agni" said Agni.

"O Agni! please don't speak like that. You are always the First Agni. That Honor is yours always.You accept me as your son" requested Angeerasa.

Agni accepted this proposal. In this manner, Angeerasa shone as the son of Agni and also as secondary agni viz., praajaapatya agni.

Angeerasa, through his wife Siva, begot seven sons and seven daughters. Samya was born to Bruhaspati, son of Angeerasa. While performing Yagas, Havis will be offered to Samya.

Samya through his wife Satya, begot two sons viz., Bharadvaaja and Bharata and one daughter Bharati. Veera was the son of Bharadwaja. Bhaanu was the son of Veera. Niscyavana was the son of Bhanu. Nishkruti was the son of Nischyavana. Rujaskara was the son of Nishruti. Krodha was the son of Rujaskara. Rasa was the son of Krodha. Svaahaa was the daughter and Kama was the son of KroDha. Amogha was the son of Kama and Suktha was the son of Amogha.

Five saints by name Kashyapa, Vaasishta, Praana, Angeerasa, Chyavana were performing penance with a desire to beget a powerful son. They begot one son. His head looked like fire. Hands resembled Sun. His eyes were shining like gold. His body was in Black colour. But he was having good physique. As he was born to five fathers, he was called as "Pancha Janya".

He performed penance for ten thousand years. Bruhadrantharas were born from out of his head; Hari was born from his face; Siva was born from his naval; Indra was born from out of his strength; gas and agni were born from his life; all the elements in the world were born from out of his shoulders and teeth.

An Agni called "Tapa" performed penance and begot 15 sons. But they became cheaters. They were divided into three groups, five each, and they were stealing the fruits of Yajnas and due to that, the Brahmins have to perform Santi Homa often. But the Brahmins were threatening them with their miracle power.

Besides the above 15 sons, Tapa got five more sons. Of them, the first son Vaisvaanara was being worshipped by Brahmins in Chaaturmaasya Vratas. The second son was Visvapati who became the Ruler of the entire universe. The third one was Visvaka and the fourth one was Visvabhuk who digests the food consumed by all the living beings. The fifth son was Gopati who was the root cause for all the Acts of Dharma.

Bhanu, the Agni, begot six sons and one daughter. Purandhara Agni begot a son called Manu. Manu married Nisa. That Manu also was called Praajaapatya. In this manner, several kinds of Agnis were the root cause for all the Acts of Dharma.

Agni was born to Aapa and Mudita. This Agni was performing all the day to day affairs in all the three lokas. He was receiving the Havis during Yajnas and Yaagas and delivering to all the divine bodies. He was also very much tired.

He told to Adharva "Adharva! You know I am daily receiving Havis and delivering to Devatas. I am very much tired. I request you to perform these duties hereinafter".

So saying Agni handed over his duties to Adharva and went under the sea. Unable to find Agni anywhere, Devatas were searching for Agni. In the meanwhile, the fish in the sea revealed the whereabouts of Agni to Devatas. Agni was furious against fish community

"Your fish community will be mercilessly killed and eaten by humanbeings." cursed Agni.

All the Devatas approached Agni and requested him to resume his duties. But Agni did not agree and left his body and entered the earth. His physical body fell on the earth. From out of the body of Agni many elements came out.

From out of pus, phosphorous was created. From out of bones, devadaaru trees were created and so on.

Agni was performing penance inside the earth. Adharva was performing the duties of Agni. All the divine bodies were worshipping Adharva as Agni. Agni could not tolerate this. His heart was filled with jealousy. He came out and resumed his duties as Agni and started delivering Havis offered in Yajnas and Yaagaas to divine bodies.

O Dharmaja! in this manner, several agnis were created but what we worship only one Agni." said Saint Markandeya.

"O Saint Markandeya! Kindly explain me how MahaSena i.e., Kumaarswami became the son of Agni, Krittikas and also Lord Siva." asked Dharmaja. Saint Markandeya continued to say:

"Once, Devendra fought with Rakshasas and was defeated. Devendra was sitting on a hill called Manasa and was thinking how to conquer Rakshasas. At that time, he heard a female voice "save me save me". Devendra went towards that direction.

He saw a demon called Kesi, dragging a lady forcibly. Devendra chased him with his Vajraayudha. On seeing Devendra, Kesi left that lady and fled away.

"Who are you? How you are caught by this demon?" asked Devendra.

"My name is Devasena. My elder sister is Daitya Sena. We both are the daughters of Arishtanemi Prajapati. While we were playing here, this demon came near us and teased us with his sexy gestures. My elder sister liked those gestures. I did not like it. That demon took away my elder sister along with him. But he also teased me and also tried to kidnap me. At that time you saved me" said Devasena.

"Sister! your mother and my mother are the daughters of Daksha. Therefore, I am your brother. Tell me what do you want?".

"O brother Devendra! from my child hood my father used to tell me that a famous valiant hero will become my husband. You have to make those words true. Therefore, please present me a valiant hero who will not be defeated either my Devatas or Rakshasas and who will be the saviour of three lokas and whom you like, as my husband.

Devendra was thinking aloud "Today is Amaavaasya (no-moon day). Sun and Moon are in one Raasi. This is Roudra Time. That too Sunrise time. Now Agni, after receiving the Havis offered by Great Saints, is entering Soorya Mandal. Therefore, a hero who will born in a roudraka time while Soorya, Chandra and Agni are in one house, and with the Amsas(genisis) of Soorya, Chandra and Agni will become her husband."

Then, Devendra along with Devasena went to Brahma and prayed Brahma to present a valiant hero as husband of Devasena. Brahma also said "Devendra! a great valiant hero will become her husband. He will become the Army General of the entire army of divine bodies. With his help, all your woes will vanish".said Lord Brahma.

At that time, The Seven Great Saints like Vasishta etc., were performing Amaavaasya Homa. Agni was invited to receive the Havis offered at the Homa and deliver the said Havis to all the Divine bodies.

All the wives of the Seven Great Saints were also performing homa along with their husbands.Agni stared at them. They are so beautiful. Agni was looking at them with lust. He wanted to touch them. While the wives of Saints were going round the Agni, he was waving his flames and trying to touch them.

The Homa was concluded. Seven Saints and their wives went back to their homes. Agni was suffering with the lustful desire on the wives of Saints. Svaaha Devi, the wife of Agni came to know about the lustful desire of her husband. She wanted to satisfy her husband.

She transformed into Siva, wife of Angeerasa, one of the Seven Saints and approached her husband.

"Agni! I am Siva wife of Angeerasa. The other wives of seven saints also fell in love with you. We all desire to have sexual intercourse with you. To know about your desire, I am sent in advance. If you like, we both will enjoy sexual pleasures now."said Svaahaa Devi in the attire of Siva.

The joy of Agni knows no bounds. He enjoyed sexual pleasures with his wife thinking that she was Siva, wife of Angeerasa. While Agni was discharging his semen, Svaahaa Devi collected the semen of Agni, transformed herself in to an eagle, flew away to Svetha Hill and preserved the semen in a pot and kept it in a grass field.

Again she approached her husband in the attire of another wife of one of the Seven Saints and had sexual pleasures with her husband and collected the semen of Agni, flew away to Svetha hill and preserved the semen in the pot kept in the grass field.

Like this, she enjoyed sexual pleasures with her husband, Agni in the forms of the wives of six Saints and preserved the semen in a pot. But she could not transform into the form of Arundhati.

From out of the six collections of the semen of Agni, preserved six times, Kumaraswamy was born with the shining of Soorya, with six faces and with twelve hands.

Semen was collected on the first day (Paadyami), conceiving on the second day (vidiya),body was formed on third day (tadiya), all the organs were formed on fourth day (chaviti), full form was attained and stood up with a mighty bow in his hand on fifth day(panchami).

He roared with all his six faces. There was an earth quake and all the seas were overflowing. All the saints thought that all this had happened with the birth of a boy who was born to agni through the wives of Seven Saints.

All the seven saints heard this. They could not tolerate this scandal. All the seven saints left their wives. But some were saying "All this is happened due to the wife of Agni who took the forms of seven wives and joined her husband".

Immediately, Svaahaa Devi went to the Seven Saints and revealed the truth. "O Great Saints! this boy was born to my husband through me. Your wives have no part in this affair. Please receive them back and be happy" requested Svaahaa Devi. But the Seven Saints did not believe her words.

A saint called Visvamitra went to that boy and performed all the rituals like Jaataka Karma.

All the divine bodies went to Devendra "Devendra! This boy who is the son of Agni is a valiant hero. He may occupy your seat at any time. It is better to kill him immediately. Then only your Indra power will be safe".

Devendra called "Seven Maatrukas". "You all should go and kill the son of Agni" ordered Devendra. Seven maatrukas approached that boy. On seeing that shining hero, they were afraid and prayed mercy. "We will be your mothers. Please save us" seven maatrukas requested that boy. Kumaraswamy accepted them as his mothers. Seven Maatrukas created one servant called Lohitaasya as nursemaid to look after Kumaarasway. Agni also was looking after his son.

On hearing all these things, Devendra grew angry. Devendra went upon Kumaraswamy with his army to wage war. But the divine army could not resist the flames coming out of the six faces of Kumaraswamy and prayed mercy. Devendra then hurled his Vajraayudha on Kumaraswamy. It hit the right side of Kumraswamy. From out of that place, a person with golden colour, with the face of a ram, and with Sakthi weapon, was born. His name was Visaakha. Along with him several boys and girls were born. Devendra was afraid of this and prayed mercy. All the divine bodies also joined Devendra. Lakshmi stood by the side of Kumaraswamy.

On the sixth day, all the saints worshipped Kumaraswamy. "O Kumaaraa! within six days of your birth, you have conquered all the Lokas. You have to sit on the seat of Indra. The duty of Indra is to protect virtuous people and punish the bad characters and instal good governance. You are fit to hold the post of Devendra" requested Saints. Devendra also joined voice along with them. But Kumaraswamy rejected that offer.

"Devendra! I dont want your power. In course of time, if all the divine bodies praise you and accept you as their ruler, you may get angry upon me. Again there will be enmity between us. It is not good. You continue as Indra" said Kumaraswamy. Devendra felt happy.

"Kumaaraa! Atleast you have to lead our Divine Army. You will be the Army General of Divine Army" requested Devendra. Kumaraswamy accepted the same. All the saints and divine bodies acclaimed Kumaraswamy.

Lord Siva arrived there along with his Siddha Ganas. Lord Siva presented one Golden Flower Garland to Kumaraswamy.

At this time, Dharmaja entertained a doubt. "O saint Markandeya! All are saying that Kumaraswamy was born to Siva. How it happened?" asked Dharmaja. Saint Markandeya continued to say:

"Dharmaja! previously, Maha Siva preserved his Semen in Agni. With that Semen only Kumaraswamy was born through Agni. Besides that, Agni also is called as Rudra. Therefore, Kumaraswamy is called as Siva Putra and Agni putra.

The wives of Seven saints are also called as Kruttikas. As Svaahaadevi has taken the forms of Kruttikas, joined Agni, preserved his semen on Svetha Hill, out of which Kumara was born, Kumaraswamy was also called as Kaartikeya.

At that time, Devendra brought Devasena, the girl whom he found. "Kumaara! Lord Brahma created this Girl Devasena for your sake. Therefore, you marry this girl" requested Devendra.

Kumaraswamy accepted it. On the sixth day, Kumaraswamy married Devasena. Therefore, the sixth day (Shashti) was a Holy Day (It is also called Skandha Shashti or Subrahmanya ShashTi).

On fifth day, Lakshmi joined Kumaraswamy.

All the wives of Seven Saints who were deserted by their husbands, also arrived there.

"Kumaaraa! Some miscreants spread scandals that we joined Agni and begot you. We do not know anything. Our husbands deserted us. You are our son. You have to save us" requested the wives of saints.

"You are all my mothers. There is no doubt about it. Devendra! please give them respectable positions" requested Kumaraswamy.

"Kumaaraa! previously, the daughers of Daksha Prajapati married Chandra. Since then, they were installed around Moon and shining. Abhijit was placed by the side of Rohini. Abhijit wanted to be more popular than all the other stars. She went to do Tapassu. For the present, that place is vacant. In that place, all these six mothers can be accommodated" said Devendra. Accordingly, all the six wives of Saints formed into a Star Krittika. (It is called Krittika Star).

Svaahaa Devi wife of Agni also came there. "Kumaaraa! You are my son. I want to be always by your side."requested Svaahaa Devi. Kumarasway accepted the same.

Soon after Kumaraswamy was born, Devendra sent Sapta Matrukas to kill Kumaraswamy. Later they became his mothers. Now they requested Kumaraswamy to instal them as Mothers for the three lokas, by superseding existing Mothers. For this Kumaraswamy did not agree. Then they requested Kumaraswamy "We wish to cause all kinds of troubles to the children. Give us that blessing" asked Sapta Matrukas.

"It is not proper. I cannot give that blessing. If the people worship you, you should not cause any harm to the children. You can cause harm to the children upto sixteen years." said Kumaraswamy.

In the meanwhile, Svaahaa Devi, wife of Agni arrived there. "Kumaaraa! I am the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. I was given in marriage to Agni while I was a child. My husband, Agni, has not shown love and affection towards me as a wife. Kindly bless me with the love and affection of my husband." requested Svaahaa Devi.

"While Brahmins were offering Havis in the Agni, hereinafter, they will offer Havis with the Mantra "Svaahaa". Your name will be chanted always. In this manner, your husband, Agni, will always be cordial towards you." said Kumaraswamy.

In the meanwhile Lord Brahma arrived there. Brahma introduced Lord Siva to Kumaraswai.

"Kumaaraa! He is Lord Siva, having three eyes and he destroyed three mighty cities (Tripuraantaka). His wife is Parvati, daughter of Parvata Raja. These are your father and mother. Lord Siva and Parvati preserved their power and vigour in Agni and begot you through Agni and his wife. Therefore, Siva and Parvati are your parents. Worship them with great devotion" said Brahma. Kumaraswamy bowed before his parents and worshipped them.

Then Lord Siva, Parvati along with Kumaraswamy reached Bhadravata. Along with Kumaraswamy, Kubera, Devendra, Amogha and other Yakshas, Vasuvus, Rudras , Aadityas, Yama, Varuna, Chandra, Vaayu, and Agni accompanied Kumaraswamy to Bhadravata.

At that time, Mahishaasura, along with his mighty army waged war against Devendra. He destroyed all the army of Divine Bodies. All the Devatas fled away. Devendra encouraged the Army and again fought with Mahishasura. There was a great battle between Devatas and Daanavas.

In this war, Lord Siva also took part. In that war, Mahishaasura caught the chariot of Lord Siva. Everybody thought that Siva will die at the hands of Mahishaasura.

"Kumaaraa! have you seen the audacity of this demon. He captured my chariot. His life came to an end. Kill him" ordered Siva.

Kumaraswamy launched Sakti Weapon on Mahisaasura. Mahishasura was killed and other Rakshasas were destroyed. All the divine bodies praised Kumaraswamy.

" You have seen how Kumaraswamy is powerful. You have to worship Kumaraswami in the same manner as you have worshipped me so far." said Lord Siva to all the divine bodies.

"O Dharmaja! This is the story of Kumaraswamy. Any body who reads and hears this story will be relieved of all their woes and will attain eternal hapiness." said Saint Markandeya, the story from the birth of Kumaraswamy till the destruction of Danavas.

In this manner, Dharmaja heard so many stories about great sages and saints.

At that time, Satya Bhama wife of Sri Krishna and Droupadi, the wife of Five Pandavas was chatting with each other. At that time Satya Bhama asked Droupati

"O Droupadi! You are having five husbands. All of them are affectionate towards you. You are also having greatest devotion towards your five husbands. It is a great wonder. How is it possible to you? How can you please five husbands equally without any discrimination. Is it due to administering of any herbal medicines to your husbands or by your art of talking with your husbands in a pleasing manner or are you so tactful in dealing with your husbands by decorating yourself in different makeup styles with varieties of ornaments. Kindly tell me some tips to please my husband also so that he will always be within my fold." asked Satya Bhama.

With these words Droupadi grew angry. But she suppressed her anger in her mind.
"Satyaa! Do you think that i am a lady leading wayward life or a bad character. Is it proper on your part to speak like that? You are unfit to be the betterhalf of a great divine personality like Sri Krishna. It is your foolishness to think that the husband will be under your control only due to administering some herbs and medicines. If you do like that, your husband will lose faith on you. He may think that leading a marital life with you will be sleeping by the side of a snake. Besides that, by administering medicines, the husband may fell ill and the wife will be defamed. At last she will go to hell. Therefore, wives should not indulge in using such cheap tricks on their husbands to win their love and affection by fraudulent means.

The only Dharma of a virtuous wife is to be faithful to her husband always. Now I will tell you how I behave towards my husbands.

Even if my husbands are moving freely with other women, I will never feel jealousy. I will never show my egoism. I will always worship my husbands. Except my husbands, I never care any other person, however high he may be, even if he is a divine personality or Yaksha or Kinnera.

First I will look to the comforts of my husbands in bathing, dining and sleeping, then only I will bathe, dine and sleep. I will always be vigilant in looking after the comforts of my husbands.

I will never waste anything and never spend money unnecessarily. I will always keep my house and utensils neat and clean. I will always respect the friends and relatives of my husbands.

I will never stand at the door for a long time; I will never laugh loudly; I will never make friendship with badcharacters. When my husbands are out, I will never decorate myself with flowers and I will alwlays think about my husbands and their welfare.

Satyaa! Pandavas are too kind and also too harsh in their hearts. Hence I will always serve them with great care and caution.

Besides, I will also look after the comforts of my mother-in-law Kunti.

Daily, along with my husband, Dharmaja, ten thousand brahmins will dine. I will personally supervise the arrangements for cooking and serving.

Several thousands of servants are working in our palace. I will also look after their comforts. I will also take all measures to see that all the servants will work with great discipline. I will also supervise the Treasury and Accounts. I will personally distribute salaries to all the workers.

Therefore, Pandavas are free from all these household responsibilities. With all these responsibilities and activities, I will find only few hours of time late in the night to sleep. Some times, I do not find time even to dine.

By serving my husbands in the above manner, I am gaining the love and affection of my husbands but not due to administering any herbs or medicines and not by using any tricks or miracles." said Droupadi.

Satya Bhama felt shy and could not look at the face of Droupadi.

"Droupadi! Without knowing anything about you, I indulged in some foolish talk. Kindly excuse me and treat it as an informal chat for fun." requested Satya Bhama.

"Satyaa! I never take anything seriously. I will also tell you the way by which you can win the heart of your husband.

There is no other God to a wife except her husband. Out of love and affection of husband only, wife will get wealth, ornaments, good children, and fame. She cannot acquire those things otherwise. To acquire Punya, we have to strive hard. But by serving our husband, we will attain more Punya. Therefore, serve your husband with utmost love and devotion. Your husband will always shower love and affection on you.

On arrival of your husband, receive him at the doorstep with a smiling face. Never entrust that job to servants. You serve your husband personally. If your husband tells any secrets to you during the course of conversation with you, never reveal those secrets to anybody. Your husband will lose faith on you.

Always respect the friends and relatives of your husband. Never respect anybody who does harm to your husband or his friends or relatives, even though they are your friends.

One more thing . Lady shall always control her behaviour. Pradyumna and others are like your sons. When you are alone with them, never sit on the same cot along with them.

Always make friendship with virtuous ladies. Never make friendship with ladies who are egoistic, and leading a luxurious life. If you follow these principles, you will be happpy throughout your life" said Droupadi.

"Droupadi! Your husbands are divine bodies. You know Dharma. You will get back your kingdom and wealth. Duryodhana and his brothers and friends will be defeated in the war. Your sons are valiant heroes. You are their mother. Your sons are happy in Dwaraka. Rukmini, Subhadra are looking after your sons carefully and safely with utmost love and affection. You need not worry about them." said Satya Bhama.

Then Lord Sri Krishna left for Dwaraka along with his wife Satya Bhama. Saint Markandeya also took leave from Dharmaja and left that place for his Ashram. Later, Pandavas left Kaamyaka Vana and settled at Dvaitavana.

A Brahmin belonging to Hastinapura visited Pandavas in Dvaitavana and enquired about their welfare. Then he returned to Hastina pura. King Dhrutarashtra called him and enquired him about the welfare of Pandavas in forests.The Brahmin told Dhrutarashtra in detail about the woes and sorrows of Pandavas in forests. On hearng this, Dhrutarashtra felt sad.

" Due to the immoral attitude of my son Suyodhana, Pandavas are suffering in the forests. I am responsible for this. I treat Dharamaja as my elder son. But God created all these woes to him alone. Instead of sleeping on a soft bed, he is sleeping on hard rocks in the forests. Bheema is wandering in the forests as a lion. Arjuna is mentally distressed about the hardship caused to his brothers and wife. The twins, Nakula and Sahadeva are suffering a lot in the forests. Though Bheema is able to defeat anybody, is just bound by the words of his elder brother Dharmaja. Otherwise, my sons will certainly die in his hands.

Inspite of my repeated requests, Suyodhana played dice game with Dharmaja and defeated him and insulted him and his wife. This is all due to my selfishness. Pleasures and sorrows will happen one after the other. Though Pandavas lost everything and went to forest but Arjuna won the confidence of Lord Siva and acquired Paasupatha and also went to Devaloka with this physical body and sat by the side of Devendra on his throne. It is amazing. What is that great Punya Arjuna attained in the previous births?" Dhrutaraashtra was thinking, thinking and rethinking about the past deeds.

Suyodhana couldnot relish this. He consulted Sakuni.

"Uncle what is this? Why my father is frightened about Pandavas and about their vigour and valour. Call for Karna. We have to set our minds together and find a solution" said Suyodhana.

He sat with Karna at a lonely place.

"Suyodhana! Pandavas went to forests. All their wealth and kingdom are under your control. All the kings on this earth accepted your supremacy and are paying royalty to you. You are the emperor. Yours administration won the favour of one and all. But Pandavas are suffering all kinds of woes in Dvaitavana.

Now our immediate task is to visit dvaitavana and exhibit our pleasures and pomp and show them our power. They have to feel jealousy in their hearts. We also may feel happy about the miserable life of Pandavas. Droupadi should feel jealousy. This is my idea" suggested Karna.

"Karna! I also feel the same thing. But whether my father will agree for our visit to dvaitavana? That is the only problem. Of late, my father is very much frightened about Pandavas. Vidura is adding fuel to the fire by praising Pandavas and showing his partisan attitude. In these circumstances I doubt whether my father will agree for our proposal. Anyhow, yourself and Uncle Sakuni think together and find a suitable solution" said Suyodhana.

Next day, Karna approached Suyodhana "My friend I have got an idea. We are having our cow herd in dvaitavana. We can visit dvaitavana on the pretext of looking after them. Your father will certainly permit us."said Karna.

Suyodhana gladly agreed for it. Immediately, they sent for a Yadava and trained him how to speak before Dhrutarashtra. Then they all went to Dhrutarashtra along with Yadava. After talking for some time about some general things, Dhrutarashtra was informed that one Yadava from dvaitavana is waiting for his audience. He was allowed inside.

"O King! I am coming from Dvaitavana. Our cows are safe upto this moment. Of late, some cruel animals are attacking the cows and killing them. You have to take steps to save the animals from this onslaught." spoke Yadava parrot like words as trained by Karna.

Karna on one side and Sakuni on the other side supported this and requested Dhrutarashtra for permission to immediately visit Dvaitavana.

"It is good to protect our cows in dvaitavana. But Pandavas are staying there. I do not relish this idea. If you go there, you will certainly insult them. Pandavas are already insulted by you. Bheema is very much angry against you. If he comes across you, he never keep quiet. Arjuna acquired many Astras from Devendra. You cannot attack him. Your doing something and their doing something, is a foolish thing. Therefore, send some dispassionate people to protect the cattle." said Dhrutarashtra.

"King Dhrutarashtra! Pandavas are valiant warriors. Why should we cause hardship to them? Even if we do like that, Dharmaja will never go back to his word and his brothers will never disobey the word of Dharmaja. We have got a desire of hunting. We are only interested in protecting our cows and hunting and nothing else. Please accept our request" requested Sakuni.

At last, Dhrutarashtra agreed for their proposal. Arrangements are made to visit Dvaitavana. Suyodhana along with Karna, Sakuni, all his brothers, with their wives and children, other ministers and relatives with innumerable vehicles, and other servants started for Dvaitavana. They erected tents for theri stay. Suyodhana visited the cow herd and enquired the yadavas about their welfare. Suyodhana and others went for hunting and killed several cruel animals.

At that time, Dharmaja was performing a Yaga called Sadya Skanda with the help of sages and saints in Dvaitavana. Suyodhana reached that place. He ordered for building luxurious resorts and cottages for their comfortable stay. Some gandharvas who are watching that place obstructed the builders.
"This place belongs to Chitrasena, King of Gandharvas. You should not stay here. Please go away" said those Gandharvas.

"Suyodhana, the King and Emperor of Kuru Dynasty is visiting this place. You should not stay here. Please go away" ordered the men of Kouravas.

Gandharvas grew angry. "Your kind does not know his own power and the power of the opposite side. Let him not confront with Gandharvas in this manner" said Gandharvas.

The men of Kouravas went and said the same thing to Suyodhana. Suyodhana imemdiately called all his brothers "Go and attack Gandharvas and kill them. Even if Devendra comes for their help, attack him also" ordered Suyodhana.

Kouravas attacked Gandharvas. But Ghardharvas told Kouravas "Look. Why you are attacking us. There is no enmity between us. Please stop fighting with us and go away"

But Kouravas and their army did not heed their words and attacked Ghardharvas. Gandharvas went and reported the matter to their king Chitrasena and about the attack of Kouravas. Chitrasena also ordered his army to attack kouravas and destroy them.
Kouravas and their army could not stand before Gandharvas. Dussaasana fled away. Only Karna was fighting with Gandharvas. Suyodhana and Sakuni also entered the battle field.

There was a fierceful war between them. Gandharvas were defeated. Then Chitrasena entered the war field. Chitrasena was an expert in miracle war. Kourava army could not withstand his miracle war. Except Karna all left the battle field. Suyodhana was helping Karna. All the brothers of Suyodhana and Sakuni were helping Suyodhana.

Chitrasena broke the chariot of Karna. Karna fled away on the chariot of Vikarna. Chitrasena also broke the chariot of Suyodhana. He dragged Suyodhana to the ground, tied him and threw him on his chariot and made a roaring sound.

On seeing this, the other Gandharvas caught and tied the brothers of Suyodhana and their wives and sons, their ministers, and throw them before the feet of Chitrasena.

The others fled away and approached Dharma Raja and prayed "O King Dharmaja! King Chitrasena wrongfully confined Suyodhana, his brothers, their wives and ministers. Please help us."

Bheema was very happy. "Yaa. I am very happy. What ought to be done by me, Gandharvas did it. We got victory without war. Suyodhana was addicted to commit wrongful things since his childhod. Now he was insulted and defeated by Gandharvas. God is great. He came here to insult us but he himself was insulted by Gandharvas. We should not show any kind of mercy towards Duryodhana" said Bheemasena.

Dharmaja patiently heard what Bheema said. "Bheemasena! Is it proper on your part to speak like this? Disputes between brothers and cousins, with regard to money and property, are quite natural. Simply because there are disputes, will the love and affection witheraway between the brothers and cousins. Brothers and cousins may quarrel amongst themselves but when outsiders attack them, they have to help among theselves. Otherwise, they will be blamed by elders. Though Suyodhana was an immoral character, he was caught by Gandharvas along with his wife, brothers and children. If we neglect them, it will cause hardship even to our community. Besides that, rescuing those who seek refuge is the utmost Dharma of Kshatriya. Therefore, yourself and your brothers, armed with bows and arrows, should immediately proceed to the war field, defeat Chitrasena and rescue Suyodhana and his men." said Dharmaja.

"Brother Dharmaja! Suyododhana threw me in deep waters. Administered poison to kill me. Set fire to our house with a view to consign us to flames. Defeated us in dice game and grabbed our wealth and kingdom. Insulted our wife Droupadi in the presence of one and all by trying to remove her clothes. Brother! For Duryodhana, a Day will never pass by without doing some harm to us.Without considering all these wrongs done by him, is it proper to show mercy on him." said Bheemasena.

"If any body prays to save, however weak he is, he will certainly help that helpless man. That being the Dharma, is it proper for a mighty personality like you to keep quiet. Even if an enemy seeks refuge, he should be rescued. There is no other dharma except rescuing a refuge. Suyodhana knows about our vigour and valour. Hence he sent his men with the hope that we will rescue him. In fact, I myself can go and rescue him. I would not have troubled you. But I am in the midst of Yaga. Hence I am requesting you and your brothers. You please go to the rescue of Suyodhana. First make a request to Gandharvas to release Suyodhana and his men peacefully. If they do not heed your words, dont hesitate to use force." requested Dharmaja.

At last Bheema agreed for his words. Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, armed with bows and arrows, approached Chitrasena.

"O Gandharvas! There is no enmity amidst us. Kindly release Suyodhana in a friendly manner. This is the mandate of Dharma Raja." said Arjuna in a strong voice.

"Arjuna! Dharmaja is not our king. We need not follow his mandate. Our king is Devendra. He can only order us. We need not frighten for others however high they may be." replied Chitrasena.

"O Gandharva! I told you friendly. You did not relish my words. I will use my power and rescue Suyodhana." said Arjuna.

There was a big fight between Arjuna and Chitrasena. Unable to fight with Arjuna, Chitrasena and other Gandharvas fled away carrying Suyodhana and his wives on their chariots in the sky path.

But Arjuna restrained Gandharvas on four sides with his arrows and confined them. Chitrasena began to fight with Arjuna in invisible form. But Arjuna targetted Chitrasena with his Sabdavedhi arrows. Now Chitrasena stood before Arjuna in his original form.

"Chitrasena! why should you bear enmity with Kouravas? Kindly leave them" requested Arjuna.

"Arjuna! there is no enmity between us. You do not know the real facts. Duryodhana is a bad and immoral character. While you are suffering in forests, Suyodhana visited Dvaitavana on the pretext of Ghosha Yatra only to show their pomp. Devendra came to know about this. He ordered me to go to Dvaitavana and capture him and bring him to Devaloka. Hence I captured him, his men and moving them to Devaloka" said Chitrasena.

"Chitrasena! Whatever be his character, Suyodhana is our brother. It is better to leave him. Dharmaja willbe happy. As you said, it may be according to the directions of Devendra. Now our duty is to produce Suyodhana before Dharmaja. Let Dharmaaja decide what should be done. Thefore, kindly respect my words and come along with me to Dharmaja. Chitrasena agreed.

All of them went to Dharmaja along with Suyodhana. Dharmaja received Chitrasena with due honors.

"Chitrasena! I am very happy to know that Suyodhana and his men and women were not killed by you. No hardship is caused to Kouravas. Suyodhana might so far have committed many bad things. Kindly excuse him and leave him.." requested Dharmaja.

Chitrasena accepted the request of Dharmaja and released Suyodhana, his brothers, their wives, ministers and all other men.

Chitrasena went to Devaloka and told Devendra what had happened. Devendra sprinkled Amruta on all the dead bodies of Gandharvas who were killed in the battle. All the gandharvas were alive.

Dharmaja told Suyodhana "Suyodhana! please dont resort to such a heroic deeds. Only bad characters will do such things and ultimately lose their lives. Please do not keep anything in mind. Proceed to Hastinapura along with your brothrs, wives, ministers etc." said Dharmaja.

Suyodhana, without saying single word left that place. Dhoumya and other Brahmins who were present there and witnessed all these developments praised Dharmaja for his generosity even towards his enemies.

Mahabharat, Aranya Parva
(Fifth Chapter)
Om Tatsat.