Saint Vaisampaayana continued to tell Janamejaya the story of Mahabharata.

While Susharma, along with his army, caputured the cows of Virata and while Virata was fighting with Susharma on southern side, Suyodhana along with Bheeshma, Drona, Krupaacaarya, Asvathaama, accompanied by Karna, and Dussasana, invaded the dominions of Virata and captured the cows. They have driven away the cowherds and the army guarding the cows, and forcibly took away the cows.

The chief of the cowherds and the chief of the army stationed there greatly frightened, speedily proceeded to the City of Virata. And beholding the proud son of Matsya, named Bhuminjaya,(also called Uttara Kumara) he told him everything about the seizure of the royal kine.

And he said, " O Prince, the Kauravas are taking away sixty thousand kine. Rise, therefore, for brining back thy cattle. Indeed, you are alone in the empty city. The king (your father) boast of you before others, saying, 'My son, equal unto me, is a hero and is the supporter of the glory of my race. My son is a warrior skilled in arrows and weapons and is always possessed of great courage.'-- let the words of that your father be true! Even like Arjuna, you are , without doubt, the refuge of those dwelling within these dominions. Indeed, we, the subjects of this realm, have our protector in you. Therefore, bring back the cows after vanquishing the Kurus" said the Chief of cowherd.

Thus addressed by the chief of cowherd in the presence of the females, the prince indulging in self-commendation within the female apartments, Uttara said,

"Firm as I am in the use of the bow, I would set out this very day in the track of the cows if only some one skilled in the driving of horses becomes my charioteer. I do not, however, know the man who may be my charioteer. I will bring back the kine this very moment, affrighting in battle Duryodhana and Bhishma and Karna and Kripa and Drona with his son, and other mighty bowmen assembled for fight. I do not, however, know the man who may be my charioteer. My own charioteer was killed in the great battle. I will immediately penetrate into the midst of the Kourava army, and will bring back the cows, having vanquished the Kurus who are feeble in strength and weak in weapons. The assembled Kurus shall witness my prowess today. And they shall say one another, 'Is it Arjuna himself who is opposing us?'

Look therefore, without delay, for a charioteer for me."said Uttara boasting high of himself.

Sairandhri (Droupadi) on hearing these words of UttaraKumara, comparing himself with Arjuna, smiled for herself. Immediately she approached Brihannala and told him what had happened.

Arjuna having calculated carefully the period they had spent in forests and in disguise, found that the thirteen years period was completed on the previous day itself and decided that that was the proper time to expose themselves in their true forms.

Arjuna said: "Do you, at my request, say to Uttara without delay, " Brihannala was formerly the accomplished charioteer of Arjuna. He will be your charioteer. It was by him that the reins were held of Arjuna's excellent horses when Agni consumed the forest of Khandava. In fact, there is no charioteer equal unto him." You should see that I should be the charioteer for UttaraKumara." said Brihannala.

Accordingly, Sairandhri approached Princess Uttara and said:

"It appears that your brother is in search of a charioteer. Your teacher, Brihannala got excellent experience in driving chariot. He was the charioteer for Arjuna while Khandava forest was consumed by Agni. Kindly tell Uttara Kumara about this" requested Sairandhri.

Without delay, Uttara approached her brother Uttara Kumara and told him about Brihannala. Uttara Kumara laughed loudly.

"O Sairandhri, why you are heckling me like this. I never inclined even to look at the face of Brihannala. How can I accept him as my charioteer in the battle with kouravas. All will laugh at me if Brihannala drives my chariot. Oh! what is this. Is there such a draught in our realm for charioteers" exclaimed Uttara Kumara.

Then Sairandhri said, "Brihannala, will without doubt obey the words of Uttara, your younger sister. If he consents to be your charioteer, you will, without doubt, return, having vanquished the Kurus and rescued your cows. For some reason orother, he may be moving here in this netural sex. That does not mean that he lost his vigour and valour' said Sairandhri.

Uttara Kumara spoke unto his sister, 'Go yourself, and bring Brihannala here?'

Uttara hastily went to the dancing-hall where Brihannala was staying in disguise and bowed before Brihannala."

Brihannala blessed Uttara and asked her "What brings you here? Why are you in such a hurry. Tell me" asked Brihannala.

"The cows of this realm are being driven away by the Kurus and it is to conquer them, my brother, Uttara Kumara, is ready to attack them but his charioteer was dead in a battle and there is none equal to that charioteer that can act as my brother's charioteer. Sairandhri said that you are a skilled charioteer and you were formerly the favourite charioteer of Arjuna and it was with you Arjuna had alone subjugated the whole earth. Do you therefore act as the charioteer of my brother. By this time our cows have surely been driven away by the Kurus to a long distance. I am asking this favour out of affection. If you donot accept my words, I will give up my life." said Uttara.

Brihannala smiled at her and said "I doubt I had such a skil in charioteering. Any how, as you are requesting, I will come. Let us go" said Brihannala and followed Uttara to the presence of Prince Uttara Kumara.

Beholding Arjuna from a distance, Uttara Kumara said "O Brihannala! I heard that with you as a charioteer, Dhananjaya had gratified Agni at Khandava forest and subjugated the whole world. Sairandhri spoke about you. Do you, therefore, act as my charioteer, in rescuing our cows." asked Uttara Kumara. Arjuna obediently replied "What ability I have to act as a charioteer in the field of battle? If it is song or dance of musical instruments or such otherthings, I can entertain you but where is my skill for becoming a charioteer" said Brihannala.

"Brihannala! I heard much about you. Without loss of time, take the reins of my excellent horses and be my charioteer. Be ready for the war" ordered Uttara Kumara.

Pretending as if he was unwilling, Brihannala accepted his offer. Although Arjuna was acquainted with everything, he made many mistakes for the sake of fun. He put the coat of mail on his body by raising it upwards, the maidens burst into laughter. Uttara Kumara himself equipped Brihannala with a costly coat of mail.

Brihannala hoisted the lion flag. He set out necessary bows and arrows, swords etc necesaary for the battle.
Uttara asked her brother "Do you bring for our dolls while coming back, various kinds of good and fine cloths after vanquishing the Kurus" asked Uttara.

"O Princecess Uttara! Uttara Kumara will vanquish those mighty warriors in battle and will certainly bring excellent and beautiful clothes for your dolls" said Brihannala.
Then Uttara Kumara ordered Brihannala "proceed where the Kurus are. I will defeat them and rescue our cows and return to the capital." said Uttara Kumara.

On hearing these words of Prince Uttara Kumara, Brihannala drove the chariot with great speed and sighted the army of the powerful Kurus.

On looking at that mighty army, abounding in elephants, horses and chariots, protected by Karna and Duryodhana and Kripa and Bheeshma, with Drona and Asvatthaama, Prince Uttara Kumara agitated with fear spoke to Brihannala.
"I dare not fight with the Kurus. See the sweatting on my body. I am incapable of battling with this countless Kuru army. I do not venture to penetrate into the army of Kurus. My mind is too much perturbed by the very sight of the foe on the battle field. My hair have stood on their ends. My body is shivering and I am fainting with fear." said Uttara Kumara with feeble voice.

"Why do you look so pale through fear and enhance the joy of our enemies. How can I drive the chariot into the mighty Kuru army. Let us rescue the cows first. Having, at the time of setting out, talked before both men and women so highly of your manliness, why would you desist from the fight? If you should return home without recapturing the cows, even women, will laugh at you." said Brihannala.

"My father has gone out to meet the Trigartas, taking with him his whole army, leaving me in the empty city. There are no troops to assist me. Alone and a mere boy who has not undergone much exercise in arms, I am unable to encounter these innumerable warriors and all skilled in weapons. Do you, therefore, O Brihannala, cease to advance!'" said Prince Uttara Kumara.
"Sairandhri applauded me so high in respect of my skill in driving chariots. You also praised me. Atleast, it is for those praises, I cannot return to the city without having rescued the cows." said Brihannala.

"Let the Kurus rob the Matsyas off all their wealth. Let men and women, O Brihannala, laugh at me. Let my cows perish, let the city be a desert. Let me stand exposed before my father. Still there is no need of battle." said Uttara Kumara shivering with fear.

Saying this, that much frightened prince jumped down from his chariot, and throwing down his bow and arrows began to flee.

Brihannala, coming down from that excellent chariot, ran after that prince thus running away, his own long braid and pure red garments fluttering in the air. And some soldiers, not knowing that it was Arjuna who was thus running with his braid fluttering in the air, burst out into laughter at the sight.

Brihannala caught the Prince Uttara Kumaara. "Brihannala! please leave me. I will give you gold coins and gold chariots and elephants. My mother will be waiting for me I have to go. Please leave me" said Uttara Kumara.

"O Prince! if you are unable to fight with Kurus, be my chariot driver. I will fight with Kurus and rescue the cattle." said Brihannala.

So saying, Brihannala brought Uttara Kumara to the chariot and drove the chariot to the Sami Tree where they concealed all their arms, bows and arrows.
Beholding this, all the great car-warriors of the Kurus with Bhishma and Drona at their head, became frightened at heart, suspecting that man of third sex to be Dhananjaya. Several inauspicious indications are also seen, suspecting that a great danger is ahead.

"Stay with vigilance, Protect your own selves and array the troops in order of battle. Stand firm, expecting a terrible slaughter, and guard the cattle" Drona cautioned the army.

Drona looked at Bhishma and said "He appears to be so proud We have to find out who he is"

Bheeshma told Suyodhana, to the hearing of Drona.

"Suyodhana! we have crossed the intricate point which is favourable to our enemies. Now it is the time to show our prowess. We need not worry about our enemies".

Drona understood the inner meaning of those words.

(The inner meaning may be like this:

"We have crossed the intricate point which is favourable to our enemies" means "Pandavas successfully completed the 13 years period which is favourable to Suyodhana",

(2) "Now it is the time to show our prowess." means "It is time to come out in their true forms as Pandavas",

(3) "We need not worry about our enemies" means "Even if they come out, Suyodhana cannot do anything as they have successfully completed the Aranya and Ajnaatavaasa."

"O Suyodhana! Put to great hardship in the forest, Arjuna is coming in wrath. Vanquishing us, he will surely take away the cattle today. I do not see any hero in our army who can withstand him.
Hearing these words, Karna grew angry and said, "Being an elder, you always censure us by speaking on the virtues of Arjuna. Are you a warrior in this army? Is Arjuna such a great warrior? Even if Arjuna comes, I will attack him with single hand" said Karna.

And Duryodhana said:"If this is Arjuna, O Radheya, then my purpose has already been fulfilled, for, if traced out, the Pandavas shall have to wander for twelve years again in forests. Or, if this one be any other person in a eunuch's garb, I will soon conquer him."

On hearing these words of Suyodhana, Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and Drona's son all applauded his manliness!'"

Arjuna drove the chariot to the Sami Tree and stopped there.

"Prince Uttara Kumara! these bows are unable to bear my strength. In this tree are tied the bows and arrows and banners and excellent coats of mail of the heroic sons of Pandu, viz., Yudhishthira and Bhima and Arjuna and the twins. There also is that bow of great energy, the Gandiva of Arjuna, which singly is equal to many thousands of other bows. Climb this tree and bring Gandeeva.

Uttara Kumara said, 'It appears to be a corpse tied in this tree. How can I, being a prince by birth, touch it with my hands?
"O Uttara Kumara! Do not fear, there are only bows in this tree and not corpses. Why should I, O prince, make you to do such a reproachable deed?'said Arjuna.

Having satisfied with the words of Brihanala, Uttara Kumara climbed up the tree and untied the corpse like bundle. All the arms appear to UTTara Kumara as great serpants. Uttara Kumara shivered with fear.

"O Brihannala! here are serpants not bows and arrows" cried Uttara Kumara.

Brihannala said "Dont worry! they will appear to others like that." and prayed them to appear in their original form.

Now Uttara Kumara could see Gaandeevam.

"O Brihannala! here is a big bow like a big serpant. Who will use it?" asked Uttara Kumara with great surprise.

"That is Gaandeevam. Arjuna will use it. With the power of Gandeevam, Arjuna could conquer all Devatas and Danavas.

In the past, Shiva held it first for a thousand years. Afterwards Prajapati held it for five hundred and three years. After that Sakra, for five and eighty years. And then Soma held it for five hundred years. And after that Varuna held it for a hundred years. Partha obtained this beautiful bow from Varuna. And finally Partha that is myself, will hold it for five and sixty years." said Arjuna.

Arjuna also explained Uttara Kumara about other weapons, bows and arrows held by other Pandavas. Uttarakumara entertained a doubt.

"Brihannalaa! where are that Arjuna, and Yudhishthira,and Nakula, and Sahadeva, and Bhimasena, the sons of Pandu? Having lost their kingdom at dice, Pandavas are no longer heard of. Where also is Draupadi, who followed the sons of Pandu after their defeat at dice to the forest? After keeping their weapons on this tree, where have they gone?. They are my relatives. If you know, kindly tell me" asked Uttara Kumara.

"You need not worry about them, said Arjuna. "I am Arjuna, called also Partha. Your father's courtier is Yudhishthira and your father's cook Vallava is Bhimasena, the groom of horses is Nakula, and Sahadeva is spending time as cowherd. Sairindhri is Draupadi, for whose sake the Kichakas have been killed." said Arjuna.

Uttara Kumara was very much astonished. Still small doubt was lingering in his mind.

"Brihannalaa! I would believe all this if you can enumerate the ten names of Arjuna, previously heard by me!" asked Uttara Kumara.

Arjuna said, 'I will, O son of Virata, tell you my ten names. Listen and compare them with what you have heard before.

They are Arjuna, Falguna,Partha, Jishnu, Kiriti, Swetavahana, Bibhatsu, Vijaya, Krishna, Savyasachi and Dhananjaya.These are my ten names." said Arjuna.

Still the clouds of doubt did not vanish in his mind.

"I have heard before about the origin of the ten names of that hero, and I can put faith in you words if you can tell me all about them." asked Uttara Kumara.

"Arjuna said thus:
They called me Dhananjaya because I lived in the midst of wealth, having subjugated all the countries and taking away their treasures.

They called me Vijaya because when I go out to battle with invincible kings, I never return without vanquishing them.

I am called Swetavahana because when battling with the foe, white horses are always yoked to my chariot.

They call me Falguna because I was born on the Uttara Falguni star.

I am named Kiriti, for a Crown having been placed of on my head by Indra during my encounter with the powerful Danavas.

I am known as Bibhatsu for my never having committed a detestable deed on the battle-field.
Though both of my hands are capable of drawing the Gandiva, I mostly use my left hand often. Hence I am known as Savyasachi.
They call me Arjuna because my complexion(white) is very rare within the four boundaries of the earth and because also my acts are always stainless.
I am known by the name of Jishnu, because I am unapproachable and incapable of being kept down, whenever anybody causes any harm to my brother Yudhishtira.
My mother Kunti has got another name Pridha. Hence I am called as Pardha.
While I was guarding Khandava forest with the help of Krishna, and defeated Devatas, Brahma and Siva awarded me the eleventh title, Krishna and also divine Astras and Sastras were given to me.
When I killed Nivata and Kavacha Asuras, Indra awaded me with this Crown.

All the Devatas gave me this Conch. Hence it is called Devadatta.
When Chitrasena, a gandharva, caught Suyodhana and took him away, I fought with that Gandharva and rescued Suyodhana.
Hence I promise that I will fight with Kuru army and rescue our cows. Dont worry." said Arjuna.
Now Bhuminjaya, called Uttara Kumara, completely surrendered to Arjuna. Uttara Kumara approached Arjuna, saluted him.
"It is my good luck that I have seen you here as my charioteer. All my fears have been dispelled. I spoke much ill of you. Kindly excuse me." said Uttara Kumara.
Arjuna hugged Uttara Kumara with love and affection.
"Kindly mount this chariot and I will be your charioteer. Command me. I will driveryour chariot. It is my long cherished desire that I should drive your chariot. It is now fulfilled. I am so fortunate" said Uttara Kumara.
"I am pleased with you, Uttara Kumara. You have no cause of fear. I will fight with your enemies in the battle." said Arjuna.
Then Uttara Kumara speedily alighted from the tree bringing with him the weapons of Arjuna.

"Uttara Kumara! I will fight with Kuru army. Let your fearsbe dispelled" said Arjuna.
"O Arjuna! I am no longer afraid of this Kuru army. I know your prowess in the battle. But I would like to know one thing. By what distressful circumstances could a person of such handsome personality could become deprived of manhood and dwelling in the guise of third sex."asked Uttara Kumara.

"I am observing this vow for one year agreeable to the command of my elder brother, Yudhishtira. I am not one of the neuter sex. When I visited Indra lOka, I refused to have sexual contact with Urvasi and she cursed me to be of neuter sex. Devendra blessed me that it will be useful during the period of our disguise. Hence I am acting as Brihannala" said Arjuna.
"Arjuna! all my fears and suspicions have been dispelled now. What shall I Do? Command me now." said Uttara Kumara
Then Arjuna seated on the chariot. All his weapons were restored to him. The conch Devadattam came to his hand. Partha received all his weapons.

"Uttara Kumara! It is already late. Take our chariot around this Sami Tree and proceed towards the Kuru Army." said Arjuna.

Accordingly, Uttara Kumara drove the chariot around the Sami Tree and proceeded further.

Arjuna stringing his Gaandeeva, twanged it. The twang of Gandeeva was as loud as a thunderbolt filling the earth violently. Arjuna blew Devadatta with thundering sound.

On hearing the sound twang of Gaandeeva, and Devadattam, the horses tied to the chariot dropped down on the ground on their knees. Uttara Kumara also was greatly frightened, sat down on the chariot.
Arjuna got down the chariot, took the reigns himself, raising the horses and placed them in their proper positions.

He embraced Uttara Kumara and encouraged him "Fearnot! Kumara! you might have heard many sounds of conches. Why are you so frightened on hearing the sound of my conch. You are a warrior, not an ordinary person" spoke Arjuna.

"O Arjuna! I heard many sounds of conches. But never before I heard such a thunderous sound. Nor have I heard also the twang of a bow such as Gaandeevam. With the sound of this conch, the twang of this bow and the cries of the creatures around the banner—Kapi Dhvaja, my mind is greatly disturbed I am very much confused. My ears also have been deafened with the sound of Gaandeeva." said Uttara Kumara.

Arjuna smiled at Uttara Kumara and again blew the conch.

On hearing the terrible sound of Devadattam, Drona said:

"Look at that chariot. Hear that sound of conch! Is it not Devadatta? Hear the sound of that bow. Is it not Gaandeeva? Look at that crown. Is it not the one given to Arjuna by Indra. This warrior can be none else than Arjuna. Move quickly. Let us attack Arjuna" and looking at Krupacharya and Asvathaama, Drona said:

"First King Suyodhana will proceed first with part of army. Then we will send the cows with some army. At the back, we will move. If at all Arjuna comes, we will fight with him." said Drona.

On hearing these words of Acharya Drona, Suyodhana said:

" Even this was the pledge of the sons Pandavas that if defeated at the dice game, they would reside to our knowledge in woods for twelve years, and one more year unknown to us. That thirteenth year, instead of being over, is yet running. Arjuna, who is still to live undiscovered, has appeared before us. And if Arjuna has come before the term of exile is at end, the Pandavas shall have to pass another twelve years in the woods. Whether it is due to forgetfulness (on their part) induced by desire , or whether it is a mistake of ours, it is for Bhishma to calculate the shortness or excess of the promised period.

As regards ourselves, we have come here to fight with the Matsyas and to seize their cows stationed towards the north. If,in he meanwhile, if Arjuna comes, we will fight with him.
But, be it the king of the Matsyas or Arjuna, we must all fight with him. Why are all these of foremost car-warriors,--Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and Vikarna and Drona's son,--now sitting on their cars, panic-stricken?

At present there is nothing better than fighting. Therefore, make up your minds. If, for the cattle we have seized, an encounter takes place with the Indra or even with Yama, we will fight.

How can a single Arjuna can fight with the vast Kuru army? Why Drona should praise Arjuna beore me? It is not good and proper on his part to praise Arjuna like a Vandi. Any how, Dronacharya will be supervising the warfare from a distance. Let us not consult him about the warfare.
It is better to talk with Dronacarya while learning archery or preaching morals but not during warfare. Any how, he will not fight but only extend his best wishes for us from behind" said Suyodhana.

On hearing these words, Asvathaama, son of Drona grew angry.
"O King Suyodhana! Just we caught the cows and fought with the cowherds. We have not yet reached Hasinapura with the cows. We have not yet fought with enemies. Even those who got victory also will never speak like this.
Suyodhana! afterall, you grabbed their kingdom in dice game. But this is battle field. You cannot play dice game here.
Have you dragged Droupadi to assembly only after defeating Pandavas?
Was it not the crooked idea of Sakuni. Let Sakuni come now and attack Arjuna on your behalf.
Only to wreak vengeance, Arjuna is coming upon you. You have insulted your Guru but can you attack Arjuna? Anybody can praise any hero with prowess. Arjuna is no other than his dearest student in archery skills. Is it not proper on part of Guru to praise his darest student?
After receiving all these rebukes, my father Drona may fight; but I will never fight.
Listen Suyodhana! even if wild fire breaks, and Mrutyu wields his strings, atleast remains will be there. But the arrows of Arjuna will cause total disaster. Your crooked ideas will never work out here. Arjuna never throws dice. He only will shot arrows through Gaandeevam.
Anyhow, we have come here only to capture cows and fight with Matsya army but not to fight with others. If Arjuna comes, we will never come near him." said Asvathaama firmly.
On hearing these words Karna grew angry.
"Why we have come here? Only to caputre cows of Virata and even if Pandavas come, to undiscover them and send them back to forests. Now we are frightening about arjuna. It is not good. You are making King Suyodhana mad. If you are fearstricken, keep yourself away. I will resist Arjuna.
How many are required to resist one single Arjuna. I am, by no means, inferior to Arjuna.I will break his flag Kapidwaja and drive all the demons around it. I will kill his charioteer. I will slain Arjuna with my arrows. You just witness my prowess.
On completion of 12 years period in woods and one year exile, he is fighting for the first time. I am also a mighty warrior in Kuru army. We will fight with each other.
To discharge my debt to Suyodhana,
To fulfill my pledge that I should kill Arjuna in battle field,
To decide who is greater amongst us,
To show all my archery skills got through Parasurama, time has come.
Anybody who is willing to see our dual fight fight may remain here or they may go to Hastinapura along with cows" said Karna.
Then Krupaachaarya spoke to Karna:
"Karna! you are always inclined to war but do not know about the true nature of things. There are various kinds of expedients inferrable from the scriptures. Of these, a battle has been regarded by those acquainted with the past, as the most sinful. It is only when time and place are favourable that military operations can lead to success.
In the present circumstances, however, the time being unfavourable, no good results will be deprived. A display of prowess in proper time and place becomes beneficial. Considering all this, an encounter with Partha is not advisible for us.
You are saying that Arjuna is alone.
He was alone when he fought with Devatas while Khandava Vana was burnt.
Alone he was when he married Subhadra by taking her away and challenged Yadavas.
Was he not alone when he conquered all the kings and conducted Rajalsuya Yaga.
He was also alone when he fought with Gandharva and saved Suyodhana.
Where were you then?
Alone he was when he fought with the demons, Nivata and Kavaca and saved Devatas.
He was alone when he conquered Kalakeyas who were unconquerable by Devatas.
Besides all these things, in your very presence, he alone struck Matsya Yantra and married Droupadi and challenged all the Kings who attended the Svayamvara.
Pandavas defeated all the kings on all four sides and performed Rajasooya Yaga.
What have you done? Nothing except enjoying royal plealsures in Hastinapura and boasting yourself.
Resisting Arjuna now is crossing ocean swimming with bare arms. That is not good Let us first save the King. Let us fight together with Arjuna. It is not wise for you to say that you alone will fight with Arjuna" said Krupacharya.

Karna gave a retart to the words of Krupacharya. "Knowing fully well that you have got partisan attitude towards Pandavas, Suyodhana innocently invited you for the war. Children, relatives will always be ready to enjoy the royal plealsures. Please go back to your residence and enjoy the plealsures. Unnecessarily you are invited for the battle. If I take the bow to my hand, the entire universe will shiver. Afterall, Arjuna is nothing before me" said Karna.
On hearing all this conversaion, Bheeshma interfered.
"Suyodhana! Drona, Asvathaama, Krupaachaarya expressed their views in a befitting manner. Karna also spoke with heroism. .
No man of wisdom can blame the Guru. If one is more powerful, he may fight but why should he blame others? Even if the enemy is a man of prowess, wise men may appreciate his heroism. One should respect elders.
Think about the present. Arjuna is coming upon his. Krupa Acharya! Let is fight together. It is not time for showing our differences. Excuse me. Knowingly or unknowingly some might have spoken ill of you. Kindly suppress your anger." said Bheeshma.
"Oh! why are you extending excuses. I am not that great man to excuse you. If Dronacharya forgives, that is sufficient." said Krupacharya.
Then Bhishma along with Karna went to Drona and Asvathaama and extended their apologies. Drona became cool.
"With the words of Bheeshma, I am appeased. Let us go. Let such arrangements be made that Partha may not be able to approach Duryodhana in battle. With the regard to the expiry of the period of exile, Bheeshma will speak." said Drona.
Bheeshma also thought that it was time to reveal the facts about the period of exile.
"Suyodhana! in consequences of the fractional excesses and deviations, there will be an increase of one month in every two years period. It seems to me that calculating like this, the period of excile completed by yesterday. So the promise of Pandavas has alrelady been fulfilled. Knowing this to be certain, Arjuna made his appearance. All of them, parlticularly Yudhishtira, are fully conversant with the meaning of the scriptures. How would they deviate from virtues? Had they intended to deviate from virtues, they would have fought with you even when they were unjustly defeated in dice game. Therefore, it is true that the man who has come is Arjuna and none else than Arjuna. It cannot be said that we will certainly defeat him. Success and defeat are quite natural for both sides. We may win or we may loose. Therefore, without thinking about the result, it is better to come to a pact with Arjuna." suggested Bheeshma.
"How can it be? I am not inclined to give a share in the kingdom. I am ready to fight with them. This is my decision. Act accordingly" said Suyodhana firmly.

Then Drona addressed the other warriors:
"Now I will decide what to do. Let us all follow this.
Suyodhana will proceed towards Hastinapura with one-fourth of our army in the forefront. Then the cows will follow Suyodhana with another one-fourth army. We will be moving from behind with the remaining half. I will be at the Centre. On my right side, Krupacharya, on my left side Asvathaama will stand. Karna will be in the forefront. Vikarna, Dussaasana, Sakuni, Saindhava, Somadatta, Baahlika, Bhoorisrava etc., warriors will be standing here and there. They will help the warriors who will be fighting with Arjuna.
This is the plan. Let all of us follow this" said Drona.
Bheeshma accepted this operation and said "I will stand in the rear of the whole army, protecting it from that point."
On one side a single hero Arjuna. On the other side mighty Kuru army with great warriors. All the divine bodies were standing in the sky and witnessing this battle.

Uttara kumara was driving the chariot with great speed. Arjuna blowing his conch Devadattam reached the Kuru army.

"Look at the army Uttara Kumara! Part of the army is proceeding in front. Another part is proceeding behind. We should know where Suyodhana is? Take our chariot to the left side of the army. If we are able to catch Suyodhana, the entire Kuru army will shatter. Our task will become easier. We will return to city with our cows. Otherwise, let us go to the place where cows are stationed. If we recover our cows, Suyodhana will come there to capture them again." said Arjuna.

Uttara Kumara drove the chariot to the left side of the army. Arjuna glanced at the entire kuru army. "Kumara! Suyodhana is not here. It is unnecessary to fight with them. Let us go towards the cows." said Arjuna. Accordingly, Uttara Kumara drove the chariot towards the cowss.

Arjuna shot two shafts each to Bheeshma, Drona and Krupacharya, falling at their feet, saluting them with the arrows.

Bheeshma, Drona and Krupacharya were very much pleased for his respect and devotion towards elders and Gurus.

Bheeshma told Drona "Acharya! Arjuna, having seen us, is proceeding further without fighting with us. It is evident that he is searching for Suyodhana. Suyodhana cannot alone fight with Arjuna. If Arjuna enters in between Suyodhana and us, it is highly dangerous. King is in danger. Let us save him." so saying Bheeshma drove the army towards Suyodhana. Meanwhile, Arjuna reached the cattle.

"Uttara Kumara! now I will attack the army guarding the cattle. Suyodhana will certainly come to their rescue. Drive our chariot eastwards" said Arjuna.
Only one-fourth of army is guarding the cattle. Arjuna easily defeated them. That small army was unable to resist Arjuna. Arjuna rescued the cattle and asked the cowherds to drive the cattle to Virata City. Driven by the cowherds, the cattle was running towards city. Arjuna stood in between the cattle and the army and resisting the army from reaching the cattle. The cattle almost reached the outskirts of City Virata.

The entire Kuru army surrounded Arjuna.