Vaisampaayana continued to say the story of Mahabharata to Janamejaya.

After Taking leave from Dharmaja, Sanjaya left Upaplaavyam and arrived at Hastinapura. He proceeded to the inner apartment of Dhrutarashtra and met him.

Dhrutarashtra received him and offered him a seat by his side and enquired about the welfare of Pandavas and also asked Sanjaya to tell him what had happened in Upaplavyam. Sanjaya said thus:

"O King Dhrutarashra! Dharmaja enquired about your welfare and the welfare of your sons. With your blessings, all are safe there.

Dharmaja believes in non-violence and tolerance and virtues. He trusts God and Dharma but you rely upon your son. Your son, Suyodhana, obey the words of Karna and Sakuni and are always under their control.
Will any body tolerate the unworthy deeds of your sons? Are you the only person on earth who got sons, as if nobody has no sons? Is it not your duty to chastise your sons when they are following a wrong path? Will any body remain as a silent spectator like you?

You have earned a bad repute in this world. Yourself and your son Suyodhana are dancing to the tunes of Dussasana and Sakuni. You are till now safe because Pandavas are tolerating all your misdeeds, otherwise, yourself and yours sons will be no more.

Yourself and your sons are under the mistaken impression that the serene attitude of Dharmaja is his cowardness. It is wrong. You are all alive because Dharmaja is always controlling his brothers. If Dharmaja gets angry, you will not remain on earth.
Look Dhrutarashtra! The seeds of Adharma were sown on the day when dice game was played. Now it is spreading like a wild fire.

Dharmaja is a soft tiger. He is trying to defame you in the eyes of public, taking advantage of the misdeeds of your sons. But he remains silent as innocent. He will rebel when his time comes. On that day, you cannot control him. This is all what I want to say. I am very much tired due to the long and tedious journey. I will meet you tomorrow in the open assembly" said Sanjaya and went away.

Dhrutarashtra was with an agitated mind. He immediately sent for Vidura. Vidura arrived. "Vidura! Sanjaya has come from Upaplaavyam. He rebuked me and went away. He said that he will speak in the open assembly tomorrow. My body is burning. I am not getting sleep. Filled with anxiety about what he may deliver, all my senses have been disordered". said Dhrutarashtra.

"O king Dhrutarashtra! sleeplessness overtakes a thief, a lustful person, a person who lost all his wealth, a person who failed to achieve success, and also a person that is weak and has been attacked by a strong person. I hope, O king, that none of these grave calamities have overtaken you. I hope, you are trying to grab the wealth of others. That is why you are not getting sleep.

Dhritarashtra said, "I desire to hear from you words that are beneficial and fraught with high morality"

"O King, Dharmaja is your relative, your friend, your servant. More than these, he is peaceful and wise. He never speaks ill of you. In consequence of his inoffensiveness and kindness, his righteousness, love of truth and energy, and his remembering the reverence that is due to you, Yudhishthira patiently bears innumerable wrongs. Having bestowed on Duryodhana , Sakuni and Karna, and Dussasana the management of the empire, how can you hope for prosperity?" said Vidura

"Vidura! after hearing the words of Sanjaya, you may adivise me what is good. Now please tell some words which can bring peace to my heart."asked Dhritarashtra.

Vidura continued to say: "Dhrutarashtra! nobody shall do blameworthy deeds. He should always indulge in social-welfare activities. He should not envy for others wealth and should mingle with his neighbours. Anger, pride, disssatisfaction, procrastination and false modesty are the qualities of bad people.

A person who does not respect his king, god, wife and relatives will not achieve good results in his efforts. A tactlessperson does not love those who love him and goes behind those who do not love him.

That man, who, without knowing his own strength and dissociated from both virtue and profit, desires an object difficult of acquisition, without again adopting adequate means, is said to be destitute of intelligence.

Wealth, education, inheritance attach modesty and respect to virtuous people and cause pride and aggrandisement to bad.

When a bowman shoots an arrow, he may or may not succeed in killing even a single person, but when an intelligent individual applies his intelligence it may destroy an entire kingdom with the king.

Eating for himself, thinking alone and travelling alone are not good. Truth is the foremost character. Forgiveness shall not be considered to be the weakness of a person as forgiveness is the prime virtue of good.

A man of power endued with forgiveness, and poor man that is charitable, considered to be a virtuous personality. Of things honestly got, these two must be looked upon as misuse, viz., making gifts to the unworthy and refusing gifts to the worthy.

A man will become virtuous in this world by doing two things, viz., by refraining himself from harsh speech, and by disregarding those that are wicked.

A wiseman should renounce these seven faults that are productive of calamity, these are women, dice, hunting, drinking, harshness of speech, quarrelsome, and misuse of wealth.

Avoiding Self boasting, observing proper dress code, not repenting for the charities he made, leading virtuous life even in adverse circumstances, are considered tobe the better way of living.

Friendship, speaking or quarrelling must be between equals. One should give away something to others from what he has. One should not refuse even to his enemy also. Working hard and feeling happy is a good virtue. Virtuous people will never enjoy flattering but help others. They never cause harm to anybody.

All these qualities are in abundance in Dharmaja. You have brought up Pandavas also along with your sons. Is it proper on your part to desert them now? Therefore, listen to my words, give away half share in the Kingdom to Pandavas and treat them equally along with your sons. As long as all are united, even heavenly bodies dare not look at them" said Vidura.

"O Vidura! What can I do now?" asked Dhrutarashtra.

"If you ask like this what can I tell except telling the truth.

Yourself and your sons are trying to swallow the entire empire including the due share of Pandavas. It is as if the fish is trying to swallow the worm along with the hook.

The unripe fruit is not tasty nor is it useful even as seed. A person who is envy of others' wealth, education and prowess will suffer himself without any disease.

Well-spoken speech is productive of many beneficial results; and ill-spoken speech, is the cause of evils.

A tree cut down by axes may again grow, but one's heart wounded and censured by ill-spoken words never recover. Weapons, such as arrows, knives can be easily extracted from the body, but a wordy dagger plunged deep into the heart is incapable of being taken out.

O king, so far Dharmaja did not so far speak a harsh word against you. But you have heard what had been spoken by your sons against Pandavas. They are very sweet to your ears. Unworthy deeds will always appear to be best for the wicked.

Your mind is always in favour of enmity with Pandavas. What can I do? Think for yourself. Is it proper on your part to deny their legitimate share in the kingdom?

Dharmaja is respecting you as an elder. As long as Dharmaja's good deeds are spoken of in this world, so long, is he glorified in heaven.

In the ancient past, though Prahlada was born in Rakshasa community, he was regrded as a virtuous king. Once a dispute arose between his son Virocaha and another Brahmin Angeerasa. Prahlada decided the dispute in favour of Angeerasa, even without considering that Virocana was his son.

In the same manner, you also act impartially and do justice to Pandavas and avert the unnecessary battle between brothers.
An assembly without elders is not at all an assembly. Elders who are unable to speak impartially are not at all elders. If Truth is absent in preserving Dharma, it is not at all preservation of Dharma. Truth spoken on some pretext or other is not at all a truth.

Living with morals is best. Acquiring wealth by prowess is better. Leading life with agony is worst. Nobody will appreciate those who follow wrong and immoral path.

Your sons will always be enamoured about war. Karna is adding fuel to fire. Pandavas will never indulge in war unnecessarily but they never leave anybody if they are provocated. Pandavas are respecting you as their father. It is better to treat them also equally along with your sons.

O king! If anybody causes harm to those who helped him, even dogs will not touch his body. Forgetting the help done to him is a great sin. Your brother, King Pandu, was your devotee. His sons Pandavas also has greatest regard towards you. It is better to respect them also. Happiness and misery, gain and loss, life and death, are shared by all. You should not feel sorrow.

Sorrow kills beauty; sorrow kills strength; sorrow kills the understanding; and sorrow brings on disease. Grief makes one's foes glad. Therefore, do not yield to grief." said Vidura.

" Yudhishthira who is like a flame of fire, has been deceived by me. He will surely exterminate in battle all my wicked sons. Everything, therefore, seems to me to be fraught with danger, and my mind is full of anxiety" said Dhrutarashtra.

"O King! shed your greediness. Control your senses. You will have mental peace. Shed enmity with Pandavas. Avoid grabbing others property, cows etc. insulting ladies and brahmins. Let all the brothers live together peacefully.

One can cut a single tree but even a ghaslty wind cannot uproot the palmgrove. If all the brothers are united, even the enemies cannot shake them. Therefore, invite pandavas to your presence and give them their due share in the kingdom.

On the day of dice game I advised you but you did not relish my words. I am telling you again and again. You are trusting your sons and deserted Pandavas. Now it has come to your neck. If the son is bad, wicked and untrustworty and causing harm even to his community, he should be left. There is nothing wrong in leaving your son even now. Imagine a situation when Bhishma and Dharmaja, Arjuna and Karna, Bheema and Suyodhana, Lakshmana Kumara and Abhimanyu, Drona and Drupada are serving you, how glorious you will be. You will not have any enemies on the earth." said Vidura.

"Vidura! though your words are acceptable, I cannot leave my sons in this old age. Dharma will triumph" said Dhrutarashtra.

" You need not leave your sons. But why you are keeping Pandavas a a distance. Convince your sons and give few villages to Pandavas for their sustenance. Only to avoid war, i told you to desert your sons. If that is not possible, have a mediation with Pandavas and avoid war. Both are same.

Death is imminent for all. If it is not war, otherwise. However high he may be, he cannot avoid death. Think again. Call for Pandavas and have an agreeable pact with them." said Vidura.

"Vidura, Your words are agreeable. I will do like that" said Dhrutarashtra.

Vidura was very happy. "O King! Be on that word. Dont change your mind." said Vidura.

Next day, Dhrutarashtra, surrounded by elders like Bheeshma, Baahlika, Somadatta,Bhoorisrava and Gurus like Drona and Krupa, Asvathaama and other ministers was sitting in the assembly.

Sanjaya entered the assembly and bowed before all and said:

"O King! As per your command, I have gone to Upaplaavyam and met Dharmaja. Dharmaja enquired the welfare of each and every body by name and paid respects to one and all.

I also met Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna spoke to me like this.

"If Dharmaja gets angry, fire will emanate from water. You cannot put it off. War is imminent. You distribute your entire wealth to brahmins and be ready for the war. In the meanwhile enjoy all royal pleasures and be ready to die in the war.

The loud cries of Droupadi "Govindaa Govindaa" in the open assembly are still ringing in my ears. I cannot discharge that debt. To discharge that debt only, I agreed to be the charioteer of Arjuna. When Arjuna aims gandeeva towards Kouravas, where they will go?" said Sanjaya the words of Krishna.

"O King! then Arjuna spoke to me like this: "Sanjaya! Dharmaja requested for his due share in the kingdom. If they refuse, there is no other word but waging war against them. Me and Bheema will give a fitting reply to Kouravas for all their sinful acts.

Unless Suyodhana sleeps on the bed of arrows, how the pains of Dharmaja, who slept on hard ground in the forests, will be relieved.

While Bheema was wielding his mace in the war front, how Suyodhana will refuse to give our due share in the kingdom?

When Nakula, Sahadeva, Satyaki and Abhimanyu were shooting their arrows and killing the army of Kouravas, Suyodhana will certainly try for peace. He will heed our words only in war front, not otherwise.

After the death of Suyodhana, when Sikhandi jumped on Bheeshma to kill him, there will be no othergo for Kouravas except coming to an agreement.
Kouravas will end the war when Dhrushtadyumna cut the head of Drona. I know that Suyodhana will never heed the words of Sri Krishna.

Sanjaya! We will enter the war with the blessings of Bheeshma and Drona and Krupaacaarya. After suffering innumerable woes in the forests, now we are requesting for our due share in the kingdom. If Suyodhana wins, it is only the defeat of Dharma but not our weakness. Sri Krishna is on our side. We will win. Dharma will win. There is no doubt.

We will kill all Kouravas along with Karna and take back our kingdom. Sanjaya! you please tell all these words to Dhrutarashtra, to the hearing of all elders. On hearing these words, what Bheeshma, Drona, Krupa, Asvathama, Vidura, Salya will decide, that will be final. Long live Suyodhana and his brothers!" These are the words of Arjuna" said Sanjaya.

On hearing these words of Arjuna through Sanjaya, Bhsheema rose to his feet and said: "Suyodhana! Arjuna and Sri Krishna are Nara and Narayana. In every Yuga they will incarnate themselves to put an end to Adharma and save Dharma. Arjuna killed Poulomas, Kalakeyas, Nivata Kavacas.
In fact, Nara and Narayana are one. They are divided into two. If both are in the battle field, even Lord Siva cannot stand before them. You will come know of it when Arjuna wields Gandeevam on the chariot driven by Sri Krishna.

I know you are not afraid of my words. You will do as you like. If you dont heed my words today, you may hear about our fall in the battle. You will pay heed only to the wicked like Dusaasana, Karna, Sakuni but not elders like me" said Bheeshma.

On hearing these words Karna intervened: 'It is not proper on your part to speak like this. What I have done? I am serving Suyodhana and eating his food. It is always my duty to do all that is agreeable to king Dhritarashtra, and especially to Duryodhana, for he is in possession of the kingdom. If I do any wrong, Suyodhana would not have tolerated me all these days. I have never done any injury to King Suyodhana; I will kill all the Pandavas in battle and discharge my debt to Suyodhana. " said Karna.

"Dhrutarashtra! After all, Karna is not at all equal to any of the Pandavas. He is boasting himself that he will kill Pandavas. Relying upon Karna, Suyodhana insulted Pandavas.
Pandavas, especially Arjuna, got many victories in several battles. Can Karna claim to have any such victory in his account. When Arjuna killed his brother in the battle in his very presence, he was helpless and fledaway. When Arjuna was driving back the cattle, Karna was very well present there. What he has done? When your son was being led away as a captive by the Gandharvas, where was this Karna? Now he is boasting himself as he likes. You are heeding his words." said Bheeshma.

"O King Dhrutarashtra! Bheeshma is equally related to both Pandavas and Kouravas. What he said is correct. It is better to settle the matter amicably between the brothers. Everything said by Arjuna and repeated here by Sanjaya, will, I know, be accomplished by that Arjuna, for there is no bowman equal to him in the three worlds! Right from the battle of Khandava Vana Dahana, till now, we have to recapitulate all his victories. Think about it" said Drona.

Dhrutarashtra pretended as if he does not hear those words. He did not try to give any reply. Dhritarashtra looked at Sanjaya "Sanjaya! Tell me what Dharmaja is thinking about us and our army strength. Does he get any idea about our mighty army? Who are the mighty heroes in his army?" asked Dhrutarashtra.

"O King Dhritarashtra! I am telling you again and again. Dharmaja is always in favour of an amicable settlement. If you give him his due share in the Kingdom, he will never intend to cause any harm to you. If war is inevitable, he never cares anybody.

All are known to you on the side of Dharmaja.
Bheemasena, the killer of Baka, Hidimba Keechaka is on their side. Arjuna who defeated Siva and got pasupatha is on their side. Nakula and Sahadeva who conqured many kingdoms are on their side.

Abimanyu, son of Subhadra and the sons of Droupadi are on their side. Satyaki brother of Sri Krishna is on their side. Dhrushtadyumna, brother of Droupadi is on their side.

Drupada, Virata, his brothers, Five Kekaya Kings, Sahadeva son of Jarasandha, Jayatsena, Dhrutaketu and Vrushabha sons of Sisupaala, Yadava King Chekitana and Saibya and other mighty heroes are on the side of Dharmaja.

Besides, Ghatoktacha, son of Bheemasena who is wellversed in miracle war is on their side. Many Kings from eastern region and northern region have joined Dharmaja with their army.

Above all, Sri Krishna is on their side Who else is required for Dharmaja to win the war against us?" said Sanjaya.

"Sanjaya! what you said is correct. With regard to strength, Bheema is one side and the others are on otherwise. I am more afraid of Bheema. Who is equivalent to Bheema on our side? Bheema will never heed my words even from his childhood. Knowing fully well about the strength of Bheema, my sons are provoking him for war.

Bheema killed Jarasandha with his hands. He needs no weapon. He can kill anybody even with his hands. Adding fuel to fire, Arjuna is on his side. What else is required.

Sanjaya! have you ever seen any warrior on our side who is equivalent to Arjuna? Besides that, Sri Krishna is his charioteer. In this way, If Bheema, Arjuna and Sri Krishna is in the battle field, who can attack them. They three will destroy our entire army.

Bheeshma and Drona know much about Arjuna and Bheema. Inspite of that, they will fight on our side. I am unable to tell anything to my sons. What Vidura is saying from the beginning, it is happening. Dharmaja is wise and virtuous. He is supported by his brothers. Drupada and Virata are helping him. Waging war against them is nothing but inviting troubles. I will try to convince my sons and restore peace." said Dhritarashtra.

"O King! You words are so wise. Though you deserted Pandavas, they never left you. They came to your rescue when Gandharva caputured your son Suyodhana. They will never go beyond your words. If you invite them, they will shed their anger and obey your words " said Sanjaya.

After patiently hearing all the words of all elders, Suyodhana began to speak:

"O my father, Dhritarashtra! Your words appear tobe very strange. Sri Krishna gathered all those who were exiled to forest and collected some more cowards and call it an army. Will they conquer us in the battle? Fear not my dear father, we will certainly vanquish them in the battle. Dont belittle our strength. Bheeshma who won Prasurama is on our side. Is our Guru, Drona, an ordinary warrior? What about Asvathaamaa, born with the blessings of Lord Siva. Is there anybody who can attack Karna, born with natural Kavacha and Kundala. Besides, Bahlika, Somadatta, King of Sindhu, King of Gandhara are great warriors. They are all on our side. Can Pandavas stare at us for a moment?

We will never submit to Pandavas. We will never fled away. We will fight till end. It is my final decision. After all, they are sufferers at our hands. If we mingle with them it will be our cowardlyness but not friendship. I cannot say anything if you pray them for peace.

You are praising Bheema as a great warrior. Can he match with me? Not only Bheema, none on the face of the earth can attck me with mace. I will myself kill Bheemna. If Bheema is killed, none will be there on the Pandavas side to fight. Aware of this only, Dharmaja is requesting for five villages.

Sakti, in the hands of Karna, will kill Arjuna. Bheeshma and Drona will destroy the entire Pandava army. Your sons are more powerful than all. We got eleven akshouhini army. They got only seven. Without keeping in view all these things, why you are fearing like this." said Suyodhana.

Then he told Sanjaya "Sanjaya! tell me what Dharmaja, leader of those cowards, spoke about us?" "Suyodhana! Pandavas are treating this battle as a marriage function. They are not afraid of this war." said Sanjaya.

"O King Dhrutarashtra! They have divided the warriors on your side amongst themsleves.

Bheeshma will be killed by Sikhandi; Drona by Dhrushtadyumna; Duryodhana and his brothers by Bheema; all the youth on your side by Abhimanyu; Saindhava, Asvathaama and Karna and other great warriors will be killed by Arjuna.

Kritavarma will be killed by Satyaki; Somadatta by Chekitana; and Sakuni will be killed by Nakula and Sahadeva. Salya will be killed by Dharmaja.

It is their strategy. You can do as you like" said Sanjaya.

Dhritarashtra was very much distressed with these words. "O my God! who will save me and my sons? It is my misfortune that my son is not caring for Sri Krishna and Dharmaja and his mighty army. Sanjaya! It is enough. Dont tell anything more. What will happen it will happen according to fate."

Suyodhana could not tolerate the grief of his father. "O Father! what is this! ourselves and Pandavas were born and brought up at one and the same place. How can they become more strengthened and powerful than us? Why you are praising them like this? This Empire is ours. God decided that it should belong to us. Why you are annoyed?" said Suyodhana.

On hearing these words Dhrutarashtra said: "Sanjaya! hear those words of my son! How he is talking senselessly? Its alright. Kindly tell me who is provocating Dharmaja for war?" asked Dhrutarashtra.

"O King! Dhrushtadyumna, son of Drupada, is repeatedly fomenting the war fire with his words. He says that he himself will kill the entire Kourava army. Dharmaja accepts it with smile. Dhrushtadyumna also told me "Sanjaya! Tell me who can match our Arjuna, equipped with Pasupata, on your side. Let them pray for mercy and let them live for ever" These are the words of Dhrushtadyumna." said Sanjaya.

Then Dhrutarashtra turned to Suyodhana: "O my son Suyodhana! Are you not satisfied with the half share in the kingdom. Why cannot you give the rest to Dharmaja and live happily and peacefully. War is not acceptable not only for me but also for Bheeshma and other elders. It is better to live amicably with Pandavas. Tell me why are you not paying heed to the words of elders. Why you are dancing to the tunes of Sakuni and Karna." asked Dhrutarashtra.

With these words Suyodhana grew angry. "Because, Bheeshma and Drona are not paying attention to my words. How can I enter into the war relying upon their help? I am left only with Karna and Dussasana. I will certainly conquer Pandavas with the help of Karna and Dussaasana. I will never give away an iota of space (space occupied by the sharp edge of a needle) to Pandavas. This is my final decision" said Suyodhana.

Dhrutarashtra still tried to convice his son. "Suyodhana! Kindly hear my words. Give up the war. Atleast will you hear my words when Bheema kills your entire army with his mighty mace or atleast when Arjuna kills your army with his Gaandeevam.

Suyodhana! Pandavas are also aided by divine power. You are relying on your man power. Agni gave Kapi Dvaja and Akshaya Tooneeraa to Arjuna. More than that, Pandavas are alwasy protected by Yama, Vayu, Indra, Asvins. But you are having manpwoer like Bheeshma, Drona and Karna on your side. We heard that Arjuna is equivalent to all the divine bodies . Because Arjuna killed the demons who overpowered the divine bodies. Therfore, Suyodhana! Shed your hatredness. Amicable settlement and restoring peace is the only solution." said Dhrutarashtra.

But Suyodhana paid a deaf ear to his words. "O father! Dont say that divine bodies will help them. What is meant by divinity? Acting beyond likes and dislikes, love and hatred. Thefore, divine bodies will always be impartial. If they act partially, their divinity will vanish. Thefore, it is not correct to say that divine bodies will help pandavas.

If they are aided by divine bodies why they spent 12 years in forest. If I get angry, no divine power will save them. Dont think that I am speaking with vanity and pride. I am telling the truth. You will certainly hear that all the Pandavas, Drupada, Virata, his sons and brothers, Vasudeva and other Yadavas, Kekaya, Pandya, Magadha, Chaidya and other great warriors were subdued at my hands. They are all no match to my valour and prowess.

All the skills in archery known by Bheeshma, Drona, Krupa and Asvathama, are known by me also. You need not worry" said Suyodhana.
At that time, Karna told Suyodhana to the hearing of one and all "Suyodhana! all are thinking that as a result of the curse of my guru, Parasurama, all the astras and Sastras have gone out of my memory. The fact is that later, accepting my prayers, my guru Parasurama blessed me with my previous memory. Therfore, the wealth of my Astras and Sastras is equal to divine power. Even the divine bodies cannot stand before me. After all Arjuna is nothing before me. All the Pandavas and their army will be vanished. It is certain." said Karna.

Bheeshma smiled at Karna and said: "Karna! Instigated by Yama you are talking like this. We cannot stop you. What are you talking? Will Pandavas vanish in the war? Dont talk unnecessarily? Waste of breath. You may think you can kill Arjuna with the Sakti given by Indra but that will be broken into pieces by Sri Krishna. Not only that, all the Astras and Sastras you preserved to kill Arjuna will be destroyed by Sri Krishna.

Dhrutarashtra! If all the brothers are united, they will be happy. If they are divided, they will lose each and everything. Settle the matter amicably. That is all" said Bheeshma.

On hearing the words of Bheeshma again Dhritarashtra tried to convince his son Suyodhana. "Suyodhana! kindly pay heed to the words of Bheeshma. Dont leave Dharmaja. Give their due share in the kingdom and amicabley settle the issue" said Dhritarashtra.

Suyodhana kept quiet as if he heard nothing. Dhritarashtra grew angry.

"Suyodhana! Why are you keeping quiet. Remember. When Arjuna alone recaptured the cows, where were you and your army? Yourself and your Karna were very much present there. What you have done? Karna! Listen. The ensuing war is not capturing the cows. Now Krishna is the charioteer of Arjuna. On his side Bheema with his mighty mace is standing. To attack them, your strength is not enough. You will die in the war and get great fame as a faithful servant to Suyodhana. That only remains. You are also instigating Suyodhana to die in the war." said Dhritarashtra.

"Suyodhana! I am very much distressed with the words of Bheeshma. As long as Bheeshma is in the war front, I will never enter the war. Later I will show my prowess. It is my promise" so saying he left the court.
Bheeshma laughed at him "Suyodhana! The great warrior Karna is angry. What to do? Suyodhana! Myself, Drona and Bahlika alone will destroy the entire army of our enemy. Youwill see the difference."

But Suyodhana is in favour of Karna. "Knowingly or unknowingly all are saying that Pandavas will win the war. In the first instance, I intended to wage war against Pandavas, relying upon you and Drona and Bahlika. Now I changed my mind. We need nobody's help. Myself, karna and Dussasana alone are enough. Victory is ours" said Suyodhana.

Dhritarashtra was very much distressed with the words of his son. "Vidura! My son along with Karna is in death trap. Tell me what to do?" asked Dhritarashtra.

"O king! if we are quarrelling like this, it will help Arjuna to accomplish his task. Stop unnecessary discussions. Send for Pandavas. Have a settlement" said Vidura.

"Sanjaya! while leaving the court of Dharmaja, what Arjuna spoke to you?" asked Dhritarashtra.
"O king! Arjuna asked me to tell you the following words. "Sanjaya! Dharmaja is requesting for our due share in the kingdom. If they refuse, war and their death in war is imminent." concluded Sanjaya.

Then Dhritarashtra dismissed the assembly. Dhritarashtra, Vidura, Sanjaya and Suyodhana remained there.

Again Dhritarashtra asked Sanjaya "Sanjaya! you know all the warriors on both sides. In case of war, can you guess who will win?" asked Dhritarashtra.

"O king! instead of asking me this question, you can ask Vyasa in the presence of your wife Gandhari. Send for them" said Sanjaya.

Dhritarashtra thought in his mind Vyasa and sent for his wife Gandhari. Saint Vyasa appeared before him.

"Sanjaya! You are aware of everything. Give reply to the question of Dhritarasthra" asked Saint Vyasa. Sanjaya bowed before Vyasa and said:

"O king Dhritarashtra! you aksed me the difference between both armies. On the side of Pandavas, Sri Krishna is there. Is there any such eminent personality, equal to Sri Krishna, on your side. The entire strength of Pandavas is Sri Krishna. If all the three Lokas are kept on one side and Krishna on another side, Krishna will win.

Where Truth, Dharma and justice is there, Krishna will be there. Where there is Krishna , Triumph is there.

O king! In this world, there are two things. Ignorance and awareness. Persons who are more influenced by Tamas will be ignorant of Vishnu. Persons who are wise, humble, educated, and learned will be aware of Vishnu."said Sanjaya.

"Sanjaya! what is awareness! How could you know about Vishnu? What is ignorance and how it will be? Kindly tell me." asked Dhritarashtra.

"O King! every person is influenced by three characters, Satva, Rajas and Tamas. I will never be influenced by these three characters. I will always be impartial and follow Dharma without being influenced by Raga and Dvesha. This is called awareness. With this only, I am aware of Vishnu. Either to you or to anybody, this is the only way to know aboutVishnu. Which is contrary to the above, is called ignorance." said Sanjaya.

Dhritarashtra touched his son and said: "Suyodhana! Sanjaya is our well wisher. Kindly pay heed to his words. Surrender to Sri Krishna. You and your brothers will be safe and happy. " requested Dhritarashtra.

"My dear father! Let the entire universe be destroyed I never lose my courage. I will never surrender to anybody" said Suyodhana.

"Gandhari! Have you heard the words your son. He is a crook , wicked and immoral. He will never shed hatredness. He will never heed my words. He is destined to die." said Dhritarashtra.

Gandhari, mother of Suyodhana intervened and said: "My son Suyodhana! Why you are relinquishing all your royal pleasures, happiness, wealth, kingdom and your long life. Fate in the form of Bheema is waiting to kill you. Think for yourself" said Gandhari.

"Dhritarashtra! You are a devotee of Srikrishna. Hence you have chosen Sanjaya as your emissary. You have done a good thing. Follow the words of Sanjaya. Surrender yourself to Krishna. Shed Raga and Dvesha. Think about Krishna with concentrated mind.You will have mental peace."said Saint Vyasa.

Dhritarashtra bowed before Vyasa and said "I will do as you say".

He then asked Sanjaya "Sanjaya! Sri Krishna is called as Vasudeva. How he got that name?" asked Dhritarashtra.

"Because Sri Krishna is omnipresent he is called as Vasudeva. If one thinks about him with pure mind, keeping his senses under control, without Raga and Dvesha, he will surrender himself to his devotees. Hence, control your senses and think about Sri Krishna" said Sanjaya.
"O saint Vyasa! as you said I will pray Sri Krishna. But I am blind. I cannot see Sri Krishna in human form. I am so unfortunate." said Dhritarashtra.
Then Saint Vyasa disappeared. Suyodhana, Sanjaya and Gandhari also departed to their royal apartments.MAHA BHARAT