Saint Vaisampaayana continued to tell the story of Mahabharata to Janamejaya.

After taking leave from Dharmaja, Sanjaya left for Hastinapura.

Next day, Dharmaja, along with his brothers and other kings, intended to approach Sri Krishna to discuss about the future course of action.

"Let all of us go to Sri Krishna and request him to proceed to Hastinapura as an emissary on our behalf. With this attempt, we can avoid war successfully. We can avoid the calamity of killing each other in the war." said Dharmaja.

Then all of them arrived at the place where Sri Krishna was staying. Dharmaja said:

"O Lord Sri Krishna! We treat you as our friend, guide and philosopher. You are our relation. In view of our affinity, we request you to proceed to Hastinapura as our representative. We hope that Suyodhana will heed to your words. We will get back our kingdom. You are treating us equal to your sons. Please help us" prayed Yudhishtira.

On hearing those words, Krishna said: "Dharmaja! I will do as you like. Tell me what you expect me to do?" asked Sri Krishna.

Dharmaja told Sri Krishna thus: "We have heard what the intention of Dhritarashtra and his sons, is, through Sanjaya. Sanjaya is the soul of Dhritarashtra and spoke out of his mind. Dhritarashtra seeks to make peace with us without giving us our kingdom. As per his command, we spent twelve years in the forest and one additional year in concealment. Still Dhritarashtra is not abiding by his word. He has got great love affection towards his son. He is unable to mend him. Owing to affection for his son, he is listening to the cousels of wicked men and behaving untruthfully towards us. What can be more danger and sorrow for us than this? We are keeping quiet as useless fellows wihout knowing how to solve this problem amicably.

O Krishna, on that day, in the open assembly, to the hearing of one all, I prayed for only five villages. It is true. But I doubt whether Suyodhana will give even those five villages asked for by me. Even then, I am not inclined to wage war against them. Even if I keep quiet without asking for any share in the kingdom, how can I feed those who are depending on me. Therefore, an amicable settlement with Kouravas is necessary.

Krishna! Kouravas are my enemies. Still, why should I kill them in war? Is there any other amicable solution for this problem without war? We have numerous kinsmen, and numerous also are the revered seniors, friends and relatives on the side of Kouravas. The slaughter of these would be highly sinful. What good, therefore, can there be in battle? If such sinful practices are the duties of the Kshatriya order, I cannot bear this calamity.

Whether those practices be sinful or virtuous, any other than the profession of arms would be censurable for us. Have we to compulsorily wage war and have our livelihood? But it is not my intention. If we wage war, we will get back our kingdom. But there will be loss of life. War is a sin. It is true. O Krishna! Both parties cannot win success, nor both be defeated. The loss, however, on both sides may be equal. We may win or lose. We cannot say. If we are defeated in war, it will be worse than death. Victory creates animosity, and he that is defeated lives in sorrow. He that is peaceful, sleeps in happiness, giving up all thoughts of victory and defeat, whereas he that has provoked hostility always sleeps in misery, with an anxious heart, as if sleeping with a snake in the same room.

Enmity, O Kesava, is never neutralised by enmity; on the other hand, it is fomented by enmity. But we cannot suffer at the hands of enemies. Therefore, to destroy enemity, we have to act cruelly. It is certain that by fomenting enemity and hostility, there will be misery than happiness. Therefore, attaining peace is better by all means. I am aspiring for my kingdom without waging war. Because, by waging war, there will loss of life, loss of property and loss of prosperity and loss of community. Therefore it is better to have an amicable solution without resorting to war.

You need not show any partisan attitude towards us. You can find out a just and reasonable solution, according to Dharma, agreeable to both sides. Even if they do not agree for your softspoken words, you can use some harsh language and settle the matter. Dhritarashtra's affection for his son is great. Obedient to his son, he will reject our submission. Still keep patience. Dont give finality to the matter as if there is no scope for mediation. My mind is disturbed with all these problems. Please lead us in a just and proper way. Your word is final for us.

At times I feel that it is not good to approach Suyodhana, because they are bad and cruel. They will never heed your words. They will go to any extent. I will never accept even the throne of Indra, in case you suffer any evil at the hands of Kouravas." said Dharmaja with an agitated mind.

"Dharmaja! not only Suyodhana, his father Dhritarashtra is equally wicked. Your words are true. I can understand your anxiety. But you need not worry about me. If I get angry, none will remain there to fight with me. Send me to Hastinapura. At this juncture, it is better to go to Hastinapuram. We can reveal our intentions to the elders in their court." said Sri Krishna.

"O Krishna! if you feel it just to go to Hastinapura and visit the Kuru assembly, you can do so and effect mediation between us because it would in favour of both sides. You know much about us and also about Kouravas. You know what is friendship. You know how to deal with this critical task. I am not that much learned to tell you." said Dharmaja.

"Dharmaja! I heard what you have said and also what had been said by Sanjaya. You are a righteous person. They never leave animosity. They regard themselves strong, having Bhishma and Drona and Kripa and others on their side. You are also kshatriyas. Victory or death in battle, has been eternally ordained by the Creator; even that is the duty of a Kshatriya. They are enjoying the kingdom acquired by them by illegal means. They never part with even a smallest portion. The sons of Dhritarashtra are not afraid of Adharma. Do not show any compassion for that wretch of such disposition. They deserve death at the hands of Pandavas. Take back your kingdom and enjoy the royal pleasrues. Acquire name and fame.

On that day, in the full assembly, they caused you much hardship and mental agony. They are not repenting for those acts till today. Is it just and proper to show compassion, kindness towards them. Will any body there in the world who will not pounce upon them with anger.

While the match at dice was in progress, the wretched Dussasana of most wicked soul, seizing that weeping lady by the hair, dragged princess Draupadi, as if she had no protectors, to the assembly of kings, and in the presence of Bhishma and Drona and others, spoke such words which cannot be repeated here. Restrained by you , your brothers of terrible prowess, bound also by the bonds of virtue, did nothing to avenge it. On that day, every body cursed Dhritarashtra. All the wicked were already killed by God. It is easy for you to kill them in the battle. Therefore, the wicked Kouravas are fit to be killed. The sinful and evil-minded Duryodhana deserves death at the hands of every one, even like a serpent. Kill him, and hesitate not in the least.

But you should pay homage to your father Dhritarashtra and also to Bhishma and other elders. In the presence of all kings I will enumerate all those virtues of yours, as also all the vices of Duryodhana. And hearing me speaking such beneficial words, the rulers of various realms will regard you as possessed of a virtuous soul, and as a speaker of truth, while at the same time, they will understand how Duryodhana is actuated by avarice. I shall strive to make peace without sacrificing your interests. If the matter is amicably settled, it willbe well and good for all. Even if the peace talks fail, I willbe in a position to assess their preparations and arrangements for war and also assess their strength and power.

As long as he lives, Duryodhana will, by no means, be able to give back your kingdom. I think war with the enemy is certain. All the omens that are noticeable by me point to that. Making ready their weapons, let all your warriors be prepared for battle, and let them take care of their elephants and horses and cars." said Sri Krishna.

On hearing these words, Bhimasena spoke thus: "Sri Krishna! Dont threaten us about war. First you proceed to Hastinapura. Dont deal with Suyodhana roughly. Behave with him mildly and try for an amicable settlement. Duryodhana is by nature sinful of heart. He is intoxicated with the pride of prosperity. He always acts against the words of his own men and wounds their hearts. He never cares for anybody.

From the beginning he wasnot caring me. He was always picking up quarrels with me. What can we do? As per the wish of my brother Dharmaja, we have to settle the matter with them amicably. I cannot avoid companionship with him. Originally, we were all living amicably. Due to his greediness only, all this had happened. He has become a destroyer of Kuru Dynasty. Atleast you put him in a right direction. He will never change till his death. All of us would, rather in humiliation, follow Duryodhana submissively. Krishna, in the open assembly, to the hearing of our grand father and our Grand father Bheeshma and our preceptor Drona, you tell Suyodhana on my behalf that we are brothers and we should not quarrel amongst us in such a way that others will point their finger towards us. Let us follow the words of elders and divide the kingdom amongst ourselves and enjoy. That would be better.

Krishna! somehow or other, you should see that the matter is settled amicably. If all the brothers are living together, the entire world will be happy. " said Bheema.

On hearing these words of Bheema, Krishna laughed at him and said: "Is it Bheema who has spoken these words? Or am I mistaken! As if the mountains had lost their weight and fire had become cold, you are speaking about amicable settlement. Have you forgotten your vow? Is it not fighting with enemies and frighten them with your prowess; putting an end to the pride of Suyodhana; endowing the entire kingdom to your brother, Dharmaja. You know not what fear is. But you are exhibiting such a cowardice which is unknown to Bheema. Who taught you this kind of cowardice?" laughed Sri Krishna.

Bheema grew angry. "Krishna! please hold your tongue. We are all bound by the word of our brother Dharmaja. You know about my vigour and valour. How you speak like this? If necessary I will move both earth and heaven. Mind it." said Bheema.

"Oh Bheema! why you are so angry. It is a joke. Dont be angry. Dont I know about your prowess. As you have spoken those words, having forgotten about the hardship caused to you by Suyodhana, I spoke like that. Arjuna requested me to be his charioteer and I agreed for that. If you are not by our side, how can we acquire victory"

Krishna pacified Bheema.
"O Krishna! what you are talking? Will I keep quiet with foldedhands, while you and Arjuna are fighting with enemies? First you proceed to Hastinapura and have comfortable reconciliation between us. Bheema will never get angry with your words. If war were to happen, I will break the heads of elephants and smash the horses. You will astonish about my untiring efforts in the battle." said Bheema holding his mace.

"Bheemaa! I know your strength, vigour and prowess. You will do more than what you said. I will certainly go to the Kuru assembly and make my efforts for settlement. If at all war is imminent, you alone should save us." said Krishna with a smile.

Then Arjuna spoke to Krishna: "O Krishna! Yudhishthira has already told you what should be spoken to in the Kuru assembly. But, hearing what you have said, it seems to me that you do not think peace to be easily obtainable either in consequence of Dhritarashtra's greediness or from our present weakness. You will accomplish that which is for the good of both the Kurus and the Pandavas. Beholding ourselves vanquished by sinful means and banished to the forests, I thought that Suyodhana deserves death at my hands. Hence, you said that war is inevitable.

Surely, you know how Draupadi was insulted in the midst of the assembly by Duryodhana of sinful soul and how also we bore it with patience. But dont keep all of them in mind while mediating with Suyodhana and restore peace. This is all what I wish." said Arjuna.

"Arjuna! I will strive to bring about that which would be beneficial to both the Pandavas and the Kurus. But Suyodhana will never make peace by giving up the kingdom. Had he inclined to partwith the half share in the kingdom, he would not have fomented the enimity since childhood.

I will tell you one thing. Remember his words at the time of capturing the cows of Virata. Bheeshma said that the hero who has come is Phalguna and it cannot be said that we can conquer him easily. He solicited Suyodhana about peace so beneficial to all. Suyodhana did not consent to part with the smallest portion of the kingdom. Now how can he agree for peace. However I will go to the Kuru assembly to know about their views regarding war." said Sri Krishna.

Then Nakula spoke thus: "Krishna! I follow what my brothers have said. The anger and anguish influenced us while we were in forest and exile, is not now in our mind. Simply because they committed a wrong, we need not repeat the same. After the defeat at the hands of Arjuna, I think, there may be a change in the minds of Suyodhana and his followers. They know pretty well that we are now equipped with seven akshouhini army and an emininent personality like you. Besides we have the support of the Kings of Panchala, Yadava, Pandya, Matsya and other kingdoms. Will they not frighten about Bheema and Arjuna? Will not Bhishma and Drona convince Suyodhana? I hope that your softspoken words of Dharma will certainly bring a change in their minds. You will succeed in your mission. We will get back our kingdom" said Nakula.

On hearing the words of Nakula, Sahadeva said thus: "Krishna! my brothers have spoken softly denying war. You have heard them without speaking a single word. You are going to Kuru assembly for begging for our due share in the kingdom. What Krishna! Do you expect that Suyodhana will part with the half share in the Kingdom. Not at all. I do not how the valiant warriors like Bheema and Arjuna are speaking like this. How the kings, who have come all the way from far off places to fight on our behalf, will think about us and also about Dharmaja's begging for a share in the kingdom; Krishna's proposal for half share and restoration of peace and Suyodhana's refusal. Will there be any heinous act than this. Will this begging food be delicious for us. Even if they give a small portion in the kingdom, the mediation will fail. War is certain.

You tell Suyodhana on my behalf like this: "Suyodhana! if you are placed in our position, what will you do? After spending 13 years in exile, If you ask for a half share and if we refuse, how you will think of us. Therefore, you have to divide the kingdom and give us our due share. Oherwise, your death in war is certain. We are not now in a position to heed your words. Tell him that these are the words of Sahadeva." told Sahadeva.
Satyaki felt very happy on hearing the words of Sahadeva. "O Sahadeva! You have spoken correctly. There is no use of preaching sermons to Suyodhana. We will lose our prestige. All the kings assembled here are in favour of war. Viewing from any angle, war is our first and foremost task." said Satyaki. All have acclaimed the words of Sahadeva and Satyaki.

Then Droupadi rose from her seat and said: "Besides grabbing our kingdom by deceitful means, and sending us to forests, they sent Sanjaya to console us. Yudhishtira was flattered with those words and requested for five villages. Even if they refuse to give those five villages, he will keep quiet. What a wonder it is! Dharmaja may shower his love and affection towards his brother, Suyodhana and swallow all those insults caused to him. But if he keeps quiet even without asking for a share in the kingdom, will there be any cowards, useless, incompetent and shameless people like Pandavas, on earth.
Krishna! why should we prove ourselves as lowest of all. This mediation is certainly in their favour. Kouravas are nothing before Pandavas. Are they Brahmins deserving pardon, even if they commit any number of mistakes and sins. I am sure that Suyodhana will never pay heed to your words. If again the war atmosphere repeats in the Kuru assembly, what will Pandavas do? Will they again go back to exile or declare war against Kouravas? This is what I meant. You do as you like.

Krishna! I was born from sacred fire. I entered Bharata Race. I became the daughter in law of King Pandu. My husbands are endowed with great vigour and valour. I got more powerful sons. You are regarding me more than your sister, Subhadra. After taking the holy bath, on completion of Rajasuya Yada, my hair became pure and sacred. Such hair were caught by a wicked person like Dussasana, who dragged me into the open assembly, and insulted me in the presence of my husbands. Will anybody do like this? While my husbands were sitting with their heads down, I prayed you with great devotion. You should remember all these things, while having peace talks with them.
On that day, King Dhritarashtra insulted me like a servant. If I were to go before him along with my husbands, shall I have to stand before him as a servant or as a daughter in law. Think about this also."

So saying she suddenly stood up and held her long black hair in her hand. "Krishna! This is the hair caught and dragged by Dussaasana. You also keep this in mind while having peace talks with them. My mind will rest in peace only when the hands of Dussaasana are brutally severed in the war field. The heart burning will not extinguish unless myself and Yushishtira will both behold the dead body of Suyodhana. Otherwise, why for the mighty bow, Gaandeevam, in the hands of Arjuna and the heavy mace in the hands of Bheema, except tobe burnt. Having five mighty warriors as my husbands and yourself as my brother, I am bearing this fire of insult. How long I have to bear this insult like this, I do not know." said Droupadi.

On hearing these words Krishna said: "O Droupadi! Rest assured that Kouravas will never give our share in the kingdom. War is certain and all the Kouravas will die in the war. So far you have suffered a lot. The same sufferings will be meted out by the wives of Kouravas also. Kouravas never heed my words as the sound of bells tied round the neck of buffaloe of Yama, are ringing in their ears. Therefore war is imminent. It is the truth." said Krishna, consoling Droupadi.

"Krishna! kindly do justice for both of us. This is all what I want to say" said Arjuna.
"Krishna! Your birth star is Rohini. Tomorrow star is Revathi. Chandra Bala and Tara bala are very good for you tomorrow. Hence tomorrow is most auspicious for your journey." said Yudhishtira.

Then Krishna called Satyaki and asked him to put his Mace and Chakra and other weapons in the chariot. He fixed some Yadavas to follow him to Hastinapuram. He also asked Satyaki to be along with him during the visit of Hastina. Krishna ordered his charioteer, Daruka, to make his chariot ready for travel.
Next day, Krishna left Upaplavya for Hastina. Dharmaja and Arjuna gave him send off at the outskirts.

"Krishna! My mother Kunti is in Hastinapura. Kindly meet her and inform her about our welfare. Kindly convey my pranams to her. Also kindly convey my pranams to my preceptors, Drona and Krupacharya and also to Vidura." said Dharmaja.

Krishna accepted his request and left Upaplavyam. He made a halt at Kusasthali. Dhritarashtra came to know about the arrival of Sri Krishna. Immediately he convened a meeting with Bheeshma, Drona, Vidura, Suyodhana, Karna, Saindhava and Sakuni.
"Krishna is arriving to Hastinapura on an important mission. We have to receive him with due honors. Make arrangements immediately for a grand reception." ordered Dhritharashtra.

On hearing about the arrival of Sri Krishna, Bheeshma and Vidura felt very happy. Suyodhana had taken this responsibility.

"Vidura! we have to provide a suitable palace for the comfortable stay of Sri Krishna at Hastinapura. We have to gratify Sri Krishna with our valuable offerings." said Dhritarashtra.

"O King Dhritarashtra! We have no capacity to offer five villages to Pandavas. How can we offer valuable items to Krishna. I could read your mind. You are seeking to make him happy by means of your wealth; and you seek to separate Kesava from the Pandavas. Are you such an unwise man. Even if you offer Mount Meru, Krishna will never leave Arjuna. Offer him only a vessel of water, only the washing of his feet, make only the usual enquiries about his welfare that is sufficient Janardana will not accept any other hospitality or set his eyes on any other thing. Accomplish his desire of benefiting both parties, for which he has come. Kesava desires peace to be established between you and Duryodhana on one side and the Pandavas on the other. " said Vidura.
"What Vidura said is true. Sri Krishna will never leave Pandavas. It is definite. If we try to gratify him with our valuable offerings, others may think that we are doing all these things due to the fear about Pandavas. Our enemies may take advantage of this. It is not good for us" said Suyodhana.

"O king! Worshipped or not worshipped, Janardana never becomes angry. He is coming here only to help Pandavas. Do without hesitation what Krishna says and bring about peace with the Pandavas through Vasudeva." said Bheeshma.
"Krishna will come and tell us to give half share in the kingdom to Pandavas. I will never agree for it. Let it be. As you said, Sri Krishna is the whole and soul of Pandavas. Now, if we imprison Sri Krishna, Pandavas will be like parrots with broken wings. All Yadavas, Panchalas, will come to our side. I will rule the entire universe. I am making arrangements in that direction. Now you can speak as you like" said Suyodhana.
All are astonished on hearing the words of Suyodhana. "What! Do you imprison Sri Krishna! Are you mad! Give up this wicked idea. Sri Krishna is arriving here as an ambassador. We have to respect him. It is our Dharma. What is the wrong he committed for being imprisoned? " asked Dhritarashtra.

"O King! Your sons will vanish if he impirsons Sri Krishna. I cannot stay here any more. I am leaving" so saying Bheeshma left that place.
Later, Dhritarashtra deputed Bheeshma, Drona, Bahlika and others to receive Sri Krishna at the outskirts of Hastinapura. All have gone to the outskirts and offered him a grand reception.

Sri Krishna followed by Satyaki entered Hastinapuram. On arrival of Sri Krishna, Dhritarahstra hugged Sri Krishna and enquired about the welfare of pandavas. Sri Krishna also enquired about the Welfare of Dhritarashtra and his family members. Dhritarashtra offered him Arghyam and Padyam. Sri Krishna, on behalf of Yudhishtira, offered his Pranams to Bheeshma, Drona and other elders. With the permission of Dhritarashtra, Sri Krishna proceeded to the palace of Vidura. Then he proceeded to the palace where Kunti was staying.

Beholding Sri Krishna, Kunti wept and Krishna consoled her. "O Krishna! There is nothing unknown to you. My sons are righteous. Instead of enjoying royal plealsures, they were sent to forest, deserting me also. Is Yudhishtira safe? What about Bheema and Arjuna? The twins Nakula and Sahadeva are safe? Is my Daughter in law Droupadi doing well? I like her very much. I cannot foreget her services.
I am very much annoyed on hearing about the insult meted out by her in the open assembly. Except Vidura, none assailed that incident. Krishna! It is very painful for me to eat the unpleasant food offered by Kouravas all these thirteen years. But I treated Suyodhana and others as my own sons. It is true. I cannot blame anybody for what had happened.

Krishna! Why pandavas are aspiring for the wealth by begging others. Tell Dharmaja that nobody cares for a warrior without prowess. Why should Kshatriya lady gives birth to children? Only with fond hope that they should become mighty warriors with great vigour and valour. Otherwise, they cannot be foremost of all men. You tell this to Bheema and Arjuna. Living with cowardice is not the nature of Kshatriya order. Kshatriyas should live as mighty heroes with great prowess. Tell this to Nakula and Sahadeva. Still if they do not understand my words, let them learn from Droupadi." said Kunti.

"O aunt Kunti! Dont worry. Your sons are not cowards. They are mighty heroes with intelligence, prowess, wisdom and energy. They will enjoy only heroic pleasures." said Krishna.

"Krishna! Pandavas treat you as their father, preceptor and God. You have to look after their welfare. None will land in troubles if they trust you." said Kunti.
Then Krishna proceeded to the palace of Suyodhana followed by Satyaki and Kritavarma. At that time, Suyodhana was sitting on his throne surrounded by Bheeshma, Drona, Karna, Sakuni, Saindhava, Dussaasana, Vikarna, Durmukha and others. On hearing about the arrival of Sri Krishna, Suyodhana received him and offered a suitable seat. Krishna hugged Suyodhana and Dussaasana and enquired about their welfare.
Suyodhana invited Sri Krishna for a dinner in his palace. Sri Krishna rejected his offer smoothly.

"Krishna! Having come to my house, not accepting dinner offered by me is not proper.

You are equivalent to both Pandavas and us. My father likes you very much. What is the reason for not accepting my dinner?" asked Suyodhana.
"Suyodhana! I have come here as a mediator, as an emissary to mediate between you.

Hence it is not proper on my part to take dinners or receive any offerings. Soon after my mission is accomplished, I will certainly dine with you." said Krishna.

"Mediation is different. Dinner is different. What is the link between these two. Let us dine together and then settle the matters. I do not find any valid reason for not accepting my dinner" said Suyodhana.

"Food offered with love and affection is more delicious than the food taken at a place where danger is lurking. Of course, I am not anticipating any danger from your side. But for the present, I cannot dine in your house. While taking food at a hostile place, suspicision is natural. You bore grudge against Pandavas. They are dearer to me. Since their childhood, you are showing some unreasonable hatredness. Everybody knows it. Is it just to bear grudge upon such a righteous people. Hence I thought it fit not to dine in your house who are bearing grudge against Pandavas. I will dine in the house of Vidura." said Krishna.

Then he took leave from Suyodhana and left for the palace of Vidura.
Vidura received Sri Krishna with utmost devotion and offered him arghyam and Padyam and good food. Sri Krishna dined with Vidura. While taking rest, Vidura told Sri Krishna:

" Dhritarashtra's son is wicked and wrathful, insults others, and disobeys the commands of the aged. He is, O Madhava, a transgressor of the scriptures, and of wicked soul, already overtaken by fate, untractable, and disposed to do evil to those that seek his good. His soul is possessed by desire and lust. He foolishly regards himself as very wise. He is the enemy of all his true friends. He is endued with these and many other vices. He will never heed your words. The foolish son of Dhritarashtra has arrived at the conclusion that Karna, single-handed, is competent to vanquish his foes.On hearing about your arrival, they have decided not to heed your words, not to part with the half share in the kingdom, and rule the entire universe for themselves. All the kings gathered here are those who were defeated by Pandavas at the time of Rajasooya Yaga. They are now ready to fight against Pandavas. Hence this peace mission will fail. Time has come for them. Therefore they are provoking for war. Hence, you should not go into the midst of these wicked-minded wretches seated together. Therefore, dont go there. This is my request" said Vidura.

"Vidura! I entirely agree with you. But they should know why I have come? I should know what they feel about my visit! I know the wickedness of Suyodhana. I know that they will never agree for mediation. If a man striving to the best of his abilities to perform a virtuous act meets with failure, I have not the least doubt that the merit of that act becomes his, notwithstanding such failure. I will sincerely endeavour, to bring about peace between the Kurus and the Pandavas who are about to be slaughtered in battle, so that persons outside may not afterwards say that though competent, still Krishna did not make any attempt to restrain the Kurus and the Pandavas from slaughtering one another. If after listening to my auspicious words, the foolish Duryodhana does not accept them, he will only invite his fate." said Krishna.

Later, Vidura took leave from Sri Krishna and went to sleep. Next day morning, Sri Krishna was sitting along with Satyaki and Kruta Varma in the inner apartment of Vidura and were talking with each other. Suyodhana accompanied by Karna and Dussaasana arrived there.

After talking for a while, Suyodhana said: "O Krishna! my father, Dhritarashtra, along with his relatives friends, and ministers was sitting in the assembly and I have come to invite you to the Kuru assembly.

Then Krishna, accompanied by Satyaki and Krutavarma, followed Suyodhana, Dussaasana, Karna and Sakuni to the Kuru assembly. At the assembly, Vidura received Sri Krishna with due honours and lead him to his seat.

To hear the message of Sri Krishna, Narada and other sages and saints also arrived there and seated on respectable seats.

Satyaki and Krutavarma seated on either side of Sri Krishna. Vidura sat behind Sri Krishna. Suyodhana and Karna sat side by side. Gandhara King, Sakuni sat separately along with his sons. All were anxiously waiting to hear what Sri Krishna will say.
Sri Krishna rose from his seat and said: "O King Dhritarashtra! You are well aware of all the facts. Keeping in view the welfare of Bharata Race, in order that peace may be established between the Kurus and the Pandavas without a slaughter of the heroes, I have come here to tell few words beneficial to both.

It is better that both Panadavas and Kouravas should live amicably like milk and water and it is your responsibility to accomplish this task. You have no partiality between Pandavas and Kouravas. Your Bharata race owing to its learning and righteous behaviour, and owing also to its being adorned with every accomplishment, is most distinguished among all royal dynasties.

Joy in the happiness of others, grief at sight of other people's misery, desire to alleviate distress, abstention from injury, sincerity, forgiveness, and truth,--these, prevail amongst the Kurus. Then your race, therefore, O king, is so noble.

In such a race, yourself and your brother King Pandu, your sons and son of King Pandu were born. It would be a pity if anything improper was done by any one belonging to such a great race, and greater pity still if it were done by you. You are solely responsible for all good and bad done in your Kuru race. You have to look after the welfare of all your family members.

Your wicked sons, headed by Duryodhana, abandoning both virtue and truth, disregarding morality, and deprived of their senses by avarice, are now acting most unrighteously towards, their foremost of kinsmen. It is better if Kouravas behave in a righteous manner and live peacefully. Otherwise, it will then produce a universal slaughter(war). Therefore, O king Dhritarashtra! kindly keep confidence in my words and solve this problem amicably. It is in your hands. You are capable of establishing peace.

Now, let us compare the strength of the warriors on both sides. Kindly tell me who will fight with Bheema and Arjuna effectively on your side. Equally, there are none on side of Pandavas who can attack Bheeshma and Drona. Therefore, instead of mass killings in war, it is better to effect peaceful settlement between brothers.

You are the Emperor of this Kuru Dynasty. Kouravas and Pandavas are your sons. Is it proper on your part to have hostile attitude on one side. If you are indifferent to the situation it will end in mass masssacre.O King Dhritarashtra! if anybody dies either in your side or on the side of Pandavas, you have to suffer. That suffering will not favour you in any manner. Both Pandavas and Kouravas are wise, learned and of great prowess. Is it wise on your part to keep quiet while they are dying in an unwanted war. Therefore, strive for peace by restraining your sons. Then you will be acclaimed by one and all.

Besides that, Pandavas lost their father while they were infants. Since then, you brought them up with love and affection. Is it just on your part to leave them now without any reason. You have to shower your love and affection throughout their life.

All Pandavas with one voice said the following words with foldled hands: "O father! As per your word, we spent 12 years in forests and one year unrecognised. We have decided that we are entitled to half share in the kingdom which was ruled by my father, King Pandu, during his lifetime. You are equivalent to my father, mother, relation, and you are our protector. If we have committed any wrong, kindly pardon us and direct us in a right path. There are none for us except you. Either ourselves or Kouravas might have committed wrongs but if you do not transgress virtue and dharma, truth will prevail. Where, in the presence of the virtuous members of an assembly, righteousness is sought to be overpowered by unrighteousness, and truth by the untruth, it is those members themselves that are to be blamed."

O King Dhritarashra! these are the words of Pandavas. Kindly give them proper reply. I told these words keeping in view, Dharma, morality and also the relationship between us. You also shed anger and hatredness and take a wise decision. What will be just and proper except giving their due share in the kingdom. What will be great dharma and wise decision except this. There is no othergo except giving their half share in the kingdom.

O virtuous people assembled here! kindly advise the King. O King Dhritarashtra! follow dharma. Divide the Kingdom. Give Pandavas the share which their father was entitled during his life time. Give Kouravas, the share which you are entitled. Let both of them live happily with their sons and grandsons.

You know that Yudhishthira always follows the righteous path. You also know what the behaviour of Yudhishtira towards you and your sons. While he was in Indraprastha, he brought name, fame and prestige to you. He conquered all the kings and extended the boundaries of your kingdom. While he was living happily in his kingdom, your sons invited him for dice game, grabbed his kingdom and wealth by deceitful means and insulted their wife in the open assembly. You have given your consent for all the above immoral acts. You sent them to forests and made them to suffer much hardship.
Inspite of all these sufferings, Yudhishtira is still seeking friendly relations with you. That is Yudhishtira. Who else in this universe has such a virtue, righteousness and regard to truth.

O King Dhritarashtra! keeping in view the welfare of your son, Suyodhana, I spoke these words. You elimite greediness from the mind of Suyodhana. Invite Pandavas who are peaceloving. They are ready to serve you. If you dont accept this, they are ready for war. They are ready for either of these courses. Choose a right path. I will wait for your wise decision. " said Sri Krishna.

All have heard the words of Krishna with great devotion but none dare to reply. Saint Jamadagni rose and said:

"Suyodhana! in the ancient past, there was a king called Dambodhbhava! He was very proud. At that time, Nara and Narayana were doing Tapassu on Gandhamadhana mountain. King Dambhodhbhava went against them to fight. The saints who were doing Tapassu there chastised him.He did not heed their words At that time, nara, holding Dharbhas in his hand, fought with Dambhodhbhava and defeated him. Dambhodhbhava lost his life. Nara is none other than Arjuna. Therefore, dont fight with Arjuna with unusual pride. Have a peaceful settlement with Pandavas" said Jamadagni.

Then Saint Kanva rose and said: "Suyodhana! You should never enter war with pride and arrogance, without knowing your strength and the strength of the opposite side. Listen this story how the pride and arrogance of Garuda was proved futile.

Matali was the charioteer of Devendra. His daughter was Gunakesi. She was a celestial beauty. He was insearch of a suitable bridegroom for his daughter. At last he fixed Sumukha son of Kuru, grand son of the serpant king, Aryaka, as the bridegroom. Matali approached Aryaka and proposed his daughter to Sumukha. With great distress Aryaka said:

"Matali! Garuda killed my son Kuru. He proclaimed with anger that he will also kill Sumukha within one month. Hence I cannot agree for your proposal." said Aryaka.
"You need not worry. I will approach Devendra and save the life of Sumukha." said Matali and took Aryaka and Sumukha to Devendra.

At that time, Devendra and Vishnu were sitting together. Matali represented the matter to Devendra and requested him to save the life of Sumukha. Accordingly, Devendra blessed Sumukha with long life. On hearing this, Garuda grew angry. In the presence of Vishnu, Garuda asked Devendra:

"You are the son of Aditi. I am the son of Vinata. Kashyapa is our common father. Let both of us kill all the demons. I am in no way inferior to you. Why you interfere in my affair and saved Sumukha." asked Garuda.

"Garudaa! It is not my decision. This is the decision of Vishnu" said Devendra.

"Brother Devendra! You do not know about me. The entire divine community is not even equivalent to my feather." said Garuda with great pride.

Vishnu looked at Garuda with smile "O Garuda! are you so strong and powerful. Show me your strength" so saying Vishnu just put his hand on the back of Garuda. For that weight, Garuda collapsed crying aloud. Vishnu removed his hand. Garuda relaxed.
"Garuda! your pride and egoism will not work out at all times. Be careful" said Vishnu.

Therefore, Suyodhana, pride and egoism is not at all appreciable. Narada knows all these things. Therefore, be friendly with Pandavas and be happy" said Saint Kanva.

Then Narada said thus: "Suyodhana! However high you may be, if the otherside is more powerful, your strength will always be less. However powerful you are, Dharma is greater than you. Before virtue, pride and egoism will have no legs to stand. Obstinacy ought to be avoided; for it is fraught with great evil. Galava is an example for obstinacy.
Galava was the student of Visvamitra. On completion of learning, Galava offered Gurudakshina to his preceptor, Visvamitra. Visvamitra said that he does not want anything as Gurudakshina. Gala was so obstinate. He insisted that Visvamitra should accept Gurudakshina. Visvaamitra grew angry. Visvamitra asked him to give eight hundred white horses, with one black ear. Galava went in search of such horses.

Inspite of his vigorous search, he could not find such horses. One day, he met his childhood friend, Garuda. Galava told him about his search. Garuda carried Galava on his back and took him to King Yayati. On hearing the desire of Galava, King Yayati said that he has no such horses but he offered his daugher, Madhavi, with the help of whom he may get such horses.

Galava, along with Madhavi and Garuda again went in search of such horses. They reached Ayodhya kingdom, ruled by King Ikshvaaku. King Ikshvaaku got 200 such horses, but the king was craving for children. Galava gave Madhavi to Ikshvaaku and in return he received 200 horses, with a condition that Madhavi will remain with Ikshvaaku till he begets a son through her, without losing her virginity. King Ikshvaaku begot a son named Vasumanassudu through Madhavi. He returned Madhavi to Galava.

Garuda left Galava advising him to acquire remaining horses in the same manner. Then Galava along with Madhavi went in search of remaining horses. Galava approached King Divodasa, King of Kasi. Galava gave Madhavi to Divodasa and got 200 more horses. Divodasa begot one son Pratyardhana, through Madhavi, without losing her virginity. Madhavi returned back to Galava.

Galava, along with Madhavi and four hundred horses went to Bhojapura. King Ousinara was ruling Bhojapura. Galava offered Madhavi to King Ousinara and got 200 more horses. Through Madhavi, Ousinara begot a son, Sibi, without losing her virginity.
Galava along with Madhavi went in search of the remaining 200 horses. In the meanwhile Garuda came down to Galava and said: "Galava! in this universe, there are only 600 white horses with one ear black. Therefore, give those 600 horses to your preceptor, Visvamitra and in lieu of the remaining 200 horses, offer Madhavi to himm as usual" said Garuda.

All of them went to Visvamitra. "O Saint Visvamitra! Galava is an infant. He does not know the consequences of his obstinacy. Kindly accept 600 horses and in lieu of the remaining 200 horses, kindly accept Madhavi. She is still virgin." said Garuda.

Accordingly, Visvamitra accepted 600 horses as well as Madhavi. Visvamitra begot a son, Ashtaka, through Madhavi and gave back Madhavi to Galava.

Therefore, Suyodhana, dont be so obstinate as Galava. Had he kept quiet wisely when Visvamitra refused to take Gurudakshina, he would have avoided all these troubles. Therefore obstinacy is always harmful and ought to be avoided; for it is fraught with great evil. Therefore, put an end to enmity with Pandavas and heed the words of Sri Krishna and save the Universe from war." said Narada.

But Suyodhana paid a deaf ear to all the advises of those Saints. "O Saints! Lord Brahma might have already decided my fate. All will happen according to my fate. That is all" said Suyodhana.

On hearing the words of his son Dhritarashtra said: "O Saints! I am helpless if he does not pay heed to your adivces. Krishna! You have said much useful both for earth and heaven. But I do not find any way to follow them. My son is quite obstinate. You are my relative. Kindly convince my son." prayed Dhritarashtram.

"Suyodhana! you were born in famous Bharata Race. A great King like you cannot behave like an ordinary arrogant person. Follow the adivse of your father and other elders. Be friendly with Pandavas. If you follow the adivse of inferior people, you will land in trouble. The adivse of Karna and Sakuni will always cause harm to you. You have abandoned your brothers, Bheema and Arjuna who are great warriors, and seeking the help of other useless kings.Pandavas never bear grudge or enmity against you. Why you are denying relationship with them? If you are united, all the other kings will be under your control and will serve you. Those who are fomenting ill feelings between you will never come to your rescue in case of war. None of these kings are not at all equivalent to the prowess of Bheemasena. If you are able to find a single person who is able to fight with Arjuna, you can certainly go for war. Why you unnecessarily become the cuase for total massacre.

You remember well that when you captured cows of Matsya kingdom, Arjuna alone, without the help of any army, could get back the cows. It is well known to all. Now, the position is different. I am the charioteer of Arjuna. He is equipped with seven akshouhini strong army.

Therefore give up the idea of war. You will unnecessarily be blamed for the destruction of Kuru race. Heed my words. Be friendly with Pandavas. While your father is ruling the entire universe, you will assist your Father, as Yuva Raja. All the Pandavas will be acting under the guidance of your father. While Pandavas are extending their friendly hand, you are denying the same, as if denying the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi. Think over it." said Sri Krishna.

"Suyodhana! Kindly hear the words of your father, peacefully. Sri Krishna has come all the way to Hastinapura to speak few words in our favour. It is not advisable to reject them. Why you intend to destroy the name and fame of Kuru Race during the lifetime of your father. Enmity with Krishna and Arjuna is destructive not only to you and your relatives but also to the entire universe." said Bheeshma.

"Suyodhana! We are all your well wishers. If you follow the words of Krishna, you will be endowed with great wealth and happiness. I cannot tell more than that" said Drona.
"O my son Suyodhana! kindly follow the words of elders and your preceptors. You go along with Krishna and meet your brother Yudhishtira. Everything will end well." finally said Dhritarashtra.

"Suyodhana! Even before Arjuna entering the war field, with Krishna as his charioteer, meet Yudhishtira and save the Kuru race. If you bow before Yudhishtira, he will hug you. Yourself and Bheema will hug each other. Arjuna and twins will bow before you. You respect each other. The entire kings on the earth will appreciate your move. Kuru race will flourish. Having beholding your unity, the kings who have come to fight on your behalf will return back to their respective places with abundant joy. Therefore, enjoy the kingdom and be happy." said Bheeshma and Drona in one voice.

Having heard all these words with great patience, Suyodhana rose and said: "Krishna! my grand father, Bhishma, my preceptor Drona and my father King Dhritarashtra, will always be scolding me all the time. You are also scolding me now, unjustly. What can I do.

Pandavas, without any reason, developed enmity with us on the pretext that we insulted Droupadi in open assembly and we sent them to forests. Now they are trying to kill us. Krishna! viewing from any angle, is there any fault of mine. Dharmaja is a gambler. He provoked Sakuni to play dice game. He played and lost the entire kingdom. He did not keep quiet Again he continued to bet and lost bet by bet. Whatever he did, he did willingly and out of his own volition. We never forced or instigated him to play dice game and lose his kingdom. Am I responsible for the faults or losses of his own? Now, he conspired with the Kings of Matsya and Panchala and ready to wage war against us. Have we, at any time, resorted to such kind of terrorism.

Krishna! As per the Kshatriya order, if any kshatriya dies in war, he will become a great hero. He will enjoy the heavenly pleasures. I never bow even before Indra, abandoning kshatriya order. While we were young, without knowing the legal implications, my father divided the kingdom and gave them half share. How can I keep quiet, now, if my father divides the kingdom, without considering our strength and prowess. I will never allow such division. Dividing the kingdom into two will never happen. I will never agree to part with any land even to the extent of the edge of a sharp needle. Who ever wins the war will rule the Kuru Kingdom. This is my final decision" said Suyodhana.

Krishna grew angry but controlled himself. "Suyodhana! It will certainly happen. Tomorrow itself the war will begin. Your fall is certain.

What! You are not at fault in all these affairs. Kindly tell when you were friendly with Pandavas without causing harm and hardship. Since their childhood, you have been bearing grudge and hatredness against them. You mixed poison in their food; got them bitten with deadly poisonous snakes; tied their hands and legs and threw them in deep waters; and tried to burn them in a lac house. You attempted several times to kill them. But their virtuous life, truth and dharma saved them. Not satisfied with all these heinous acts, you created a dice game and defeated Yudhishtira by deceitful means. Have you ever find any body in this Universe who played dice game with brothers and dragged their wife by holding her tuft, to the open assembly, except you. The words spoken to by you and Karna on that day are not worth-repeating, in this assembly. What had happened on that day, everybody knows. You alone can pretend innocence, even after committing all these atrocities.

Besides that, you are blaming Pandavas that they are provoking you for war. What kind of life you are leading? You will never pay heed to the adivices of your father, grand father and preceptor. Knowing fully well that you will never agree for amicable settlement, once again, as a peaceloving person, I am advising you to restore peace and be happy." said Krishna.

On hearing these words, Suyodhana grew angry. Dussaasana murmered in his ears: "Brother Suyodhana! This is not the way that our father, grandfather and preceptors shouldspeak. All these are forcing you to agree for settlement. You should not stay here any longer. Kindly leave this place" said Dussaasana. Then Suyodhana, without observing the norms, left the assembly. Along with Suyodhana, his brothers, Karna, Sakuni and his friends also left the assemby. All of them gathered outside and were conspiring with each other.

Observing this move, Bheeshma thought: "Why he left the assembly abruptly. Is he insane. Is he influenced by greediness, lust, passion and aggrandizement? All are conspiring together. What they will do is not known" Then Bheeshma came near Sri Krishna and said: "Krishna! Their time has come. Otherwise they will never do like this" said Bheeshma.

Then Sri Krishna addressed the courtiers: "Look at his behaviour filled with pride. In order to save the famous Kuru Race and also for the welfare of others, what is wrong even if we abandon him. While King Kamsa was also behaving like this, all my relatives requested me to save them. I killed that wicked Kamsa and installed Ugrasena on throne. It is better if you also do like this. If Suyodhana is not there, Kuru Race will flourish. We can find some solution for amicable settlement between Kouravas and Pandavas.

On hearing these words, King Dhritarashtra called Vidura: "Vidura! you please and bring Gandhari to this assembly. I hope Suyodhana will pay heed to her words" said Dhritarashtra.

Vidura went inside and brought Gandhari along with him and make her seated by the side of Dhritarashtra. "Gandhari! Your son, Suyodhana, with great pride, left the Kuru Assembly. Will there be such a wicked and cruel person on earth. Kindly convince him and save the Kuru Race" requested Dhritarashtra.

"O King! you know pretty well that your son is cruel and wicked and immoral character. Still why are you supporting his deeds. If you are wholeheartedly inclined to give half share in the Kingdom to Pandavas, who will object and so 'no' to your word. Vidura! ask Suyodhana to return to Assembly and resume his seat." said Gandhari.

Vidura conveyed the message to Suyodhana. Suyodhana alone reluctantly came back and resumed his seat. Others stayed outside the assembly. Gandhari tried to convince him by telling about Dharma, morality, relationship with Pandavas and also about their livelihood and also about their vigour and valour. Suyodhana paid a deaf ear and did not give any reply. She grew angry and cursed him. Suyodhana again left the assembly with anger and joined Karna and Sakuni.

"The intention of Sri Krishna is not appreciable. He influenced Bheeshma and Drona and is bringing pressure on me. It is quite evident from his words. He also quoted the killing of Kamsa. Unlelss we imprison Sri Krishna, Pandavas pride will not vanish. Then they will follow our path. Even otherwise, we can defeat them in war very easily because without krishna they are snakes without stings. Therefore, let us imprison Sri Krishna" decided Suyodhana.

Accordingly, Suyodhana, Dussaasana, Sakuni, Karna, and other kings who have come to fight on their behalf , tried to imprison Sri Krishna. Satyaki has been keenly observing all these developments. He immediately called Kritavarma "Be ready with our army for any eventuality. You wait outside the assembly. I will manage things here" said Satyaki.
Satyaki informed Sri Krishna about all these developments and the intention of Suyodhana to imprison him. Satyaki, with the permission of Sri Krishna, told Bheeshma and Drona: "Kouravas are trying to imprison Sri Krishna. It is nothing but tying fire in the upper cloth." said Satyaki.

On hearing these words, Vidura told Dhritarashtra: "O King! Your sons are trying to imprison Sri Krishna. They will be reduced to ashes." said Vidura.
Sri Krishna addressed the assembly: "With an evil intention in their minds, is it proper on the part of Kouravas to do like this. Kindly give me permission. I will teach them a lesson and then leave this assembly." said Sri Krishna.

Dhritarashtra again asked Vidura to bring Suyodhana. Suyodhana returned back and stood near his father "Suyodhana! what is all this ? Are you mad? Why are you trying to imprison Sri Krishna? What a wicked idea it is? Your annihilation is certain. I cannot help it" said Dhritarashtra in a disgusting mood.

Beholding Suyodhana, Krishna said: "Suyodhana! You are trying to imprison me thinking that I am alone and helpless. Do you want to know who am I? This is my original form.!" said Krishna.

Brahma from forehead, Viroopaaksha (Siva) from chest, Agni from face, Indra, Yama, Varuna, Kubera, Aditya,Marut, Visvedeva, Asvins visible from sides; Balarama, Arjuna appearing at his arms; Yudhishtira, Bheema, Nakula, Sahadeva, Yadu, Vrushni, Bhoja, Andhaka and others warriors emanating from the upper arms; Sankha, Chakra, Mace, knife, Saaranga and other weasons resuming their positions in various hands; and from his eyes and nose and ears and every part of his body, issuing fierce sparks of fire mixed with smoke; and from the pores of his body issued sparks of fire like the rays of the sun Krishna showed his awful, highly wonderful, and extremely varied and auspicious form. None were able to even stare at Sri Krishna.

And beholding that awful form of the high-souled Kesava, all the kings closed their eyes with affrighted hearts, except Drona, and Bhishma, and Vidura, endued with great intelligence, greatly blessed Sanjaya, and the Rishis, possessed of wealth of asceticism, for the divine Janardana gave them this divine sight on the occasion.

All the divine souls, Siddhas, Sadhyas and Vidyadharas from heaven praised Sri Krishna. On hearing these divine sounds, Dhritarashtra thought that it might be the auspicious form of Lord Vishnu.

"Vasudeva! Kindly bless me to see your Visvaroopa"prayed Dhrutarashtra. Krishna gave him also the divine sight. . Dhritarashtra stared at Sri Krishna "O Krishna! With the sight with which I have seen your extremely varied and auspicious form, I cannot again look at this ordinary world. Kindly resume my blindness." requested Dhritarashtra. Krishna accepted his request. Then Sri Krishna withdrew that divine and highly wonderful, and extremely varied and auspicious form.

Followed by Satyaki and Kritavarma, Sri Krishna left the Kuru Assembly." said Vaisampayana to Janamejaya, the story of Mahabharata