The story teller “Ugrasravasu” continued to say to Saint Sounaka and other saints. Both pandavas and Kouravas were learning skills of archery under the guidance of their Guru, Dronaacarya. After getting the permission of King Dhrutaraashtra, Drona arranged a function for exhibiting their archery skills and other marshal art skills, before the elders like Vyaasa, Bheeshma, Vidura, Krupaa Acarya, Salya, Sakuni, somadatta. He asked Vidura to make necessary arrangements. A separate stadium was constructed for the above function. On that day, Dhrutarashtra along with his wife Gandhaari was seated in royal chairs. Mahabharat. Bhagavan Vyasa, Krupaacaarya, Salya, Sakuni, Bheeshmaa, Vidura and Somadatta also arrived and seated in their respective seats.

Drona was attired in white apparel and entered the Stadium. Behind him, Pandavas, Kouravas and other princes followed to the stadium. All the one hundred kouravas stood according to their age. Preliminaries were held. Some princes exhibited their talent in archery. Then commenced the dual fight with Gadhas (gadhaa yuddha) between Duryodhana and Bheemasena. Both were fighting like lions. Vidura who was sitting by the side of Dhrutarashtra and Gandhaari was explaining what was going there in the stadium. But the audience who were in the galleries were divided into two, some on the side of Bheema and some on the side of Duryodhana and they were betting with each other about the winning chances between Bheema and Duryodhana.

Dronacharya found that the situation is going out of control. He sent his son Asvaddhaama to stop the fight between Bheema and Duryodhana. Then he announced that Arjuna will show his skills in archery. Arjuna entered the stadium with his bow and arrows. All the audience gathered here admired Arjuna and praised that he was the proud son of King Pandu and was a great archeror. They have given him a big hand. Kunti was feeling happy that his son has become a great archeror. On hearing the cheerful shouts and praising of audience, Dhrutarashtra asked mahabharat. Vidura ?What was that?All the audiens are praising Arjuna for his archery skills. said Vidura. Dhrutarastra also felt happy.

Arjuna, with the permission of his Guru Dronacharya, launched some missilles, like Agneyaastra, Vaarunaastra, Vaavyaastra, Meghaastra and other missiles and showed his skills in launching and landing. All the audiens amazingly witnessed that show of Arjuna. In the meanwhile, Karna entered the stadium. All the audience looked at Karna, with his natural kavacha (chest plate) and kundalas (ear rings) with utmost surprise. Karna stood in the centre of the stadium and saluted his Guru, Drona and mahabharat. looked at Arjuna and said: Arjuna, for exhibiting such a petty archery tricks, so much of skill is not necessary. I will also do the same. Duryodhana looked at Karna. He was very happy because Karna is opposing Arjuna. Arjuna grew angry. Karna sought the permission of Drona and exhibited all the skills in archery that have already been shown by Arjuna.

Duryodhana went near Karna, hugged him and requested him to be his friend. Karna requested Duryodhana for permision to have a duel fight with Arjuna. Arjun did not agree. He heckled Karna for entering the show without invitation. Arjuna, this show is meant for all the talented archerors. For this show all the talented are invited. No special invitation is necessary? said Karna. Duryodhana gave permission to Karna to have a dual fight with Arjuna. Both Karna and Arjuna had a fiercest dual fight. At one moment, when Karna threw a missile called Parjyannaastra Arjuna disappeared. On seeing this Kuntee fainted. Then Arjuna nullified Parjanyasastra with Vavyaastra. Krupaacaarya thought again the situtation is going out of control. He stood in between Karna and Arjuna. Karna, Arjuna is the son of King Pandu, a Kshatriya by birth. If you want to continue dual fight with Arjuna, you have to reveal your parentage and Vamsa. Karna became speechless.

Duryodhana came to his rescue. O guru,Krupaacharya, who is a king? His caste,(kshatriya), his valiant courage, a big army, will make oneself as a King. . Your objection is that Karna is not a King. Now, now itself, I am making Karna as king of Kingdom of Anga, which is partand parcel of this Kuru Dynasty.? said Duryodhana. He went to his father Dhrutarastra and Bheeshma and sougt their formal permission. A throne, sacred waters, garlands, crown, were made ready.Then and there, he enthroned Karna. Put the crown on his head.

Duryodhana proclaimed that Karna was the King of Anga Kingdom. For this sudden turn of events, Karna was overjoyous. His happiness knew no bounds. Karna embraced Duryodhana.Duryodhana, my friend, today is a memorable day in my life. You have kept my prestige so high. What can I do for you??Duryodana looked at Karna and said Karna, I seek your friendship. Be my friend for ever?.Karna?s eyes filled with tears. Duryodhana, I am yours. I will be your friend throughout my life.This is my vow. Karna proclaimed. In the meanwhile, Karna's father, chariot driver, came there.Karna bowed before his father. Bheema observed this.O Karna, son of a chariot driver, instead ofdriving a chariot for kings like us, why are you fighting with Arjuna? heckled Bheema.

Duryodhana interrupted.O, son of Vayu, look at Karna. A talented warrior like Karna, will never be born in an inferior caste. You know Bheema, the birth secrets of warriors, heavenly bodies, and rivers are unquestionable? The great weapon of Devendra, Vajraayudha, was born out of the spine of Saint Dadheechi. Kumara swamy, The son of Lord Siva, was born in green grass bush. What about your Guru Krupaacarya? How was he born? Was not Drona born from a pot? You know, all the present Kshatriyas were born only through Brahmins, (When Parasurama perished the entire Kshatriyacommunity). Tell me, how were you and your brothers born? Therefore, there is no need here to discuss about births. Karna is the King of Anga . That is all. He is a king.DeclaredDuryodhana.

In the meanwhile, sun was set. The show was concluded for the day.Duryodhana went to his palace along with Karna. Till then, Kunti was looking at Karna. She recognised him as his elder son. But due to the affection on Arjuna, she did not reveal this. She suppressed it in her heart once for all. On completion of education, all the students shall offer GuruDakshina to the Guru.

Pandavas and Kouravas asked their Guru, Dronacarya Gurujee, what is your wish and desire. We will accomplish it. Drona did not forget the insult met by him at the hands of King Drupada. You all go to Panchala Kingdom, fight with Drupada, bring him before me with folded hands?. asked Drona. Immediately, Duryodhana and other brothers proceeded to Panchala Kigndom. All the Pandavas also started on their chariots to Panchala kingdom along with their Guru Drona.

Duryodhana and other brothers proclaimed war with Drupada. But Drupada was not an ordinary king. He was a great warrior. He gave a fitting reply to Duryodhana and defeated him in the war. Then Arjuna along with Bheema attacked Drupada. They fought with Drupada. They destroyed the entire army of Drupada. They defeated the King Drupada in the dual fight. Arjuna tied Drupada to the chariot wheel, brought him to Drona, made him to fall on the feet of Drona. Drona smiled at him ?O King Drupada! How is it that the Great King Drupada is with a sorrowful face fell on the feet of an ordinary brahmin like me? It appears that your pride and vigour are vanished.Will you
at least remember us hereafter?

He ordered Arjuna to free Drupada. Drupada could not bear this insult. He decided to take vengenace against Drona at any cost. As the education in Gurukula is completed,Dhrutarashtra made Dharma raja as Yuva raja. (crescent king or nominated king). The other four brothers also helped him. They fought with all the kingson four sides of the kingdom, conquered them and made them as Samantas.Though Dharmaja was a nominated king, he was shining like an Emperor and won the appreciation of one and all. Drona was very much impressed with the archery skills of Arjuna. He presented
one missili named Brahmastra.Arjuna, this is a powerful missile. This should not be directed against inferior personalities. This will destroy the entire universe. But you should give me another presentation for me. While I am in the war, you should not directly fight against me?

Arjuna gladly accepted the same and received that mighty missili. While Dharmaja, with the help of his brothers, was ruling Kuru Dynasty to the appreciatin of one all, Duryodhana was very much jealous and could not control himself. He approached his father Dhrutarashtra and said: ?O my beloved father, all the Pandavas are great and valiant warriors. You made Dharmaja as Yuva Raja and he is ruling the kingdom. All the ministers, generals, and people in the country are showing utmost respect to him and praising him for his good deeds.

They are not even caring for you or, for that matter, Grand Father, Bheeshma. You know what people are thinking about you---as you are unfit to rule the kingdom and as Bheeshma was not willing to take the reins of kingdom, Dharmaja is only fit to rule the kingdom and he should be respected.. Vidura also supporting this. Nobody is caring for us. While all the ministers, generals,samantaas are praising Dharmaja, I am unable to tolerate.

You should put anendto my mental agony. Please send Pandavas anywhere else. Duryodhana said.After patiently hearing the words of his son, Dhrutarashtra said My beloved son, I also know about this. But what can I do? I am blind. I am helpless. I cannot run day to day administration efficiently. Previously, my brother King Pandu served me and looked after the kingdom. He conquered all the kings and brought enormous treasures and fame to the palace. He made me to perform many Yagas and Yajnas. In the sameway, I handed over the kingdom to his son. Now, how can I send them away.Please tell me.

Duryodhna gave him a fitting reply. Kingdom is an ancestral property. King Pandu ruled this country on your behalf but not as an independent king. In the same way, you made Dharmaja as King on your behalf. AfterDharmaja, his son will be made as a king. If it goes on like this, only the successors of Pandavas will rule this country. Then, where we will be? Ourselves and our sons and grand sons will serve Pandvas and their successors as slaves. Shall we have to live as permanent slaves to them? It should not be like that. Because, this kingdom is yours. As you are blind, King Pandu rules this country on your behalf. He passed away. We are your legal heirs. Hence, we have to rule this country. Because of the good deeds of King Pandu, naturally all the people wanted that his son,Dharmaja, must be the future king. If we send Pandavas to Varanavatha for sometime, and if they are not before them, all the ministers, generals and other people will naturally forget them and serve me, love me and respect me as their king.

After I establish myself as King for sometime, Pandavas can as well come back to Hastinapura and live here with all honors. What do you say?? told Duryodhana convincingly. Suyodhana, I am also of the same opinion like you. But what to do. Will Bheeshma, Vidura and Drona accept this misdeed. How to convice them? As it is not possible, I am unable to do anything, said Dhrutarashtra.Duryodhana was happy because he could convince his father.You are the King and Emperor. Dronacarya and Krupacarya are working under your control.They will agree.

Besides that, Asvathama is my best friend. He will never leave me. For the sake of his son, Drona, will not leaveme. For the sake of his sister andbrother in law, Krupacarya, will not leave Hastinapura. Grand father Bhishma shows same affecton on both of us. Thefore, he will always be neutral. The remaining is Vidura. Ofcourse he favours Pandavas but he is alone. He cannot do anything.Therefore, there is nothing wrong in my proposal and it can be worked out efficiently. Hence you should accept it. Duryodhana pressurised his father.

Dhrutarashtra had no other option but to accept the proposal of Duryodhana.Now Duryodhana hatched a wicked plan to send Pandavs to Varanavatha and liquidate them there. He took some of the ministers into confidence and told them to praise about the greatness and beauty of Varaanavata before Pandavasand convince them to visit Varanavatha. Accordingly, they began to praise about Varanavatha before Pandavas. Naturally, Pandavas were very curious to visit Varanavata.

One day Dhrutarashtra called Pandavas. Dharmaja, Your father, King Pandu earned great name and fame as a king of this Kuru Dynasty. But he is not before us. You are also fit and efficient sons to your father. I like you very much. I hope you will obey my words. You have been ruling this country since long time. You waged many wars. You are so tired. I want to give you some rest. Varanavatha City is on the banks of Holy river Ganga. It is a place for spending pleasant and peaceful life. Therefore, you, your brothers and your mother Kunti, visit Varanavata and stay there happily for some time and come back, requested Dhrutarashtra,pretending innocence. While his Paternal Uncle was saying like that,Dharmaja could not reject the offer. He accepted the same and started to make preparations for the journey.

Duryodhana called one builder and architect called Purochana.Purochana, you are a trustworty person. I trust you. Pandavas are going to stay at Varanavatha for some time. You have to construct suitable buildings for their comfortable stay. The walls should be built with the mixture of mudlack, ghee and other inflammable oils. All the Pandavas and Kunti will live in that house. After some time, you have to set fire to that house, return to Hastinapura and give me information that all are dead.This is your mission. If you complete this mission, I will regain my kingdom. You will live princely life throughout your life, said Duryodhana inciting him to do that dirty job.

Purochana agreed for the same and proceeded to Varanavatha. After taking permission from Bheeshma,Dronacarya, Krupacarya, Dharmaja, along with his four brothers and mother Kunti, left Hastinapura for Varanavatha. Here, Nannaya gave the ages of Pandavas. Ofcourse, Veda Vyasa who wrote Bharata in Sanskrit also must have given them. When Dharmaja, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva left Satasrunga Hill and arrived at Hastinapur, they were aged about 16, 15, 14, 13, 13 respectively. As Nakula and Sahadeva were twins, they were of the same age. They lived inastinapurafor a periodof 13 years. Therefore, their ages when they left for Varanaavatawere 29,28, 27, 26, 26 respectively.

While Pandavas along with Kunti were leaving Varanavata, the citizens of Hastinapura were very much unhappy. They all know that it was the wicked plan of Duryodhana to get rid of Pndavas once and for all.But they wonder why Bheeshma and other elders did not object the same. They could not live in Hastina without Dharmaja. Hence they all followed Dharmaja behind the chariot. Dharmaja saw this. He got down the chariot with folded hands.My dear fellow citizens, I am faithfully, with great devotion, following thewords of my paternal uncle. I am going to Varanaavata along with my mother and brothers for taking rest. We will come back again and meet all of you. I request you to kindly go back to Hastinapuram please, said Yudhishtira. As per his request, all the citizens turned back. But Vidura followed them to some distance. Vidura told some words to Yudhishtira which cannot be understood by common man.

Then Vidura took leave from Kunti and went back to Hastinapura. Kuti asked Yudhishtiraa ?My son, we could not understand what Vidura told you. What did he say? asked Kunti. Dharmaja smiled and said ,Mom, uncle told me that we shouldbe more careful about poison and fire. He said that he will let us know about the wicked plans of Duryodhana from time to time, said Dharmaja. Kunti and other Pandavas were very much happy about the affection Vidura shown towards them.

They reached Varanavatam in course of time. The citizens of Varanavatam accorded warm welcome to Kunti and Pandavas. They received them with great honour. Purochana also received them and led them to the new houses built for their stay. Pandavas were very happy. They appreciated the architectural skills of Purochana in building the houses and decorating them.

After Purochana left, Dharmaja called Bheemasena, Brother, observe and smell these walls. Are they not smelling some odd odour like mixture of ghee and lac and other oils.? asked Yudhishtira.Bhimasena smelt the walls and surprised .Yes brother, it is correct. The walls are smelling ghee and other oils. Besides that, our house is very near to thearmoury which is exposed to danger always. said Bhima. You are right. Now I recollect the words of Vidura. We are very much exposed to fire than poison. We must be more careful? said Yudhishtira.

Brother, we can do one thing. We will go back to our previous building and stay there. We will set fire to this house. said Bheema with anger. No. Dont be in hurry. That is not a wise thing. We detected the danger. We will be more careful. Suppose, Duryodhana or Purochana suspect that we are aware of their crooked idea, they will alert and work out another plan to put an end to us. As we will not be knowing about it, it would be very difficult for us to come out of their trap. Therefore, we will pretend as if we are innocent and see what will happen.? said Dharmaja.

From then onwards Bheema was more vigilant in safeguarding himself, his mother and other brothers. Purochana employed one maid servant for serving Kunti and Pandavas. She got five sons. She was helping Kunti in her household work. She was also spying on them and passing on all the information about the movements of Pandavas and Kunti to Purochana. In the meanwhile, Vidura came to know about the cruel plan of Duryodhana Immediately, he sent one Khanaka (a worker who is an expert in digging earth and building underground tunnels) to Varanavatha. Khanaka reached Varanavata, me tDharmaja and told his secret code to him. Dharmaja believed that Khanaka was sent by Vidura.

Then Khanaka told Dharmaja secretely.O king Dharmaja, I was sent byVidura. On the coming Krishna Chaturdasi, Purochana will set fire to this house and kill all of you. Vidura deputed me to dig a tunnel from inside this building to outisde.If you permit, I will commence the work? said Khanaka. Dharmaja surprisedabout the foresight of Vidura. He permitted Khanaka to proceed with his work.Khanaka accordingly, dug a tunnel from inside the house to outside the building.Oncompletion, Bhima tested the tunnel and was satisfied about its construction,safety and security.

On the Krishna Chaturdasi day, Kunti invited the Brahmins and their wives in the City of Varanavata and served them with good food and gave them valuable clothes and gifts and also money. On that night all were sleeping. The servant maid, along with her five sons, consumed intoxicated drinks and were sleeping under its influence. But Bheema was very vigilant. At dead of night, even before Purocana set fire to their building, Bhima himself set fire to the room where Purocana was sleeping. Then he sent his mother Kunti and four brothers outside the building through the underground tunnel dug by Khanaka. Then he also set fire to the building where they were staying. Then he set fire to the armoury also. Bheema informed Khanaka that they are escaping safely.

Then Bheemaalso came out through the underground tunnel and met his brothers and mother.Then they began to walk swiftly and quickly. Dharmaja and other brothers and Kunti could not keep pace witth the swift walk of Bheema. Hence, Bheema carried his mother Kunti on his back. He carried Dharmaja and Arjuna on his shoulders.He lifted Nakula and Sahadeva with each hand. Then Bheema began to walk swiftly throughout the night. Next day morning, the people of Varnavata saw the burning house where Pandavas were staying. They put off the fire and removed the debris of ashes. They found the charred bodies of servant maid and her five sons.

They thought that those bodies were of five pandavas and kunti. They began to cryaloud for the sad demise of Pandavas and Kunti. They all cursed the wicked and vicious deeds of their king Dhrutarashtra and Duryodhana. In the meanwhile,Khanaka also mingled in the mob. He also took part in removing the debris of ashes. While doing so, he covered the tunnel which he dug, with the debris of ashes and made it invisible to others. Then he proceeded to Hastinapura and informed Vidura about the welfare of Pandavas and Droupati. The people of Varanavatha also sent some messengers to Hastinapura to inform Dhrutarashtra about the sad demise of Pandavas and Kunti in the fire accident. On hearing the news,Bheeshma, Dronaacarya and Krupaacarya felt verymuch for the untimely death of Pandavas and their mother. Vidura also pretended as if he does not know anything about Pandavas.

Duryodhana was very happy about the death of Pandavas asper his wish, but he felt sad about the demise of Purocana. Pandavas were proceeding towards southwards. They were tired as they were walking throughout the day. Bheema found a comfortable place under a big tree. All sat under the tree and were taking rest. Bheema went out to fetch some water for drinking. By the time he returned with water, all of them were in deep sleep. Bheema was keeping watch over them without sleeping . One Hidimbaasura, a rakshasa, was living in a cave near the place where Pandavas were sleeping.

Hidimbaasura smelt that some human beings entered into his area. He called his sister, Hidimba .Sister Hidimbaa, some human creatures entered our area. My toung is itching for human flesh. Go and find them out, kill them and prepare a sumptuous dish with their flesh?. Hidimba went insearch of the human beings. She found, from behind a tree, Pandavas and Kunti sleeping under a tree. She also saw Bheemasena keeping watch over them. She fellin love with Bheema. Immediately she transformed into a beautiful lady. She forgot the words of her brother, Hidimbaasura.

(Here Nannaya wrote a beautiful poem. It means, that for ladies, the love towards their lovers and husbands is much thicker. It is no match for other love. In other words, generally ladies love their lovers and husbands much more than their parents, relatives and friends. It is a naked truth.Now adays, love? has become an essential element for producing films and t.v.serials. Youth is very much influenced by the movies filled with love and passion.Even the teenage boys and girls, without attaining discretionary age, are falling inlove with each other, against the wishes of their parents who brought them up sincechildhood. Some girls are leaving their parents house, falling in blind love and are joining their lovers. Ofcourse, some landed in neck-deep troubles.

Veda Vyasa,predicted this situation and human mentality, even thousands of years back. This is an example for their foresight). Bheema saw Hidimba. ?Who are you? Why youhave come here? asked Bheema. ?My name is Hidimba. I am the sister of Hidimbaasura, a demon. He sent me to kill all of you. But I fell in love with you. If you marry me, my brother will not do any harm to you. Therefore, please marry me.Perhaps you do not know about my brother, Hidimbaasura. He does not care anybody on this earth. None is there who are not afraid of my brother. You are nothing before my brother. Besides that, the area where you are sleeping belongs to him. He will never leave you without killing all of you.

Therefore, come with me. Let us go somewhere and enjoy the sensual pleasures. Hidimba pressurised Bheema.She is my mother. These are my brothers. They are in sound sleep. How can I leave them for your sake? said Bheema.If it is so, wake them up. We all will leave this place? said Hidimba.No No. They are in sound sleep. How can I disturb their sleepfor the sake of an ordinary rakshasa? said Bheema.

In the mean time,Hidimbaasura was in restless mood. He was waiting for his sister Hidimba. As she did not turn up for a long time, he himself came there. On seeing her brother,Hidimba hid behind Bheema. Bheema looked at Hidimbaasura.O Demon, you are fit to be killed. Hence I will kill you and liberate this forest from clutches of demons like you. So saying Bheema jumped on Hidimbaasura and fought with him.There was a dreadful dual fight betwen them. On hearing the roaring sounds of Bheema and Hidimbasura, Kunti and other Pandavas woke up.

Kunti asked Hidimba?Who are you? I am the sister of this demon, Hidimbaasura. My name is Hidimba. I fell in love with your son. Now my brother and your son are fighting with each other. said Hidimba. Arjuna went to the place where they were fighting. At that time, the sun was about to rise. Arjuna cautioned Bheema, Bheema, the east is turning red. It is a convenient time for demons. Kill him immediately, cried Arjuna.On hearing those words Bheema with renewed vigour fell upon Hidimbaasura.He lifted the demon with both hands and twisted him and threw him on the ground. The heavy body of Hidimbaasura hit the ground and his spinal cord was broken and he died instantaneously.

Hidimba was surprised. She adored Bheema for his strength, vigour and valour. Pandavas then decided to leave that place as it wasnotsafe to stay. Hidimba tried to follow them. Bheema obstructed her ?You are not a human being. You are Rakshasa lady. We never believe you. Don't follow us. Bheema said. Then Hidimba went behind Kunti and murmered in her ears 'Maa, forevery creature, love and lust are quite common. Sex is inevitable. But sexual urge is more in ladies. I fell in love with Bheema. For his sake, I left all my relatives. If my love is not fulfilled, I will die. If you receive me as your son's wife, I will be more helpful to you. I have got some extraordinary senses. I can tell past,present and future.

Please hear me. From here, at a small distance, there is an Ashram of oneSaintcalled Saalihotra. There is a pond near that Ashram. If you drink the water inthat pond, you will never feel hunger and thirst. You can safely stay there. Saint Krishna Dvaipaayana will come to you and tell you what should be done in future.Kunti was very much pleased with the words of Hidimba.She told Bheema , Bheemaa, kindly follow my words, as the words of your elder brother Dharmaja.Hidimba is a virtuous lady. She is fit for you. Kindly marry her and fulfil her desire. She is your well wisher. said Kunti.

As per the words of his mother Kunti,Bheema married Hidimba and led a happy married life with Hidimba. Then all of them went to the Ashram of Saint Salihotra and stayed there. One day Saint VedaVyasa came there. Kunti, Dharmaja, good days are ahead of you. These sorrows are temporary. You will get back your kingdom in near future. Stay here for some time and then proceed to a place called Ekacakrapura. But hereinafter, you will be in the attire of Brahmins and lead a Saatvika life as Brahmins. I will meet you later and tell you what should be done? said Veda Vyasa.

As per the words of VedaVyasa, Pandavas and Kunti stayed in the Ashramam of Salihotra for some more time and then proceeded to Ekacakra pura as Brahmins. In the mean while, Hidimba became pregnant and gave birth to a male child. His name was Ghatotkacha. He was a mighty personality with great strength and huge body. He was Kamaroopa(power to take any shape or form as he likes). Ghatotkaca bowed before his father, Bheema and other uncles and grandmother Kunti . I will stay here along withmy mother Hidimba. Whenever you need my help,kindly think about me in your mind. I will appear before you. So saying, Ghatotkaca left them and went awayalong with his mother, Hidimba.

Later, Pandavas stayed there for some time. They learnt Dharma Sastras and Moral sciences under the guidance of Saint Saalihotra.Then Pandvas proceeded to a place called Ekacakrapuram in the attire of Brahmins. Kunti and Pandavas wore deer skins and clothes made up of jute. Chanting Vedas they entered Ekacakrapura. It is an agrahaaram (Agraahram means villages given as gifts or in ams to Brahmins. Usually, Brahmins live in Agraharams.Even now also where mostly Brahmins live are called agraharams.) They stayed in a house owned by a Brahmin. Daily, all the Pandavas used to visit all the houses of Brahmins in the agraharam, request for alms (Biksha) and hand over it toKunti. Kunti used to divide the Biksha into two parts. Half will be given to Bheema. The remaining will be divided among the remaining brothers and mother. They gained the appreciation of one and all in the village with their humility, good nature.All felt happy to offer alms to them daily.

One day, Kunti and Bheema were inthe house. Yudhishtira, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva went for fetching food. Suddenly,Kunti heard the sounds of weeping and sobbing. Kunti called Bheema andsaid:"My son Bheema, it appears that the house owners might have some domestictroubles. The house owner helped us by giving his house to us for residence. Itis our duty to recognise their help. If we reciprcate it by doing some help to them, it willbe a great Punya for us. If we do more help than what they have done to us, it is a greatest Punya for all of us. Therefore,please try to help them in reciprocity of their help done to us". Bheema withfolded hands bowed before Kunti and said Maa, I will certainly obey your words.Kindly find out why they are weeping and what we can do for them to avert it" .

Then Kunti went inside the house and enquired what had happened. The houseowner said: "Ammaa, births and deaths, attachments and detachments are quite natural. But how can I send my wife, whom I married accoriding to Veda Dharma,as food to a demon. How can I send my daughter to a demon for eating, instead of performing her marriage according to Veda Dharma. How can I send my son,who will offer me Pinda and Water after my death, to a demon as food. Therefore, I offer myself as food to the demon. But these are weepig. What can I do?" said thehouse owner.

Immediately, his wife said "No, It cannot be. You married me and blessed me with children. That is sufficient. My responsibility is over. I will die early and wait for you in the heaven. Besides that, the status of a widow in the society is pitiable. Every man will have an eye on her. If I die earlier, you can remarry. But a widow cannot remarry. Hence I will offer myself as food to the demon. After my demise, you can remarry, give good education to the children,and get them married,and live happily." said his wife.

For this the youngest boy childishly took asmall stick and said "Daddy, don't worry. I will go and kill that demon with this stick".So saying they boy wiped the tears of his father with his tiny hands. Kunti could not follow what they were saying. She asked the wife of the house owner "Who is this demon? Why should you send daily alms to that demon? What had happened to the inmates of this village? Kindly tell me in detail" Kunti asked. The house owner began to narrate: "At a distance of one Yojana, on the banks of river Yamuna, onerakshasa called Bakaasura is living. Daily he used to kill all the villagers and eat them.Even the king who is ruling this area also expressed his helplessness. Hence, all villagers made an agreement with Bakaasuraa. According to that agreement, daily one person, one cart load of food and eatables, two buffaloes should be sent to Bakaasura. (Even today, this kind of Bakasuras in the shape of Street Rowdies and Goondas are ruling certain areas and collecting haftas from the shop keepers andhouse owners. Even the Police are also collecting monthly mammools from wineshopowners, bars owners. Even the political leaders are collecting royalty in crores from the contractors for the projects constructed in their areas. All these are Bakaasuras in white shirts. In those days, there was only one Bakaasura. Nowadays,every street, every town, every area is filled with Bakaasuras. Even the goverments are unable to control them. Besides they are supporting them for fetching votes and rigging. To put an end to these Bakaasuras, One Bheemsena for each area should be born and save this Nation. )

On hearing this, Kunti told the house owner"Plese don't worry about this small issue. I know how to avert this trouble. You are having only one son. I am having five sons. Out of them I will send one today to Bakasura as food" Kunti said. The house owner did not agree for this."You are my guests. It is a great sin for me to agree for this proposal Besides, killing a Brahmin for my selfishness is a greatest sin" said house owner.

Kunti smiled and said "Please donot worry about my boy. He is a mighty personality. He killed some Rakshasas also reviously. He will certainly kill Bakaasura and liberate you". Kunti immediately called Bheema and explained him what to do. Bheemaa gladly agreed for this.In the meanwhile, Dharmaja and other brothers arrived with Biksha. He saw Bheema in joyful mood."Ammaa, Bheemaa is so cheerful. It appears he is going tofight with some body. Are you sending him or is he going according to his ownaccord?" asked Dharmaja. Kunti told Dharmaja what had happened. "Ammaa, what is this? Are you sacrificing your own son for the sake of others. Are you mad? Is Bheemasena a son to be sacrificed? Tell me?" asked Dharmaja .

Kunti smiled and said"Dharmaja, I am not assigning this job to Bheema without knowing his strength and power. On the 10th day of his birth, I was going to a temple situated on a small hill.Suddenly I heard roaring of a tiger. I was afraid and shivered. Bheema slipped out of my hand and fell on a huge rock. Bheema was safe but that huge rock was broken to pieces. He is such a mighty personality. Bheema will certainly kill Bakasura and liberate the Brahmin community of this village permanently. Besides this, as Vedavyas said, this is Kshtriya Dharma. A Kshatriya is born only to wipe out the troubles of others. If any kshatriya saves a brahmin who is at the death knell, he will get heavenly pleasures. If he saves another kshatriya, he will get eternal fame. If any kshatriya saves vysyas and soodraas, he will acquire the love and affection of the people. This is kshatriya dharma. This brahmin gave us shelter in this village. As Kshatriyas, it is our duty to help him when he is in troubles. Now we got a chance to help him. We have to help him"

Dharmaja agreed with his mother. Then the house owner and others prepared one cart load of food items. First Bheemasena ate belly-full of sumptuous food. He sat on the cart and drove it to the place where Bakasura lives.He stopped the cart on the banks of Yamuna. He called Bakaasura. There is no reply. Instead of waiting for Bakasura, Bheemasena began to consume the food items one by one. There, Bakasura was waiting for the man and the cart. "Daily the manith cart will arrive at this place. But today, the person is calling from a distance.What is this?" he thought for a while. He could not control his hunger and anger.Bakasura went in search of the cart.

He saw Bheemasena sitting on the cart,consuming the food items. He could not control his anger. Bakaasura attacked Bheema. He fisted Bheema. No reply from Bheema. Bakasura uprooted a huge tree and hurled it on Bheemasena. Bheema grew angry. They both fought with eachother. Bakaasura could not stand before Bheema. Bheema killed Bakasura. In the meawhile, the friends and relatives of Baksura gathered there. Bheemasena gave a stern warning to all of them "Look! Bakasura is dead. If you try to cause any harm to any of the villagers of Ekachakrapura or surrounding villages, you will also meet the same fate. Take care!" warned Bheemsena. All of them were shivering and agreed for the words of Bheemasena. Bheemasena brought the dead body of Bakaasura and threw it at the outskirts of Ekachakrapura. All the villagers saw this and praised Bheemasena for his valour and courage. Bheemasena went to his residence and told Kunti and other brothers how he killed Bakasura. All the villagers thought that Bheemasena was not an ordinary human being. They all came in crowds to see him. (Maha Bharat- Aadiparva - Sixth Chapter - completed.)