Saint Vaisampaayana continued to tell Janamejaya, the story of Mahabharata.

On hearing the good news that their troops got upperhand on the first day of war, Dhritarashtra, with delighted heart, asked Sanjaya "O Sanhaya! Tell me what had happened on that night. Tell me in detail."
Sanjaya continued to say. On that night, Dharmaja was very much distressed with their defeat on the first day of war. He along with his brothers, other friends and relaltives, went to Sri Krishna's place of stay.

"O Krishna! Have you seen that mighty warrior, Bhishma's terrible prowess. He consumed our troops like fire in the forest. The mighty warrior Bhishma of great energy is incapable of being vanquished. I foolishly thought that Bheeshma is an ordinary Maha Radha. My brothers are seriously injured. Even the Dikpalakas are no match to Bheeshma in war. We thought that Arjuna will conquer Bheeshma. But Arjuna also failed in his task. It is only Bhima that showed his prowess and used his full vigour and valour in attacking Kouravas. I cannot blame anybody. I will stop the war with immediate effect. I cannot annihilate my entire army and the kings who have come to fight on my behalf, at the hands of Bheeshma. It is better to go back to forest and consume leaves and vegetables. I will proceed as per your advise. Till now we have been achieving victories only with your blessings. Now also I am seeking your advise." prayed Yudhishtira.
"Dharmaja! at this crucial moment, why are you talking like this? Why you are undergoing this mental agony? Who will face you in the battle, tell me! Your brothers are all invincible and capable of conquering the entire universe. Sikhandi is already there ready to kill Bheeshma. You have not so far observed the prowess of Satyaki and his wonderful warfare. King Drupada, and Kring Virata, terrible warriors of this age, are ready to shed their lives for your sake. I do not understand why you are so much distressed like this. Dhrushtadyumna alone is capable of vanishing the entire Kourava army." said Sri Krishna.
Beholding Dhrushtadyumna, Dharmaja said: "Krishna suggested you to be our Army Chief. Accordingly, I made you as Army Chief for the entire seven akshohini Pandava Army. Myself, my brothers, Sri Krishna and other frineds are always with you. Command our troops with all your ability and acquire victory." said Yudhishtira.
"O Dharmanandana! I was created by Lord Brahma only to kill Drona. It is a wellknown truth. I need not tell again and again. You will see how I destroy the prominent heroes in Kuru army" said Dhrushtadyumna.
With the heroic words of Dhrushtadyumna, every body was very mugh delighted.
"Dhrushtadyumna! in the past, during Deva Danava War, Brihaspati told Devendra about Krouncha Vyooha, destructive of all our enemies. Tomorrow you array our troops in the form of Krouncha bird." said Yudhishtira.
"I will do like that" said Dhrushtadyumna.
With a lightening heart, Yudhishtira, along with his brothers and friends, left that place for their respective places of stay.
Next day morning, Dharmaja proceeded to inspect the Krouncha Vyooha.
Arjuna on his chariot, driven by Sri Krishna, with his army, formed as beak of Krouncha bird.
Kunti Bhoja, Saibya along with their army stood at the place of eyes.
Drupada was standing as crown of Krouncha.
Dasarna, Soorasena, Kiraatha kings, with their resepctive huge armies formed as neck.
Bhima, Dhrushtadyumna with their mighty army formed as wings of the bird, on either side.
Abhimanyu, Satyaki, sons of Droupadi, Poundra, Cholas, Pandyas, were standing beside Bhimasena, and Nakula, Sahadeva, Ghatoatkacha, Sambara, Vatsa kings were standing beside Dhrushtadyumna.
Kekaya and Kasi Kings, with their armies formed as waist of the bird.
Dharmaja, accompanied by Hoona King and other kings, with their armies formed as spinal of the bird.
Thus the entire Pandava army was arrayed in the shape of Krouncha Vyuha.
Beholding the Krouncha vyooha, Suyodhana addressed Bheeshma, Drona, Asvathaama, Krupacharya, Salya and Kritavarma:
"O mighty warriors! each of you is capable of slaying in battle the sons of Pandu with their troops. Even Lord Siva is not capable of standing before you in the battle. Today Pandavas arrayed Krouncha Vyooha. We have to array our troops in a better vyooha, which can beat out Krouncha Vyoha." said Suyodhana.
As per the words of King Suyodhana, Bheeshma arrayed the Kourva troops into a different vyooha.
Dussaasana, Vikarna, Vinda, Anuvinda, Soorasena, Yavana, Trigarta kings stood on one side.
Drona, Kuntala, Dasarna, Vidarbha kings, Gandhara, Sindu, Souveera kings stood on the otherside.
In between Bheeshma, along with his mighty army stood.
Thus the entire Kourava army was divided into three parts to attack Krouncha on three sides.
Behind Bheeshma, stood King Suyodhana along with his brothers, and Kritavarma, Salya, Ashmanta, Kashmir kings were standing beside him.
Thus both the troops were arrayed for the battle.
Thereupon, conches and drums and diverse kinds of horns and cymbals, were sounded at once by both troops and the noise made became a loud uproar.
The second day battle commenced. Suyodhana, waving his hand, gave signal to his troops to fight. The mighty-armed Bhishma of terrible prowess rushed into the Krouncha vyooha and tore it into pieces. He showered arrows like rain and cut the wings of Krouncha, severed its neck and broke the head. The Krouncha Vyooha was shattered at the hands of Beeshma. Bhishma was moving on his chariot in the battle field, as if he was there everewhere.
Arjuna, beholding that mighty car-warrior Bhishma, with great wrath, told Krishna:
"Proceed to the place where Bheeshma is. It is evident that this Bhishma, with wrath excited, will annihilate for Duryodhana's benefit, all our troops in no time. We have to stop him." said Arjuna.
"Arjuna! Certainly I will drive our chariot towards Bheeshma. But be careful. Dont be confused. Attack Bheeshma with all your vigour and valour. Create fear in the minds of Salya and other warriors. " said Krishna driving the chariot towards Bheeshma.
Arjuna shattered the army of Soorasena who encountered him in the middle by showering powerful arrows on them. Then Arjuna rushed impetuously against Bheeshma. Bheeshma shot 77 sharp arrows into the body of Arjuna. Then Drona with 25 arrows, Kripacharya with 500 shafts, Vikarna with three shafts, Salya with nine arrows and Suyodhana with 64 powerful sharp arrows, struck Arjuna on all parts of his body.
But Arjuna did not shake. In return Arjuna struck Beeshma with 20 arrows, Drona with 60 shafts, Kripacharya with nine powerful arrows, Vikarna and Salya each with three arrows and Duryodhana with five arrows. In the meanwhile, Satyaki, Virata, Dhrushtadyumna, sons of Droupadi, Abhimanyu gathered there. All of them, at a time, attacked the warriors in Kourava Army.
Bheeshma shot 50 sharp arrows at a time against Arjuna. Arjuna did not care for them and began to shower arrows on the Kourava army. Unable to resist them, Kourava warriors fled away. Arjuna chased them. Arjuna was killing mercilessly the warriors in kourava army, their charioteers, and the steeds tied to chariots.
At this juncture, Suyodhana went near Bheeshma: "Arjuna is killing our warriors mercilessly. You are simply keeping quiet. Is it proper? The only warrior who can attack Arjuna is Karna. Because of you, he is not fighting. Neither you fight, nor allow Karna to fight. I do not know what to do." said Suyodhana.
Bheeshma was very much annoyed with his words. Bheeshma asked his chariot driver to drive his chariot against Arjuna. Suyodhana, Vikarna, Asvaathaama were guarding Bheeshma, standing by his side. All at a time fell upon Arjuna and showered sharp arrows on Arjuna.
Dharmaja, Bhimasena, Nakula, Sahadeva rushed towards Arjuna to help him. There was a fiercest fight between Bheeshma and Arjuna. Bheeshma shot arrows aiming at the chariot driver Krishna. Those arrows pierced into the heart of Krishna and blood was flowing out. Arjuna was indignant on seeing Krishna struck with arrows.
Arjuna showered powerful arrows against Bheeshma which were cut by Bheeshma in the middle. In return, Bheeshma poured innumerable arrows on the chariot of Arjuna and his chariot disappeared for a moment. Both Bheeshma and Arjuna engaged in a dual combat fiercely. Sun rose to the middle of the sky.
In another war front, Dhrushtadyumna drove his chariot upon Drona and shot powerful arrows on him. Drona grew angry and killed the chariot driver of Dhrushtadyumna. He also killed the horses and cut the bow into two pieces. The flag of Dhrushtadyumna was cut into pieces byDrona. Both Drona and Dhrushtadyumna were shooting arrows on each other.
Dhrushtadyumna hurled his mace against Drona. Drona with his powerful arrows, cut the mace into pieces. Again Drona cut the bow of Dhrushtadyumna. Dhrushtadyumna took out another bow and shot arrows against Drona. Agan Drona with two arrows killed the chariot driver and steeds of Dhrushtadyumna and cut his bow. Dhrushtadyumna jumed down from his chariot, took out a sword and shield and fought with Drona but he could not resist Drona and his arrows.
Bhimasena came to the rescue of Dhrushtadyumna. Bhimasena shot seven shafts against Drona. Dhrushtadyumna mounted another chariot. Then Suyodhana provoked Kalinga king by waving his hand, to attack Bhimasena. King of Kalinga, along with his troops proceeded against Bhimasena.
In the mean while Drona, abandoning Dhrushtadyumna, went against King Virata and King Drupada and released powerful shafts from his bow against them.
Dharmaja came there in aid of Dhrushtadyumna. Chedi, Karoosa kings with their troops attacked Bhimasena. Ketumanta impetuously rushed against Bhimasena. Unable to resist Ketumanta's powerful darts, Pandava troops were burning like insects in fire. The rest fled away. Roaring like a lion, Ketumanta showered arrows on Bhimasena. Bhimasena in return, hurled his mace against Ketumanta. The mace broke his chariot and flag and also the head of Ketumanta. Ketumanta was consigned to the abode of yama.
Bhimasena, with a sharp sword in his hand, was moving all around, killing the enemy troops. Sakra Deva, son of the King of Kalinga, rushed against Bhimasena and killed the steeds of the chariot of Bhimasena. Sakra Deva shot powerful sharp shafts piercing the entire body of Bhimasena. The unshaken Bhimasena delivered a heavy blow with his mace on Sakra Deva's head and killed him.
Beholding the killing of his son, Kalinga King Srutaayuvu drove his chariot against Bhimasena. He shot 14 Tomaras on Bhimasena which were cut off by Bhimasena in middle. Bhanumanta, brother of King Kalinga, along with his elephant troops, attacked Bhimasena and showered arrows on him. He rushed at Bhimasena on his elephant. Bhimasena roared like a lion, caught the elephant of Bhanumanta and jumped upon it. Bhimasena cut the head of Bhanumanta with his sharp sword. He also killed the elephant of Bhanumanta.
King of Kalinga instigated his elephant troops to attack Bhimasena. At that time, Bhimasena was moving in the battle field armed with his sword. Bhimasena was cutting the trunks and tusks of elephants one by one. Having thus crushed the huge number of elephants, next killed the steeds also.
At that juncture, the charioteer of Bhimasena brought his chariot and placed before Bhimasena. Complimenting the charioteer, Bhimasena mounted on the chariot. He took his bow and shot five arrows piercing King of Kalinga. King of Kalinga fell on the chariot unconscious. Bhimasena killed his Chakra Rakshakas (warriors on either side of wheels) Satya and Satya Deva, with his sharp and powerful shafts. The troops of Kouravas fled away. The charioteer of King of Kalinga took the chariot away from the field. Bhimasena blew his conch.
On hearing the terrific sound of conch of Bhimasena, Bheeshma also blew his conch and encouraged his troops. Dhrushtadyumna, Sikhandi and Satyaki came there together and stood by the side of Bhimasena and attacked Bhishma. Bhishma, fought with all the other warriors except Sikhandi. Bhishma killed the steeds tied to the chariot of Bhimasena. Bhimasena took out his mace, got down of his chariot, and jumped on Bheeshma.
Satyaki intervened and killed the charioteer of Bheeshma. Upon his charioteer being killed, Bheeshma was taken away from the field of battle by his steeds with the speed of the wind. When that mighty car-warrior was thus taken away from the war field, Bhimasena then blazed up like a mighty fire while consuming dry grass. He took his mace and began to crush the Kourava troops. The troops of Kouravas fled away. Dhrushtadyumna picked up Bhimasena into his chariot.
Satyaki also arrived there and praised Bhimasena. "O Bhimasena! with your great prowess you have killed the King of Kalinga and his brothers and sons. " applauded Satyaki. Beholding the defeat of King of Kalinga, Salya, Kripacharya, Asvathaama rushed to that spot. Dhrushtadyumna drove his chariot against them, after dropping Bhimasena at that spot.
Then Dhrushtadyumna killed the steeds tied to the chariot of Asvathaama with ten sharp arrows. Asvsthaama mounted the chariot of Salya and launched powerful darts on Dhrushtatyumna.
In the meanwhile, Abhimanyu came there on his chariot and joined Dhrutadyumna. He launched nine darts each, upon Kripaacharya, Asvathaama. They, in turn, launched each 12 darts on Abhimanyu.
Lakshmana, son of Suyodhana, came in between and fought aganst Abhimanyu and shot number of arrows on the vital parts of Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu returned those arrows with 50 sharp shafts. Lakshmana broke the bow of Abhimanyu. Kourava troops acclaimed him. Abhimanyu picked up another bow and incessantly showered arrows on Lakshmana. He cut the coat mail of Lakshmana. Beholding this, Suyodhana turned his chariot towards Abhimanyu. In aid of Suyodhana, Bheeshma, Drona and other warriors arrived there to fight against Abhimanyu.
Incapable of being defeated in battle and equal in prowess even to Krishna himself, that hero, Abimanyu, thus surrounded by those heroes, was not agitated in the least. Then Dhananjaya, beholding Subhadra's son engaged in battle, rushed to that spot, excited with wrath, desirous of rescuing his own son.
Yudhishtira waved his hand to his troops to proceed towards Arjuna. The troops of Pandavas arrived there in aid of Arjuna. Thousands of elephants and hundreds of kings, when they came within reach of Arjuna's arrows, were all unable to make any further advance. Then a thick earthly dust, suddenly raised by foot-soldiers and steeds and chariots and cavalry troopers, covered the sky.
When all these combatants of kourava army had fled away, Arjuna and Vasudeva blew their conches, Devadatta and Pancajanya. Beholding Drona, Bheeshma said: "Acharya! Dhananjaya, accompanied by Krishna, is dealing with our troops as he alone is competent to deal with them. He is incapable of being vanquished in battle today by any means. Our troops are fleeing away from the war field. They are almost verymuch tired. The sun is setting on the west. It is better to put an end to the war for this day." said Bheeshma. Drona also agreed for this proposal.
Bheehsma gave a signal to stop the war. All the troops on both sides retired to their own places of stay.
Next day, i.e, the third day of war, Bheeshma arrayed Garuda Vyooha and commanded the troops in the following manner.
Bheeshma stood at the place of the beak of Garuda.
Drona and Kritavarma formed as eyes.
Kripacharya and Asvathaama along with their troops formed into the head of Garuda.
Trigarta Kings, Bhoorisravasa, Salya, Bhagadatta, Souveera, Jayadhradha with their respective troops formed as neck of Garuda.
Suyodhana along with his brothers stood as back of Garuda.
Vinda, Anuvinda, King of Kambhoja, Soorasena, stood at the tail end.
Kings of Magadha and kalinga formed as right wing and Kings of Karnataka and Kosala formed as left wing.
In this fashion, all the troops of Kouravas formed into Garuda vyuha and were ready for the combat.
Beholding this, Arjuna suggested Dhrushtadyumna to form Half Moon vyooha. Accordingly, Dhrushtadyumna arrayed his troops into Ardha Chandra Vyooha.
Bhimasena, along with his troops, stood at the right horn and King Virata, King Drupada, Neela, with their respective troops, stood by the side of Bhimasena.
Yudhishtrira staioned in the middle of the moon.
Dhrushtadyumna, along with Sikhandi stood in front of Yudhishtira, protecting him.
Satyaki, Nakula, Sahadeva, sons of Droupadi, Abhimanyu, Ghatotkacha, King of Kekaya, with their respective troops stood on either of Yudhishtira.
Arjuna stood at the left horn.
In this manner, the half moon vyooha was arrayed.
The sounds of trumpets, horns rose to the sky. Then commenced the battle of third day between your troops and those of Pandava troops, striking one another.
Chariots and elephants mingled in the clash of combat. Large numbers of elephants and crowds of chariots were seen everywhere, to rush towards one another for purpose of slaughter.
Arjuna with his powerful arrows released from his mighty bow, Gandeeva, was striking the chariots, chariteers, steeds, flags tied to the chriots. All your sons together attacked Arjuna from all sides. Remaining Pandavas rushed towards Arjuna to help him.
Kourava troops,under the leadership of Bhishma, and Pandava troops under the leadership of Bhima were fiercely fighting with each other.
At that time, Bhishma and Drona, and Jayadratha, the ruler of the Sindhus and Purumitra, and Vikarna, and Sakuni broke the ranks of the Pandavas. Bhimasena and Ghatotkacha, and Satyaki, and Chekitana, and the sons of Draupadi, supported by all the kings on their side, began to grind your troops and your sons stationed in battle.
Suyodhana drove his chariot against Bhimasena. Bheeshma and Drona were by the side of Suyodhana, to help him. Arjuna drove his chariot and stood in between them and shot Suyodhana, Bheeshma and Drona with his powerful shafts. Stayaki stood by the side of Arjuna and helping him. Both these warriors were tearing off the Kourava troops into pieces.
Sakuni broke the chariot of Satyaki. Satyaki jumped into the chariot of Abhimanyu. Satyaki and Abhimanyu together struck Sakuni with powerful arrows.
Yudhishtira drove his chariot towards Bheeshma and engaged in direct combat with Bheeshma.
Suyodhana attacked Bhimasena and showered sharpedged arrows on Bhimasena. Bhimasena cut off those arrows into fragments and shot an arrow aiming at the chest of Suyodhana. Suyodhana fell down on his chariot and fainted. The charioteer of Suyodhana frightened and drove his chariot away from the war field. All the troups scattered away thinking that Suyodhana fell down and defeated.
Dhrushtadyumna began to chase the kourava troops. Bhimasena joined him in chasing the troops. Kourava army fled away. Bheeshma an Drona were confused. They were shouting "Dont run. Stop. Suyodhana is safe" and checked the troops.
Unable to attack Bhimasena, all the troops were fleeing away. Abhimanyu and Satyaki also were chasing Sakuni and his troops. Sakuni along with his relatives and troops fled away. On other front, Arjuna was slaughtering the Kourava troops.
When everybody was trembling with grief and fear, Suyodhana regained consciousness. Beholding what was happening, he rebuked his charioteer for bringing his chariot out of war field. He saw Bheeshma and Drona staioned at one point, in a helpless condition.
First he has gone round the battle field shouting that he was safe and nothing to worry. Beholding Suyodhana, all the kourava troops stopped and returned back.
Them Suyodhana went near Bheeshma and Drona: "My dear Grand Father Bheeshma! and Dronacharya! you both are capable of vanishing the entire Pandava army in no time. I do not regard it, as at all creditable, that my army should thus fly away, when you are very much alive. I do not regard that Pandavas are a match for you. But, without doubt, you are favouring Pandavas. Had you revealed this much earlier, I would have requested Karna to enter the war field and fight with Pandavas. What can I do now?" said Suyodhana.
Bheeshma smiled at Suyodhana and said: "Listen to me carefully. You know pretty well that even if Indra comes down with his entire divine army, he cannot conquer Pandavas. Still you are talking like this. We are old and half dead. How can you expect Pandavas to be defeated at our hands and at the hands of wicked. Any how, for your sake, we will fight to the extent of our power in this battle." said Bheeshma.
Then he blew his conch. The sounds of trumpets and horns rose high. Bheeshma enraged with anger. On hearing the sounds of conch of Bheeshma and other warriors, Arjuna, Krishna, Dharmaja and Bhimasena also blew their conchs. Bheeshma drove his chariot against Arjuna. All the Kourava warriors were helping Bheeshma. Bhimasena and other kings were guarding Arjuna.
Shouts, cries, alarms, like "Stop , Dont go, I am waiting for you, Kill him," are heard everywhere. Chariots are broken. Deadbodies without heads, hands and legs were scattered everywhere. The deadbodies of horses and elephants were obstructing the combatants on foot. Unable to move in the war field freely, some troops gathered into groups here and there.
Bheeshma was moving like a whirl wind in the entire war field. Bheeshma was slaughtering the Pandava army like enraged fire in forest. The Pandava warriors and their troops were frightened and they were unable to stand before Bheeshma or even look at him.
Beholding that the Pandava army was routed, Krishna asked Arjuna: "O Arjuna! I heard you saying that "I will kill all the warriors of Dhritarashtra's sons, headed by Bhishma and Drona, and all who will fight with me in battle". Why cannot you make those words of yours true. Behold Arjuna! Pandava army is being routed on all sides and the kings in Yudhishthira's army are all flying away, seeing Bhishma in battle, who looks like the Destroyer. Afflicted with fear, they are making themselves scarce like the weaker animals at sight of the lion." sai Sri krishna.
"Sri Krishna! Drive our chariot against Bheeshma. I will see his end" said Arjuna. Krishna took his chariot and stood before Bheeshma. Bheeshma showered powerful arrows on the steeds tied to chariot, and against the charioteer and Arjuna. Krishna grew wild when Bheeshma shot at him.
Arjuna broke the bow of Bheeshma with one arrow. Bheeshma picked up another bow. Arjuna broke that bow also. Bheeshma took up another bow and shot number of sharp arrows on Arjuna and Krishna. Krishna was driving the chariot of Arjuna in various wonderful directions to ward off the arrows of Bheeshma. Arjuna also shot several shafts against Bheshma and pained him. But Krishna was severely injured.
Krishna looked at Arjuna and thought: "Arjuna also was badly injured. Unable to control Bheeshma, pandava troops were fleeing away. Nobody is able to stand before Bhishma. Yudhishthira's army could not survive that slaughter. It appears that in a single day Bhishma can slaughter all the Pandava troops and fulfill the desires of Suyodhana in a single dlay.
All the Kekaya kings, Panchalas and other kings are fleeing away. Beholding this, the kourava troops are madly chasing them. It is of no use if i keep quiet. I should kill Bheeshma and save Dharmaja" thought Krishna deeply in mind.
Again Bheeshma showered numerous keen-edged arrows on Arjuna. Arjuna was unable to hold Gandeeva. On seeing this, Kripacharya, Kritavarma, Asvathaama, BhooriSravasa, Saindhava, Vikarna, all at a time, drove their chriots against Arjuna and surrounded him.
Satyaki quickly rushed to that spot along with his elephant forces, shouting loudly "Why you are fleeing away! stop there. Return back. We know much about Bheeshma. Chase him and kill him. Kill the troops of Kouravas mercilessly" so shouting Satyaki was going round the battle field.
"What Satyaki! why you are calling back those cowards. I will soon throw Bhishma down from his chariot, and Drona also in battle, with all their followers.I will destroy the entire Kourava army. I will enthrone Dharmaja for the entire earth surrounded by four seas."
Saying this, Krishna, abandoning the reins of the steeds, jumped down from the chariot, whirling with his right arm his Sudarsana Chakra, not caring for the upper cloth falling, infuriating with wrath, rushed impetuously towards Bhishma.
All the troops and warriors on both sides stunned. They all stopped fighting and staring at Krishna. Beholding this, Bheeshma, eaving his bow and arrows in the chariot, fearlessly said, "Come, Come, O Lord of the gods, I bow to you, armed with mace, sword and Saranga. O Krishna, forcibly throw me down from my chariot and killme, O Krishna, great will be my good fortune both in this world and the next. My dignity will be celebrated in the three worlds." so saying, Bheeshma, with folded hands, rushed against Krishna.
Arjuna was in a perplexed state. He quickly got down from his chariot, ran on foot after Krishna and seized him by his two hands. But Krishna was dragging Arjuna. Arjuna fell on the ground. He again rose and caught krishna and succeeded in stopping him.
"O Krishna, You are the saviour of the Pandavas, O Kesava. I swear, by my sons and brothers that I will not withdraw from the acts to which I have pledged myself. With your help and guidance, I will kill the entire Kourava army. Is it proper on your part to defame me by killing Bhishma and kouravas. Please cool down and come back." requested Arjuna.
Krishna was gratified with the words of Arjuna and returned back to the chariot and took the reins of the steeds. Arjuna mounted the chariot. Sri Krishna and Arjuna blew their conches, Panchajanya and Devadatta. The sounds of Drums, and Horns of Kourava troops rose to the sky.
Again Bheeshma, Bhoorisravasa, Salya and Suyodhana, all at a time launched the powerful arrows like Sakti, and hurled weapons like mace, tomara etc. Arjuna, with his powerful arrows, tore them into pieces. Arjuna invoked Indra Astra on Kourava troops. That mighty weapon, Indra Astra, producing profuse showers of arrows endued with the effulgence of the blazing fire, cutting off the arms, bows, and chariots, penetrated into the bodies of the kings and of the huge elephants and steeds of the Kourava troops.
Arjuna cut the bow of Bhoorishravasa. He shot nine arrows against Salya. In the meanwhile, Kings of Panchala, Virata along with their armies proceeded towards Arjuna. Kourava troops were unable to stand before Arjuna. All the Kouravas surrounded Arjuna were vanished by him. Krishna and Arjuna blew their conches.
The sun was set. Bheeshma, unable to attack Arjuna, put an end to the war for that day. All the troops returned back to their places of stay.
The Pandava troops were jubilant, acclaiming the prowess of Arjuna. In this manner, the third day was closed" said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra.
Sanjaya continued to narrate the incidents of fourth day war.
"Next day, the fourth day war began. Bheeshma, supported by large number of forces, proceeded to the war field. Drona, Suyodhana, Bahlika also assembled in the battle field. Bheeshma blew his conch.
Pandavas along with their mighty army also entered the war field. Krishna and Arjuna were shining like sun and moon. They blew Panchajanya and Devadatta, their conches. The forces on both sides began to fight with each other.
With several types of weapons and arms, Tomaras, Kuntas, Kshurikas, spears, maces, Musalas, Mudgaras etc. the two armies, excited with rage and desirous of vanquishing the other, were fighting with each other. Bheeshmaa was moving every where in the battle field and was killing Pandava armyy. Suyodhana, Drona, Vivimsati, Krupacharya, Somadatta,and Salya were accompanying Bhishma.
Beholding this situation, Abhimanyu, with a single hand, attacked all those warriors. Abhimanyu cut all the arrows and weapons shot by them, in the middle. Bheeshma, leaving Abhimanyu, attacked Arjuna. Arjuna was fighting with Bheeshma fiercely. The troops on both sides, and all the people there, beheld that single combat between those two foremost of men, viz., Bhishma and Dhananjaya.
Asvathaama, Bhoorisrava, the son of Salya, Chitrasena conspired together and fell upon Abhimanyu at a time. Abhimanyu, with a smile, shot a powerful arrow towards the chest of Asvathaama. He broke the bow of the son of Salya. He also cut the bow of Suyodhana. He defeated Bhoorisravasa. With single hand, Abhimanyu was fighting with all those warriors. But nobody was able to stand before him, with life. Proudly looking at his son, Abhimanyu, Arjuna was killing the kourava army with his sharp arrows.
At this juncture, Suyodhana ordered Trigartas, Kritavarma, king of Kekaya to attack Abhimanyu, all at a time, with 35,000 car warriors. Accordingly, all of them attacked Abhimanyu. Beholding this, Dhrushtadhyumna, overtaking the chariot of Arjuna, rushed to that spot. He shot Kripacharya with three shafts, Salya with ten arrows and Kritavarma with one arrow. He killed the steeds tied to the chariots and broke their chariots.
Then the son of Salya shot Dhrushtadyumna with ten arrows and killed his chariot driver with another ten arrows. With great wrath, Dhrushtadyumna, broke the bow of the son of Salya with a spear. He hurled Nagastra. He killed the charioteer, the steeds of son of Salya and broke his chariot also.
The son of Salya jumped out of his broken chariot. He took a sword and shield and began to fight. Dhrushtadyumna took out a mace and attacked the son of Salya. With one stroke of his mace, the sword of Salya's son was broken into pieces. With the second stroke, the head of Salya's son was broken. He fell on the ground and died.
Beholding the death of his son, the wrath of Salya knew no bounds. He jumped upon Dhrushtadyumna. Salya shot wonderful shafts on Dhrushtadyumna.
On hearing all these details about the death of Kourava Warriors, Dhritarashtra was very much annoyed. "Sanjaya! It is becoming certain that Pandavas will vanquish our entire army in no time. Becuse of my son's greediness, covetousness, wickedness and adament attitude, all this is happening. I am hearing these bad news, day in and day out. How to defeat Pandavas is not known. What to do?" said Dhritarashtra.
"O King Dhritarashtra! This is nothing. You will hear more bad news in coming days.. I will continue. In that manner, Salya showered powerful arrows on Dhrishtadyumna. Abhimanyu attacked Salya. Suyodhana instigated his brothers, Durmukha, Dussaha, Durmarshana, Satyavrata, Chitrasena, Purumitra, Vivisati, Vikarna to attack Abhimanyu.
All of them surrounded Abhimanyu and Dhrishtadyumna. Dhrishtadyumna encountered them and gave a fitting reply with his arrows. Nakula and Sahadeva also joined Dhrishtadyumna. They began to fight with Salya. Salya showered sharp pointed arrows on all of them and chase them away.
The kings of Panchala, Matsya, standing on either side of Nakula and Sahadeva, were fighting with Salya. All of them were chasing the kourava troops. Some of our troops went to the help of Salya. By that time it was midday.
Bhimasena armed with his mace and stood before your son, Suyodhana. He challenged Suyodhana that today will be the last day for the war. All of your sons were perturbed. Suyodhana asked the King of Magadha to attack Bhimasena with his elephant forces.
Beholding the elephant forces of King Maghadha, Bhimasena smiled. He roared like a lion. On hearing that sound, some elephants' hearts were broken. Bhimasena was killing the elephants one by one, by breaking their heads with his mighty mace.. Sons of Droupadi, Abhimanyu, Nakula, Sahadeva, Dhrishtadyumna were standing by the side of Bhimasena and were striking the elephants with their powerful darts.
King of Maghadha drove his elephant towards Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu struck that elephant with one arrow. With another arrow, he shot King Magadha. With that shot, King of Magadha fell from his elephant and died.
On one side, Dhrishtadyumna began to kill the entire elephant forces with his powerful arrows. From the other side, Bhimasena was killing all the elephants with his mace. The tusks, trunks, legs and heads of the elephants were broken and they are rolling on the ground.
Unable to face the onslaught of Bhimasena, all the elephants began to flee away waywardly. While killing the elephants in that manner, Bhimasena was moving between the elephants like a lion. He was driving away the elephants like a shephard driving his sheep. Beholding this, Suyodhana went round the battle field, emboldening the troops and instigating them to attack Bhimasena.
All the Kourava troops rushed against Bhimasena like a ocean. But Bhimasena restrained those forces like a seashore. Dhrishtadyumna, Abhimanya, Sons of Droupadi were helping Bhimasena in slaughtering Kourava troops. Bhimasena was striking the Kouravas with his mace indiscriminately. All the Kourava troops fled away from the battle field with great fear, in order to save their lives..
Beholding this Bhishma drove his chariot against Bhimasena and showered innumerable shafts upon Bhimasena. Satyaki came in between and attacked Bhishma. The Rakshasa King, Alambas attacked Satyaki and fought with him. Alambas shot Satyaki with ten arrows. Satyaki in return shot Alambas with four arrows. Bhoorishravasa, son of Somadatta, shot nine arrows against Satyaki. In return, Satyaki struck Bhoorishravasa with number of arrows.
In the meanwhile, Suyodhana along with his brothers, arrived there to help Bhoorishravasa. All of them surrounded Satyaki. Bhimasena saw this. He showered innumerable arrows on Suyodhana and his brothers. Unable to attack Bhimasena, all the brothers of Suyodhana fled away.
Beholding the fate of his brothers, infuriated with warth, Suyodhana shot nine arrows against Bhimasena. Bhimasena jumped into his chariot and shot fifteen shafts against Suyodhana. With three arrows, he struck Nandaka, charioteer of Suyodhana. In return, Suyodhana, with 60 arrows, pained Bhimasena and his charioteer, Visoka. With another arrow, he broke the bow of Bhimasena. Bhimasena took out another bow and broke the bow of Suyodhana with one arrow. Suyodhana with another bow, shot against the chest of Bhimasena, with a powerful shaft. Bhimasena fainted and fell down.
Abhimanyu observed this. Dhrushtadyumna, sons of Droupadi and Abhimanyu, all at a time, fell upon Suyodhana. Bhimasena regained consciousness and stood up. He again charged against Kourava troops and showered innumerable arrows on Suyodhana and Salya. All the kourava troops fled away, as elephants chased by lion. At that juncture, your sons, Senapati, Sushena, Jalasandha, Sulochana, Bhimasena, Bhemaradha, Bhimabaahu, Dushpradarsha, Durmukha, Vivitsa and some others attacked Bhimasena, all at a time, and showered powerful sharp shafts on Bhimasena. Bhimasena jumped on them like a tiger on calves. Bhimasena cut the head of Senapati; killed Jalasandha with three arrows; broke the chest of Sushena; killed Bhimabahu with five sharp arrows; cut the head of Ugra; killed Bhima and Bhimaradha at a time with one shot; and killed Sulochaana with four arrows.
Beholding these killings of your sons, Kourava troops fled away with fear. Bhishma alerted his troops. "Bhimasena is massacring the sons of Dhritarashtra and kourava troops. Attack him! Dont be afraid!" Bhishma cried aloud. On hearing this alarm, Bhagadatta drove his huge elephant on Bhimasena. He showered arrows on Bhimasena as if clouds are covering the sun. For a moment, the chariot of Bhimasena disappeared behind that shower of arrows.
Abhimanyu and sons of Droupadi, with great wrath, charged against Bhagadatta and afflicted him with sharp shafts. Unable to bear that onslaught, the elephant of Bhagadatta fell upon Pandava troops, curshing the Pandava troops under its feet, hurling them with its trunk and poking them with its tusks. Several soldiers died crushing under its feet.
With a heart filled with joy, Suyodhana rushed aganst Bhimasena and shot several arrows aiming at the chest of Bhimasena, causing a great shock to him. Beholding this, Ghatotkaca came to the help of his father, Bhimasena. Sun was setting on western ghats. Ghatotkaca thought that it was a convenient time for miracle war. Ghatotkaca mounted a mighty elephant and stood infront of Kourava troops.
Everyone was in an illusion that Indra was coming on his white elephant, Airavata. Great Rakshasa warriors surrounded him as if Dikpaalakas were around Indra. Ghatotkaca drove his elephant against Suyodhana and shot most powerful sharp shafts against him.
Bhagadatta came in between. Ghatotkacha caught him by his neck and threw him away and killed his elephant. Again Kourava troops fled away. Ghatotkacha drove against Suyodhana. Beholding this Bhishma consulted Drona: "Acharya! Ghatotkacha is an expert in miracle war. He killed Bhagadatta and rushing against Suyodhana. We have to prevent him. In fact, Bhagadatta is an equivalent and capable warrior to fight against Ghatotkacha. But he was killed by Ghatotkacha. What to do?" so saying Bhishma began to shout "O Kourava soldiers! Stop.Dont flee. Suyodhana is in danger. Save him." cried aloud, waving his hand in air, calling back the troops.
Bhishma drove his chariot against Ghatotkacha. All the kourava warriors rushed against Ghatotkacha. Beholding this, Yudhishtira, his brothers, Panchala troops, Matsya troops, prominent warriors in Pandava Army, all at a time, rushed against Kourava troops.
The war took a violent turn. Bheeshma was massacring the Pandava troops. Ghatotkacha made a leonine roar. On hearing his roar, the elephants in Kourava troops fled away as if lion was charging against them. The sun was about to set. Bhishma thought that it was not convenient to fight with a demon like Ghatotkacha during night. He gave a signal to stop the war for that day. All the troops on both sides turned back to their respective places.
As a sign of victory, Pandava troops were beating trupets, blowing horns and roaring like lions, returned to their camps. Thus, the fourth day war ended" said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra.
Having heard that his sons were utterly defeated on the fourth day war, Dhritarashtra was very much annoyed. "Sanjaya! you will always be telling about the victory of Pandavas and the defeat of my sons. While narrating the incidents of war, you will always be belittling my sons. What happened to Bheeshma, Drona, Salya and other warriors. Are they not fighting with Pandavas? Still Pandavas are gaining upperhand. What is the reason for the victory of Pandavas? Please tell me." asked Dhritarashtra.
"O King Dhritarashtra! there are no miracles with pandavas. Pandavas are virtuous and truth loving. But your sons are greedy, wicked, covetous. Endued with every kind of prosperity, and possessed of great strength, they never desist from battle, keeping their eyes on righteousness. And victory is there where righteousness is. It is for this, that the Pandavas are invincible in battle and always victorious.You have heard what Vidura said.
Not only you, your son, Suyodhana, also asked Bheeshma, the same words. I will tell you the apt reply of Bheeshma:
"Suyodhana! I told you many a time that Pandavas got the blessings and companionship of Sri Krishna. Therefore, nothing is impossible for Pandavas. There are none who knows about God, the Almighty. If anybody knows, nothing is impossible for him. Having known about Sri Krishna, and his power, Pandavas sought the refuge of Sri Krishna. But you paid a deaf year to the words of Sri Krishna.
Once, While Brahma was sitting on a mountain to the north of Manasa Sarovar, he beheld an excellent air craft, blazing with effulgence. Having ascertained everything about it by meditation, joining his hands with restrained heart, Brahman, with delighted soul, made his salutations to the highest Divine Being.
"O Lord! you are the Lord of this Unvierse. You are the glory of this universe. You are the supreme master of this universe. I was born to you. I am creating the entire universe. Under your protection, the entire univeris is flourishing. But, at present, the entire universe is trembling. Asuric tendency is increasing day by day. Time has come for your birth in Yadu vamsa. Your bosom friend is Nara. Yourself and your friend, Nara, should take birth on earth and vanquish all the asuras and daityas to lessen the burden of this earth." prayed Brahma.
Narayana blessed Brahma in affirmative. Then Nara and Narayana went away. The celestial bodies, sages and saints waiting there asked Brahma "O Brahma! who are they?" Brahma told them thus: "They are nara and Narayana. I worship them always. I requested them to take birth on earth and they agreed. Those who do not care for them, treating them as human beings, will vanish. Those who worship them with great devotion and heed and follow their words, will prosper." Then Brahma disappeared.
Suyodhana! I heard this story through Narada, Parasurama and Vyasa. On prior occasions also, sages and saints warned you not to bear grudge against Nara and Narayana. But, out of pride and arrogance, you did not heed their words. Even now it is not too late. You take refuge with Krishna and be friendly with Pandavas." said Bheeshma. Still, Suyodhana had no regard to the words of Bheeshma.
O King Dhritarashtra! Have your son ever heed the words of virtuous people. O King! Listen! I will now narrate the incidents of fifth day war.". Sanjaya continued to narrate the important events of fifth day war.
"On the fifth day, two armies on both sides approached each other for battle. Bheeshma arrayed his troops in the shape of Makara (crocodile), called Makara Vyooha.
Equivalent to that, Pandava troops were arrayed n the shape of Syena (eagle). In the Syena Vyooha, the entire Pandava army was arranged in the following manner.
At be beak of array, Bhimasena stood with his troops.
At the place of eyes, Dhrushtadyumna and Sikhandi were standing.
Satyaki with his troops formed as head of the eagle.
Arjuna stood at neck part. Virata and Drupada Kings, along with their armies, formed as left wing and Kekaya Kings with their troops formed as right wing of the eagle.
At the tail end, stood Nakula and Sahadeva, protecting Yudhishtira.
Thus Syena vyooha was formed.
On both sides, trumpets were beaten. Horns were blown. War started. Bhimasena, rushed into the Makara Vyooha, formed by Kourava troops and shattered it into pieces. Bhimasena encountered Bheeshma and showered numerous shafts on him. Bhishma cut those shafts in middle and in return shot several crueal shafts against Bhimasena.
Arjuna rushed to that spot to help Bhimasena. On one side Bhimasena and the other side Arjuna were massacring the troops of Kouravas mercilessly. Beholding this, Suyodhana approached Drona. "O Dronacharya! I thought, today, yourself and Bhishma will see the end of Pandava troops. But it is reversed. Arjuna and Bhimasena are vanquishing our troops and you are remaining as silent spectactors." asked Suyodhana.
"Suyodhana! Arjuna is a hero of great prowess. He is invincible. We are fighting with him to our might. It is not possible to conquer them in one day" said Drona.
Drona proceeded against Pandava troops. Satyaki rushed against Drona and showered innumerable arrows on Drona. Drona released many darts from his bow against Satyaki. Bhimasena turned his chariot towards Satyaki and stood by his side. Salya arrived there and stood by the side of Drona. They are shooting arrows one against the other.
In the meanwhile, sons of Droupadi, along with Abhimanyu along with their troops rushed to that spot in aid of Bhimasena. They attacked Bhishma and Drona. In between, Sikhandi, twanging his bow, jumped on Bhishma. Beholding Sikhandi, Bhsheema turned his chariot to other side. Suyodhana instigated Drona to attack Sikhandi. Drona launched several darts against Sikhandi.
The war took a violent turn. With the dust risen from the earth due to the walking and running of elephants, horses, foot soldiers and movement of chariots, covered the sky. The intestines of horses formed into heaps. The dead bodies of elephants are scattered here and there, obstructing the movement of foot soldiers. The blood was flowing into canals.
On one side Bhishma and the other side Bhimasena, standing in the front, were fighting with other..
At that time all your sons, at one time, rushed against Bhimasena. Their chariots charged against Bhimasena and surrounded him. Beholding this, Arjuna rushed to that spot and attacked your sons with his Gandeeva. Unable to resist Arjuna, all the kourava troops fled away and hid behind Bhishma.
Having observed that his troops were fleeing away, waving his hand, Suyodhana arrived there. Along with him, the kings of Kambhoja, Sindhu, Gandhara, Souveera, Trigartha, and Kalinga along with their troops, rushed there and surrounded Bhima and Arjuna.
Beholding this, Dharmaja directed Chedhi, Kaasa, KarooSa, and Pancala troops under the leadership of Dhrushtadyumna to rush to that spot. Thus the entire battle centered there.
Vinda and Anuvinda attacked King of Kasi;
Saidhava attacked Bhimasena;
Vikarna attacked Sahadeva;
Chitrasena attacked Sikhandi;
Suyodhana attacked Virata,
The kings of Trigarta attacked Nakula,
Drona attacked Chekitana and Satyaki,
Krupaacharya attacked Dhrushtadyumna,
Abhimanyu attacked Salva, and Kekaya kings;
Dhrushta ketu and Ghatotkaca attacked rest of your sons,
Yudhishtira attacked Salya.
Thus the battle became violent. The Astras and Sastras launched by several warriors were attacking with each other and flames are blazing out. Elephants dahsing against chariots are falling down; the chariots were hurled by those elephants with their trunks; foot soldiers crushed under the feet of horses and elephants; the entire battle field was filled with dead bodies.
Beholding the prowess of Bhimasena, Bheeshma shot several sharp arrows against Bhimasena. Satyaki stood by the side of Bhimasena and shot several darts against Bheeshma. Bheeshma killed the charioteer of Satyaki. The horses tied to his chriots fled away.
Not willing to fight with Satyaki who lost his chariot, Bheeshma turned to other side. Virata attacked Bheeshma and shot three arrows upon him. Bheeshma cut those arrows in between and shot ten arrows upon Virata.
Arjuna joined Virata and attacked Bheeshma. Asvathaama intervened in between. Arjuna and Bheeshma and shot six arrows upon Arjuna. Arjuna broke the bow of Asvathaama. Asvathaama picked up another bow and showered innumerable arrows on Arjuna. Both Krishna and Arjuna were severely injured with the powerful arrows of Asvathaama.
Excited with rage, Arjuna shot Asvathaama with powerful darts on his entire body. In the meanwhile, Bhimasena attacked Bheeshma. Suyodhana intervened in between Bhimasena and Bhishma and shot five powerful shafts upon Bhimasena. Bhimasena and Suyodhana were fighting with each other.
Chitrasena, Purumitra and Bheeshma stood by the side of Suyodhana. Abhimanyu attacked them and shot seven shafts on Purumitra, seven shafts on Bheeshma and ten shafts on Chitrasena. All those shafts were cut by them in between. Purumitra showered sharp pointed shafts against Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu excited with wrath, shot most powerful and cruel darts against Chitrasena. He broke the bow of Chitrasena and killed the steeds.
Beholding Abhimanyu fighting with great prowess, Lakshmana, son of Suyodhana, rushed against Abhimanyu. First Abhimanyu killed the steeds tied to the chariot of Lakshmana, then killed the charioteer. Lakshmana's chariot was broken. Lakshmana launched Shakti missilee upon Abhimanyu, which was destroyed by Abhimanyu in the sky. Abhimanyu incessantly poured arrow showers on Lakshmana piercing through his entire body. Kritavarma picked up Lakshmana on his chariot and took him away. Suyodhana encouraged his troops to fight against Abhimanyu.
Bhoorishravasa, son of Somadatta rushed against Satyaki. Unable to attack the troops of Bhoorishravasa, the troops of Satyaki fled away. The sons of Satyaki attacked Bhoorishravasa and challenged him:
"O Bhoorishravasa! we are here ready to fight with you. If you are courageous, choose one amongst us and show your vigour and valour."
"I do not care even if you all come against me at one time." said Bhoorishravasa.
All the sons of Satyaki showered sharp pointed arrows on Bhoorishravasa. Bhoorishravasa broke their bows, cut their heads, and made them to roll on battle field. All the kourava troops acclaimed Bhoorishravasa with joy and roared like lions.
Beholding the mass killing of his sons, Satyaki was very much annoyed. Enraged with greatwrath, he drove his chariot on Kourava troops and killed them indiscriminately. Satyaki killed the steeds tied to the chariot of Bhoorishravasa and also killed his charioteer. Bhoorishravasa broke the chariot of Satyaki. Both of them jumped on the ground, picked up sharp swords and were fighting with each other. Bhimasena and Suyodhana picked up Satyaki and Bhoorishravasa on their respective chariots and took them away .
Arjuna incessantly showered powerful arrows on the kourava troops and massacring them indiscriminately. As the sun was about to set, Bheeshma proclaimed that the war for the day ended. All the warriors on both sides retired to their resepctive places of stay. In this manner, the fifth day war ended" said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra.
Nextday morning, Arjuna asked Dhrushtadyumna to array the troops in the form of Makara Vyooha. Accordingly, Dhrushtadyumna arranged the troops as Makara (crocodile).
Arjuna, Panchala Kings stood forming as the head of Makara.
Nakula, Sahadeva along with their troops stood at the place of eyes.
Bhimasena stood in forefront as mouth.
Abhimanyu, sons of Droupadi, Ghatotmacha arrayed as jaws.
Along with Satyaki, Yudhishtira stood as neck.
Along with Dhrushtadyumna, Virata along with his troops as backbone.
The Kekaya Kings stood on left side and Dhrushtaketu, King of Karoosa stood on the right side.
King Kuntibhoja, KingSataaneeka formed as Waist part and Sikhandi and Iraavanta stood at the tail end.
In this manner, Makara vyooha was formed.
Equivalent to Makara vyooha, Bheeshma arrayed Kouras troops in the shape of Krounca vyooha (standing in the shape of Krounca Bird).
At the Beak stood Bheeshma and Drona along with their troops.
Kripacharya and Asvathaama arrayed as Eyes of that bird.
Krita varma stood at the place of head.
King of Kambhoja and Bahlika formed in the shape of neck of that bird.
Suyodhana accompanied by Soorasena stood at the place of stomache.
Bhagadatta along with Souveera spread as the back of the bird.
Vinda and Anuvinda stood as the left wing whereas Susarma along with his troops stood at the right wing.
King of Yavana, Srutaayuvu, Bhoorisravasa stood at the tail end.
In this manner, both Pandavas and Kouravas arrayed their troops and were ready for war.The sounds of trumpets, horns, and all kinds of war instruments rose to the sky. While Drona was trying to rush towards the neck of Makara, Bhimasena charged towards Drona and showered powerful shafts on the troops of Drona. The troops of Drona fled away. Enraged with wrath, Drona pierced powerful shafts in the body of Bhimasena. Bhimasena killed the charioteer of Drona. Drona was fighting with Bhima while driving his chariot himself.
Bheeshma approached Drona and joined him. Unable to attack Bheeshma and Drona, the troops of Kekaya kings put a step backward. Beholding this, Bhimasena rushed into the Kourava troops and mass massacring them. Suyodhana was waving his hand and encouraging his forces to fight with Bhimasena. Likewise, Dharmaja also was waving his hand and instigating his forces to attack kourava troops. With renewed vigour, both the forces were combatting with each other." said Sanjaya, the 6th days war details, to Dhritarashtra.
" Vidura! we got number of great warriors; still Pandavas are gaining upperhand. That our army should yet be slaughtered in battle is due only to predestined fate, what can it be but the result of Destiny? Indeed Vidura had often said what was both beneficial and desirable. But my wicked son Duryodhana would not accept it. Which is ordained by the Creator must happen as ordained and cannot be otherwise." said Dhritarashtra in a philosophical mood.
"O King Dhritarashra! Your son is not a simpleton. He knows the pros and cons of war. Still he opted for war. Because you have supported the wickedness of your son on the day of dice game, this mass massacre happened. None to be blamed for this. Stop repenting for the past deeds and listen to the war details" continued Sanjaya.
"The heroic Bhimasena, having with his sharp shafts, broken the mighty array of Kouravas, then came upon all the younger brothers of Duryodhana. Beholding your sons Dussasana, Dussaha, Jana, Jayatsena, Vikarna, Chitrasena,Sudrsana, Charucitra, Suvarma, and Dushkaruna at one place, excited with rage, Bhimasena rushed against them. Beholding Bhimasena in their midst, all your sons tried to kill him, as he was alone. They all accordingly surrounded Bhimasena. Bhimasena alighted his chariot and aksked his charioteer to keep the chariot there itself. He took his mace and fell upon your sons. He was killing the kourava troops mercilessly. He was beating the heads of elephants with his mace; breaking the chariots; killing the horses. He was moving everywhere with his mace.
In the meanwhile, Dhrishtadyumna arrived there and found the empty chariot of Bhimasena. He was very much annoyed. He asked Visoka "What had happened to Bhimasena? Tell me?"
"He is there fighting with Kouravas with his mace. He ordered me to remain here" said Visoka.
Immediately, Dhrushtadyumna rushed towards Bhimasena. "Bhimasena! I am here. Go ahead. Show your prowess. I will kill the rest" so roaring Dhrushtadhumna rushed against the kourava troops. All your sons along with the kourava troops surrounded Dhrishtadyumna. Then Dhrushtadyumna launched a powerful Astra called "Pramohana". Under the influence of that Astra, all the kourava troops along with your sons lost consciousness. There was calm before storm. Bhimasena went near a pond and drank some fresh water. He returned back and joined Dhrushtadyumna.
In another front, Drona was fighting with King Drupada. Drupada could not withstand the powerful arrows of Drona. He slipped away. Drona was searching for Dhrushtadyumna. Then he saw that all kourava troops and your sons were under the influence of Promahana Astra. Drona immediately rushed to that spot, launched Prajna Astra as anti- dote to Pramohana Astra. All your sons and their troops regained consciousness. Again your sons, with their troops, rushed against Bhimasena and Dhrushtadyumna.
In the meanwhile, King Yudhishtira requested the five Kekaya kings, five sons of Droupadi, Abhimanyu along with Dhrishtaketu to rush towards Bhima sena and Dhrushtadyumna. Then all of them proceeded towards Bhimasena. With their help, Bhimasena was slaughtering the kourava troops mercilessly.
Drona was incessantly pouring arrow showers on Pandava troops. Drona cut the bow of Dhrushtadyumna. He took another bow which was again cut by Drona. Drona also broke his chariot. Dhrushtadyumna jumped into the chariot of Abhimanyu.
In the meanwhile, Suyodhana rushed against Bhimasena. The charioteer of Dhrushtadyumna brought another chariot. Dhrushtadyumna mounted that chariot and again began to fight with Drona.
Visoka, the charioteer of Bhimasena, brought his chariot and stationed it near Bhimasena. Bhimasena jumped into his chariot and showered innumerable arrows against Suyodhana. Suyodhana also showered arrows in retaliation. Your sons were very eager and enthusiastic to catch Bhimasena and kill him. They all surrounded Bhimasena.
Beholding this, Abhimanyu, sons of Droupadi, the five Kekaya kings, Dhrushtaketu, all at a time, rushed against your sons. Bhimasena joined them. All of them, desirous of vanquishing your sons and their troops, fell upon them and chased them.
While all your sons and their troops were fleeing away, Bhimasena, roaring like a lion, shouting "all of you will meet your death at my hands" chased them. Beholding this, Suyodhana instigated his troops to attack Bhimasena. By that time it was afternoon. There was a fiercest fight between Bhimasena and Suyodhana.
In another front, Vikarna and Chitrasena rushed against Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu, in retaliation, killed the steeds of Vikarna and shot 20 sharp arrows. Vikarna got down from his chariot and climbed the chariot of Chitrasena. Both of them fled away.
The five sons of Droupadi rushed in between Bhimasena and Suyodhana and injured Suyodhana with their powerful arrows. They shot five powerful arrows into the body of Suyodhana.
In another front, Bhishma was fighting with Arjuna. In that part of the battle field headless trunks stood up by thousands, amongst the troops, of both the Kauravas and the Pandavas. The field of battle resembled an ocean of blood and the dead bodies of elephants look like the islands of that ocean, and the steeds its waves.
On that day, Bhima decided to kill Suyodhana and put an end to the war. Bhimasena stood in front of Suyodhana:
"O Suyodhana! That hour has come which I have desired for so many years. The grief of Kunti and revenge of Droupadi will be dispelled by today. You paid no heed to the words of Sri Krishna. Besides that, you instigated Ulooka to speak ill of us. I will show my prowess today. Show your prowess." so saying, with great speed, Bhimasena killed the horses tied to the chariot of Suyodhana. He also killed his charioteer. Bhimasena broke the bow of Suyodhana and broke the flag flying on his chariot. By the time Suyodhana takes another bow, Bhimasena shot ten powerful shafts piercing into the body of Suyodhana. He was seriously injured and fainted. In the meanwhile, Jayadhradha rushed to that spot with his troops. Kripacharya dragged Suyodhana upon his chariot and took him away.
Abhimanyu and the five sons of Droupadi surrounded Jayadhradha. Chitrasena, Chitra, Chitraksha, Charuchitra, Sulochana, Nanda, Upananda, excited with rage, were fighting with Abhimanyu. The invincible Abhimanyu shot all of them, with five arrows each. Their bodies were drenched in blood. Vikarna, whose chariot was broken, mounted another chariot, rushed against Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu broke his bow and killed his charioteer and the steeds tied to the chariot. Abhimanyu also cut the flag.
All your sons surrounded Abhimanyu all of a sudden. All the five sons of Droupadi intervened and fought with your sons. They broke the flags of all your sons. They incessantly showered arrows on your sons. Unable to withold that onslaught, your sons fled away.
At that time, Sataaneeka, son of Nakula, along with his troops was helping the five kings of Kekaya. All of them were masssacring the Kourava troops. The sun was set. Bhishma announced that the war ended for that day. The troops on both sides retired to their respective places of stay." said Sanjaya the sixth day war details to Dhritarashtra.

Mahabharata, Bhishma Parva,
Second Chapter completed.
Om Tatsat Om Tatsat Om Tatsat.