Saint Vaisampaayana continued to tell Janamejaya the story of Mahabharata.

On hearing that Sri Krishna paved the way to kill Saindhava, Dhritarashtra was very much annoyed.

“Sanjaya! How Pandavas could kill Saindhava? Was Drona unable to save Saindhava? Tell me in detail.” asked Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya continued to say.

Next day morning, after completing his morning rituals, Dharmaja arrived at his court hall. Then Sri Krishna arrived there. Dharmaja received Sri Krishna with due honors and offered him a suitable seat.

Then Bhimasena, Nakula, Sahadeva, Satyaki, sons of Droupadi, Ghatotkacha, King Drupada, King Virata, Kekaya Kings etc., arrived there and adorned their respective seats.

Dharmaja told Krishna thus: “Sri Krishna! You have so far been extending your help and cooperation for us in all respects. We earnestly request you to rescue us today from this ocean of grief and rage.” prayed Dharmaja.

“Dharmaja! In all the worlds including that of the celestials, there is no boWman equal to Arjuna. Even all the Gods including Indra become his protectors, Jayadradha will be killed by Arjuna. It is certain. Dispel your grief.” said Sri Krishna.

In the meanwhile, Arjuna arrived there and bowed before Dharamaja and Krishna and occupied his seat. Arjuna told Dharmaja and Sri Krishna and other courtiers about his last night dream. Everybody was amazed about that dream. Then all of them departed from that place for making arrangements for war.

Sri Krishna, Satyaki along with Arjuna went to the pavillion of Arjuna. Sri Krishna mounted the chariot and occupied the seat of charioteer. Arjuna mounted the chariot as a Car-Warrior.

Arjuna told Satyaki thus: “Satyaki! Many auspicious omens of various kinds appeared in view indicating our victory. My victory seems to be certain. Indeed, as the slaughter of Saindhava is one of my most imperitive duty, even so is the protection of King Yudhishtira another of my most imperative obligation. You know about the promise of Drona to capture Dharmaja in battle. Hence I request you to protect Dharmaja today.” requested Arjuna.

Satyaki accepted the request of Arjuna and remained there to protect Dharmaja” said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra.

“Sanjaya! How could our troops venture even to gaze at Arjuna as he himself advanced like goddess of death, burning with grief and anger. I observe the abode of Saindhava to be echoing with sounds of grief and lamentations.

O Sanjaya! my son Suyodhana, never paid attention either to my words or to the words of Bhishma, Drona. He only adopted the ill and wicked advises of Dussaasana and Karna. He broke the peace mission of Sri Krishna. One by one, all his brothers and sons are being killed in battle day by day. He bore grudge against Arjuna who was blessed by Lord Siva with Pasupata Astra.

While Sri Krishna was driving his chariot, who else can dare to stand before Arjuna. I advised my son not to bear grudge against Pandavas. But Suyodhana followed the path of avarice and destroyed his own kith and kin. What can I do? Tell me what had happened later” said Dhritarashtra.

“O King Dhritarashtra! You are building bridges for the water already flowed away. You would have restrained both Suyodhana and Dharmaja from the match of dice game. Or atleast you would have acceded to the words of Sri Krishna and effected mediation between your sons and Pandavas. You failed to do so. Hence all have blamed you for your wickedness and greediness.

As you are blind by birth, your brother King Pandu ruled this country and extended your Kingdom. Then what is your objection to divide the kingdom and give the sons of King Pandu their due share. Why you are blaming your sons for your mis deeds? You are reaping the consequences for your mis deeds. Even the celestial army cannot bear the sounds of Panchajanya and Devadatta. After all, your sons and their army are no match for Arjuna. I will narrate to you what had happened.” Sanjaya continued to say.

Drona entered the war field. He blew his conche. He told Saindhava thus: “Saindhava! you will be in the midst of Bhoorisravasa, Karna, Salya, Asvathaama, Vrishasena, Kripacharya and others. 14,000 elephants, 60,000 chariots, one lakh horses, ten lakh foot soldiers will be protecting you always. Yourself along with your troops will be three yojanas away from the Vyooha arrayed by me. Unless Pandavas break my Vyooha, they cannot reach you.” said Drona.

Then Drona arrayed the troops in the form of Sakata vyooha. In the middle of Sakata vyooha, towards west, Drona arrayed Kourava troops in the form of Padmavyooha. From the entrance of padmavyooha upto the entrance of Sakata vyooha, he arrayed the Kourava troops in the form of Soochee vyooha (in the shape of needle).

At the entrance of Scoochee vyooha, Kritavarma and King of Kambhoja stood along with one lakh soldiers. Saindhava, protected by Dussaasana, Vikarna, was standing at a distance of 1500 bows . Dronacharya was standing at the main entrance of Sakata Vyooha. Beholding this mighty Vyooha, Suyodhana was very much rejoiced.

Arjuna entered the battle field. Dhrishtadyumna, the leader of Pandava Army arrayed his troops in a different vyooha. Kettle drums and trumpets were played. One Durmarshana along with his army challenged Arjuna.

“Krishna! drive our chariot against Durmarshana. I will consume him first.” said Arjuna. Krishna drove the chariot towards Durmarshana.

Durmarshana and his troops poured arrowy showers on Arjuna. Arjuna was enragedwith wrath. Next moment, the entire war field was filled with dead bodies of soldiers, horses and elephants. Kourava troops showered innumerable shafts on Arjuna. Arjuna cut them in middle and massacred the troops of Durmarshana. Arjuna killed the charioteers and the horses tied to the chariots.

The quickness with which Arjuna took his shafts, fixed them on the bow and let them off, filled all Kourava with wonder Arjuna with his arrows pierced elephants and elephant riders, horses and horseriders, car warriors and charioteers. There was none in the Kourava army whether staying before him or fighting with him or escaped his wrath.

The troops of Durmarshana afflicted with the arrows of Arjuna fled in fear. None could gaze at Arjuna while he was wielding his Gandeeva. Now it was the turn of Dussaasana and his troops to rush against Arjuna.

Dussaasana caused Arjuna to be surrounded by a large elephant force. Arjuna was excited with wrath. Arjuna incessantly showered arrows on the elephant troops of Dussaasana. The elephants were staying stand-still but the heads of the soldiers mounted on elephants were falling on the ground like fruits from the tree. The hands and legs of the soldiers were rolling on the ground.

Dussasana began to flee away from the battle field. Arjuna accosted Dussaasana: “Oh Dussasana! Where are you going? Will you escape death by simply running away from war field? You spoke so many harsh words against us in the open assembly. Now you have to reap the consequences.” so saying Arjuna shot ten powerful sharp arrows on Dussaasana. Dussaasana ran away and took shelter behind Drona.

Krishna drove the chariot towards Drona. Now Arjuna was before Drona. Arjuna with folded hands saluted Drona.

“O revered Brahmin, my preceptor! I bow before you. Bless me. Wish me well. You are to me even as my sire, or even as King Yudhishtira or Sri Krishna. You are my well wisher. Even as Asvathaama deserved to be protected by you, I also deserve to be protected by you. I desire to kill Saindhava. I have taken a vow in that regard. Please see that my vow is accomplished.” prayed Arjuna.

Drona smiled and said: “Arjuna! without vanquishing me, how can you kill Saindhava.” so saying Drona covered Arjuna with arrowy showers. Arjuna baffled all those arrowy showers with his arrows. Arjuna shot Drona with nine arrows. Drona cut them in the middle and shot powerful arrows on Arjuna and Krishna.

Drona cut the bow string of Arjuna and covered his chariot with showers of arrows. Arjuna was trying to tie the bow string. Arjuna skipped Drona and was fighting with Kourava army. The arrows incessantly released from Gandeeva were massacring the kourava troops. Drona was trying to cut all those arrows shot by Arjuna. Drona again covered the chariot of Arjuna with his arrowy showers. Arjuna could not proceed even an inch further beyond Drona.

“Arjuna! why you are insisting to fight with Drona only. Leave him. You try to enter Sakata vyooha and find out Saindhava” suggested Krishna.

Arjuna accepted his suggestion. Krishna drove the chariot into Sakata vyooha, skipping Drona. Beholding Arjuna, Drona laughed at Arjuna: “O Arjuna! What is this? While I am fighting with you, why you are bypassing me. Dont you kill your enemy?”asked Drona.

“O Drona! You are not my enemy. You are my revered preceptor. It is not possible even for Lord Siva to defeat and kill you After all I am your student. I am not capable of killing you.” so saying Arjuna along with his Chakra Rakshakas (Wheel protectors) entered into Sakata Vyooha.

Kritavarma, King of Kambhoja, Srutaayuvu attacked Arjuna. Kritavarma shot 25 powerful arrows against Arjuna. Arjuna broke the bow of Kritavarma and shot 21 sharp shafts on Kritavarma. Kritavarma picked up another bow and shot ten arrows aiming at the chest of Arjuna.

“Arjuna! why you are showing soft corner on Kritavarma. He is not our relative. Kill him mercilessly.” provoked Krishna.

Arjuna shot one powerful arrow with which Kritavarma fainted. While Arjuna was proceeding further, Kritavarma regained consciousness and attacked the Chakra Rakshakas of Arjuna. They broke the bow of Kritavarma. Kritavarma took up another bow and broke the bows of Uttamouja and Yudhamanyu. They picked up another bow and attacked Kritavarema. But they are unable to reach Arjuna.

King Srutaayudha attacked Arjuna and shot Krishna and Arjuna with sharp edged arrows. He cut the flag of Arjuna and showered 90 arrows on Arjuna.. Arjuna was enraged with wrath. He cut the bow of Srutaayudha and shot nine arrows against his chest. Arjuna killed the chariot driver of Srutaayudha and also the horses tied to the chariot.

Srutaayudha jumped down from his chariot and took up his mace. Srutaayudha was the son of Varuna. That wonderful and powerful mace was given by Varuna to Srutaayudha. One who holds that mace becomes invincible. That mace will kill anybody whom it hits. But, if that mace is hurled on any person who was unarmed and not ready for fight, instead of killing that person, that mace will return back and kill the person who hurled it.

In that angry and passionate mood, Srutaayudha did not remember this. Srutaayudha hurled that mace against Sri Krishna who was only a chariot driver and who was unarmed and not ready to fight. That mace returned back and killed Srutaayudha. Beholding the death of Srutaayudha, his army fled away.

At that juncture, King of Kambhoja attacked Arjuna. Arjuna killed his charioteer and the horses and broke his bow and flag. Arjuna shot fifteen most powerful arrows against him. King of Kambhoja fell down and died. After the death of King of Kambhoja, Soorasena, Sibi, Vasaati and other warriors surrounded Arjuna. Arjuna killed all of them in no time.

Beholding this, Suyodhana provoked Kalingas, Southern kings and other warriors to attack Arjuna with their elephant forces. Arjuna retaliated their attack and killed the elephants. The entire battle field was filled with the trunks, legs and heads of elephants. The elephant riders were rolling on the ground with severe injuries.

Yavanas, Sakas also attacked Arjuna. Arjuna massaacred all of them. Srutaayuvu, the King of Ambashta attacked Arjuna. Arjuna broke the bow of Srutaayuvu and killed his horses. Srutaayuvu took up his mace and hit Sri Krishna. Arjuna broke that mace. With another bow, Arjuna cut the head of Srutaayuvu.

Looking at the death of Srutaayuvu, Suyodhana approached Drona and said:
“O Acharya Drona! even without caring for you, Arjuna is massacring our troops. You are keeping quiet and is not even looking at him. What happened to the boon given to me? When will you impirson Dharmaja! Trusting you immensely, Saindhava is hiding behind you. You are not making any effort to save him. Why? Do you wish to see the death of Saindhava at the hands of Arjuna? Look at that side. The troops arrayed for the protection of Saindhava, are running away. Kindly save Saindhava. It is my earnest request.” prayed Suyodhana.

Drona smiled and said: “Suyodhana! I will never get angry either for your words or for the words of my son Asvathaama. Sri Krishna drives the chariot, in excellence, more than the speed of mind. Arjuna is shooting arrows with greater speed. How can I stop them? If I leave this spot and run behind Arjuna, there will be utter chaos here. It will become more difficult to save Saindhava. Besides that, I am waiting for Dharmaja.

You know I am older in age and I cannot run against a youth like Arjuna. Yourself and Arjuna are of equal age. You fight with Arjuna and stop him from proceeding further. I will stay here.

I will give you a miraculous coat mail(Kavacha). If you wear it, none of the arrows shot by Arjuna will touch you and harm you. Originally this miraculous coat mail was given by Brahma to Indra. Indra gave it to Angirasa. It passed on from Angirasa to Brihaspati, Brihaspati to Agnivesa, Agnivesa to me. Now I am presenting it to you. Have it and be victorious.” said Drona.

After wearing that miraculous coat mail, Suyodhana drove his chariot towards Arjuna. Both the troops of Kouravas and Pandavas were fighting with each other in a fiercest manner. Drona and Dhrishtadyumna were fighting with each other. Dhrishtadyumna was massacring Kourava troops mercilessly. None was dare enough to stand and fight with him. Drona was enraged with wrath. He rushed against the Kings of Panchala and Kekaya.

In the meanwhile. Dharmaja, Bhima, and Nakula and Sahadeva joined Dhrishtadyumna. Vikarna, Vivimsati, Chitrasena attacked Bhima, Bahlika and sons of Droupadi. Somadatta was fighting with Sikhandi. Alambasa attacked Ghatotkacha. Salya was standing by the side of Saindhava and protecting him. Dussaasana fought with Satyaki. Satyaki chased him.

Unable to with stand the wrath of Nakula and Sahadeva, Sakuni ran away. Drona attacked Dhrishtadyumna, Bhima and Dharmaj.

While the Kouravas and Pandavas were fighting with each other, the entire battle field was filled with broken chariots, broken bows, broken limbs of soldiers, horses and elephants, forming into heaps.

Drona was protecting the Sakata Vyooha arrayed by him undisturbed. Dhrishtadyumna dashed his chariot against the chariot of Drona. Immediately, Dhrishtadyumna took out his sword and shield and jumped to the chariot of Drona. Drona cut the sword and shield of Dhrishtadyumna into pieces. Drona killed the charioteer and horses tied to the chariot of Dhrishtadyumna and cut the flag.

Drona shot one powerful arrow against Dhrishtadyumna.
Satyaki cut that arrow and saved Dhrishtadyumna. Dhrishtadyumna jumed into the chariot of Satyaki. Both of them drove their chariot away. Drona’s heart was filled with wrath against Satyaki for saving Dhristadyumna from his hands.

Drona and Satyaki were fighting with each other. Flags were cut. Chariots were broken. Heads of soldiers were rolling on the ground.

Satyaki broke the bow of Drona. While Drona was taking up another bow, Satyaki broke that bow also. Satyaki was continuously breaking the bows of Drona whenever he takes it. With great speed Drona picked up another bow and shot numerous arrows against Satyaki. Satyaki broke them into pieces. Drona launched Agneya Astra (missile of fire). Its flames covered the entire sky. Satyaki launched Varuna Astra (missile of water) and neutralised Agneya Astra. In the meanwhile, Dharmaja, Bhima, Nakula and Sahadeva joined Satyaki.

Arjuna was rushing against Saindhaya, massacring those who come in his way. Vinda and Anuvinda surrounded Arjuna with their respective troops and showered arrows on Arjuna. Arjuna broke their bows, cut their flags and killed their steeds. Arjuna cut the head of Vinda with one Bhalla Arrow.

Beholding the death of his brother Vinda, Anu Vinda was filled with rage. He took up a mace and struck Sri Krishna with that mace. Arjuna broke that mace. With another arrow, Krishna cut the head of Anuvinda. After the death of Vinda and Anuvinda, their troops surrounded Arjuna. Arjuna showered most powerful arrows on them and drove them away.

By that time, Arjuna was very much tired. The horses tied to the chariot also tired. Saindhava could not be seen any where. Kourava troops were chasing Pandava troops.

In that situation, Arjuna told Krishna: “Krishna! I will control the Kourava troops. You stop the chariot and untie the horses and gave them some rest.” So saying Arjuna alighted the chariot and stood before the Kourava troops.

Kourava warriors poured arrowy showers on Arjuna. Arjuna cut those arrows into pieces and incessantly showered all kinds of arrows on them. Arjuna was killing the elephants with his halfmoon shaped arrows. With his power cruel arrows he was killing the horses. The entire battle was filled with severed heads of elephants, horses and soldiers and their bodies.

Krishna told Arjuna: “Arjuna! ofcourse, our hourses have taken rest for some time. But they are feeling thirsty. Unless some water is given to them, they cannot mover further” said Krishna.

Arjuna could not find water anywhere in the vicinity. He shot a powerful arrow. It pierced into the earth and clean and transparent ground water gushed out like a spring. The horses drank that water and their thirst extinguished. Krishna praised Arjuna for his excellent work. Again Krishna and Arjuna mounted their chariot.

Arjuna sighted Suyodhana at a distance. Krishna drove the chariot towards Suyodhana. Krishna had blown Panchajanya and Arjuna, Devadatta. On hearing the sounds of Panchajanya and Devadatta, the kourava warriors who were protecting Saindhaya, ran away to save their lives. Now Saindhava was visible to Arjuna.

“Krishna! There is Saindhava. Around him, Kripacharya, Salya, Asvathaama, Bahlika, Karna, sons of Karna formed into a ring. All of them can never save Saindhava. I will kill that wretch by this evening” said Arjuna.

Krishna with great speed drove the chariot towards Saindhava. Beholding Arjuna, all the kourava warriors lost hopes on the life of Saindhava. Arjuna looked at Saindhava. He roared like a lion. His chariot was rushing towards Saindhava.

With the most powerful Kavacha (coat of mail) on his body, Suyodhana attacked Arjuna. The rest of the Kuru warriors also attacked Arjuna.

Beholding Suyodhana, Krishna told Arjuna: “Arjuna! This Suyodhana from the beginning bore grudge against you and your brothers. Saindhava is the bet between you and Suyodhana. Suyodhana is the root cause for all your woes and also for this mass massacre. He is the wretch who insulted your wife, Droupadi in open assembly. Now he is within the reach of your arrows. Show your prowess and kill him. It is a God’s gift for you that he is before you within your reach. Dont hesitate. Beholding his death, the entire Kurava army will be scattered. Then we can chase Saindhava and kill him easily” said Krishna.

“Yes, Krishna. How can I forget the woes caused by him to me and my brothers and wife. I will certainly kill him. Drive our chariot against him” said Arjuna.

Suyodhana intoxicated with the pride of strength due to the most powerful kavacha (coat of mail) given byDrona, came before Arjuna. Arjuna blew his conche, Devadatta. The rest of the Kourava Army thought that ont hat day the death of Suyodhana at the hands of Arjuna was certain.

Beholding Arjuna, Suyodhana shouted aloud: “O Arjuna! You are feeling proud of your celestial arrows and weapons. Today I want to see your vigour and valour. If you are really born to King Pandu, come on. Show your archery skills, your prowess, your vigour.” so saying Suyodhana shot most cruel shafts against Arjuna.

With four arrows, Suyodhana struck the horses and aimed ten arrows against Krishna. Arjuna was enraged with wrath. He shot 14 most powerful steep arrows against Suyodhana. All those arrows just touched Suyodhana and fell down. Again, at a stretch, Arjuna shot 21 most powerful arrows but in vain

Beholding this Krishna said: “Arjuna! what is happening. It is amazing. What is the reason for your failure? Have you lost strength in your hands or all of your archery skills extinguished? Each arrow shot from your Gandeeva will strike the enemy like thunderbolt. Now every arrow shot by you against Suyodhana is becoming useless. I am very much annoyed.” said Krishna.

“Krishna! Either my vigour or the heat of my arrows has not been extinguished or vanished. Suyodhana is wearing a most miraculous Kavacha (coat of mail) given by Drona. This miracle is known only to Drona, myself and my son, Abhihamnyu. It appears, Drona has given that to Suyodhana. This kavacha is unbreakable by any celestial weapon. It appears that Suyodhana just wore that coat mail but he does not know anything about it. I will confuse him with my archery skills. I will make him to remove it.

Krishna! Angirasa gave one most powerful Astra to Devendra. Devendra gave it to me. That Astra will break any kind of coat mail. Now I will invoke that Astra and break that coat mail.” said Arjuna.

Immediately, Arjuna invoked that Great Astra given to him by Mahendra and was chanting the Mantra.
Beholding this, Asvathaama thought that Suyodhana was in most dangerous situation. Even before that Great Astra was launched against Suyodhana, Asvathama shot a most powerful arrow and cut that Astra into pieces. Arjuna was verymuch distressed.

“ Krishna! Asvathama spoiled all my efforts. I cannot launch that Astra again. Any how I got many more astras. Let me try them” said Arjuna.

While Arjuna was conversing with Krishna, Suyodhana shot 9 arrows each against Krishna and Arjuna and roared like a lion. Arjuna was enraged with great wrath. He did not want to spare Suyodhana any more.

Arjuna killed the charioteer and the horses of Suyodhana and cut his flag. He shot most sharp shafts in his palms. Having been severely injured by Arjuna, Suyodhana was very much annoyed. He thought that the Kavacha (coat mail) given by Drona was not working. Hence, Suyodhana changed his coatmail.

The Kourava warriors surrounded Arjuna. Arjuna was enraged with wrath. Chariots were broken. Horses were rolling on the ground. Heads of elephants were broken into pieces. The heads of soldiers were flying in the air like balls. The entire battle field was seen dreadful.

Unable to withhold the wrath of Arjuna, the Kourava army fled away. The troops who were protecting Saindhava roared like lions. Krishna drove the chariot towards Suyodhana. Suyodhana was in the midst of Vrishasena, Sala, Kripacharya, Karna, Asvathaama, Salya and Bhoorisravasa.

All of them rushed against Arjuna. Arjuna blew his conche Devadatta. Arjuna avoided those warriors amd proceeded against Saindhava. Those warriors showered powerful arrows on Arjuna. Asvathaama struck Krishna with 73 arrows and Arjuna with 3 arrows. Asvathaama cut the flag of Arjuna.

Enraged with wrath, Arjuna launched 106 arrows against Asvathaama. He shot ten arrows against Karna and three arrows on Vrishasena. With one arrow, Arjuna cut the bow of Salya. Salya took up another bow and shot nine arrows against Arjuna.

Karna, Bhoorisravasa, Vrishasena, Kripacharya and Asvathaama incessantly showered arrows on Arjuna. They launched several divine Astras upon Krishna and Arjuna. Saindhava, hiding behind them, shot 73 arrows against Arjuna. Arjuna shot 12 arrows on Karna and 3 arrows on his son.

With one arrow he broke the bow of Salya and shot nine arrows against Salya. Arjuna shot 3 arrows against Bhoorisravasa, 8 arrows against Asvathaama, 22 arrows against Kripacharya. Arjuna pierced 22 arrows throughout the body of Asvathaama.

Whenever Saindhava was sighted, Arjuna was shooting arrows aiming at Saindhava. But Saindhaya was hiding behind those warriors and was not visible within the reach of the arrows of Arjuna. In the meanwhile, the kourava warriors and their army gathered together and surrounded Arjuna. Arjuna massacried all of them with his powerful arrows.

Dharmaja and Drona were fighting with each other. Kshemadhoorti was fighting with Brihatkshatra. There was dual fight between Veeradhanva and Dhrishtaketa, Nakula and Karna, Sahadeva and Durmukha, Satyaki and Vyaaghradatta.
Salya was moving between Sakata vyooha and Padmavyooha, supervising the troops. Now and then he was fighting with the sons of Droupadi. Alambas was fighting with Bhimasena.

Dronacharya was fighting with Dharmaja. Dharmaja pierced 90 sharp arrows into the body of Drona. Drona aimed 25 arrows against the chest of Dharmaja. Drona poured arrowy showers on the chariot of Dharmaja. Dharmaja cut all the arrows shot by Drona. Drona cut the bow of Dharmaja.

All the warriors in both the troops thought that Drona caught Dharmaja as a prisoner. But Dharmaja picked up another bow and cut all the arrows shot by Drona. Dharmaja launched Shakti on Drona. Drona launched Brahma Astra in retaliation. Brahmastra destroyed the Shakti and was rushing against Dharmaja. Dharmaja launched another Brahma Astra and nentralised it.

Dharmaja shot five sharp arrows into the body of Drona and cut the bow of Drona. Drona hurled his mace against Dharmaja. Dharmaja struck that mace with his mace. Both the maces fell down. Drona broke the chariot of Dharmaja and killed the charioteer and horses.

Dharmaja stood before Drona helplessly. Drona looked at Dharmaja. He does not want to kill Dharmaja as he was brought up by him since his childhood. Drona turned to other side and showed his prowess on the Pandava army and massacred them. All the other warriors thought that Drona caught Dharmaja and took him as hostage. But Dharmaja ran towards the chariot of Sahadeva and mounted it. Sahadeva along with Dharmaja drove away to a far off place.

One Kshemadhoorti cut the bow of Brihatkshatra. Brihatkshatra took up another bow and killed the horses of Kshemadhoorti and cut his flag and killed his charioteer. With another arrow, he cut the head of Kshemadhoorti.

One Veeradhanva, King of Trigarta cut the bow of Dhrishtaketu and killed him with another bow.

Sahadeva again entered the war field and attacked Durmukhi brother of Suyodhana. Sahadeva killed the horses and the charioteer of Durmukhi. Sahadeva pierced five arrows into the body of Durkukhi. Durmukhi jumped into the chariot of Niramitra, Price of Trigarta and ran away. Sahadeva chased Niramitra and killed him.

Vyaghradatta attacked Satyaki and showered arrows on his chariot. Satyaki killed his horses and charioteer and cut the head of Vyaghradatta with one steep arrow.

Salya attacked the sons of Droupadi and shot them with five arrows each. All the sons of Droupadi surrounded Salya. Son of Arjuna killed the steeds of Salya. Son of Bheema cut the bow of Salya. Son of Dharmaja cut the flag of Salya. Son of Nakula killed the charioteer of Salya.

Bhimasena was fighting with Alambasa. Bhima shot steep arrows against Alambasa. Alambasa cut all those arrows and told Bhimasena thus: “O Bhimasena! You killed my father, Bakasura. But I was not there at that time. Now I am before you. Show your prowess and fight with me” Alambas shouted. Bhima was enraged with wrath. Bhimasena launched Brahma Astra and chased himand drove him away.

Drona attacked Satyaki and other Pandava warriors and was preventing them from entering Sakata Vyooha. Ghatotkacha attacked Drona. Alambas arrived there and attacked Ghatotkatcha. The battle between Ghatotkacha and Alambasa became terrible.

Alambas hurled a chakrayudha (weapon resembling a disc) against Ghatotkacha. Ghaotkacha broke it into pieces with his mace. Alambas started war of illusions. But those illusions were of no avail before Ghatotkacha’s cresent shaped arrows. They fought with each other displaying their powers of illusion. The sons of Droupadi showered arrows on Alambasa. Alambasa shot 25 steep arrows against Bhimasena, three arrows against Dharmaja and shot 25 steep arrows against Upa Pandavas, Sahadeva and Ghatotkacha and roared like a lion.

In retaliation, Ghatotkacha killed the charioteer of Alambas and killed the steeds and broke the chariot. Alambas jumed down and caused illusory arrowy showers on on Pandavas. Ghatotkacha also jumped down and began illusory war against Alambas. Alambas rose to sky with his sword. Ghatotkacha also followed him. Both were wandering in the sky amidst clouds and were fighting with each other. Both of them fell down on earth and hurled swords, on each other.

Then they both began to fight with each other with hands and legs. There was a dual fight between Alambas and Ghatotkacha in different ways. Alambas was tired. Taking advantage of his helpless situation, Ghatotkacha threw him on the ground and sat on his chest. Ghatotkacha kicked Alambas with hands and legs and killed him. In that manner, Alambas was killed by Ghatotkacha. Ghatotitkacha roared like a lion. Dharmaja hugged Ghatotkacha and praised him.

Satyaki was chasing the Kourava troops and massacring them mercilessly. Beholding this, Drona attacked Satyaki. Satyaki shot 25 sharp arrows against Drona. Drona shot three most powerful arrows against Satyaki. Satyaki in return shot 50 Narasas (arrows fitted with iron blades) against Drona. Drona cut them with nine arrows. While Satyaki was trying to strike those arrows, Drona shot another 100 powerful arrows against Satyaki.

Satyaki was in a helpless condition. Beholding that, brothers of Suyodhana roared like lions. Observing that, Dharmaja shouted: “O Warriors! Come on. Dhrishtadyumna is in trouble. Help him! Help him” On hearing those shouts,Bhimasena ran to that spot. Other prominent warriors on the side of Pandavas also arrived there. All of them surrounded Drona. Drona smiled at them and shot most powerful shafts against them and cut the heads of 25 warriors of Panchala, 100 Kekaya warriors. Pandava army could not proceed further.

In the meanwhile, Yudhishtira heard the sound of Panchajanya. Dhamaja told Satyaki: “Satyaki! I am hearing only the sound of Panchanajya. I could not hear the sound of Devadatta. Asvathama, Karna, Salya, Kripa and Bhoorisravasa might have surrounded Arjuna and he might be in danger. You are the only warrior who can save Arjuna. Kindly rush to that spot and save Arjuna.” requested Dharmaja.

“O Yudhishtira! What you said is correct. But I will tell you the words of Arjuna while leaving to kill Saindhava.

“Satyaki! The omens are good. I am proceeding to kill Saindhava. Till I come, kindly protect Yudhishtira. Ofcourse, killing of Saindhava is most important for me but it is equally important to save Yudhishtira also. If you are by the side of Yudhishtira, I feel as if I am by his side. Dont worry about me. You know much better about the vow taken by Drona to capture Yudhishtira. Drona is waiting for opportunity.”

These are the exact words spoken to by Arjuna. Yudhishtira! If you are caught by Drona, killing of Saindhava by Arjuna will become futile. As long as Krishna is the charioteer of Arjuna, you need not worry about Arjuna. I am deputed by Arjuna to protect you. Hence I cannot leave you alone” said Satyaki.

“Satyaki! what you said might be correct. But, for the present, I feel it proper that you should rush for the help of Arjuna. Bhimasena also will accompany you. If Arjuna is safe, all of us will remain safe. Hence, immediately proceed to help Arjuna. Here, Dhrishtadyumna, King Virata, King Drupada, Kekaya kings, Sikhandi, sons of Droupadi and other great warriors will protect me from Drona. You know that Dhrishtadyumna was born only to kill Drona and he is enough to attack Drona and save me. You need not worry about me.” said Dharmaja.

Satyaki could not say anything further. After taking permission from Dharmaja, Satyaki deputed Bhimasena to remain there and protect Dharmaja. As per the word of Satyaki, Bhimasena remained there protecting Dharmaja. Satyaki proceeded on his chariot along with his troops, to the help of Arjuna.