Saint Vaisampaayana told Janamejaya, the story of Mahabharata.

Dhritarashtra told Sanjaya thus:

“Sanjaya! After obtaining permission from Dharmaja, did Satyaki meet Arjuna? Did our troups not obstruct Satyaki from proceeding further? What had happened later? Tell me in detail.” asked Dhritarashtra.

Sanjaya told thus: “Having been ordered by Dharmaja, Satyaki was rushing towards Arjuna. He was killing the Kourava troops mercilessly. Drona attacked Satyaki and struck him with seven most cruel shafts. Drona killed the horses tied to his chariot and also hit the charioteer. Enraged with wrath, Satyaki poured arrowy showers on Drona. Drona cut all those arrows and, in return, showered most powerful shafts on Satyaki.

Drona told Satyaki: “O Satyaki! Unable to withold my vigour and valour, your preceptor Arjuna fled away without fighting with me. Now you have come. Come on. Taste my prowess.” said Drona.

Satyaki saluted Drona. “O Preceptor Drona! I am not such a great warrior. On the command of Dharmaja I am proceeding towards Arjuna. Kindly give way. Being an elder, it is your Dharma to shower your blessings on youngsters like me.” prayed Satyaki. Still Drona did not give way to Satyaki. Satyaki avoided Drona and passed through the space left in between armies of Bahlika, Anga, Daakshinatya. Drona chased Satyaki. Kritavarma attacked Satyaki and shot six arrows against Satyaki. Kritavarma struck the horses tied to the chariot of Satyaki with four arrows.

Having seen that Satyaki was attacked by Kritavarma, Drona proceeded towards Dharmaja. Satyaki shot 16 powerful arrows against Kritavarma, broke his bow and killed his chariot driver. Kritavarma while driving his chariot, was fighting with Satyaki. Kritavarma turned his chariot towards Bhimasena.

Satyaki entered the army of Kambhoja and was massacring the Kambhoja army. Drona arranged another charioter driver to Kritavarma. Kritavarma attacked those warriors who were protecting Dharmaja. Bhimasena arrived there to help them.

Bhimasena, Dhrishtadyumna, Dharmaja, King Drupada, Ghatotkacha, King Virata, Sahadeva, Sikhandi, sons of Droupadi, Nakula surrounded Kritavarma and incessantly showered arrows on him. Kritavarma, in retaliation, was striking each of them with five arrows. Kritavarma shot seven sharp arrows on Bhimasena and cut the bow and flag of Bhimasena. Kritavarma shot 70 powerful arrows aiming at the chest of Bhimasena. Bhimasena fainted and fell on his chariot. The remaining pandava warriors atonce surrounded Kritavarma.

In the meanwhile, Bhimasena regained consciousness and shot a most powerful Shakti on Kritavarma. Kritavarma broke that Shakti into three pieces. Bhimasena shot most powerful arrows on Kritavarma. Kritavarma’s body was drenched in blood. The remaining Pandava warriors also surrounded Kritavarma and struck him with most powerful shafts.
Kritavarma broke the bow of Sikhandi and poured arrowy showers on Bhimasena and other warriors. Sikhandi was severelly wounded and fell down on his chariot. His Chariot-driver drove the chariot to otherside.

Having seen that Sikhandi was injured, Kings of Matsya, Chedi, Kekaya along with their armies rushed against Kritavarma. Kritavarma shot most powerful shafts piercing into the vital parts of their bodies. Pandava troops fled away. Having seen that their troops were fleeing away, Satyaki thought that Dharmaja was in danger. Immediately, he turned his chariot towards Kritavarma, postponing his meeting with Arjuna.

Satyaki was fighting with Kritavarma. Satyaki cut the bow of Kritavarma and killed the steeds tied to his chariot. With one arrow, Satyaki struck the charioteer of Kritavarma. In between, Satyaki fought with Trigarta Army and massacred them. The Pandava army surrounded Kritavarma. Beholding the fate of Kritavarma, Drona rushed against Pandava Army.

King Jalasandha attacked Satyaki and drove his elephant against Satyaki. Satyaki restrained that elephant. King Jalasandha broke the bow of Satyaki and shot 50 sharp shafts aiming at the chest of Satyaki. Enraged with wrath, Satyaki cut the bow of Jalasandha and pierced 60 sharp arrows throughout his body. Jalasandha hit Satyaki with a Tomara weapon. Jalasandha took out a big sword and cut the bow of Satyaki. Satyaki picked up another bow and cut the hands of Jalasandha without delay. With the next arrow, Satyaki cut the head of Jalasandha. With another arrow, he drove away the elephant of Jalasandha. The entire Kourava army shivered looking at the prowess of Satyaki.

Beholding this, Drona deputed Kritavarma at the entrance and rushed towards Satyaki. Satyaki observed this. Your sons, Durmarshana, Dussaha, Vikarna, Durkukha, Dussaasana, Chitrasena, and others accompanied Drona. Suyodhana also joined his brothers. Drona asked Suyodhana to attack Satyaki and returned back to the entrance of Sakata Vyooha.

Satyaki was fighting with your sons all at a time. Satyaki broke the bow of Suyodhana and pierced powerful arrows through out the body of Suyodhana. Rest of your sons showered arrows on Satyaki. Satyaki shot each of your sons with five arrows and shot Suyodhana with eight arrows. Satyaki cut the flag of Suyodhana and killed his steeds. Suyodhana’s charioteer was severely wounded at the hands of Satyaki.

Suyodhana got down his chariot and mounted the chariot of his brother, Chitrasena. Beholding the defeat of Suyodhana, Kourava army raised hue and cry. On hearing the wild cries of Kourava Army, Kritavarma rushed to that spot and Satyaki again attacked Kritavarma. Both of them showered arrows on each other. Satyaki killed the chariot driver of Kritavarma and cut his bow. With another powerful arrow, Satyaki struck Kritavarma and he fainted. Kritavarma fell on the chariot holding the flagpole. Satyaki thought Kritavarma was dead and he proceeded towards Arjuna. Kritavarma regained consciousness and returned back to the battle field. Drona asked Kritavarma to remain at the entrance and proceeded towards Satyaki to restrain him from proceeding towards Arjuna.

Drona shot three most sharp arrows against the forehead of Satyaki. Satyaki retaliated those shots. There was a big encounter between Drona and Satyaki. Drona launched Shakti on Satyaki. But that great weapon Shakti struck the chariot of Satyaki instead of Satyaki. In retaliation, Satyaki struck Drona on his elbow with a steep shaft. Drona cut the bow of Satyaki and hit the charioteer. The charioteer of Satyaki lost consciousness. Satyaki was fighting while driving his chariot. Satyaki killed the charioteer of Drona. The chariot of Drona without driver was dragged by its horses to a long distance.

After roaming for some time, chariot of Drona reached the entrance of Sakatavyooha. Again Satyaki tried to proceed towards Arjuna. His chariot was rushing with great speed towards Arujna. In the meanwhile, King Sudarsana attacked Satyaki and poured arrowy showers on Satyaki. Satyaki cut those arrows into fragments. Satyaki killed the horses tied to the chariot of King Sudarsana and also his chariot driver. With another arrow, Satyaki cut the head of King Sudarsan.

“O charioteer! I have crossed a great ocean like Drona. Afterall, this king is nothing but a small stream. Is it a great task for me to cross this small stream” said Satyaki with pride.

“You are right Satyaki. Now tell me in which direction I have to drive the chariot and with whom you have to fight” asked the charioteer.

“O charioteer! look at this site. Here there are heaps of dead bodies of elephants, horses and soldiers. Arjuna might have killed all of them. Are you not hearing the sound of twang of Gandeeva. Drive our chariot towards that side.” asked Satyaki.

Meanwhile, the troops of King Kambhoja surrounded Satyaki and Satyaki attacked them. Satyaki massacred those troops in no time. The entire battle field was filled with dead bodies of Kambhoja soldiers. Driving his chariot upon those dead bodies. Satyaki was proceeding towards Arjuna.
From behind, Suyodhana, Dussaasana, Chitrasena, Vivimsati, Sakuni, Dussaha, Durmarshana and others were rushing towards Satyaki. Beholding them Satyaki said: “O Charioteer! Turn our chariot towards Suyodhana. Let me dispatch these warriors to the abode of Yama. Then we will think of proceeding towards Arjuna.”

The charioteer of Satyaki turned the chariot and staioned it before Kourava warriors. The entire Kourava army surrounded Satyaki. Satyaki, at a time, killed four hundred elephants, three hundred horses. It was not a wonder that there was none in the Kourava Army who was not hit by the arrows of Satyaki. Suyodhana and other Kourava warriors incessantly showered arrows on Satyaki. Satyaki attacked all of them and first cut the flags of all those warriors and broke their chariots. Satyaki killed the horses and charioteers.
Sakuni also joined Suyodhana and attacked Satyaki. Satyaki cut the bow of Sakuni and killed his chariot driver. Without driver, the chariot of Sakuni was dragged by its horses to other side. Suyodhana and his brothers remained helpless. Satyaki proceeded towards Arjuna.

Dussaasana provoked brave mountaineers, skilled in fighting with stones, unacquainted with morality or virtues, to fight with Satyaki. They were fighting with Satyaki with huge rocks. Satyaki with his powerful arrows was powdering them in the space. Unable to fight with Satyaki, those mountaineers fled away.

Dussaasana ran towards Drona. Beholding Dussaasana, Drona asked him: “What Dussaasana! Why you are running? Is Suyodhana safe? Is Saindhava still alive? Why you are running along with your army? Dussaasana! Dont you feel that you are reaping the consequences for your mis-deeds and for causing hardship to Pandavas. Have you forgotten that you have dragged Droupadi by holding her tuft to the full court? Have you forgotten those abusive words spoken against Pandavas in the Kourava assembly? What happened to your pride, arrogance, aggrandisement of those days? Why you are running like a coward. Ofcourse, your life is dearest to you. Is it not? Listen Dussaasana! If you love your life and if you desire to live for long years, and if you desire to save the lives of your remaining brothers and other warriors, soldiers on both sides, convince your brother Suyodhana to have peace with Dharmaja by giving away their due share in kingdom.

Dussaasana! Your brother, Suyodhana, is an idiot. He is killing his own kith and kin, his brothers, one by one, without paying heed to the words of Bhishma and Vidura. Ofcourse, your turn also will come in near future. Look at that side! Satyaki is chasing your troops mercilessly. Proceed towards them and stand by their side. Is it desirable on your part to flee like this.” said Drona.

With a shameful face, unable to look at Drona, Dussaasana rushed towards Satyaki. Drona was fighting with Pandava and Panchala warriors.

One Veeraketha, a Prince of Panchala attacked Drona and was consigned to the abode of Yama in the next moment. Beholding the death of Veeraketu, Chitraketa, Sudhanva, Chitravarma, Chitraradha and other warriors, afflicted with grief on account of the death of their brother, together rushed against Drona. Drona, inflamed with wrath, cut the heads of all those warriors, each with one arrow. Their heads rolled on the earth.

Beholding the deaths of those Panchaala Kings, Dhrushtadyumna, enraged with great wrath, attacked Drona and covered his chariot with arrows. Dhrushtadyumna shot one powerful arrow piercing into the heart of Drona. With that blow, Drona fainted. Dhrushtadyumna, endued with great prowess and energy, quickly took up a sword and shield and jumped into the chariot of Drona and was about to cut the head of Drona.

By that time, Drona regained consciousness and took out a weapon and pierced into the vital parts of Dhrushtadyumna. Weakened Dhrushtadyumna, jumped on the ground and mounted his chariot. Dhrushtadyumna showered most powerful shafts on Drona. Enraged with wrath, Drona killed the charioteer of Dhrushtadyumna and broke his bow. Drona struck the steeds tied to his chariot with sharp arrows. Unable to bear the pain, the horses dragged the chariot to a distance. Having tasted the prowess of Drona, Pandava warriors were not dare enough to stand before Drona.

Dussaasana, accompanied by 3000 Trigartha strong army, rushed against Satyaki. Satyaki attacked them and killed 500 trigartha warriors at a time. Satyaki began to massacre the rest of Trigartha army. Unable to withstand the wrath of Satyaki, rest of the Trigartha army fled away. Dussaasana alone was standing before Satyaki. Satyaki broke his bow. Dussaasana took another bow and launched Shakti arrow on Satyaki. Satyaki broke that Shakti into pieces and again broke the bow of Dussaasana and killed his charioteer. Satyaki cut his flag and showered numerous arrows on Dussaasana till he is fainted.

At that time, Satyaki can kill Dussaasana. But he remembered the vow taken by Bhima to kill Dussaasana. Hence, Satyaki left Dussaasana as a prey for Bhimasena. Leaving Dussaasana, Satyaki was proceeding towards Arjuna. Dharmaja, Bhimasena, Nakula and Sahadeva were trying to accompany Satyaki and they were chasing the Kourava troops.

Satyaki, while rushing towards Arjuna, was slaughtering the Kourava troops coming in his way. Drona was restraining Dharmaja and others from proceeding further. Thus, both Pandava and Kourava troops were being killed by Satyaki, Arjuna and Drona.

Suyodhana arrived there on his chariot to assess the situation. Beholdinng the massacre of Kourava troops, Suyodhana attacked Pandavas. He shot ten arrows on Bhima; each three arrows on Nakula, Sahadeva, Drupada, King Virata, and sons of Droupadi, each two arrows on Kekaya Kings, three arrows on Sikhandi, 20 arrows on Dhrishtadyumna and five arrows on Dharmaja. Dharmaja cut the bow of Suyodhana. Rest of the Pandava army surrounded him. Leaving them, Suyodhana proceeded towards Saindhava.

Drona was fighting with Kekaya kings. Kekaya kings were cutting all the arrows shot by Drona. Drona struck Brihatkshatra with 60 arrows. Brihatkshatra killed the charioteer of Drona. Meanwhile, Dhrishtaketu son of Sisupala rushed against Drona. Drona cut his bow. Dhrishtaketu hit Drona with his mace. Drona broke that mace. With another arrow, Drona struck Dhrishtaketu, piercing into his heart. With that blow, Dhrishtaketu reached the abode of Yama.

Beholding the death of his father, the son of Dhrishtaketu attacked Drona. With one arrow, Drona killed the son of Dhrishtaketu. Then the son of Jarasandha attacked Drona. Drona killed the son of Jarasandha in the presence of his troops. Beholding the mass massacre caused by Drona, Bhima attacked Drona. Meanwhile, Khastravarma broke the bow of Drona. Drona picked up another bow and killed Kshatravarma. Then, Chekitana attacked Drona and broke his chariot and killed his chariot driver. Chekitana pierced sharp edged arrows into the body of Drona. Inflamed with wrath, Drona cut the right arm of Chekitana with 16 arrows and killed his chariot driver and struck the horses tied to his chariot. Upon the charioteer being killed, the wounded horses fled away dragging the chariot.

Beholding this, King Drupada attacked Drona. There was a fierce battle between them. Dharmaja called Bhimasena and said thus: “I sent Satyaki to help Arjuna. His whereabouts are not known. I do not know what had happened to Arjuna. I am verymuch agitated” said Dharmaja.

“O brother Dharmaja! Command me what to do. I will exeucte your orders” said Bhimasena.

“Bhimasena! I heard only the sound of Panchajanya. The sound of Devadatta is not heard. Hence I sent Satyaki. His whereabouts are also not known. I request you to proceed towards Arjuna and let me know the welfare of Arjuna.” said Dharmaja.

“O Brother Dharmaja! Dont you know about the prowess of Arjuna? Why you are worrying about him. Still I obey your orders. Bless me with victory.” said Bhimasena.

After obtaining the blessings of Dharmaja, Bhimasena told Dhrishtadyumna thus: “Dhrishtadyumna! You know much about the vow made by Drona to catch Dharmaja. I am going to help Arjuna. Kindly protect Dharmaja from Drona” said Bhimasena.

“O Bhimasena! as long as I am alive, nothing will happen to Dharmaja. Dont worry about him.” said Dhrushtadyumna. Then Bhimasena proceeded towards Arjuna. Meanwhile, they heard the sound of Panchajanya. “Bhimasena! Have you heard the sound of panchajanya. The sound of Devadatta is not heard. I am afraid Arjuna is in danger. Rush up immediately to help Arjuna” hurriedly said Dharmaja. Bhimasena proceeded towards Arjuna.

Your sons viz., Dussala, Chitrasena, Kundabhedhi, Vivimsati, Durmukha, Dussaha, Vikarna, Sala, Vinda, Anuvinda, Sumukha, Deerghabaahu, Sudarsana, Brindaraka, Suhasta, Sushena, Deerghalochana, Abhaya, Roudrakarma, Susarma, Durvimochana and others attacked Bhimasena. While fighting with your sons, Bhimasena was trying to proceed towards Arjuna. Bhimasena killed Brindaraka, Abhaya, Roudrakarma and Durvimochana. Rest of your sons surrounded Bhimasena. Enraged with wrath, Bhimasena killed Vinda, Anuvinda, Susarma and Sudarsana. The rest of your sons along with their troops fled away.

Roaring like a lion, Bhimasena was proceeding in search of Arjuna. But Drona restrained Bhimasena from proceeding further and showered arrows on Bhima. Beholding Bhimasena Drona said: “O Bhimasena! I am here. Without vanquishing me, you cannot proceed further. Your younger brother Arjuna also entered this vyooha only with my permission” said Drona.

Bhimasena was enraged with wrath. “O Preceptor Drona! Mybrother Arjuna will never do like that. It is unheard of that my brother entered Sakata vyooha with the permission of another warrior. Let it be. I am not Pardha. I am Bhimasena. I will respect you as my preceptor. While you are fighting on behalf of my enemies, I cannot keep quiet with folded hands.” so saying Bhimasena hurled his huge mace against Drona. That huge mace fell upon the chariot of Drona and powered it. The driver of the chariot and horses tied to the chariot also died. Drona escaped from that assault.

Your sons attacked Bhimasena but could not stand before him any longer. They all fled away. Having lost his chariot, Drona mounter another chariot and tookup another bow and showered arrows on Bhimasena. Bhimasena got down from his chariot and began to walk in between the arrows showered by Drona, like a huge bull in rain. He went near the chariot of Drona, lifted it with his hands into air, and threw it away. Drona’s chariot was broken into pieces. Drona jumped out of his chariot and mounted another chariot. Drona turned to other side leaving Bhimasena.

Bhima’s charioteer, Visoka, brought his chariot and stationed it before Bhimasena. Bhimasena mounted his chariot and proceeded towards Arjuna, passing through the troops of Bhoja, Kambhoja, and Yavana without any resistance. None were able to attack Bhimasena. Bhimasena proceeded towards Arjuja by passing Satyaki. Bhimasena met Arjuna and roared like a lion. Beholding Bhimasena, Krishna and Arjuna also roared like lions.Dharmaja heard these sound and was very happy. He thought that Bhima, Krishna and Arjuna were safe.

At that moment, Karna attacked Bhimasena and showered 20 sharp arrows against him. Bhimasena cut those arrows and shot 60 sharp edged arrows against Karna. With another arrow, Bhimasena cut the flag of Karna and broke his bow. Karna took another bow. Bhimasena cut that bow also. Bhimasena also killed the charioteer of Karna and also the horses tied to his chariot. Karna jumped into the chariot of his son Vrishasena and fled away.

Beholding the defeat of Karna, the Kourava troops raised hue and cry. On hearing those shouts, Suyodhana proceeded towards Drona: “O preceptor Drona! Look at that side. Arjuna, Satyaki and Bhimasena could reach the place where we kept Saindhava. You might have left Arjuna. Why you ignored Satyaki and Bhimasena. Is it proper on your part? Cannot you restrain even Satyaki? It is our misfortune that you have surrendered to those inferior to you.” said Suyodhana.

“Suyodhana! Our main task is to safeguard Saindhava. We have to protect Saindhava at any cost. Today’s war is nothing but a game between you and Arjuna, in which the bet is Saindhava. You cannot win this game with the wicked ideas of Sakuni. You have to win this game only with your prowess, vigour and valour. Be brave. Protect Saindhava with the help of Karna and Asvathaama. I will stand here and restrain Pandava troops from proceeding further to help Arjuna, Bhimasena and Satyaki. If I leave this place, the door will be open and the entire Pandava army will rush towards Saindhaya. Then it would be very difficult to save Saindhava. Hence I cannot leave this point. You can go” said Drona firmly.

On hearing the words of Drona, Suyodhana proceeded towards Saindhava. At that time, Kritavarma was fighting with Satyaki.After vanquishing Kritavarma, Satyaki could reach Arjuna. Suyodhana restrained all of them from proceeding towards Saindhava. One Uttamouja cut the bow of Suyodhana and shot razor edged arrows piercing the chest of Suyodhana. Suyodhana took up another bow and killed the chariot driver of Uttamouja and also his horses. Utttamouja mounted the chariot of Satyaki. He took up another bow and broke the chariot of Suyodhana and cut the bow of Suyodhana. Suyodhana jumped out of his chariot, took his mace and broke the chariot of Satyaki. Satyaki and Uttamouja also jumped down from their chariot. Suyodhana mounted the chariot of Salya. Satyaki and Uttamouja took their maces and beat Suyodhana and Salya, and threw them down from their chariots. They both mounted the chariot of Salya and proceeded towards Arjuna.” said Sanjaya.

“Sanjaya! My son thought that with the help of Karna, he can vanquish Pandavas and rule the entire Kingdom. Now what happened to Karna. Where was he? What was he doing? Tell me in detail.” asked Dhritarashtra.

Sanjaya said thus: “I told you that Karna fled away on the chariot of Vrishasena. Again Karna came back and shouted “O Bhimasena! O Bhimasena!” calling Bhimasena by name. Bhimasena was enraged with wrath. Bhimasena poured arrowy showers on Karna. Karna cut all those arrows and shot most cruel shafts on Bhimasena. There was a dreadful dual fight between Bhimasena and Karna. Bhimasena cut the bow of Kakrna and killed his charioteer and horses. Karna mounted another chariot and again attacked Bhimasena. The entire army of Karna was massacred by Bhimasena.” said Sanjaya.

On hearing this, Dhritarashtra was very much annoyed. “Sanjaya! with the blind belief that Karna would be his saviour, Suyodhana declared war against Pandavas. Now this Karna could not save himself from the wrath of Bhimasena. How can he conquer Dharmaja, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. On that day, Suyodhana did not care even for the words of Krishna. Now he is reaping the consequences. Past is past .No use of thinking about past. Come on! tell me what had happened.” asked Dhritarashtra.

Sanjaya continued to say: “Beholding that his entire army was massacred by Bhimasena, Karna was inflamed with wrath. Karna shot 30 most sharp edged arrows on Bhimasena. Again Bhimasena killed the charioteer of Karna and also the horses. Karna was fighting with Bhimasena, driving the chariot for himself. Karna launched Shakti on Bhimasena which was cut into fragments by Bhimasena. Bhimasena shot 9 sharp arrows piercing the body of Karna. Karna took up another bow and incessantly showered arrowy showers on Bimasena. Both were roaring like lions and were fighting with each other. Again Bhimasena broke the bow of Karna and killed his horses. Bhimasena shot innumerable arrows piercing the body of Karna.

Beholding this, Suyodhana sent Durjaya to help Karna. Durjaya attacked Bhimasena. Durjaya killed the horses tied to the chariot of Bhimasena and injured the charioteer. Bhiama sena was enraged with wrath. Bhimasena cut the head of Durjaya, in the very presence of Karna. Karna again attacked Bhimasena and shot one sharp edged arrow piercing the chest of Bhimasena. Bhimasena took up his mace and broke the chariot of Karna and killed his chariot driver. He also cut the flag of Karna. Even though the chariot was broken, Karna was fighting with Bhimasena.

Suyodhana sent his brother Durmukha to help Karna. Durmukha also attacked Bhimasena. With nine sharp arrows, Bhimasena killed Durmukha. Beholding the death of Durmukha with his own eyes, Karna was verymuch annoyed. Bhimasena shot most cruel arrows piercing the heart of Karna. Unable to attack Bhimasena, Karna turned his chariot to otherside, thus avoiding Bhimasena.” said Sanjaya.

On hearing this, Dhritarashtra said: “O Sanjaya! Is it not a wonder that Karna was vanquished by Bhimasena. My sons developed animosity against Pandavas only with the support of Karna.My son will be praising Karna that he will conquer Pandavas. If my son comes to know about this, how he feels. Bhimasena was not afraid of even celestial bodies, demons, serpants etc. How he will care for humans like Karna. Knowing fully well that Bhima killed Jarasandha, how my kids viz., Durjaya and Durmukha attacked Bhimasena. Sanjaya! leave alone Bhimasena. What about Satyaki? Is he an ordinary warrior? How can Suyodhana attack Satyaki? Fall of Suyodhana is imminent, I suppose.” said Dhritarashtra with sorrowful voice.

On hearing these words of Dhritarashtra, Sanjaya said: “ O king Dhritarashtra! After consuming poison, how can you complain that it is harming your stomache. Yourself and your son wantonly invited war. You have to suffer. Listen what I say” Sanjaya continued to say.

“Beholding the defeat of Karna at the hands of Bhimasena, your sons Durmarshana, Durmada, Dussaha, Vijaya, Vichitra, all at a time, surrounded Bhimasena. Along with them Karna also attacked Bhimasena. Bhimasena killed all your sons with his razor- edged arrows and broke their chariots.. Karna shot 75 arrows against Bhimasena. Bhimasena cut them into pieces in the middle and shot 105 arrows piercing the body of Karna. Bhimasena cut the bow thread of Karna. Karna took up another bow. Bhima killed the charioteer of Karna and again broke his bow and killed the horses.

Karna took up a mace and hurled it against Bhimasena. Bhimasena broke that mace into pieces. Karna took up another bow and broke the coat of mail of Bhimasena. Bhimasena, in retaliation, broke the coat of mail of Karna. Beholding Karna fighting with Bhimasena standing on the ground, Suyodhana sent his brothers, Chitra, Vicitra, Charucitra, Chitradhwaja, Chitrayudha, Chitrakarma to attack Bhimasena. Bhimasena broke the chariots of all your sons, killed their charioteers, and at last cut the head of your seven sons.

Karna mounted another chariot and rushed against Bhimasena. There was a dreadful war between Karna and Bhimasena. In themeanwhile, your sons Satrunjaya, Satrusaha, Sudeha, Madana, Druma, Chitrabahu and Vikarna joined Karna and were fighting with Bhimasena. All of them surrounded Bhimasena at a time and showered arrows on him. Bhimasena enraged with great wrath, sent all of them, one by one, to the abode of Yama and roared like a lion. Beholding the death of his brothers by Bhimasena, Suyodhana was very much annoyed.” told Sanjaya.

On hearing about the death of all his sons, one by one, Dhritarashtra’s heart was filled with great sorrow. “Sanjaya! all the words spoken to by Vidura on the day of dice game are becoming true, one by one. Except hearing about the demise of my sons, one by one, what remains for me. Because of Suyodhana’s wickedness and covetousness, all this is happening. No need to blame others. Tell me what had happened later.” said Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya continued to say:

“On hearing the leonine roar of Bhimasena, Karna’s heart was filled with wrath. Again Karna attacked Bhimasena. His troops also surrounded Bhimasena. Bhimasena was fighting with them. Bhimasena was breaking their chariots, cutting the flags, killing the chariot drivers and the horses. He was massacring the Kourava soldiers. Their blood was flowing into canals. The remaining kourava soldeirs were avoiding fight with Bhiamsena. There were none in the kourava army who can stand before Bhimasena.

Karna alone remained before Bhimasena. Bhimasena was striking arrows aiming at the chest of Karna. Bhiamsena planted arrows on the forehead of Karna. In retaliation, Karna shot one hundred arrows on Bhimasena. Bhimasena broke the bow of Karna. Karna took up another bow and poured arrowy showers on Bhimasena. Karna broke the bow of Bhimasena, cut his flalg and hit the chariot driver. Bhima launched Shakti upon Karna. Karna cut it into pieces.
Bhimasena took up his sword and shield. Karna broke the shield of Bhimasena. Bhimasena cut the bow of Karna with his sword. By the time Karna picked up another bow, Bhimasena jumped upon the chariot of Karna. Striken with fear, Karna hid himself behind his chariot. Bhimasena searched for Karna on the chariot and could not find him. Bhimsena was looking this side and that side, searching for Karna. When Bhimasena looked down the chariot, Karna shot Bhimasena with arrows in close proximity. Bhimasena could not withold that onslaught. Bhimasena jumed down the chariot and hid himself underneath the dead bodies of soldiers.

Beholding the pitiable situation of Bhimasena, Karna went near him and by placing the edge of the bow on his stomach, Karna told Bhimasena thus: “Hey Bhimasena! A great eater! why do you require war? Instead of eating and sleeping, why you have come to war field. You, along with your brothers, wandered in the forests like wild animals, eating leaves grass and raw meat. Why do you aspire for a Kingdom fit for Emperors like Suyodhana? Having come to war field, fight with some cowards like you, but not with a brave warrior like me. Your brother Arjuna and your saviour Krishna are there. Go and take shelter behind them.” heckled Karna.

Beholding the pathetic situation of Bhimasena, Arjuna attakcked Karna. Asvathama joined Karna. Asvathama was cutting all the arrows shot by Arjuna against Karna. Asvathama shot 64 sharp arrows against Arjuna. Arjuna cut them in the middle and chased Asvathama. Asvathama ran away and disappeared in the elephant battalion. Meanwhile, Bhimasena’s charioteer, Vishoka brought the chariot and stood before Bhimasena. Bhimasena mounted that chariot and came near Arjuna.
At the same time Satyaki also came near Arjuna” told Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra.

On hearing this, Dhritarashtra told Sanjaya: “O Sanjaya! Enmity with mighty people is not at all advisable. Even now it is not too late. My son, Suyodhana, may give up the half share in the Kingdom to Pandavas and have eternal peace. But my son is a greatest fool. He will never heed my words. Why because, he does not know for himself . At the same time, he does not heed the words of others. What can I do? Let it be. When Arjuna successfully entered the Sakata vyooha arrayed byDrona, Saindhava was half dead. Satyaki and Bhimasena joined Arjuna, like fuel to fire. The death of Saindhava is imminent. Ok. Kindly tell me the further developments.” asked Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya continued to say:

“When Satyaki and Bhimasena joined Arjuna, King Alambasa attacked them. Satyaki and Alambasa were fighting with each other. They are breaking their bows and breaking each others coats of mail. Satyaki killed the horses and charioteer of Alambasa. With one half moon arrow, he cut the head of Alambasa.

All your sons, with Dussaasana at their head, attacked Satyaki. Satyaki killed the steeds of Dussasana. Satyaki was about to jump on the chariot of Dussaasana to kill him. But Trigarta troops attacked Satyaki. Satyaki killed 500 soldiers at a time. Beholding this, the rest ran away. Satyaki chased the troops of Soorasena and massacred the troops of King of Kalinga Kingdom.

Beholding the prowess of Satyaki, Krishna told Arjuna thus: “O Arjuna! Look at that side. Our Satyaki, your student, has come inside, vanquishing your preceptor, Drona. Devotion towards Dharmaja and your friendship with him, brought him upto this stage.” praised Krishna.

But Arjuna was with an agitated mind. “Krishna! I deputed Satyaki to protect Dharmaja. Without caring for my words, he came here. The fate of Dharmaja is not known. There, Dharmaja has become a prey for Drona. Here, Saindhava is still alive. Sun is going to set on west. I do not know what to do? Besides that, Satyaki is very much tired after fighting with Drona, Kripa and Kritavarma. Now Bhoorisravasa was about to fight with Satyaki. How Satyaki will fight with Bhoorisravasa, God only knows.

Krishna! what made Dharmaja to send Satyaki here, I could not understand. Does he not know that Drona was watching him like an eagle for a prey. Cannot he understand this much?” said Arjuna to Krishna.

Meanwhile, Bhoorisravasa, son of Somadatta rushed against Satyaki. There was a dreadful battle between them. One is showering powerful arrows against the other. They are killing the horses and charioteers of each others’ chariots. They both jumped down and were fighting with swords. After some time, they began to fight with hands and legs. Krishna observed that Bhoorisravasa was gaining upperhand upon Satyaki.

“Arjuna! Why are you keeping quiet? Satyaki has come here only to help you. Now he is very much tired. Save him from Bhoorisravasa” hurriedly said Krishna to Arjuna.

While Krishna was telling these words, Bhoorisravasa lifted Satyaki with hands and threw him down forcibly on the ground. Krishna could not control himself.

“Arjuna! It is not just on your part. Your student who has come for your help is in danger. Rescuing him from danger is your Dharma.” told Krishna.
“O Krishna! how can I save him. They are fighting with each other, with hands and legs. How can I shoot arrows in a dual fight? It is not proper. Anyhow, I cannot behold the death of my friend, Satyaki. I will save him at any cost.” said Arjuna.

Again Bhoorisravasa lifted Satyaki in the air and threw him down. He put his leg on the chest of Satyaki and lifted his sword to cut the head of Satyaki.

“Arjuna! why late. Cut his hand” hurriedly said Krishna.

Arjuna shot one arrow cutting the right hand of Bhoorisravasa. The right hand of Bhoorisravasa along with the sword was cut and fell down. Bhoorisravasa looked at Arjuna and said:

“Arjuna! You have done a cruel, unjust and heartless deed. Am I fighting with you? No. While myself and Satyaki were fighting with each other, why should you interfere and cut my hand?

Is it proper on your part?

Is it Kshatriya Dharma?

Is it a greatest principle in warfare?

Were you taught this kind of wretched warfare either by your preceptor Drona or by your father, Indra or Maha Siva who gave you pasupatha?

How Krishna, sitting by your side, is tolerating this kind of warfare?

Why you have committed such a sinful act?”
asked Bhoorisravasa.

On hearing those words, Arjuna smiled and said:

“O Bhoorisravasa! Are you preaching sermons now? While warriors are fighting in the warfield, their friends and relatives will come to their rescue. It is not Adharma. While you are in trouble, your friends and relatives might have helped you. What are they doinng? You know that Satyaki is verymuch tired by this time. He has no weapon in his hand. But you lifted your sword to kill him. At this juncture, it is not either sinful act or Adharma to protect Satyaki.

Leave alone this matter. Yesterday, while my son was fighting alone, you all conspired together and killed him mercilessly. Was it not a sinful act or Adharma?” replied Arjuna.

Bhoorisravasa could not give any reply. Arjuna began to console him.

“Bhoorisravasa! I am not insulting you. You know much about my vow to kill Saindhava. Think about it. I am following Kshatriya Dharma and rules of warfare always. You are forgetting for a moment that the root cause for all these atrocities is Suyodhana for whom hell is waiting. You will certainly will attain heaven fit for heroes.”consoled Arjuna.

Bhoorisravasa, with one hand, spread all his arrows on the ground and sat on it, doing praayopavesa (deep meditation). Beholding all this from a distance, Satyaki, inflamed with wrath, took out a long sword and was about to cut the head of Bhoorisravasa, while Arjuna, Krishna, Bhimasena, Kripacharya and Karna were shouting not to do such heinous deed.
Satyaki, with great wrath, became mad and cut the head of Bhoorisravasa. Bhoorisravasa attained heavenly plealsures, leaving this mortal body.

After cooling down for a while, Satyaki explained them how Abhimamanyu was killed on the previous day and substantiated his act.”said Sanjaya.

Dhritarashtra entertained a doubt. “Sanjaya! We know that Satyaki was a warrior of great prowess. How he was defeated at the hands of Bhoorisravasa. Is there any reason or cause for this?” asked Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya continued to say thus:

“O King Dhritarashtra! King Yayati’s son was Yadu. In his name, Yaadava clan was started. In Yadava clan, one Soora was born to Devameedha. Soora’s son was Vasudeva (father of Sri Krishna). King Devaka announced the Svayamvara of his Daughter, Devaki.

King Sini was born in Yadava clan. With a view to get Vasudeva married to Devaki, King Sini attended the Svayamvara and abducated Devaki. None of the kings who attended Svayamvara could resist King Sini, except King Somadatta, (father of Bhoorisravasa). There was a dreadful battle between King Sini and King Somadatta. In that battle, Sini overpowered Somadatta, threw him on the ground, dragged him and insulted him in the presence of other Kings. But Sini did not kill Somadatta.

Somadatta was verymuch annoyed with the insult meted out by him. He left his kingdom and went to forests and did great penance about Lord Siva. Long Siva appeared before him. By that time, King Sini and the son of Sini were dead. Hence Somadatta requested Lord Siva to bless him with a son who can vanquish Satyaki, who is no other than the grand son of King Sini, in the battle. With the power of that boon, Bhoorisravasa, was born to Somadatta and vanquished Satyaki in the battle.” said Sanjaya and continued to tell Dhritarashtra, the details of the war.

“In that manner, Bhoorisravasa was killed by Satyaki. Arjuna asked Krishna to drive the chariot towards Saindhava. Suyodhana, Asvathama and Karna attacked Arjuna. Satyaki attacked Karna. Both fought fiercely.

O King Dhritarashtra, I told you already that on the previous day Krishna ordered his charioteer Daruka to make his chariot ready for battle and bring the chariot soon after he blows his conche, Panchajanya. While Satyaki was fighting with Karna, Krishna blew his conche, Panchajanya. Immediately, Daruka brought the chariot and stood before Krishna. Krishna told Satyaki “Brother Satyaki, mount my chariot, fully equipped with all kinds of weapons and fight with Karna”. Accordingly, Satyaki mounted the chariot of Krishna and was fighting with Karna.

Arjuna was beholding this development with an amazing face. “Arjuna! Hurry up. Search for Saindhava whereever he is! Sun is going to set on west. Hurry up.” told Krishna.

“Then, what about Satyaki........”asked Arjuna.

“Satyaki is equivalent to Karna in warfare. My wheel protectors will help Satyaki. Forget about Satyaki. Find out Saindhava first” said Krishna.

So saying Krishna drove the chariot towards Saindhava. Satyaki with renewed vigour, was shooting innumerable arrows, piercing the body of Karna. Satyaki broke the chariot of Karna and cut the flag. Satyaki killed the charioteer and the steeds of Karna. Satyaki chased Karna and his troops. Meanwhile, your sons made ready another chariot and brought it to Karna. Karna mounted that chariot and again attacked Satyaki.

Bhimasena approached Arjuna and told him about the insulting words uttered by Karna and told Arjuna that he will teach him a fitting reply.

“No Bhimasena. I am equally annoyed by the utterances of Karna. I will teach him a lesson.” and turned his chariot towards Karna. Sri Krishna stationed the chariot in front of Karna.

“O Karna! Why you uttered so many insulting words against my brother Bhimasena? When Bhimasena chased you, where were you? Why you have fled away shamelessly? At that time, did we scold you?

Winning or losing are quite natural in battle field. Simply because you got upperhand once, how can you feel verymuch proud of it. Dont you know about your real vigour and valour? Are you not defeated now at the hands of Satyaki? Whatever expertise any warrior got in warfare, winning or losing are quite natural for any warrior. Forgetting that fact, why you scolded your co-warrior in a filthy manner? It is proper on your part? Everybody knows about your caste and your character. I can say this much.

Yesterday, yourself and your co warriors surrounded my son Abhimanyu, a solitary warrior, in the battle and killed him mercilessly. I know that you cut the bow of Abhimanyu, against all rules of warfare. Now, in your presence, I will kill your son Vrishasena, according to the rules of warfare. What can you do? Not only you, I will take revenge upon all those who killed my son mercilessly.” said Arjuna, chasing Karna.

Meanwhile, Kourava troops surrounded Arjuna. The Sun was about to set. Suyodhana approached Karna and said: “Karna! look at that side. Arjuna, with the help of Bhimasena and Satyaki, was chasing our troops towards Saindhava. If we are able to restrain Arjuna for a while till Sun set, we will win the war. Can we all restrain Arjuna till Sunset.We have to make use of the vow taken by Arjuna, in our favour. If Arjuna immolate himself, his brothers will die with that grief. Then we can rule the entire earth for ourselves. Hence show your prowess at this time” said Suyodhana.

“O King of Kings, Suyodhana! You need not worry about it. With all my prowess, I will restrain Arjuna from proceeding towards Saindhava.” said Karna.

Aided by Satyaki and Bhimasena, Arjuna was massacring the kourava troops. Blood was flowing into canals. Karna, Vrishasena, Salya, Kripacharya, Asvathama were formed into a wall, protecting Saindhava. They were all fighting with Arjuna. Arjuna was cutting the shafts shot by all of them and was speedily proceeding towards Saindhava.

Satyaki and Bhimasena were showering arrows on Karna. Enraged with wrath, Karna struck them with 60 arrows on their vital parts. Arjuna shot Karna with 100 sharp edged arrows. Karna retaliated with 500 arrows. Arjuna cut the bow of Karna and shot arrows aiming at his chest. Asvathama cut those arrows. Karna took up another bow and shot most powerful arrows on Arjuna. Beholding this Suyodhana sent additional troops to help Karna.

Arjuna killed the horses tied to the chariot of Karna and also his chariot driver. Arjuna shot Karna with most poisonous arrows. Karna mounted the chariot of Asvathama. Salya arrived there in aid of Karna. All were fighting with Arjuna. Saindhava was hiding behind them.

Arjuna while resisting the arrows of all these warriors, he was fighting with Saindhava. Having found that Saindhava was in trouble, Suyodhana called all his troops to that spot to fight with Arjuna. All the Kourava troops surrounded Arjuna.

Meanwhile, Arjuna spotted Saindhava. He was jubilant. Arjuna began to shot most powerful arrows on Saindhava. Arjuna cut the flag of Saindhava and cut the head of his charioteer. Kourava troops trembled with fear. Kripacharya, Asvathaama, Vrishasena and Salya, were standing as a wall in front of Saindhava. Behind them Saindhava was standing.

Unable to find a way to beat Saindhava, Arjuna was staring at the Sun. Krishna told Arjuna: “O Arjuna! now there is no use of thinking about right or wrong, good or bad, just or unjust. Sun is going down quickly. You have to discharge your promise. Do as I say. I will create one illusion, covering the sun, by which the Sun will disappear for a moment. Thinking that the Sun was set, Saindhava will come out in a rejoicing mood. Kourava warriors, in a jubilant mood, will be praising one another and move about carelessly. At that juncture, cut the head of Saindhava and kill him” said Krishna.

Arjuna could not relish this idea for himself. “Is it the plan to be adopted by a great warrior like him” he thought . Anyhow, he said to Krishna: “Let it be so”.

Then Krishna created an illusion in the minds of all Kourava warriors. Under the influence of that illusion, everybody thought that the Sun was set. Darkness plunged in. Saindhava came out and was looking at the sky for sun.

“Arjuna! There is the head of Saindhaya, within the reach of your arrows. Cut it.” said Krishna. Arjuna with a sharp edged arrow in half moon shape cut the head of Saindhava. That arrow carried the head of Saindhaya into the sky, like an eagle carrying a small hen.

Krishna dissolved his illusion. The sun was shining in the sky. Kourava warriors were amazingly looking at the sky. They realised that it was nothing but an illusion. All of them were enraged with wrath and surrounded Arjuna. Arjuna was fighting with them. Meanwhile Krishna told Arjuna: “O Arjuna! Let the head of Saindhava not fall on the ground. Keep it floating in the air for some time”

Arjuna was shooting arrow by arrow continuously, hitting the head of Saindhaya, keeping it floating in air. The head of Saindhava was floating like a ball in the sky. Arjuna with one hand was fighting with Kourava warriors and with another hand was keeping the head of Saindhava floating in the sky.

“Krishna! how long I have to keep this head floating in the sky” asked Arjuna.

“Arjuna! Listen. Saindhava is the son of Vridhakshatra. He was the king of Sindhu Kingdom. Saindhava was born to him. At the time of Saindhava’s birth, an invisible voice told that “Saindhava’s head will be cut in a war”. Immediately, Vridhakshatra said: “The head of the person who causes the fall of the head of my son on ground will be broken into pieces.”

Later Vridhakshatra retired to forests for penanceand Saindhava became the King of Sindhu. Therefore, Arjuna! you have to carry the head of Saindhava to the place where his father, Vridhakshatra is doing penance, so that it will fall on his lap.” said Krishna.

“Krishna! how is it possible? Without knowing the place where he is doing penance, how can I carry the head of Saindhava to that place?” asked Arjuna.

“You are right. It is not possible with ordinary arrows. Only Pasupatha Astra got such capacity. Such is the power of Pasupata.. Hence, launch Pasupata Astra.” said Krishna.

“Krishna! I will do it. Now, where is Vridhakshatra? To which direction I have to launch Pasupatha?” asked Arjuna.

“Arjuna! Vridhakshatra is now doing penance in an Ashram near Samantaka Panchaka. Launch Pasupatha in that direction.” said Krishna.

Arjuna, with great devotion, remembered Pasupata Astra. Arjuna launched Pasupata Astra to carry the head of Saindhava, and thorw it on Vridhakshatra, so that it will fall on the lap of Vridhakshatra. Accordingly, and Pasupata Astra carried the head of Saindhava and caused it to fall on the lap of Vridhakshatra. Looking at the human head suddenly falling on his lap, Vridhakshatra was puzzled and threw it away on the ground.

As Vridhakshatra caused the head of Saindhava to fall on the ground, the head of Vridhakshatra broke into pieces.

Krishna praised Arjuna. Kourava troops fled away with fear. Soon after the head falls on the ground, the body of Saindhava also fell on the ground. Jayadhradha, also known as Saindhava, King of Sindhu, was killeld by Arjuna, fulfilling his promise.

In the manner, Arjuna could discharge his vow, with the help of Krishna. Beholding the death of Saindhava, Bhimasena and Satyaki roared like lions. Suyodhana and other Kourava warriors were afflicted with grief. The joy of Pandavas knew no bounds. Dharmaja was in a rejoicing mood. Sounds of Trumpets, horns, conches rose to the sky.” said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra about the death of Saindhava.

In this manner, the story of Mahabharata, was told by Soota to Sounaka and other sages and saints, assembled in Naimisaaranya, as was told by Vaisampayana to King Janamejaya.