In Naimisaranya, on the occasion of Satra Yaga, Sooti, the story teller, told Saint Sounaka and other great sages and saints, the story of Mahabharata, as told by Vaisampayana to Janamejaya.

Dhritarashtra asked Sanjaya:

“O Sanjaya, After leaving the battle field with his mace, where has he gone. What happened to my son, Suyodhana.” Sanjaya told thus:

“O King Dhritarashtra! Suyodhana alone, without anybody accompanying him, left the battle field and proceeded towards north-east direction and arrived at a deep pond called Dvaipayana. He entered into the pond and stayed under the deep waters of the pond, by virtue of his Jalastambhana art. Suyodhana was leisurely repenting for not heeding the words of Vidura.

After Suyodhana fled away from the battle field, Bhima, Arjuna, Satyaki, Dhritashtadyumna massacred the remaining Kourava troops. Only three car warriors, Asvathama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma remained alive on our side.

While I was wandering in the battle, Satyaki caught me. Dhrishtadyuna asked Satyaki “Why you caught this unarmed who is incapable of doing any harm. Leave him”

“He is from our enemy side. None of our enemy should remain alive. I will kill him.” so saying he raised his sword to cut my head. At that juncture, Saint Veda Vyasa appeared there and shouted not to kill me. Satyaki saluted Vyasa. “O Satyaki! it is not proper to kill Sanjaya. He is unarmed and harmless. Leave him.” Satyaki released me. I fled away from that place.

Then I proceeded to Dvaipayana pond and met Suyodhana. On seeing me, Suyodhana was speechless. I told Suyodhana what had happened.

“Sanjaya! Is there anybody left alive on our side?” asked Suyodhana.

“Asvathama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma remained alive on our side.” I told Suyodhana.

“Suyodhana! I am so fortunate that I was not caught by Pandavas as hostage. I do not want to lead the rest of my life as war prisoner. Sanjaya! all Pandavas and their friends and relatives are in joyous mood. How can I bear that humiliation. You kindly tell my father about my fate.” so saying Suyodhana entered the pond and remained in the deep waters.

Meanwhile, Asvathama, Kritavarma and Kripacharya, while searching for Suyodhana, met Sanjaya. “O Sanjaya! are you alive. Is our king, Suyodhana, alive.” asked Asvathama eagerly.

I told them that Suyodhana was hiding in the deep waters of Dvaipayana pond. On hearing the defeat of Suyodhana, they were very much depressed.
“Sanjaya! Suyodhana does not know that we are alive. He is worrying about our welfare. It is a great tragedy that Emperor Suyodhana is hiding in a lake. We will meet him now” So saying, all of them proceeded to Dvaipayana lake.

On hearing that the war was over, the womenfolk of Kourava soldiers came out and were searching forthe dead bodies of their husbands, sons, brothers, lamenting for their death. Your son, Yuyutsa, was also present there. He made arrangements to send all the womenfolk back to Hastinapuram.

Meanwhile, Dharmaja along with Krishna and Arjuna arrived there. Dharmaja consoled Yuyutsa. Dharmaja told Yuyutsa that he can move all the women folk to Hastinapura. Yuyutsa, along with elderly men, escorted all the womenfolk to Hastinapuram.The entire battle field is now silent.

Pandavas, accompanied by Krishna and other relatives and friends and their troups went in search of Suyodhana and they all arrived at the Dvaipayana pond. Beholding them, Kritavarma, Kripacharya and Asvathama fled away from the pond and hid at a safe place. Not finding Suyodhana anywhere, Pandavas and their troops returned back to their respective tents.

After the depature of Pandavas, myself, and the three car warriors came back to the pond. We gave a signal to Suyodhana. Suyodhana came out of the waters. Asvathama told Suyodhana thus:

“Suyodhana! why are you hiding like a coward under the deep waters. Come on. Get up. March forward to fight with Pandavas. Kill Pandavas and get back your kingdom.Otherwise die in the battle field and get higher regions. Those are the ultimate solutions but not hiding like a coward.” said Asvathama.

“Asvathama! Not that I do not know about Kshatriya Dharma. For thepresent I am tired and my entire body is severely injured. My body is not under my control and it requires rest. I hope you are also tired. Take rest for this day. Tomorrow we will attack Pandavas.” said Suyodhana.

“Suyodhana! why are you doubting our prowess. I myself will massacre the entire pandava army with my sharp edged arrows and make you and your father feel happy.” said Asvathama.

Dharmaja and Bhimasena deputed some hunters, hunting in that forest, to search and inform about the whereabouts of Suyodhana, if they happen to see him. One of those hunters, came there, carrying the hunted animals. He saw Suyodhana talking to three car warriors. He immediately rushed to Bhimasena and informed him about Suyodhana. After rewarding the hunter suitably, Bhimasena approached Dharmaja and told him about Suyodhana, hiding in the deep waters of dvaipayana pond. Immediately, Dharmaja, accompanied by his brothers, Sri Krishna, Panchala and Yadava warriors and their troops proceeded to Dvaipayana pond.

Beholding the arrival of Pandavas, Asvathama alerted Suyodhana. “Suyodhana! Pandavas are coming here. They might have got information about your whereabouts. Please hide yourself in the pond. We will meet you later.” so saying, those three car warriors fled away. I also ran away and hid behind a bush and was watching them. I could clearly see what was happening at the pond.

Krishna observed the pond carefully and said: “Dharmaja! I am sure Suyodhana is hiding under the deep waters of this pond. Suyodhana knows how to remain in deep waters, without breathing and drenching. Suyodhana is well versed with such a wicked tricks. We have to make them to come out with such wicked ideas only. Provoke him with arrow like words to come out.” said Krishna.

Dharmaja with loud voice addressed Suyodhana:

“O Suyodhana! several kings were killed in the battle field for your sake. But you are hiding in this pond to save your life. Is it proper for a hero like Suyodhana to do like this? By hiding in a pond, can you escape death? Everybody praises you as a great hero. Is this your heroism? You were born in a famous Kshatriya clan. But you are afraid of your death. Are you disregarding your great name and fame and hiding in this pond for the sake of your life.. Everybody will laugh at you. You will neither get fame in this world nor go to higher regions after death

.You have lost your hundred brothers in the battle. But you are craving for your life. Are you a real hero? Dont forget Your heroism is greater than your life. Your muscle power, your vigour, your valour have all been burnt away. Relying upon Karna as also upon Sakuni, you have regarded yourself as immortal and failed to understand yourself. Now they are dead. Shed your cowardness, come out and fight. Raise your head high as a hero. If you are able to vanquish us, you will get back your entire kingdom, otherwise, you will go to higher regions, fit for heroes. Choose one of the above two. Dont take shelter under cowardness. If you are a real hero come out and fight with us” said Dharmaja.

Suyodhana did not come out of the pond but gave reply from inside the pond. “Dharmaja! fear of death is common to all humans. Now I am deprived of my chariot, charioteer, army and bow and arrows. Besides that, I am seriously injured. I need rest. I cannot fight now. After taking some rest, I will fight with you and defeat all of you. You are also tired after the 18days war. You also take some rest and come back.” said Suyodhana.

“Suyodhana! We have taken sufficient rest. You are also resting yourself in this pond. Therefore, come out and fight with us.” said Dharmaja.

“Dharmaja! for whose sake I fought with you, those relatives, friends, brothers are not with me now. My entire army is perished. For whose sake I have to fight now. How can I enjoy this kingdom without Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Saindhava and Dussaasana. I feel happy if I rule this kingdom along with my brothers, relatives and friends but not alone, without anybody. Your brothers, friends and relatives are alive. You rule youself the entire kindgom. I will spend rest of my life in forests.

O Dharmaja! I am defeated. I am alone. I have no pride, aggrandizement and vanity. I am peaceful. You rule this earth, sitting on the heaps of ashes, without horses, elephants, and army.” said Suyodhana.

“Suyodhana! It is amazing to hear such soft words from your mouth. Even after the death of Bhishma, Drona and Karna, you have continued the war, with an evil intention of becoming the King and Emperor of the entire kingdom. Why unnecessary conversation. Come out of the pond and fight with us. It is not good on our part to rule this earth while our enemy is alive. First we will kill you and then rule the earth. If you are capable of vanquishing us, you can rule this earth.

Suyodhana! Are you giving this earth to us as a charity. Am I a begger to receive your charity.

Suyodhana! When we begged for five villages for our stay, remember what you have said. Had you acceded to our request on that day, you would have averted this mass massacre. When Krishna came down to Hastinapura to effect mediation between us, what you said? You told him that You donot like to part with the earth measuring a needle point. Today, how can you give the entire earth as charity. You are saying these words because you cannot get back your kingdom by any means.

Suyodhana! if at all you have any kingdom of your own, you can give it as charity. Now you are deprived of everything. How can you give charities. Even if you give charity, I am not ready to receive it. First I will kill you and acquire the kingdom as of right. Come out of the pond and fight with us. Your life is at our hands.

Suyodhana! you tried to burn us alive in a lac house. You administered poison and thrown us into deep waters. But we are alive by God’s grace. You cannot play those tricks today. You have to fight with us. Therefore, come out of waters and fight.” Dharmaja provoked Suyodhana, with arrow like words.

But Suyodhana, steadily replied: “Dharmaja! you are five, I am alone. You are equipped with sufficient army forces. But I am deprived of all my army forces. You are having powerful Astras and Sastras. I am not having even a bow and arrow. You are all in a rejuvenated joyful mood. I am tired. Therefore, it is not just on your part to fight with me all at a time. You can fight with me one by one. I will kill all of you along with your friends and relatives. If you are aggreable for this , I will come out of this pond.

Look! I am not speaking like this, not that I am afraid of Arjuna and Krishna. I am capable of killing all of you along with your friends and relatives, in a moment. I will kill all of you and discharge my debt to Bhishma, Drona, Karna and other great warriors who fought for my sake” said Suyodhana.

On hearing those words, Dharmaja said: “I admire your courage Suyodhana. You are right in saying that you can slay all of us single handedly. But I am not such an unjust and unscrupulous fellow. You can take all kinds of Astras, Sastras, chariot, charioteer, as you like. You can choose any one amongst us. He will fight with you, according to war rules.” If you are able to kill him, you can get back your entire kingdom.”said Dharmaja.

“I will agree for your proposal but on one condition. We have fought with each other all these days with bows and arrows. To day we will fight in a different manner. Myself and one amongst you will fight on the ground, with maces. I will kill you and your brothers with my huge mace in no time. Are you agreeable?” asked Suyodhana.

Dharmaja was thinking about the pros and cons. Taking the silence of Dharmaja as approval, Suyodhana came out of the pond, roaring like a lion. Pandavas heckled Suyodhana. Suyodhana was enraged with great wrath.

“Dont laugh! After all, you can laugh till my mighty mace breaks your heads into thousand pieces.” shouted Suyodhana.

But Suyodhana was entertaining a doubt in his mind that all pandavas and Panchalas may attack him all at a time and kill him.

“Dharmaja! remember, according to our agreement, you have to fight with me one by one, because you are large in number and I am alone and tired.” said Suyodhana.

Dharmaja smiled and said: “Suyodhana! Have you so soon forgotten the fate of Abhimanyu. All of you surrounded him and killed him mercilessly. We will follow suit.” said Dharmaja. Suyodhana kept mum.

“Suyodhana! dont fear. Just I pointed your wretched and unworthy action. But I will never violate war principles. You can have your armour and be ready for fight. You can choose any one amongst us. He will fight with you. In case you kill him, the entire Kuru kingdom will be yours. You can rule as you like. In case you are killed by him, you will attain higher regions. This is my promise. I can give you anything and everything, except your life. Because, we are brothers.” said Dharmaja.

“Dharmaja! I know what you are. We are brothers. Why should you bear grudge against me?” said Suyodhana.

Suyodhana picked an armour made of Gold, one strong helmet and other armours for hands and legs.

“O Dharmaja! any one of you, either Sahadeva, Nakula, Arjuna, Bhimasena or youself; may come one by one. I will kill you one by one. Even Lord Siva is not dare enough to stand before me if am in the battle field with the mace in my hand. Where can you go? Today you are destined to die in my hands” said Suyodhana inviting Pandavas for dual fight.

On hearing the self boasting words of Suyodhana, Sri Krishna told Dharmaja: “ Dharmaja! I do not think that you are such a fool and stupid. Is it a dice game with Sakuni, to part with the hard earned Kingdom if Suyodhana kills any one of you. If Suyodhana chooses any one of you except Bhimasena, Suyodhana will kill him in a moment. You have to give away the entire kingdom to Suyodhana and depart to forests. At last, you made this great war as a dice game. Is it for the sake of betting, you have sacrificed Akshouhinis of army in the battle field. Have you forgotten that you lost one dice game and went in exile for 13 years. Now you are committing the same mistake. Dharmaja! I do not agree for this. I do not also agree to send any one of you to fight with Suyodhana. Suyodhana is so tactful and skilful in mace fight. Bhimasena’s muscle power is of no use before Suyodhana’s fighting skills. You can do as you like. But be careful.” said Krishna.

On hearing these words of Krishna, Bhimasena said: “O Krishna! As long as your blessings and my brother’s best wishes are there, I can conquer the 14 regions in a moment. After all, Suyodhana cannot stand before me even for a moment. To day I will kill Suyodhana and make you both happy.” said Bhimasena.

Krishna patted the back of Bhimasena: “O Bhimasena! I never belittled you. I know you have killed Baka, Hidimbaasura, and Kichaka and Jarasandha. Can any ordinary man do these heroic deeds? Suyodhana is no match to you. Dont consider my words seriously. Bhimasena! when you were breaking the chest of Dussaasana and drinking his blood, where was this Suyodhana? Suyodhana would have been killed soon after he comes out of the pond. But Dharmaja made unnecessary promises. I condemned those promises.You have discharged one of your vows made in the open assembly when Dussaasana dragged Droupadi by holding her tuft. The next promise, Killing Suyodhana by breaking his thighs, remains. Bhimasena, now, raise to the occasion; discharge your promise; kill Suyodhana and enthrone Dharmaja as Emperor of Kuru Kingdom. I am by your side.” said Krishna.
On hearing the encouraging words of Krishna, Bhimasena was very happy.

“Bhimasena! be careful. Suyodhana is well versed in mace fight by undergoing rigorous practice throughout his life. He knows many skills in mace fight. Be careful.” cautioned Krishna.

Satyaki and others also priased Bhimasena about his prowess, vigour and valour. Looking at Duryodhana, Bhiamsena said:

“O Dharmaja! hear me. I am very angry against this wretch who destroyed our Kuru clan completely. I will take away his life and enthrone you as Emperor of Kuru Kingdom.

Suyodhana! You tried to burn us alive in wax house. You defeated us in the wicked dice game and consigned us to forests and exile. You insulted Droupadi in open assembly. Today you will reap the consequences for all your misdeeds. That is why you are before me today. Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Salya sacrificed their lives for your sake. Several of your friends, relavies, their sons and brothers shed their lives in the unwanted battle. Sakuni who is the root cause for all this disaster and mass massacre was killed in your very presence. Now you are before me for being killed by me. Hence stop talking and start fighting.” said Bhimasena.

“O Bhimasena! even the Indra is afraid of my mace. After all you are nothing before me. Come on, fight and die. I will be the King and Emperor of the entire Universe” said Suyodhana.

At the time of commencement of Maha Bharata War, Balarama, brother of Sri Krishna and Satyaki, unwilling to take part in the battle, on either side, went on pilgrimage to the banks of River Sarasvati. On completion of his pilglrimage, Balarama arrived at Kurushetra. At that time, Saint Narada arrived there and met Balarama. Narada informed Balarama:

“O Balarama! During these 18 days war, 11 Akshouhini kourava army was perished except three warriors, Asvathama, Kritavarma and Kripacharya. Suyodhana left the battle field and took shelter in the deep waters of Dvaipayana pond. Dharmaja with his arrow like words provoked Suyodhana to come out of the pond. Suyodhana came out of the pond. Both Suyodhana and Bhimasena were ready to fight. As both of them are your beloved students, you can go and witness that fight” said Saint Narada.

Immediately Balarama proceeded to the place where the dual mace fight was going on. Beholding Balarama, Krishna and Dharmaja welcomed him, saluted him, recieved him with due honors and offered him a suitable seat. Sri Krishna and Satyaki were standing on either side of Balarama. Dharmaja and others enquired him about his welfare and about his pilgrimage.

“Dharmaja! Krishna! you know that I was not willing to participate in the war, on either side. Hence I went on pilgrimage. On hearing about the defeat of Kouravas and about the dual fight between my students, Suyodhana and Bhimasena, I have come here to witness the fight.” said Balarama.

Bhimasena and Suyodhana, armed with their mighty maces, bowed before Balarama. Balarama blessed both of them. Dharmaja humbly explained to Balarama, the circumstances under which this dual fight was arranged between Suyodhana and Bhimasena and requested Balarama to witness the fight. He also requested Balarama to give permission to commence the fight. Balarama patiently heard what Dharamaja said and nodded his head, as a sign of acceptance.
O King Dhritarashtra, at that time, I was hiding in the nearby bushes and witnessed the dual fight between Suyodhana and Bhimasena.

“Dharmaja! Samantaka panchakam is nearer to this place. If any body dies in that place, he will attain higher regions. Therefore, this fight may be conducted at Samantaka Panchakah” requested Suyodhana.

Balarama supported his request. All of them proceeded to Samantaka Panchakam. Sri Krishna, Balarama, Pandavas, Panchalas, Yadavas, along with their respective forces assembled there. In the middle, the arena for fight was arranged. In the arena, both Bhimasena and Suyodhana were standing, ready for fight.

Bhimasena, enraged with great wrath said: “Brother Dharmaja! this wretch, Suyodhana, commited uncountable sins. His life has come to an end today. I will break his thighs and discharge my promise.” shouted Bhimasena.

“Yes. Bhimasena, your life has also come to an end to day. Even Lord Siva cannot stand before me in a mace fight. After all you are nothing before. I will kill you and take back the entire kingdom.”said Suyodhana. In this manner, Suyodhana and Bhimasena were shouting and abusing each other.

The bell rang. The fight began. Suyodhana and Bhimasena started to fight with each other. Both of them were fighting with great excitement. Balarama, who was an expert in mace fight, was observing their fight anxiously. Both were threatening each other. Taking rounds. Beating each other with maces. Earth was trembling with their jumping. Their crowns fell down. Ornaments were cut into pieces.They were fighting like huge elephants. In one moment, one was gaining upperhand; next moment he was losing the grip. One was warding off the blows of another. With the blows of maces, there was profuse bleeding from their bodies. None were able to assess their abilities and winning chances. Beholding their fight, Arjuna asked Krishna as to who will win the fight.

“Arjuna! Bhimasena and Suyodhana were the students of same preceptor. But there is one difference. Bhimasena got more muscle power but is lacking in tact and skill. Suyodhana is equipped both with muscle power as well as tacts and skills that too wicked skills.Therefore, chances to win are better for Suyodhana than Bhimasena. It is very difficult for Bhimasena to win in righteous way. While the opponent is adopting wicked skills in fight, we should not adopt righteous skills.When the opponent is wicked, we should also be wicked and unscrupulous. Then only we can win.

Remember the promise made by Bhimasena in the open assembly. He took a vow that he will kill Suyodhana by breaking his thighs. In fact, hitting below the waist is not permissible and against the principles in mace fight. We can substantiate ourselves by saying that in order to fulful his vow, Bhimasena hit below the waist. Therefore, by virtue of righteous fight, we will never win. Bhimasena should hit Suyodhana below the waist, even against war principles.

Moreover, Dharmaja, with his unnecessary foolish talk, created some problems. You all fought together during these 18 days and killed Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Salya and other great heroes and got a gloriorious victory. To day Dharmaja promised that if Suyodhana kills any one of you, he will getback his entire kingdom and all the riches. Therefore, Bhimasena should win now at any cost. Arjuna! I never thought that Dharmaja will talk in such a follish manner. Instead of killing Suyodhana by surrounding him, Dharmaja offered him a fair deal. Suyodhana’s life ambition is to kill Bhimasena. Hence he will never lose this chance. Without any hesitation and loss of time, it is better to kill Suyodhana in an unscrupulous manner than in a righteous fight. Otherwise, Suyodhana will become the King and Emperor of this entiere Universe and you will lead the rest of your life as his slaves..” Krishna said without any hesitation.

Arjuna could understand what Krishna said. Arjuna was keenly looking at Bhimasena. When Bhimasena looked at Arjuna, Arjuna gave a signal to hit Suyodhana below his waist. Krishna smiled at Bhimasena as a sign of acceptance. Bhimasena grasped what they meant. He was waiting for an opportunity to hit Suyodhana below his waist.

First Bhimasena hit Suyodhana with his mace on his elbow. Suyodhana escaped that blow and beat Bhimasena with his mace. Bhimasena pretended to have fainted. In a joyous mood, Suyodhana was jumping in air and making rounds in air. Suyodhana was about to deliver a blow on his head with his mace. Suyodhana’s waist was within the reach of Bhimasena. Without hesitation, Bhimasena hit Suyodhana with his mace below his waist.

Suyodhana’s thighs were broken. He fell down like a huge tree cut at the root. There was an uproar. Pandavas and his friends and relatives acclaimed Bhimasena for defeating Suyodhana. Bhimasena was looking at Suyodhana with great wrath.

“ O Suyodhana! Enjoy the fruits of your mis deeds for dragging Droupadi to the open assembly.” so saying Bhimasena kicked the head of Suyodhana with his left leg.

“O Suyodhana! this is dual fight, not a wicked dice game, to play fraud and win. You called us as slaves and beasts. You are the beast. You are my slave” shouted Bhimasena.

Bhimasena addressed all his friends and relatives: “Krishna! Arjuna! O Panchala Kings! Look at this wretch. Loot at this unscrupulous fellow who is reaping the consequences for dragging Droupadi to open assembly and insulting her. He is burning in the flames of her anger. This wretch called us as slaves and useless. I massacred all his troups. Now I killed him. I do not care whether I go to heaven or hell” so saying Bhimasena pressed his neck with his right foot and again kicked his face with his left leg.

Dhrmaja was enraged with great wrath, looking at these developments.

“Bhimasena! stop. Are you mad? Why are you shouting and kicking Suyodhana! It is unjust and improper and unbearable. I feel ashamed of it. Inspite of losing all his friends and relatives in war, Suyodhana, having regard to my words, participated in this dual fight. What you have done? You kicked his head. Will anybody appreciate your deeds? So far, you are famous for your virtuous deeds. Today, you acted differently. Your head is reeling with great pride. What you have gained by these deeds, except defaming yourself in the eyes of others.” said Dharmaja.

Dharmaja approached Suyodhana and consoled him: “Suyodhana!Due to bad time, we developed enmity between ourselves. we hated each other. We lost everything. Since your childhood, your greediness and unscrupulousness made you to act covetously. You landed in great troubles. At last you are lying here unattended, with broken legs. Because of you, all my relatives and friieds perished in this war. Kuru clan is completely destroyed. All the daughters-in-law of my paternal uncle have become widows. They will naturally blame me.What can I do?” said Dharmaja.

Beholding Bhimasena hitting Suyodhana below his waist, against the rules, Balarama grew angry. Balarama adressed all the Kings assembled there:

“Have you seen the blatant violation in mace fight committed by Bhimasena. Have you ever seen or heard about this? Have you not known that hitting below waist in mace fight is against the rules? Now, in the presence of all, Bhimasena hit Suyodhana with his mace and pulled him down. It is unjust and improper. I cannot tolerate this.” so saying Balarama rushed against Bhimasena.

Sri Krishna hurriedly went near his brother, Balarama and stopped him by holding both his hands

“Brother Balarama! Helping friends and wishing the welfare of relatives is human nature. There is nothing abnormal. Pandavas are our friends and relatives. Arjuna is our sister’s husband. When they are suffering a lot at the hands of some unscrupulous wretches, is it not our duty to help them and wish their welfare and prosperity. Besides that, making promises is the order in Kshatriya community. Bhimasena took a vow to kill Suyodhana by hitting on his thighs, as Suyodhana shamelessly offered his lap for Droupdi to sit. Bhimasena tried his level best to discharge his vow. It is not unjust and improper.

Brother Balarama! on a previous occasion, when Suyodhana heckled a great saint, Maitreya, he cursed Suyodhana that he will be killed by Bhimasena by breaking his thighs. Now it is executed. Bhimasena is not at all at fault. Kindly control your unnecessary anger.” requested Sri Krishna.
“Krishna! Dharma, Ardha, Kama and Moksha are connected to each other. One should not be violated for accomplishing another. One who violates Dharma for accomplishing Ardha and Kama, should be blamed. You quoted the curse of Maitreya and Bhima’s vow. But while discharging those promises, is it just and proper to violate Dharma. Bhima violated the war principles. It is truth which cannot be rebutted.” said Balarama.

“Brother Balarama! You are acclaimed by one and all as a man of unblemished character and most virtuous. Kindly shed your unnecessary anger. Again I am telling that Bhimasena hit Suyodhana below waist only to discharge his vow. How it is unjust and improper?

One more thing. Bhimasena did not hit Suyodhana while he was standing. Suyodhana jumped into air only to deliver a heavy blow with his mace on the head of Bhimasena. Only to ward off that blow, as an act of self defence, Bhimasena hurled his mace which hit Suyodhana below his waist. How can we blame Bhimasena? Had that heavy bow been delivered on the head of Bhimasena, he woud have died instantaneously. While acting in self defence, is it possible to think about Dharma and Adharma.

Bhimasena took a vow to kill Suyodhana by breaking his thighs and he waited for 13 long years to discharge his vow. Now the time has come and he discharged his vow. Suyodhana knows pretty well about this vow. Suyodhana would have taken proper care to protect his thighs from Bhimasena.

Brother Balarama, you know pretty well about the enmity between Suyodhana and Bhiamsena since their childhood. Suyodhana tried to kill Bhimasena with wicked and cunning plans. While Suyodhana was acting wickedly and cunningly to kill Bhimasena, Bhimasena also tried to kill Suyodhana in the same manner.

Besides all, you know pretty well how our sister’s son Abhimanyu was killed unscrupulously, surrounded by several warriors at a time. This is nothing but retaliation by Bhimasena upon Suyodhana for all his mis deeds. Adharma is attacked by Adharma.” said Krishna vividly.

“Krishna, you cannot prove Adharma as Dharma by your argumentative skills. You can acclaim Bhimasena, who attained an unscrupulous victory, as a hero. But Suyodhana, who laid his life for truth and virtue,will attain higher regions after his death.” so saying Balarama left that place for Dwaraka.

Krishna looked at Dharmaja who was very much distressed. “Dharmaja! Are you feeling sorry for killing Suyodhana. He is a wretch, destroyer of his own clan and a sinner. He should be killed. He reaped the consequences for his own misdeeds. Bhimasena discharged his vow. Why should you feel sorry for this just act.”said Krishna.

“Krishna! I am not at all feeling for his death. Bhimasena discharged his promise by breaking his thighs. But why should he kick his head with his left leg. Is it just and proper? Let it be. Let us forget about it” said Dharmaja.

“Dhrmaja! Now the last enemy, Suyodhana, also is defeated. Now you are the King andEmperor of this Kuru Kingdom. Rule it to the praise of one and all.” said Krishna.

“Bhimasena! I am very thankful to you for killing Suyodhana with your muscle power and skills in mace fight and also with the help of Sri Krishna.” said Dharmaja.

“Sanjaya, what was the reaction of Pandavas and Panchalas, on the defeat of my son Suyodhana.”asked Dhritarasthra. Sanjaya said thus:

“O King Dhritarashtra! After the fall of Suyodhana, Pandavas and Panchalas’s hearts were filled with joy. They blew conches. Drums were beaten. Everybody was acclaiming Bhimasena for his victory. But some murmered that Bhimasena killed Suyodhana brutally, without following the rules of mace fight. Krishna could read their mind.

“ Great Warriors of Pandava and Panchalas! You should not entertain any doubt in mind that Suyodhana was beaten by Bhimasena unscrupulously. Suyodhana is a wretch. He deserves this. Suyodhana dragged Droupadi to open assembly and insulted her. But Dharmaja never kept that it in mind. He just requested for a share in the kingdom. Even that request also was turned down by Suyodhana. When Suyodhana acted unscrupulously, we also should kill him in an unscrupulous manner, not otherwise. Inspite of the advices of Vidura, Suyodhana chose war and was responsible for this mass massacre. Therefore, you should not at all discuss about his fall, whether it is just or unjust. Please retire to your respective places of stay and enjoy the victory.” said Sri Krishna.

Having heard the words of Sri Krishna, the heart of Suyodhana was burnt with rage. “O Krishna! Your father was a slave of Kamsa. You are the son of a slave. You do not know your own wrongs. You are unnecessarily talking. You provoked Arjuna to give a signal to Bhima to beat me under my waist. Accordingly, Bhimasena beat me below waist. Otherwise, even 10,000 Bhimasenas could not kill me. I myself would have massacred all of you in a moment. You are behind the back of Arjuna killing Bhishma, keeping Sikhandi before him. You are the sole cause for killing Drona by instigating Dharmaja to tell a blatent lie. You provoked Arjuna to kill Karna while he was lifting his car wheel, sunk in the ground. Is there no end for your wretchedness and wickedness? Can you and your Pandavas kill Bhishma,Drona,Karna and Jayadhradha, without resorting to illegal means.” shouted Suyodhana.

“O Suyodhana! Dont you remember all the misdeeds committed by you? Since childhood, you were trying to kill Bhimasena, by administering poison,throwing into deep waters. You tried to kill all of them by burning them alive in a wax house.

You invited Dharmaja for a wicked dice game and grabbed all their wealth and kingdom. You dragged your brothers’ wife, Droupadi, to open assembly and insulted her. You sent them to woods.

Even after completion of 13 years exile, you denied their half share in the kingdom. While I came down to you as an emissary, you tried to imprison me also. As a result of all the above mis deeds, you lost all your kith and kin and yourself.

Bhishma, Drona and others were killed on account of your own greediness, wickedness, covetousness and aggrandizsement but not otherwise. Sikhandi and Dhrishtadyumna were born out of Sacred Fire, with the avowed object of Killing Bhishma and Drona. You dragged them for an unnnecessary war and became root cause for their death.

Dont you feel it unjust to kill Abhimanyu, by surrounding him. Arjuna was not such a fool to self immolate without killing Jayadhradha.
Have you forgotten that when Chitrasena, the Gandharva, abducted you, it was Arjuna and Bhimasena that saved you. At the time of Uttara Gograhana, when Bhishma,Drona,Karna,youself and other warriors were under the influence of Sammohanaastra, Arjuna spared all of you, without killing you. Had Arjuna intended to massacre all of you, he would have done it in a moment. With this, you can understand how virtuous, merciful and compassionate Arjuna is!

When Karna, the man behind the back of all your mis deeds, was lifting his car wheel, how can Arjuna keep quiet without killing him! He was not a fool to lose that golden opportunity. At least you have not blamed Yudhishtira for killing Salya. I am happy.

Suyodhana! think for a while. You, since your childhood, unnecessarily developed hatredness towards Pandavas. But Dharmaja never hated either you or your brothers. You, with your own hands, uprooted the huge tree, Kuru dynasty, with help of a crow bar in the form of wicked dice game. The result is mass massacre.

Suyodhana! you have heard Bhimasena proclaiming in open assembly that he will kill you by beating on your thighs. Having got knowledge about it, you would have taken all precautions to protect your thighs, at least at the time of mace fight. Having taken such vow, will Bhimasena satisfy with mere fisting you on your back. Why unnecessary afterthought.” said Krishna.

“Krishna! I have studied Vedas, Vedangas and several Sastras. I performed numerous Yagnas and yagas. I enjoyed royal pleasures. I was acclaimed by one and all. I suppressed my opponents . Now I am going to heaven to enjoy heavenly pleasures. I may be a wretch in your view. But you all will lead the rest of your life with repentance.” said Suyodhana.

On hearing the words of Suyodhana, a guilty feeling entered the minds of Pandavas and Panchalas, whether they killed Bhishma and Drona unscrupulously. They all lowered their heads with repentance. Beholding this, Krishna said thus:

“You need not worry about the killings of Bhishma, Drona, Karna. They are great heroes. It is highly difficult to kill them in a virtuous manner. Hence we resorted to several methods to kill them. Besides that, their deaths were occurred according to their deeds in their previous births. They were destined to die, by whatever means. You and I are not responsible for their deaths. This is a time to enjoy not to lament for their deaths.”said krishna.

It was sunset. Krishna blew panchajanya, Arjuna blew Devadatta, and other kings blew their respective conches. Sounds of trumpets rose to the sky. All have acclaimed Dharmaja. Pandavas retired to their respective places of stay. Satyaki also accompanied them. Dhrishtadyumna, other Panchala warriors, sons of Droupadi and other Kings have taken leave from Dharmaja and retired to their places of stay. They all decided to proceed to Hastinapura the next day.

Pandavas have reached the Kourava’s tents. Your son’s tent is resembling a desert. None were there except some ladies working there. They welcomed Dharmaja and offered him flowers as a mark of respect. Arjuna was about to get down his chariot.

“Arjuna!Take your Gandiva and Tooneera and get down the chariot. Then I will get down.” said Krishna.

Accordingly Arjuna got down the chariot. Krishna kept the reigns on the chariot and got down. Anjaneya along with his band of demons, had flown away from the top of the chariot. Immediately, that chariot was reduced to ashes. Arjuna was astonished.

“Krishna! what is this! Why my chariot is burnt? Kindly tell me” asked Arjuna.

“Arjuna! you have so far been thinking that you won the battle out of your own prowess, vigour and valour. It is not correct. Your chariot had already been burnt away with the power of all Astras and Sastras launched by Karna. As I am driving your chaiot and Anjaneya was viewing the battle from the top of the chariot, your chariot is in tact. Otherwise, it would have been burnt away long back.” said Krishna.

“Dharmaja! when I arrived at Upaplavya from Dwaraka, you offered me new clothes and also handedover Arjuna to me and requested me to look after his welfare. I agreed for that. Now we have returned from the battle field with great triumph. I am handing over Arjuna safely to you. Now think about your future plans” said Sri Krishna.

“Krishna! all these 18 days, you have been protecting us from time to time. Once Vyasa said: Where there is Krishna, victory will be there. With you blessings only we attained this victory.” said Dharmaja.

“Dharmaja! At the inception, Arjuna was not willing to participate in the war. I told Arjuna, the sacred Gita, and brought him out of depression. Arjuna is the son of Indra. He is capable of doing anything and everything. Nothing is impossible for him. I am only an instrument and nothing else.” said Krishna.

Then Dharmaja took charge of the entire wealth and treasury of Kuru Kingdom. Dharmaja inspected the army troops on Kourava side. . As it was not safe to remain in the Suyodhana’s Tent, they went away.

Later, under the leadership of SriKrishna, Pandavas, Satyaki and other Panchalas went to the banks of Oghavati river and stayed there for that night.

Dharmaja’s heart was filled with great fear. “On the signal given by Arjuna, Bhimasena broke the thighs of Suyodhana and kicked him on his head. If Gandhari comes to know about this, she will definitely curse me. First she should be consoled.” thought Dharmaja. Dharmaja requested Krishna to immediately proceed to Hastinapura and console Dhritarashtra and Gandhara.

Krishna proceeded to Hastinapura and sent word to Dhritarashtra about his arrival. Dhritarashtra invited Krishna into his inner chambers. Even by that time, Saint Veda Vyasa arrived there to console Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Beholding Vyasa, Krishna fell on his feet, and sought his blessings. Krishna also greeted Dhritarashtra and Gandhari. Krishna took the hands of Dhritarashtra into his hands and consoled him:

“O King Dhritarasthra! your Kuru clan has been destroyed for no reasonable cause. To avoid this catastrophe only, I have come as an emissary on behalfof Pandavas. What had happened on that day, you know pretty well. Had there been an amicable settlement on that day, the situation would have been different. O King Dhritarastra! In disce game, winning or losing is quite common. Have you at any time heard that the winners dragged the family ladies of losers from inner apartments to public places and ordered for removal of clothes. Still Pandavas maintained patience and peace. They never retaliated. Even after undergoing 13 years exile, they requested only for five places for their comfortable stay. But your son, with pride and aggrandizement, turned down their request.

On that day, Vidura and other friends and relatives tried to convince you and your son. You both paid a deaf ear. Now there is no use of thinking about past. We cannot avoid fate. O king Dhritarstra! Pandavas are unblemished. Dont be angry upon them. Now all your sons are dead. Pandavas have to perform the rituals to your family members, even now and in future. Hence you have to think about their welfare.

Dharmaja is very much distressed about the grief caused to you. He deputed me to console you and expressed his lamentations.” said Krishna.

Krishna consoled Gandhari: “ Mother Gandhari! I have never seen such a Royal Mother like you on this earth.You are the only lady who cursed Suyodhana, in the open assembly, for his misdeeds. Still your words are ringing in my ears. But your son did not heed your words. He was unable to realise what is good and what is bad. Had he listen to your words on that day, this disaster could have been avoided.You know that Pandavas are not at all at fault. Kindly, dont be angry with Pandavas. I know that your angry looks will destroy the entire world. You are such a powerful lady. Hence I am requesting like this.” said Krishna.

“Krishna! Your words on that day are transformed into deeds today. Your words are equal to Amruta to my lamenting heart. Krishna! King Dhritarashtra is blind and old. All our sons are dead.He should be looked after by Pandavas.” wept Gandhari. Krishna consoled her.
Krishna immediately left for Kurukshetra, apprehending some danger to Pandavas at the hands of Asvathama. Saint Veda Vyasa also left Hastinapuram. Krishna with great speed reached the banks of River Oghavati and met Pandavas. Krishna explained what had happened at Hastinapura.” said Vaisampanayana, to Janamejaya.

Vaisampayana continued to say: “O King Janamejaya! King Dhritarashtra asked Sanjaya:

“O Sanjaya! after the fall of my son, Suyodhana, what had happened. Kindly tell me” asked Dhritarashtra. Sanjaya continued to say:

“I witnessed the mace fight between Suyodhana and Bhimasena, from the nearby bush, where I hid. After Pandavas left that place, I came out of the bushes and went near Suyodhana. The face of Suyodhana is covered with dust and dirt. Suyodhana was lying on the bare ground, unattended. On seeing me, his eyes were filled with tears.

“O Sanjaya! I ruled the entire worth surrounded by four seas. I was the commander in chief of eleven akshouhini strong army. All the kings are under my control. Having enjoyed such royal pleasures, now I am alone, lying on the bare ground, with dust. That unscrupulous Bhimasena hit me under waist. I fell down. Tell all our people about this unjust act of Pandavas. Pandavas killed Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Bhoorisravasa, without any virtue. Is this also a victory? All pandavas and their men will suffer a lot for their misdeeds. Bhimasena will never prosper in future.

Besides hitting me under my waist, Bhimasena kicked my head with his left leg. Will anybody appreciate this? Pandavas did not care for me while I was a King. Now they kicked me with leg. The entire world will curse them. I performed many Yanjas and yagas. I gave plenty of money and gold as charity to brahmins. I gave them villages for their sustenance. I ruled this earth, to the praise of one and all.

Now I am dying here, in this Samantaka Panchakam. I will go to higher divine regions. I never feel about it. Pandavas grabbed my kingdom by defeating me in an unscrupulous manner. If you happen to meet Asvathama, Kripacharya, Kritavarma, kindly convey my anguish to them. Sanjaya! Pandavas are not virtuous people as all others think about them. They are unscrupulous, deceivers and wretched. They are deceiving the entire world under the guise of Dharma.They should never be believed.” said Suyodhana.

Meanwhile, the people residing in the neighbouring villages, and brahmin youth from the nearby ahsrams gathered there. Having seen this gathering, Asvathama, Kripacharya and Kritavarma also arrived there. Beholding Suyodhana in such a sad state, they all began to weep with tearful eyes.

“O Suyodhana! You are alwlays surrounded by your brothers, kings and vandi and Magadhas. Why you are lying on earth alone? It is nothing but fate. Where is your strength? Where is your prowess? Where are your commanders? None have come to see you. Where are the servants holding white umbrellas adorned with pearls. Suyodhana! why are you lying on this bare earth with full of dust.. Where is rosewater for your royal bath? You have enjoyed royal plealsures, surrounded by Bhishma, Drona, Karna, Dussasana etc. Where they have gone? Goddess Lakshmi might have left you alone Suyodhana. Fate is very cruel towards you. What can I do Suyodhana?” Asvathama wept like a child.

“O Asvathama! Joys and sorrows are coming and going. We have to enjoy them equally. Lord Brahma have decided our destiny. We have to follow it. Asvathama! when all my friends, relatives, elders have perished in the war, is it just and proper on my part to remain on this earth? I was unscrupulously defeated by my enemy. But I am very happy to see all of you alive.” said Suyodhana.

Suyodhana narrated in detail what had happened there, since the arrival of Pandavas. On hearing this, Asvathama was enraged with great wrath.

“Suyodhana! My heart is burning life wild fire since Dharmaja and Dhrishtadyumna killed my father, Drona by telling a blatent lie. Now, Bhimasena hit you below waist, which is quite against the rules and also kicked you with his leg. There is no use of my survival unless I massacre all Pandavas, Panchalas and their surviving men.

O Suyodhana! I am telling the truth. This is my promise. Today, I will brutally kill all Pandavas, Upa Pandavas, Panchalas, their friends and relatives. This is my vow. Please order me to do so.” Asvathama bowed before Suyodhana.

Suyodhana’s mind was overflowed with great joy. “Kritavarma! send for pure waters from the nearby Ashramams. Chant Mantras. I will instal Asvathama as the Commander of the entire Kourava Army and give him full powers.” ordered Suyodhana.

Kritavarma brought pot full of water from the nearby Ashram. Kripacharya performed Punyaha vachanam, and coronation ceremony, installing Asvathama as the Commander. Asvthama with great vigour and valour, rose to his feet and roared like a lion.
“O King Suyodhana! I will uproot Pandavas and massacre them.Then only I will show my face to you.”

Accompanied by Kritavarma and Kripacharya, Asvathama proceeded towards the tents of Pandavas.” said Sanjaya to Dhritarashtra.

In this manner, Sooti told Sounaka and other sages and saints, the story of Mahabharata, as told by Vaisampayana to King Janamejaya.