Mangal Chandi


Mangal Chandi 
Mangal Gouri 
Vaibhav Lakshmi 

 How to perform Mangalachandi Vratam
It has to be performed on Tuesday in the evening.
Take head bath in the morning and bathe again in the evening on Tuesday. Light a lamp with five wicks and chant the above slokas 11 times with bhakti and devotion.Break a coconut and offer Rice Kheer (Annaparavaannam) as prasad to god. You need not fast . If you cannot pray in the evening, you can pray in morning. Pray thus for eight weeks. In the event of unavoidable situation you can have a break.

At the end of eight weeks, offer to a married lady the following things- a red blouse, red bangles, flowers, fruits, haldi, kumkum, beetle leaves and nut powder. If maidens are praying, if they offer handful of chana to a married lady Kuja dosha, if any in the horoscope can be evaded.

This is a tested and proved Vratam. Many have reported that this vratam is working wonders. Any desire you long for will be fulfilled within the stipulated 8 weeks, if you have faith and if you do it with utmost bhakti and devotion.